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Black Fuzzy Slippers to New Kate Spade Black and White Bow Slippers
Look what came in the mail! I adore these new Kate Spade slippers! They're very sturdy... kind of hard to break in, but once they're broken in, I know they'll be heaven. Please enjoy! Also, I'm willing to part with the black fuzzy slippers in this video if anyone is interested. Thanks for watching! LYS
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Worn Steve Madden Leopard Slippers to new Super Fuzzy Pink Steve Madden Slippers!
OMG! I was walking through Macy's and out of the corner of my eye, I saw these super fuzzy slippers in the back corner of the shoe department! My heart leapt, and as I got closer, I discovered they were half off! To my further delight, they were the last pair... and they were just my size! I know these were meant for my feet! I love how everything comes together! Please enjoy! These are quickly becoming a favorite, but I think the worn leopard slippers are my favorites! They've become very dank from my foot sweat. No corn chip smells, but they've developed a light scent. Thanks for watching! LYS
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Red Flats and White Super Fluffy Slippers
I instantly fell in love with these big beautiful fluffy slippers the moment I saw them. They're very comfortable and have already molded to my feet perfectly. I've broken in the flats pretty well as well, but clearly, I'd rather be in slippers. Enjoy!
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LYS Archive: Fuzzy Slippers Collection
Here's an old video from a few years back! Enjoy! LYS
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Brown Stretched Out Ballerina Style Slippers (Sold)
I found these little shoes at a Goodwill while on a trip to the south. They originally were quite smaller, maybe a size 9/10, but I stretched them pretty good to accommodate my size 13 feet. They're very comfortable and easy to just kick on and go for cleaning and house chores. Please enjoy!
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Fun with Slippers!
I'm wearing my Cream Fuzzy Slippers and share my Puffy White and Fluffy Leopard Slippers as well. The Cream Slippers are still on eBay, but for only 3 more days. If you want them, now is your chance to have them. Check out the auction here: http://r.ebay.com/D02sMA Please Enjoy!
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Leopard Slippers and New Ballerinas
I stopped by Wal-Mart today and they had packs of ballerina slippers on sale! I could barely decide which pairs I wanted, and I decided to settle on these purple beauties. In this video, I switch from my super comfy and fuzzy leopard Steve Madden slippers into these wonderful ballerinas. These new slippers definitely need breaking in, so I'll be enjoying them for quite a while.
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Asics Gel Kinsei 6 - (Turquoise/Aqua Mint/Purple)
Today, I decided to share my super comfy Asics Kinsei 6 with you. These shoes are very bouncy, and are great when I head to the gym. I always wear all my shoes barefoot, so they'll be pretty enjoyable in a few months! Special thanks to Candide for the inspiration. Please enjoy that channel as well. More videos coming soon.
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Just In From A Run
I just finished running 3 miles this morning! After I came in, I decided to make a video for you all! Here, I kick off my sweaty running sneakers and socks to slip into my soft, sweaty, and wonderfully smelly pink fuzzy slippers. I love them a lot! Super Soft and I love the way they pamper my feet. They're currently up for sale on eBay, so someone is going to get a real treat in these. Please enjoy, and I'll be posting more awesome slipper videos again in the near future! Well Worn Pink Fuzzy Fluffy Furry Dearfoam Slippers Size 12 http://r.ebay.com/JxY3jj
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Denim Flats and Worn Leopard Slippers (Slippers Sold)
I absolutely love these denim flats! They're very comfortable and so cute. I love wearing them... almost as I love wearing these perfectly broken in leopard slippers. The leopard slippers will be up for sale soon, as I don't wear them at all anymore. Those who enjoy a broken in slipper will really love these though. Flats are Women's size 13 and Slippers say 11/12 but easily fit my size 13 feet. Please Enjoy!
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Well Worn Cream Fuzzy Slippers
**Sold** Thanks for watching! These fuzzy slippers were my favorites for about 2 years now. I hated to see them go, but it was time to move on! Enjoy! Thanks! LYS
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More Fun with Slippers
I'm back for a second season! Enjoy my newest video featuring my Betsey Johnson Leopard Slippers, my Grey Bow Dearfoam Scuffs, and my Big Fluffy Steve Madden Leopard Slippers. All super comfortable, some of which will be up for sale soon. Thanks for watching and enjoying my videos! More fun slipper content yet to come! Stay tuned, as I'll be doing some give-aways soon! The fuzzy socks worn here will be the first giveaway! LYS
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Changing From Asics Kayano 22 (Indigo Blue/Pink Glow/Pistachio) to Black White and Pink Moccasins
Here I change from my favorite Asics sneakers to my favorite Moccasins! They're both super comfy shoes, and the moccasins are worn nearly every day! Please Enjoy!
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Rare NYC Kayano 21 - Out on a walk
In this bonus video, I take my Kayano 21's out for a walk and share them with you. Watch until the end for a bonus clip! :) Please Enjoy!
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Nike Fit TR Connect 2
One of my favorite pairs of work out shoes. As a result, they stink... pretty bad. So bad that I had to wash them... and I never wash shoes. They were smelly even with my feet in them. The smell has been subdued but still a bit pungent. Definitely like corn chips and sweat. Oh well, I love them and I'll keep wearing them barefoot! Please enjoy!
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Super Rare Women's Size 13 NYC Marathon 2014 Sky Blue and Fruit Punch Pink Asics Kayano 21
I got lucky and found these wonderful Asics sneakers, so I wanted to share them with you. I took a bonus video of them which you can check out as well. They're super comfy and I love the way they look on my feet. Please enjoy!
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