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The body magic. New Sorpigal.

This overland area resets every 6 months. On foot west: 5 days to Castle Ironfist By boat: 3 days and 100gp to Misty Islands (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) By coach: 2 days and 25gp to Castle Ironfist (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Note that the outside of Goblinwatch contains quite a few goblin guards. You can get access to the upper part of the watch by taking a ramp around the backside of the keep. There is a room at the top with a goblin that refuses to talk to you. From the entrance, head right and down. In the room at the end are several cabinets on the wall. Inside one of the cabinets is a wall safe that has a scroll describing the combination to the vault. This is the scroll required to solve quest 2. From the entrance room, the room to the south and west has a button on the far wall. Pushing this button lowers two corner pillars that allow access to some treasure rooms.