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Sea-Doo Speed Tie - New Docking Innovation from BRP - RXT iS and Dock Mounted models
The new Sea-Doo Speed Tie is the next boating innovation from BRP to make your time on the water and off, easy, simple, and secure. The Sea-Doo Speed Tie is designed to be added to the new Sea-Doo RXT iS and also available in a dock mount model, soon to be a must have for any waterfront watercraft owner. Function and fashion is the key to BRP design and engineering and the Sea-Doo Speed Tie is the latest product to prove this point.
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Sea Doo WAKE DO IT Trick Tip - Kick Flip with Ben Horan - PWC Boat Wakeskate
Sea-Doo DO IT Trick Tip - Kick Flip - Ben Horan nailing down kick flip after kick flip behind the Sea-Doo WAKE 155. Ben did fall a couple times but spent more time riding than he would have behind a boat with the quick turn-around capabilities of the Sea-Doo WAKE. More time riding, less time idling.
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Sea Doo WAKE  - Family FUN - Wakeskate Instruction - PWC Boat
The Sea-Doo WAKE is the perfect purchase for giving your family the ultimate in watersports versatility. Be the coolest dad on the lake. Let your kids learn and build memories of a lifetime while you enjoy the most advanced WAKE sports watercraft on the market engineered to last a decade or beyond. The best way to get on the water while respecting your wallet. You'll never hear a barage of "PLEASE" again, only a meaningful "Thank You". You'll be the coolest dad on the lake!
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Sea-Doo WAKE DO IT Trick Tips - Ollie 180 w/ Horan - PWC Boat wakeskate
Sea-Doo WAKE DO IT Trick Tip - Hop 180 Nike 6.0 Wakeskate tream rider Ben Horan gives insight on how he pulls off a 180 while putting in a ride session behind the 2009 Sea-Doo WAKE Pro watercraft with the lippy wake providing by the industry's only watercraft wake boost system. .
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Sea-Doo WAKE DO IT Trick Tip - Pop Shovit with Ben Horan - PWC Boat
Sea-Doo WAKE DO IT Trick Tip - Ben Horan shows how he pulls off his Pop Shovit behind the Sea-Doo WAKE watercraft and how the standard Sea-Doo tow pylon helps him pull this trick off silky smooth.
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Sea-Doo WAKE - NIKE 6.0 Wakeskate Team Riders
BRP partnered with the Nike 6.0 Wakeskate team riders, Nick Taylor, Ben Horan, and Matt Manzari by providing them with new 2009 Sea-Doo WAKE Pro and 155 watercraft to further their progression in the sport and spread the fun of wake sports to watersport hungry families as the best young wakeskaters in the world.
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USCG Awards BRP Sea-Doo for the iBR system part of iCONTROL on the new RXT iS and GTX Limited iS
Chief officer of the United States Coast Guard, Captain Mark Rizzo, presents BRP CEO Jose Boisjoli their recognition for efforts to promote boating safety with the innovation of the Sea-Doo iBR (intelligent Brake & Reverse) system. The iBR system is the first on-water braking system and one of the featured technological innovations of the new iCONTROL system that is standard on the 2009 Sea-Doo GTX Limited iS and RXT iS 255 watercraft.
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Sea-Doo SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL - WAKE Ad "Loose Change" - PWC Boat wakeskate nike
Nike 6.0 Wakeskate team riders Nick Taylor, Ben Horan, and Matt Manzari put in a session behind their Sea-Doo WAKE Pro watercraft by simply tapping into their "loose change".
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Sea-Doo WAKE DO IT Trick Tips - Backside Bigspin w/ Manzari - PWC Boat wakeskate
Sea-Doo WAKE DO IT Trick Tip - Backside Big Spin Nike 6.0 team ride Matt Manzari shows visitors how he pulls off a Backside Big Spin flawlessly behind the Sea-Doo WAKE PRO watercraft with the only standard tow pylon on a personal watercraft. .
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2010 Sea Doo Sport Boat Transat Loung Seat Video
Teh new Sea-Doo 210 Challenger SE and 210 WAKE sport boats offer the most innovative comfort/functionality design of the 2010 season.
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Sea-Doo WAKE DO IT Trick Tips - 360 w/ Taylor - PWC Boat wakeskate
Sea-Doo WAKE DO TI Trick Tip - 360 Nike 6.0 Wakeskate Team rider Nick Taylor tells visitors how he pulls off his ollie 360 while wakeskating behind the SEa-Doo WAKE 155 watercraft that provides a super steady pull. .
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Sea Doo WAKE DO IT Trick Tip - Judo 180 With Nick Taylor - PWC Boat wakeskate
Sea-Doo WAKE DO IT Trick Tip - Judo 180 - Nick Taylor shows his martial arts skills on the water with his inside-out Judo 180 making it look easy behind the Sea-Doo WAKE Pro with boast system for that extra"pop".
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2009 PWC Musclecraft Shootout - Comparison Test
The headline 2009 musclecraft of the personal watercraft industry are tested head-to-head by Independant Researchers (Florida Institue of Technology personel and Fun Jet Magazine. View to see the results between the best from Sea-Doo, Kawasaki, and Yamaha.
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Sea-Doo WAKE DO IT - Varial Flip w/ Matt Manzari
Sea-Doo WAKE DO IT Trick Tip - Matt Manzari shows some fancy footwork in landing his Varial Kick Flip and how the Sea-Doo WAKE PRO with the only PWC wake boost system helps him get the "pop" he needs to pull this off like a pro. Oh yeah, he is a pro! BUT you don't have to be to get out and have fun behind the new Sea-Doo WAKE PRO with your kids!
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2010 Sea Doo PWC Docking Testimonial Video
Boating enthusiasts have to come to shore sometime and they have to use docking skills, see how these folks describe the new iBR (intelligent Brake & Reverse) system on the new Sea-Doo iCONTROL equipped watercraft.
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2010 Sea Doo PWC Braking Testimonials Video
Everyday enthusiasts take the new Sea-Doo iBR equipped watercraft out for a test ride and share their thoughts on the advanced technology.
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2010 Sea Doo PWC Handling Testimonial Video
The NEW Sea-Doo S3 hull changes the way a personal watercraft touches the water. Let these experienced boaters tell you their thoughts on the handling of this new hull from BRP.
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