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how to remove search protect (Manually remove malicious software)
Here in this video we will see how to remove search protect which is appearing on windows task bar. This manual fix is for win 7 but you can try it for win 8 and later versions also. If you have any other problem do let me know in comment.
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HTML5 DataBase Connection
Here we will see how to create and open database connection using HTML5 and jQuery. We will also explore the database location created inside Google Chrome. It uses SQLite Database. link: http://revenmerchantservices.com/post/HTML5-With-DataBase.aspx Use below comment to discuss any query.
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Send Email Without Account
Here I will show you how to send email without Account using Telnet Hack. SMTP server listens on port 25. It's complete anonymous email sending program for all who don't have email clients like Outlook. You can also check if SMTP server is up and running or not. (There might can be a time where you don't have email client or any sosftware tool to test status of SMTP server and this trick will help you) Follow The complete code at http://revenmerchantservices.com/post/Send-Mail-Via-Telnet.aspx If you are using Windows 7. You need to enable Telnet Feature. See how to enable Telnet on Windows 7. http://www.satalaj.com/2011/12/windows-7-enable-telnet.html You can also send email using localhost. First you need to start localhost SMTP server and Execute below command. Telnet Localhost 25 use telnet SMTP commands. You can also get status of SMTP server by using Telnet smtp.domainname.com 25 command.
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Mahindra xuv500 facelift interior
This is the most affordable SUV. Mahindra xuv500 facelift interior. It has 6 speed auto trnsmission. It has sunroof, chiller box and more. Tyre tronics, Fuel economy, Showroom price 18 lack In Pune. It has strong muscular body. Happy diwali with XUV 500 Perfect SUV for big family or joint family homes. Check for Insurance offer at dealer. Good news, in 2017 Mahindra XUV500 has Android auto, connected app and emergency calling features. Its best in category if you compare Toyota Fortuner or Ford. I mean to say low budgets SUV with high quality features along with Android Navigation.
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Android Disable Word Suggestion
How to disable word suggestion or prediction in android? Here in this video I will show you those settings. It actually disables the suggested word strip on the top of the keyboard layout. It's very hard for some people to get rid of it. That suggested word sometimes makes your typing impossible or tying in dark. For the purpose of this demo I have used Sony Xperia Arc S mobile and Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean Rimix 3. That I have downloaded from android authority. Have look at Android Jelly Bean on Sony Xperia URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hn1V_RkXTjc Thanks for watching this video and if you would like to see more videos don't forget to subscribe. My friend @MrSunnylamba had faced the problem and many times on many android devices I too faced the same problem. So, I decided that to create such a informative and useful. Check out latest mobile insurance trend.
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Kids Playing With Boxes Old Game Hide & Sick ( Kids Playing With Boxes  )
Amazon packages are very good no staples at all. Kids playing with Amazon boxes are awesome. Let's make fun out of the empty box. It's an adventure with the cardboard box. There is no word for kid's happiness. kids new toys are beyond our imagination. In our new kids video we will see new creative toys for kids. Note: Parental monitoring is required while kids are playing with cardboard box. Playing with super high-speed track car ( https://youtu.be/4igsqNcISKg ) Playing with bumping car ( https://youtu.be/8J-1J0yK7uQ ) Super fast and longtime running helicopter spiderman toy at home ( https://youtu.be/i6Pv27slj7Q ) Train toy for kids ( https://youtu.be/TN1cDjLGmys ) Big fish for kids ( https://youtu.be/OeWod5aRQck )
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SQL server Shutdown
Shut down MS SQL server without wait.
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html5 database tutorial: insert records into table part 7
In this video, we will see how to insert records into HTML5 SQllite database. We will also see the location of database and it's record using Google chrome.
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Gmail Read Emails By configuring POP Server in Asp.net application
Here we will see a very simple program to read your Gmail email. Asp.net C# program uses Gmail POP Server and connects asp.net server to pop.gmail.com on port 995. If your program is unable to connect pop.gmail.com, try to turn off the firewall or setup port rules in ESet antivirus if you are using it. I have used disposable password of my Google account. You may require to create one for your Gmail account. You can refer the C# Gmail reading source code at here http://revenmerchantservices.com/page/read-gmail.aspx Also, don't forget to refer POP RFC commands to know more about POP Commands like USER PASS RETR and QUIT. These are very few commands to read POP server. This way you can receive Gmail email in your own Asp.net web client or store in SQl server.
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Jquery CallBack Tutorial part 7/10 - Jquery for beginners
In this Free video learning tutorial we will see how to use Jquery callback functionality. There are situations where some tasks depends upon completion of other tasks. To manage such situation we can use callback functionality in Jquery. Source code is available at below link. http://goo.gl/bl9h3 you may have a task which depends upon completion of other task. However JavaScript executes the code line by line which may lead to an error. To ovecome such situations you can use Jquery CallBack functionality.
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How to track hackers and spyware software
How to track hackers and spyware software. Very simple command line utility known as NetStat can show incoming and outgoing statistics of network connections. NetStat also known as network statistics is very useful command. You can monitor and kill those software who are separately opening connections and transferring the confidential data from your computer to others.
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How to remove android buttons like torch from notification bar
In this video we will see how to remove buttons inside the notification bar. Pull down menu items. If you have lost the notification drawer in settings then you need to open About page and enable advanced settings.
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KanifNath Temple Pune Saswad Road
Kanifnath temple situated at 30km from pune city. Places to visit near by 1. Purandar fort. 2. Balaji temple. 3. Datt mandir at narayanpur. Kanifnath temple is only for men. People with Claustrophobic fear can try this to overcome fear of small spaces.
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Noughty Baby laughing and crying
He just don't want others to touch his usb cable. He is 8 month old baby boy.
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Tata Nano 2013 Easy smooth And Safe Drive Testing
My friend has this little Road Traffic Star. How many of you think can drive like this? Tata Nano is very safe and easy to drive in traffic. Look how he is handling such a little Beast. He has traveled 1000's of Km in 24 hrs. (Tata Nano Drive in 2013.) You will fall in love to drive. It's addictive car.
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html5 database create table tutorial part 6
Here we will see how to use SQllite database and create table inside it. We will use HTML5 and jQuery to achieve our goal.
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Battery operated cars for kids| Playing at home (for 3+ year old kids) Mercedes Benz S63 AMG.
Battery operated cars for kids. It ha remote as well. So, that parents can take control of this car when kids don't allows you so. Its for kids above 3+ years younger children's. Note: while purchasing this car; ensure that our children's are 3+ year olds and it can last for at least 6+ year of child age. Its really awesome car for kids. Play at home. It's a perfect gift for kids. You will be shocked by seeing their learning skill. You can buy it from amazon. No insurance required for this car. Its fully automated car designed for kids with all measures like safety Seat Belt and body of a car. So that kids can walk or jump on the car. It's big rc car as well When playing outdoors remember to take working remote controls along with you. That control will help you in emergency situation. Hide it from child as they don't like it us to control their driving. It comes with 2 batteries of 6v. We can charge it for 1hr and our kids or children use it for 6hrs. Note: Charge the car to become fully changed up till you see green light on charging indicator. Believe me Our children will enjoy it for very very log time. It's a complete satisfaction for parents as well as to keep our children disengaged from Mobile or TV. Some one asked me about insurance so I'm updating this post. No one provide insurance to any battery operated car for kids. Only purchase genuine toys from verified buyers and their reviews. After many enquiry about this Kids car, I'm sharing link of authentic sellers. Safe for toddlers above 3+. All branded cars are available on Amazon. You have assemble them by your own. Boat ride for kids https://youtu.be/BPz24_fEh34 Playing in iside water tank https://youtu.be/BPz24_fEh34 Counting fish one two three four five https://youtu.be/U1V8LD9N7WA #toys #forkids, #kids #play #satalaj
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Android EditText Tutorial Part 3
In this tutorial we will see how to use EditText and TextView. We will also see how we can use OnKey Listner to listen back button hit or any key pressed.
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Fish one two three and golden fish for kids (3+ years old toddler)
Golden fish one, blackfish two, orange fish three, yellow fish four. Kids. This hotel is located in Pune at Viman nagar. Name of hotel is Chang. These are not Fish toys. Check for fish Insurance. or Koi insurance. (In the year 2018 we visited this hotel again after 3 years and we had a same experience and we recorded this video's for kids in below link. Those are really very awesome koi fishes. But this time some of the fishes found aggressive or scared of something. https://youtu.be/o2YH5hPSyPw ) Boating in the small water tank for kids above 2+ years old. https://goo.gl/h6I1Ci Small fish tank with Golden fish, sucker fish and so many for kids ( https://goo.gl/I22kbL ) Big fish tank for giant fish (Oscar fish, Golden fish, Shark fish) at ( https://goo.gl/vYZuVh ) Subscribe to our YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Satalaj ================================================================================= Thanks for watching this video Regards, #Satalaj
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How to type password
How to securely type password and fool software or hardware key loggers and browser plugins which unknowlingly you might have given permissions to access what you are doing on net.
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Learning to Ride bull cart
Learning bull cart
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IE 11
Microsoft internet explorer IE 11 started supporting HTML5 and it come up with very nice developer tools. Apart from that this video will let you know how to debug JavaScript using IE 11 and MS Visual Studio. Previously you need to type debugger keyword in JavaScript.. But now it's not required. Just put the break point in script file and start debugging. There are so many things that I have left to explore but it's a very giant thing in the history of IE. If you are developing web applications using visual studio or you know how to attach visual studio debugger to IE then you must install IE 11 as it supports HTML5 and other features. Above tutorial will not work if you are hosting it under IIS.
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Honda CBR 250 Astroid Black Color ABS 360 deg view
This is how Astroid black Honda CBR 250 look. This is really awesome bike. ABS system is wonderful. It' s complete sporty and family bike.
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Xperia S Jelly Bean WiFi Tether
Here are quick settings to share internet on android phone using WiFi HotSpot to other WiFi enabled device. (Demo uses Xpera arc S with Jelly bean unofficial remix) Don't forget to protect your WiFi by adding user name and password to it. For demo purpose I have used Sony Xperia Arc S and Android version 4.1.1 with Jelly Bean.
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Android Button onClick Tutorial
In this tutorial we will see how simply we can add Button to Android layout and attach on click event listener to it. OnClick of button we will open default android browser and navigate user to specified Url. Source code url http://goo.gl/VqZGV
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How to Create HttpwebRequest and HttpWebResponse? This setups communication between your server and third party server. This technique is widely used in e-commerce and Telecommunication domain.
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WiFi Router settings to share internet
Here I will show you how to setup WiFi Router installed at home or office. You can share internet or create home network with router. Today, we have smart phone enabled with WiFi. You can create WiFi HotSpot at home and access internet from any corner of the home. If you don't have Router and direct internet connection to LapTop, still you can share internet with other WiFi ready devices. You can turn your laptop WiFi into wireless hotspot and connect other devices into network.
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Configure Proxy Server
How to configure proxy server into Internet explorer and How to get list of Free proxy server address. Use IP address and Port number found at free proxy server list to surf internet anonymously. It's better to use THE Onion Network TOR Software.
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Fishing toys for kids | LET'S GO FISHING | Fishing Toy Hamleys Toy
Let's go fishing toy for kids above 3+ year old. You can enjoy fishing with kids and family. This is Hamleys Fishing toy for kids and its named as Let's Go Fishing. Available online on Amazon. A perfect gift for kids. Very high quality material is used for this machine and fishes Fish counting videos for kids ( https://youtu.be/U1V8LD9N7WA ) Let's go fishing videos for kids ( https://youtu.be/uHraLXdW1lo ) Watch Solar powered Ant toy video for kids ( https://youtu.be/zHktenM8FAw ) Car toy that follows line drawn with the help of black marker. It's induction toy for kids ( https://youtu.be/YZXmHlRSjI0 )
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How To enable notification drawer in Android
How To enable notification drawer in Android.
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Vodafone check balance
Lets see how you can check your vodafone balance and other active services. *111# is a number to dial and access menu. You can also vodafone check internet balance. Check vodafone 2G/3G data balance or validity of internet data pack. New video about Rjio or Airtel check balance coming shortly. Thanks for likes and comments.
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SQL Server Create Stored Procedure With Input Parameter
How to create stored procedure with parameter and get results
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MVC Add View To Controller Part 2 Beginners tutorial C#.net
In this MVC tutorial we have seen how to add simple view to the controller. Points to remember. 1. By default name of view should be the name of method otherwise you have to specify the as shown in below e.g. public ActionResult ShowUserInformation() { var userinfo = new UserInfo() {FirstName = "Satalaj", LastName = "More"}; return View( “MyUserInfoViewName” userinfo); } Here “MyUserInfoViewName” is the name of view which will get rendered whenShow UserInformation is called. Second parameter is the name of model which we are going to bind to that view. 2. Views can be auto generated using Scaffolding template and model. 3. One view can be associated with only one model. public class HomeController : Controller { // // GET: /Home/ public ActionResult Index() { return View(); } public ActionResult UserInfoForm(UserInfo userinfo) { ViewBag.FirstName = userinfo.FirstName; ViewBag.LastName = userinfo.LastName; return View(); } public ActionResult ShowUserInformation() { var userinfo = new UserInfo() {FirstName = "Satalaj", LastName = "More"}; return View(userinfo); } } }
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Create Contact Us Form
Tutorial is about how to email a website and create contact us form. Create contact us form Asp.net with C#.net It's very simple. We will use Gmail SMTP credentials. It sends notification to user and webmaster. You can configure email address of your support team or webmaster or web administrator or web owner. For more information you can visit http://revenmerchantservices.com/post/Create-contact-us-form.aspx In the next video I will try to implement captch to avoid boats to fill entries and submit the form. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeQSmrQVjf0
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how to find an email address
how to find an email address. Hers is simple program written in asp.net c#. Pass the URL from where you want to get email addresses. Program can be extended further
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Let's go fishing GAMEMS for kids ( Fishing Toy For Kids above 3+ year old) Fishing Toys For Kids.
Let's go fishing again, here lots of fun again for kids. Have some strong bonding with your child and you. Have some good time with parents and children's. Watch more about how we can play with our kids. And Don't You subscribed yet? Please do it We are about to bring lots of fun for children's and family. Thanks and have some good time with our children and family. Count all fises from one to fourth five. Finally monster truck and hammer car fight to get fishes. Fish counting for kids above 3 year old videos Link https://youtu.be/U1V8LD9N7WA Real machine for kids ( https://youtu.be/Xr46DXo_ZZc ) Lots of fun .. enjoy and Happy new year!! Thanks & Regards, Satalaj Please Subscribe to our channel and get latest entertaining videos https://www.youtube.com/user/Satalaj
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Tata Indigo Oil Change
Car oil change after 10000km. It tooks only 40min to change car oil. After changing car oil make sure there is no leak. Keep car on accrletator for 5min and make sure there is no leakage.
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How to run visual studio as administrator by default
Here we will see how to run visual studio as administrator by default. Trick is very simple and requires one time configuration. Very useful when you have cofigered to debug web application deployed on IIS server.
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How to sign out from gmail (remote machine or office machine)
You may forgot to sign out or logout your gmail at office machine or at cyber cafe or at remote server. In this video we will see how to signout all remote session while sitting at home. If you have any comment or question don't hesitate to ask it here.
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Tata Indigo ECS In india Highway Drive
Driving Tata indigo ecs on Pune Solapur Highway in India Maharashtra.
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Father making baby cry
There are so many ways to let baby cry and smile. This is just a one :). Once his mom saw the video,she too cry and ..
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HTML5 Audio Player Tutorial 3
In previous version of HTML most of the websites was delivering audio stream via Flash player. But now, HTML5 supports audio streaming. Let's see how to use audio tag in html5. Links: http://revenmerchantservices.com/post/HTML5-audio-player-tutorial.aspx
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Android battery saving tip to increase battery life without any app
Here is very very important Android Battery Saving tip for you. It doeisn't required to install any app. It works with Android 4.0 and above version. In this demo I have used Sony Xperia Arc S with Jelly Bean. I have tested these settings on my friends mobile also. They are very happy to go with those settings. Previously I have to charge my phone almost every day. Now, I can use my phone 4 day without draining the battery. Thanks for watching this video and don't forget to subscribe.
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Honda CBR150
Honda CBR150 is available in non ABS model. It is the best choice for those who don't need ABS bike like CBR250. ABS gives confidence to rider while riding the bike.
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Fish counting one two three duck counting Playing with car and squash ball Baby compilation
Fish counting one wot three duck counting Playing with car and squash ball. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Super high speed Cars and 14 feet long  track for kids
This is a very high-speed electronic track for racing cars. It only requires power supply. The speed of the cars is controlled using remote control. It's very long and no battery power supply required. Had funwith kids and family. It's compatible with Carrera Go!!! cars and tracks. A track is very easy to assemble even 5-year child can do that. Counting fish video for kids https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1V8LD9N7WA Drive on battery operated electronic car for kids above 3 years of age ( https://goo.gl/vKKZnY ) Kids boat ride inside mini water tank ( https://goo.gl/h6I1Ci ) Subscribe to our YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Satalaj ================================================================================= Thanks for watching this video Regards, #Satalaj
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Funny Jokes
:) Funny Messages. Makes you really Laugh. Share it, if you like it :) Have fun watching and reading with friends and family.
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Lego city toys r scooter toy building blocks for kids
This video contains Lego building blocks for making toy scooter gor kids. This set of Lego toy is useful for kids above 7 years old #ReverseMovieFX Hi! I made this movie using Reverse Movie FX. Check this out for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobile.bizo.reverse or for iPhone or iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/reverse-movie-fx/id1327800711 !
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MVC HTML Helpers and How to create custom helper  using static and extension method Part 3
In this video we will see what is Html helpers and how to create your own HTML helpers using Static mehod and Extendiong the HtmlHelper Below are the ways you can create HTML helpers Standard Html Helpers Static Html Helpers Extension Helpers Html helpers are nothing but the html controls. It returns html string of control. Thye are lightweight and they don't have event model or view state Lets create Simple User Information form @ using(Html.BeginForm()){ } 1. Standard Html helpers provided by MVC framework. Html.BeginForm Html.EndForm Html.TextBox Html.TextArea Html.Password Html.Hidden Html.CheckBox Html.RadioButton Html.DropDownList Html.ListBox 2. Html helpers with strongly typed views You can do this be adding new view with model assigned to it using Scafolding Template as shown in above video 3. Custom helpers Creating a static method namespace Add_View_Demo.Helpers { public static class LabelStatic { public static IHtmlString LabelStaticHelper(string content) { var str = String.Format("label style='color:red;' {0} /label ", content); return new HtmlString( str ); } } } Writing an extension method public static class LbelExt { public static IHtmlString LabelExtenden(this HtmlHelper helper, string content) { string str = String.Format(" p label style='color:green;' {0} /label /p ", content); return new HtmlString(str); } }
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C# convert array to list
How to convert array to list using C#.net program. It's very simple just pass the string array to constructor of list string. Some thing like new List String ( arrayOfString) You can get the complete code from below link. http://www.satalaj.com/2012/12/c-convert-array-to-list.html
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