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Barnfind Presentation For Booth Updated
Power Point Video Of Presentation For The Barnfind-USA Booth During NAB - New York. Summary description of BARNFIND's product line.
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A quick sidekick video for the ipTek logo for AC VIDEO SOLUTIONS website. ipTec specializes in facilitating high performance, low latency services over IP networks. The VNP series allows you to encode/decode/transcode SDI and/or HDMI A/V sources and their TNP series supports telemetry applications. AC Video Solutions specializes in audio-visual applications and the VNP series is one of our most favoured solutions for connecting facilities and transmitting A/V over IP. The VNP-100 Video Network Processor addresses the need for transmitting video and audio data over IP networks in a range of applications, including broadcast, medical, video surveillance and defense applications. This product supports the H.264, AVC-I and the MPEG-2 video standards and the AAC, Dolby Digital Pro and MPEG-1 Layer II audio standards. High video quality is supported in both compressed and uncompressed formats for HD and SD signals over IP links. Compressed format support includes 10-bit and 8-bit 4:2:2 next to 8-bit 4:2:0. Uncompressed format support includes 12-bit 4:4:4. Compression is supported for encoding as well as transcoding. The VNP-100 satisfies a wide range of video quality, bit rate and latency operating points unique to each application. All IPtec products are managed via an embedded web server and SNMP. The VNP-400 is nearly the same as the VNP-100 with the notable exception of supporting 16 audio channels per source and allowing the option for encoding/decoding JPEG2000. The VNP-200 is an IT to ASI gateway. Our customer base uses the VNP-100 and VNP-400 extensively depending on their audio channel needs and our website focuses mostly on the VNP-100 which is by far the most popular model. Contact us for details on all ipTec products.
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A Collection Of Videos Of My Granddaughter Aubrie and her parents and siblings.
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Video showing some weird road development in support of New Chronology ideas - specifically intended for Kosta and Alex Nomikos. The weird issue is why is Pahrump NV so loosely populated - with housing being placed sparsely as if building roads was not an issue - as if the roads already existed.....and how come there are so many developed roads that are all planned for residential but no one is developing there? Were these roads there already before anyone had even moved in?
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Extended Warranties By AC Video Solutions
AC Video Solutions now offers extended warranty and accidental damage due to handling insurance. Developed specifically for the professional video and broadcast market, our new Extended Warranty program goes beyond traditional warranty programs and encompasses benefits specific to the needs of our industry. The program includes: EXTENDED WARRANTY: Create warranty protection of up to 5 yearsfor your equipment and avoid service budget overruns while ensuring your equipment is serviced (or replaced) long after the manufacturer’swarranty has expired. MANUFACTURER REPAIRS COVERED: Repairs can be performed by our partner’s own manufacturer certified technicians OR directly by the manufacturer; either way the charges are covered. REPLACEMENT IF UNREPAIRABLE: Sometimes equipment is simply not repairable; in such eventuality, we will replace your equipment with the same model (if available) or equivalent. POWER SURGE PROTECTION: The program includes, for no additional charge, power surge protection to ensure your investment in equipment is secured. ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE FROM HANDLING: Dropping a camera lens first is never a good idea and we all try to avoid it; but it does happen. Our program includes accidental damage from handling. This is actually an optional program feature but we include it; you can save a few dollars by dropping this option but we do not recommend dropping this option as long as gravity keeps pulling equipment toward the floor. AFFORDABLE AND PRACTICAL: Program costs vary depending on the value of the equipment being warrantied as well as the number of years. However, this is a one-time payment that guarantees your equipment will provide the utility you planned without the risk of having to invest additional funds down the road for repairs. The cost can be included in the invoice, can be amortized or added to your lease and, in most cases, the cost of this protection is not much more than the discount most dealers provide on equipment sales. You will be amazed at how affordable and well structured our program is. Call us at 1 (844) 422-8433 for a quick discussion and a quotation or see us at http://www.ACVideoSolutions.com
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Quote Sheet Expanation
Private Description Of Quote Sheet
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Mimi Moments
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patrida thoughts
Some old pictures with Greek music background
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Baby Chris
Video from Chris' baptism.
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DonnaMarie and Linda about 50 years ago...give or take....
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Time lapse - 8 HOURS OF SHOW TIME IN 15 MINUTES; BARNFIND-USA Booth # 1029. We just quickly threw up a consumer camera and took a one frame per second of the entire day - the shot composition was terrible but time lapse is always a bit interesting - we'll do it better at our next show by using a fish-eye lens - this video is for Day 1 of the NAB - New York show (Oct 17, 2018). Day #2 can be seen at
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The Fastest Vdeo Production System In The Market Today
Designed specifically for high volume production while minimizing effort and labor costs, WEBCLIP2GO offers exactly what you need for great looking and lightening-speed-fast video production. The system brings live camera feeds, live audio, A/V clips, pictures, live computer image content and titling into one powerful system empowering you to mix these sources with easy to apply transitions for instant video production. Lights control and teleprompter complete the setup. An Innovative user interface allows you to easily set up transitions and effects with complete control over each source’s image size and position. Sophisticated yet simple to use, the workspace allows you to set up scenes that tell your story and operate in an “as live” situation – meaning that your editing is done as you build your story and, once the content is recorded, the video is ready for distribution. You set up your scenes by selecting what you want to show and after a practice preview, you record and publish – simple, effective and fast. The user interface is the key – you still have control over the timing of each scene – and you control it as you record – the result is professional looking video every time – exactly as you planned it, exactly as you expected it to be but ready to publish as soon as you stop recording. Setting up templates is a snap, making the production system ideal for producing videos covering an entire product line of similar products or applications. It’s hard to believe video production can go from recording to publishing – but, we can prove it to you with a quick video showing the product or we can bring the system to your facility for a quick demonstration. Call George at 1 (919) 748-7373 for a quick discussion or e-mail to [email protected]
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Quick Message About WEBCLIP2GO
Message to John Terrey of WEBCLI2GO about my first vide using his system. Minimal setup work - this is the first video and was done using a green screen hanging off my staircase banister - so, please forgive the artifacts. The capabilities of this system for communicating product features, procedures, teaching etc are amazing - especially if you use a laptop with Power Point running as one of the video sources. Great job WEBCLIP2GO!!!
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Bid Estimate Form Explanation
An Explanation On The New Features For The ACVS Bid Estimate Sheet.
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Time lapse - 8 HOURS OF SHOW TIME IN 15 MINUTES; BARNFIND-USA Booth # 1029. We just quickly threw up a consumer camera and took a one frame per second of the entire day - the shot composition was terrible, but time lapse is always a bit interesting - we'll do it better at our next show by using a fish-eye lens - this video is for Day 2 of the NAB - New York show (Oct 18, 2018). Day #1 can be seen at https://youtu.be/q8PZIs2nASY
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AC Video Solutions Quick Introduction
SYSTEM DESIGN & INTEGRATION: We offer full design and integration services including studio construction, lighting grids, cyclorama installation, wiring, testing and training on all systems. A/V SYSTEM INSTALLATION: We install all brands of projectors, screens, smartboards, whiteboards and monitors for schools, corporations, restaurants, hospitals and other business locations. VIDEO PRODUCTION & STREAMING: We provide multi-camera live and recorded event production services both on location and in the studio. We can supply all equipment, crew, and technical management for your project.
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Message To Karen web
Message to Karen regarding a more active way of presenting product lines on our web site.
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A quick description of PHABRIX product lines; used as an introduction to AC VIDEO SOLUTIONS website section for PHABRIX.
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Selecting the best visualization and business intelligence software amongst many great offerings is not easy. INFORModal offers the experience needed to help you make the right selection for your business - for free. Watch our video and contact INFORModal today!
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Look at what Nick let in the house!
Donna went for a bath and these showed up...lol
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AC VIDEO SOLUTIONS now provides extended warranty and accidental damage due to handling insurance for broadcast and professional video equipment products and systems. Call us at 1(844) 422-8433 or see us at http://www.ACVideoSolutions.com
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Apple dipping in the 60s.
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Baby Linda
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What I Did With Your E-Mails
Just a quick description of what I did with Renard's e-mails.
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Selecting the best visualization and business intelligence software amongst many great offerings is not easy. INFORModal offers the experience needed to help you make the right selection for your business - for free. Watch our video and contact INFORModal today!
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There is a better way to deal with racism. Let's recognize and celebrate our differences - let's help and love one another.
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Modified AC Video Solutions PLABOX video and added PLAYBOX logo for PLAYBOX to use the video for their own purposes.
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Barnfind Presentation For Booth
Untimed version of our booth presentation - runs using PPT on a 46 inch monitor. Timings will be adjusted on the laptop we will be using to run the presentation. This was converted to a video for easy sharing among interested parties.
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Quick video reviews the PLAYBOX product line and used as a logo sidekick video for PLAYBOX of AC Video Solutions web site.
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Developed in the late 2000's to promote the new production centric features for the LEADER LV5330. Originally in PowerPoint, the file was used for dealer and major account presentations as well as on continuous running mode on large monitors for show signage.
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