Videos uploaded by user “Ancient Magic Art Tools” for the 2014
Use the Old Masters' Secret Device: Camera Lucidas by Ancient Magic Art Tools
Buy and find out more: http://GetLUCID-Art.com Meet the LUCID-Art and LUCY the Old masters' secret tools revamped for today's artists!
Camera Lucida, Camera Obscura and Zoetrope Kickstarter Update.
More info at: http://kck.st/1uJynNE
Painter Eric Alexander Santoli on the Camera Obscura
Find out more about the camera obscura: http://KickCamera.com Find out more about Eric Alexander Santoli: http://www.ericsantoli.com http://www.facebook.com/ericalexandersantolifineart
Camera Obscura Kit
Find out more at http://KickCamera.com
Little Princess and the Tree Frog
Adorable little girl with her new frog friend
How to Build your Unassembled Camera Obscura Kit
Buy this Camera Obscura at http://KickCamera.com

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