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Highgo-The best free programming intelligent Robot
Play the imagination and creativity, cultivate hands-on ability, you are the creator. The best interactive toy for children and parents. ✅ 289 blocks arbitrarily spliced ✅ Own more than 20 kinds of gameplay ✅ Graphic programming can be set up ✅ Intelligent mobile phone control ✅ Compatible with market products
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WESMART smart underpants men's health guard
The world's first high-tech smart underwear, health status at a glance, male health guardian WESMART smart underwear is designed for men's health to create a high-tech products, it has: sterilization detoxification, improve the prostate, enhance combat effectiveness and other functions. Using APP intelligent control, health state to grasp their own. Accurate massage, promote blood circulation, make you more healthy, more vigorous, more durable, more sex.
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Fun Drone : most Light and Best HD Aerial camera
Safest Camera Drone with Auto-Tracking and Image Stabilization. The Fun smart drone with Camera designed for everyone, allowing you to record every Freeze the most beautiful picturet. ✅ Auto-tracking function ✅ Amazing Images&HD Stabilized Video ✅ video shooting ✅ Easy control with smartphone ✅ One button Auto Return ✅ 12-min fly time ✅ Enclosure protector ✅ SLAM 3D Precision Positioning Hovering ✅ EIS Electronic Image Stabilization ✅ Dual-band GPS
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Eagle hunting wind: The lightest, fastest, longest running weight-sensing electric skateboard ever.
With built-in AI, Eagle hunting wind is the only smart and portable eBoard that allows you to ride hands-free. Up to 35 mph, 25-Mile Range. Quick Swap Battery. LED Lights & Turning Signals. Bluetooth Remote. The Future of E-Boards. Elite Design, Portable, Affordable, Durable, High Performance. Go Anywhere. SHIPPING: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/huntingwind-theportable-smart-electric-skateboard/x/17403224#/
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HYX6-An Electric Folding Skateboard in A Backpack
Small and Delicate appearance,Easy to Fold,1 Minutes to Use.Super long Endurance,Carry With You. Easy Go Out, Music Concomitant. ✅ Four Step Folding ✅ LED Display Screen ✅ High Fidelity Bluetooth Audio ✅ Detachable Battery ✅ USB Mobile Charging ✅ Super Long Endurance
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ZHIFU PORKET: the most stylish and minimalist anti-theft Backpack
The most simple and most fashionable and most beautiful in the world, leading the trend of the personal security Backpack ZHIFU PORKET geometric anti-theft carry bag, with easy storage, lightweight design, anti-theft, anti scratch, hidden front and back pockets, so that thieves despair. Not only practical, more value, easy to receive, anti-theft, anti scratch, wear-resistant, waterproof. Small volume, large capacity, ultra-thin, close fitting, leading the fashion trend.
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FlyAI-The most amazing intelligent voice mouse in the world
Intelligent voice interactive wireless mouse, the intelligent partner of the computer enjoys the functions of voice, mouse, and so on. An intelligent AI mouse with magic power ✅ Speech input ✅ translation ✅ search ✅ delete key screen back ✅ Ergonomics ✅ Small and delicate ✅ Easy to Use
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GO2O: World's Most safest rechargeable large wheel suitcase
The journey no longer worries, The office no longer troublesome The GO2O is the world's first rechargeable large wheel smart suitcase. ✅ Unique large wheel design, adapt to any pavement ✅ Waterproof material, waterproof and shock resistant ✅ Smart extensions, rechargeable and brought on aircraft ✅ Small volume, large capacity, built-in GPS, no longer worry about theft
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VIHUS- most durable and safest anti-theft suitcase
The VIHUS companion bags. Increased versatility and unparalleled performance for business travelers. VIHUS is the most powerful carrying capacity anti-theft suitcase in the world. ✅ Wear and fall resistance ✅ Explosion proof zipper ✅ Ultimate bearing capacity ✅ TSA customs lock ✅ Humanization stratification ✅ Mute universal wheel
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DTing Armlet-The most interesting high-tech intelligent toy
Human computer interaction, science and technology experience life, intelligence cast the future. Human computer interaction, redefining manipulation ✅ Gesture control Robot ✅ Gesture control UAV ✅ Aerial mouse ✅ Wearable human-computer interaction equipment ✅ SDK free development
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IDO- the world's best AI smart companion
For you to open the door of wisdom, intelligent life rich and colorful. Smart housekeeper, to realize your wisdom life. ✅ Distance sensing, automatic lighting or extinguishing ✅ Home appliances control, one button settings ✅ Colorful soft, romantic eye ✅ Quality audio, gentle care ✅ Intelligent alarm clock, warm reminder ✅ Remote compilation, scene sharing
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VILTA-M - Stable and Intelligent Private Cameraman
Intelligent planning shooting path, make it more simple, make the picture more beautiful. Advanced control algorithm, make the picture more stable ✅ Intelligent Planning Shooting Path ✅ Intelligent Tracking, Capturing and Following ✅ Multi Angle Panoramic Photography ✅ Built in Position and Center of Gravity Sensor ✅ Intelligent Battery Management System ✅ Optical Anti Shake Technology
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RunPow-Most Amazing Anti-Theft Backpack in the world
RunPow- multifunctional magic Backpack. 6 steps easy to switch. RunPow- is the most secure anti-theft magic Backpack . ✅ Backpack ✅ The single shoulder bag ✅ Briefcase ✅ Handbag ✅ Anti-theft ✅ Multi-function
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LM-World's First Fingerprint identification Suitcase
Give The Dream A little More Science and Technology, and let The Travel Go Further. LM Makes Your Every Day Travel Enjoyable ✅ Fingerprint Unlock ✅ APP Manipulation ✅ Bluetooth ✅ Portable Battery ✅ Anti theft and Anti lost
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YASILI-The Best Multi Function Stitching Backpack
Take a Backpack, Experience a Different Way of Travel. Split Design, Any place Easy to Deal With. Powerful, Beyond Your Imagination. ✅ Mosaic ✅ Multi-Function ✅ Fashion ✅ Simple ✅ Anti-theft
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Palm Drone: The Best convenient and stable Aerial Camera
Palm Drone: The Best convenient and stable Aerial Camera Safest Camera Drone with auto-tracking and image stabilization. Sharing the most beautiful self The Palm smart drone with Camera designed for everyone, allowing you to record every Freeze the most beautiful picturet. ✅ Auto-tracking function ✅ video shooting ✅ Easy control with smartphone ✅ One button Auto Return ✅ 10-min fly time ✅ Palm body design ✅ Enclosure protector
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XC-'s most interesting sport ball sleeve
XC sports, decompression, wrestling, rebound, new and unique way of fitness decompression, anytime, anywhere training for young and old. Whole body muscle coordination training, at any time and place to maintain the sensitivity and coordination of the body and the brain Six major features: full training, reaction, exercise, coordination, and improve the speed of boxing, concentration, precision strike ability, easy to carry. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/xc-the-most-interesting-sport-ball-sleeve-fitness-health
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GX.Light- The pure,The simple Hand gesture induction magic lamp
I can not change the hazy world, can only illuminate a warm and quiet home for you. It is not only a desk lamp, but also a combination of simple beauty and high technology. ✅ Rechargeable design ✅ Antiskid design ✅ Tricolor temperature regulation ✅ Wood ✅ Infrared induction ✅ Gesture control ✅ Android USB interface
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ASTWS-TheWorld's Best Full Touch Bluetooth Headset
Full Touch HIFI Mini Bluetooth Headset, High Quality Without Distortion, Restore the Best Music. Full Touch Operation, Release Your Hands Completely ✅ Full Touch Operation ✅ Long Endurance ✅ Small Volume ✅ High Fidelity ✅ Stereo ✅ HIFI
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M1X-The Lightest Electric Folding Car in the world
Multi Function Electric Folding Car,Easy Folding,8 kinds of Protection,Riding More Simple and Safer. 0.2 Seconds Brake Response, Braking Distance Less Than 1 Meters, Make Riding a Safer and More Comfortable ✅ Simple Folding ✅ 12.5KG Vehicle Weight ✅ 45KM Endurance ✅ Aviation Grade Material ✅ Intelligent Display ✅ 0.2 Seconds Brake
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Night light- the most interesting magnetic levitation Bluetooth sound luminous lamp
Redefine noctilucent lights and enjoy the pleasure of magnetic levitation technology. Small volume, multi function, easy to carry. The most interesting Bluetooth sound magnetic suspension luminous lamp ✅ Maglev Technology ✅ Built-in Bluetooth stereo ✅ Bluetooth 4.0 ✅ Light adjustment ✅ Long standby 100 days ✅ Music 7 hours of continuous playback ✅ Lights lit 15 hours ✅ Life test for 50000 hours ✅ Temporary emergency lamp
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Mr.x: World's Most Powerful Sonic Toothbrush
Can be customized to clean the teeth of the smart toothbrush For a White Smile The Mr.x is the Fastest Electric Toothbrush in the World. It's also the only toothbrush that provides fully customizable brushing plans. Welcome to Oral Care 2.0 ✅ 30 day battery life ✅ Ultra-fast charging ✅ Best-in-class bristles ✅ Preset & Customizable Plans ✅ Clean your teeth healthier
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Darking- Most Fashionable Smart Touch Screen Watch
Multifunctional quick operation, Make life more convenient and more intelligent. Fashion simple style, leading intelligent life. ✅ Stroke tracking ✅ Music control ✅ Touch screen function ✅ Wireless synchronization ✅ Speech control ✅ Alarm clock ✅ LED lighting ✅ Multiple time zones ✅ Independent APP ✅ Compatible with IOS and Android
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Teamwin-The Best Vehicle For Urban Travel
Change The Way of Travel and Sail For the Dream. The most portable means of transportation, Teamwin is worth having. ✅ Low Center of Gravity Design ✅ Lightweight ✅ Safe ✅ Handy ✅ Led Screen Display ✅ Stable Performance ✅ Easy to Use
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XC-'s most interesting sport ball sleeve.
Product Uses: train the brain's responsiveness and physical coordination. Visual dynamic training to improve accuracy. Convenient design, take, go, where to train.
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Livego: The best intelligent video audio headset in the world
Livego: Four in one: Bluetooth headset, camera, camera, mobile phone. The best video audio Bluetooth headset in the world ✅ 500W pixels ✅ Bluetooth 4.0 ✅ Bluetooth mobile ✅ Life for a long time ✅ Touch operation ✅ WIFI ✅ Live
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MuWu-The best life of a new generation of wooden houses
The new generation of wooden house alarm clock LED clearly shows. Your best life partner helps you improve your sleep and manage time. Stay away from radiation, get away from hurry and be late ✅ Digital clock ✅ Alarm clock function ✅ Temperature fuction ✅ Humidity function ✅ Voice control ✅ Dimming ✅ Sleep mode
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JJDrone- A new generation of ultra thin folded high-definition Drone-1
2.4GHz spread spectrum technology, WIFI easy connection 10cm fuselage length, 0.95cm fuselage thickness, fuselage weight 36g Gorgeous night lights, night more cool Air pressure hovering high, stable aerial ✅ One bond extension ✅ 360°pattern rotation ✅ Unmanned mode ✅ Intelligent elevation ✅ One key take off / return ✅ HD high definition camera
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Pen Fly: The world's first decompression entertainment toys
The Pen Fly, A Fingertip Gyroscope Toy Disguised As A Pen We have created a fidget toy that is disguised as a pen. ✅ Minimalist style of high value ✅ Vacuum gyro cool fingertips ✅ Fluent writing
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Gale-The best environmentally friendly travel tool
That is safe and stable green travel tools, unique large wheel design, a variety of road unimpeded. A trip to stay away, once to go to experience. ✅ Cross-country Cruise ✅ Load climbing ✅ Headlight ✅ Three speed regulation ✅ Big wheel design ✅ Various pavement ✅ Easy to use
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JJDrone- A new generation of ultra thin folded high-definition Drone-2
2.4GHz spread spectrum technology, WIFI easy connection 10cm fuselage length, 0.95cm fuselage thickness, fuselage weight 36g Gorgeous night lights, night more cool Air pressure hovering high, stable aerial ✅ One bond extension ✅ 360°pattern rotation ✅ Unmanned mode ✅ Intelligent elevation ✅ One key take off / return ✅ HD high definition camera
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