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Mysterious Cities of Gold Ending Credits
The ending credits of the Mysterious Cities of Gold. The cartoon was a French-Japanese co-production and the credits for the English version remained in French. Enjoy!
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Noozles intro
Intro for the Noozles, an 80s cartoon on Nickelodeon Country of Origin: JAPAN The Noozles aired from 1988 to 1993. The show centered on the adventures of Sandy, a twelve year old girl, a stuffed koala bear named Blinky that came to life when you rubbed your nose with his, and Blinky's sister Pinky (who had the same voice as Angelica from Rugrats). Blinky and Pinky came from Koala-Wala Land, a parallel universe to ours. Among the other characters in the series are Sandy's mother, Alex Brown, who was Sandy's father, who was an archeologist and traveled around a lot, Franky and Spike, who were two thugs, Osgood, a lizard from Koala-Wala Land, and the High Dingy Doo, the ruler of Koala-Wala Land.
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Count Duckula intro
Castle Duckula, home for many centuries to a dreadful dynasty of vicious vampire ducks: The Counts of Duckula. Legend has it that these foul beings can be destroyed by a stake through the heart or exposure to sunlight. This does not suffice however, for they may be brought back to life by means of a secret rite that can be performed once a century when the moon is in the Eighth House of Aquarius. Igor: We need Blood! Nanny: I'll get it! The latest reincarnation did not run according to plan. Both: Oooh! (singing) In the heart of Transylvania, In the Vampire Hall of Fame, yeah, There's not a vampire zanier than... DUCKULA! He won't bite beast or man, 'Cos he's a vegetarian. (Aaaagh!) And things never run to plan for... DUCKULA! If you're looking for some fun, You can always count upon, Come and find the one they call... DUCKULA! Heh, heh. Count Duckula! Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh,
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You Can't Do That On Television Intro
This is the intro for the show "You Can't Do That on Television" (YCDTOTV) This great show aired from 1979 to 1990.
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Punky Brewster Cartoon Intro
The intro to the Punky Brewster Cartoon from the '80s.
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Mysterious Cities of Gold Intro
The intro to the Mysterious Cities of Gold. It was a joint French/Japanese cartoon series made in the 1980s and it is the best cartoon I have ever seen. In 1532, a 12-year-old Spanish boy named Esteban joins Mendoza, a Spanish navigator, and his two bumbling associates, Sancho and Pedro on a search for the Cities of Gold. While the others are seeking treasure, Esteban hopes to find his father. They are joined by Zia, an Incan girl who is also looking for her father, and Tao, a smart boy who is seeking signs of his ancestors. He is the last remaining descendant of the empire of Hiva (Mu) which sank under the Pacific Ocean.
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Nintendo cereal system commercial
This is a 1989 Nintendo Cereal System commercial.
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