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Irish flight delayed so trad session started between DaoiríFarrell, Geoff Kinsella and Robbie Walsh.
So, this is what happened. The three of us came into the airport and the flight was delayed by nearly two hours. We could tell that everyone was a little bit unhappy about this and Geoff (the banjo player in the video) suggested that we play a bit of a music session. He played a set of traditional irish dance tunes on the banjo and I (Daoiri Farrell) backed him on the Bouzouki. Robbie Walsh (Bodhran Player) then joined us and we had the attention of everyone in the room immediatly. I then proceeded to sing a song. I picked one that I thought everyone would know, The Galway Girl. It went down really well. By this stage my dad had the Canon out and here is the video footage he took. His name is Desmond Farrell and his hobby is photography. Myself Geoff and Robbie are music pals for years. We were in Cumbria at a music festival called "Maddy Prior's Stepping stones Folk Festival". My website is Daoiri.com and Robbie's is "The Bodhran Buzz" if anyone wants to check out anymore of our music. I've recorded two solo albums now with Robbie and various things with Geoff also: I Mainly play as a solo artist singing traditional songs such as these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulQGI5-ZCmo Or this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UPI_tHNjS78 which can be found on Youtube. Thanks everyone and don't forget to subscribe. This video is being managed exclusively by Newsflare. To use this video for broadcast or in a commercial player go to: https://www.newsflare.com/video/157858/other/irish-flight-delayed-so-trad-session-started-between-daoirfarrell-geoff-kinsella-and-robbie-walsh or email: [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 20 3937 6280
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Paddy Glackin and Donal Lunny at the Steeple sessions
This is a reel called jennies welcome to Charlie. The venue was the Unitarian church on St Stephens Green in Dublin. It was a Tuesday night 24th of May 2011.
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Daoiri Farrell. Pat Rainey, Live at Whelans, Dublin, October 25th 2016
This is a song that Daoirí performed in Whelans, Dublin, at the launch of his CD 'True Born Irishman', on the 25th of October, 2016. This song is called 'Pat Rainey', and it was written by Fergus Russell. Musicians on stage that night included: Daoirí Farrell: Bouzouki/Vocals Robbie Walsh: Bodhrán/Backing Vocals Tony Byrne: Guitar/Backing Vocals Blackie O'Connell: Uilleann Pipes/ Low Whistle Eoin Kenny: Uilleann Pipes/ Low Whistle Paddy Kiernan: 5-String Banjo Pat Daly: Fiddle Avril Crotty: Cello
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Daoiri Farrell, Van Dieman's Land, Whelan's, Dublin. 25th October 2016.
This is a recording of a song from Daoiri Farrell's new album, True Born Irishman'. This video was filmed by Anthony White in Whelan', Dublin on the 25th of October, 2016.
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Paddy Keenan and Daoiri Farrell Perform Liam Weldon's song"The Blue Tar Road".
This song was written by Liam Weldon about the Eviction of traveller families from a site in Cherry Orchard. The eviction took place in 1959 and inspired Liam to write the song. Liam recorded the song on his album "Dark Horse on the Wind" in 1976. Here, the song is performed by Daoiri Farrell and renowned Uilleann Piper Paddy Keenan at a TPI Conference that took place in Dublin Castle on 20th October 2017. A massive thanks to Mick Ruane and Anne Costello for allowing me to make the video available.
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How to fold your shirt with the Daoiri Farrell Trio. Canberra, National Folk Festival.
This is a detailed, in depth full length lesson on how to fold your gig shirt for folk festivals, be they big or small. We are playing at Canberra National Folk Festival and we are having a ball. Daoiri, Blackie, Robbie.
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Robbie Walsh singing Great Big Roaming Ass
Robbie Walsh singing Great Big Roaming Ass
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Daoiri Farrell, My Love Is A Well, Whelan's, Dublin. 25th October 2016.
This is a song that Daoirí performed in Whelans, Dublin, at the launch of his CD 'True Born Irishman', on the 25th of October, 2016. This a love song called 'My love is a well', and it was written by Liam Weldon.
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Dublin Bird Market: with Shay Weldon, Dereck Copley and Paddy Abby and the Ballyfermot Prince
This song is a much sung song around Dublin and Ballyfermot.
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Daoiri Farrell, True Born Irishman CD launch in Whelan's. 25th October, 2016. Tunes
Here is a set of tunes from Daoiri Farrell's 'True Born Irishman' CD launch. This video was taken by Anthony White at Whelan's, Dublin on the 25th October, 2016. In this video, Eoin Kenny and Blackie O'Connell play a selection of reels: The Colliers Toss the Feathers The Woman of the House. The musicians on stage were as follows: Eoin Kenny and Blackie O'Connell, Uilleann Pipes Tony Byrne, Guitar Daoiri Farrell, Bouzouki Robbie Walsh, Bodhran Paddy Kiernan, 5 String Banjo Avril Crotty, Cello Pat Daly, Fiddle.
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Alan Doherty Robbie Walsh Sean Regan and Cormac Breatnach Jigs.
Set of jigs by the lads in the Button Factory.
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Paddy Glackin and Donal Lunny at the Steeple sessions. Jigs
This is another video I took at the Steeple Sessions in Dublin. I started videoing late on this one. This was a brilliant gig.
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Dublin City bird market. With the Ballyfermot Bandit's.
This is where you go if you want to see the bird men, they don't always have the best birds with them. But they do have them, and take pleasure in producing them on the show day's. Shay keep's one or two.
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Bodhran world record
On the eve of 2016, Robbie Walsh of the Bodhran buzz, made a world record attempt. The most amount of bodhrans playing all at once in one place. Here is some footage from the night.
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Killian Shannon Banjo Supreme
Killian is a great Banjo player from the country and here he plays some tunes for your entertainment,
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Dublin Bird Market. The Old Triangle, by Shay Weldon and the Chapelizod Chanters.
This is the song "The Old Triangle", sung by the Dublin born Shay Weldon in the Sunday Dublin bird market held every Sunday morning on Peter Street in Dublin's inner city.
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Dublin bird market. Shay Weldon and the Chapelizod Chanter's.
Dublin bird market takes place every Sunday morning at Peter St Dublin. A few tune's to warm up while Shay buy's and sell's some birds, before the Pub's open. Then it's off to the Belgard inn, for the real session... Shay, Daoirí, and Greg on the box..
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Wild Rover.MP4
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The Four roads, Monday club.
If you need a spacer to fly to the moon, you will get him here.. N.A.S.A. hasn't got as many spacemen..
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Ceoiltoir class of 2009
This is a DVD of a concert put together in 2009.
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David's Speech
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Geoff Kinsella
Geoff Kinsella in Aras Chronain on his petrol assisted bicycle.
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Gerry Lacey's Speech
Gerry Lacey's long speech at Gerald and Adrianne Lacey's wedding in Tullamore.
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Dublin Bird Market, Paddy Abbey, Shay Weldon and Derek Copley, Martin Harris,Paddy's weekend session
This is a set of tunes played in at the famous Dublin Bird market. It runs every Sunday morning on Peter Street in Dublin city centre, all welcome. Great Tourist Spot.
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Rónán Ó Snodaigh, Single ended bodhrán style with Liam O Maonlaí in Aras Chronain
Liam O Maonlaí and Rónán Ó Snodaigh in Aras Chronain. Rónán inspired most of the contemporary bodhrán players that we have today and the band Kila were the fore-runner to most of the modern traditional ensembles that we have today and I believe that they were a massive input and inspiration to many.
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Robbius Walshus Treffort, France.
This is only a joke. Robbie Walch is not a monster as far as we know. FourWinds.
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Daoiri Farrell gi at "The Glee Club", Birmingham on 31st October, 2017
Daoiri Will play The Glee Club on 31st October, 2017.
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