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Newborn Baby Girl Crying
Views: 1077228 feifei cheung
Talented 4-year-old girl acts LAUGHING
A four year old cheeky girl, she is very active and loves acting.Have a look at her funny laughing acting and you will laugh with her!
Views: 3111 feifei cheung
Ten Months Old Susie the Dachshund kisses Ten Months Old Baby, the baby is only one day older than the puppy.The baby didn't drink or eat anything,she didn't have any food left in her mouth. So they are really KISSING each other.They just adore each other so much.Super Cute,Super Funny.
Views: 120086 feifei cheung
Ten Months Old Susie the Dachshund kisses Ten Months Old Baby, Super Cute,Super Funny
Views: 20147 feifei cheung
Cute Talks
very cute talking from a 2 year old girl
Views: 324 feifei cheung
Older Sister Teaches Younger Sister to Be Polite Very Cute
Younger sister wants mum to buy a toy, older sister is teaching her manners and be polite
Views: 1410 feifei cheung
6-Year-Old Beautiful  Princess Snow White
My 6-year-old daugther loves dressing up as a Princess.She likes Snow White the most.I took these pictures for her and she made a video clip together with me.
Views: 160 feifei cheung
CUTE Sisters Kissing DON'T MISS IT
12 months old baby kisses her 6-year-old cheeky sister,very sweet and cute!
Views: 93599 feifei cheung
Little Beggar Girl
This short film is written ,directed and filmed by 11 year old Abi . It's a touching and moving story between a rich girl and a beggar girl...
Views: 1049 feifei cheung
SUPER FUNNY Girl Makes Faces On Window (6-year-old)
6-year-old girl squeezed her face on the window and made funny,silly faces. She did this to make her baby sister laugh.We all had a good laugh at her cute acting.
Views: 1422 feifei cheung
Skinny Love A Short Film Made By 12 year old girl
This short film was made by 12 year old girl Abi. Her 6 year old sister and her puppy Simba are the characters inside the moving & touching film.
Views: 149 feifei cheung
Cute Tiny Chihuahua Trying to Climb Stairs
Cute Tiny Chihuahua Trying to Climb Stairs for the first time
Views: 267 feifei cheung
London China Town 2011 Year of the Rabbit Lion Dance
London China Town Celebration of Chinese New Year on 6 Feb 2011
Views: 1306 feifei cheung
5 Months Old Cute Baby Girl Sucks Her Fingers
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 179 feifei cheung
Super Cute Tiny Chihuahua Puppy Trying to Climb Upstairs
Super Cute Tiny Chihuahua Puppy Trying to Climb Upstairs for the first time
Views: 73 feifei cheung
Which One Is Baby Shrek?
Ten months old baby plays with her toy Baby Shrek.They look so cute together. I do not own any copyrights on this song
Views: 475 feifei cheung
Six Years Old Girl Plays Piano Fur Elise
She plays this just for fun!
Views: 465 feifei cheung
Fat Baby Kicking
Views: 701 feifei cheung
Girl's FUNNY Dog Act
Views: 101 feifei cheung
Super Cute 10-Day-Old Teacup Chihuahua Puppy Yawning & Tongue Licking
Teacup Chihuahua Puppy Simba is only 10-day-old, he is super cute, he was born only 100 g, now he weighs 300 g, 3 times his weight when he was born. He is a healthy boy with very good appetite. He keeps on sleeping and doesn't like to be disturbed. Can't wait to see him opening eyes!
Views: 329 feifei cheung
Squeaking parrot
Views: 174 feifei cheung
Teacup Chihuahua Plays Dead Super Cute & Funny
Teacup Chihuahua Coco is playing dead when he hears 'Bang bang'. He is very cute and very funny! We love him so much!
Views: 73 feifei cheung
4 Year Old  Girl Sings Chinese Song Muddy Doll
Abi sings her favorite Chinese song Muddy Doll in the garden in front of an old tree
Views: 650 feifei cheung
FUNNY Cute Baby Sucks Her Lips
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 196 feifei cheung
What is so FUNNY?
Views: 154 feifei cheung
Girls Gone  Mad Over KInder Surprise Eggs
Two girls sitting there reading their books, they went completely mad and screamed when their Mum offered them Kinder Eggs
Views: 131 feifei cheung
Baby talking
Views: 105 feifei cheung

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