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Is a UFO!
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Watch Him Rollin
Watch him rollin watch him go
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Koala Animation/Cartoon
My idea of what cartoons should be...
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Pasta La Vista
Guys... So this is like a night after arriving at the townhouse and encountering a youth entourage of trashy rowdy teens and pre-teens whom prevent any normal people from exiting their homes. This may or may not be a dramatization, but I am many years their senior so I think my word goes... Also I think the 15 year old may have slightly keyed the back of my car... Otherwise the townhouse has been really fun. I pet two $17,500 dogs which were adorable. So far I have gone to a festival and explored the great unknowns of the highway system here. I just got my room put together and have made a possible future friend on the swim team. I may also get a job with rock climbing outings and make bank? We'll see on that one. Anyway, that's how I'm doing. Overall pretty good and the weather is nice here. I miss you guys tho :( ... qué lástima
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Alien Animation
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Mushroom Animation
100% drawn by me on Adobe Photoshop
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Fish Animation by Sam
Just learned to do this at McHenry College (MCC) using Adobe Photoshop
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