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BOATING MAGAZINE - Reviews the new 2011 Sea-Doo 230 SP Boat
Boating Magazine Editor Randy Vance spends a day on the new Sea-Doo 230 SP boat in Orlando, Florida. See what he thought about the new model equipped with a new forward swept tower, seating for 12 and iTC, plus all the benefits of direct jet drive propulsion.
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SEA-DOO & NIKE 6.0 Wakeskate Team - Advance Wake Sports World Wide in 2010
BRP has partnered with the NKE 6.0 wakeskate team to develop the best wake sport personal watercraft possible. The result was the Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 215 watercraft, the only watercraft specifically designed for tow sports and equipped with iCONTROL. The perfect tow vehicle for these world class riders with BRAKES and Sea-Doo's exclusive Ski Mode. See what the best wakeskaters in the world feel about their relationship with Sea-Doo watercraft.
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DO IT with Ben Horan behind the 2010 Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 215 watercraft   - Frontside Kick Flip
Nike 6.0 and Remote Wakeskates team rider Ben Horan shows you how he does a frontside kick flip with the new Sea-Doo WAKE PRO with standard retractable tow pylon, the only watercraft specifically designed for two sports.
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Sea-Doo PWC - Pop Shove It
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Sea-Doo iControl Demo Ride Tour - Greenhulk.net - Mud Bug PWC Rally
The Sea-Doo iControl Demo Ride Tour hit the brakes on June 12-13 down on the Bayou during the 2010 Greenhulk.net Mud Bug PWC Rally in Morgan City, Louisiana. The participants were treated to test rides aboard the new 2010 Sea-Doo watercraft with iControl technology and only watercraft in the world with brakes. Next the good boating folks of Ft. Worth, Texas can have the Sea-Doo iControl Experience at Lauderdale's Floating Restaurant on Eagle Mountain Lake June 19-20.
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2011 Sea-Doo Boat Direct Drive JEt Propulsion Advantage
Sea-Doo Boats offer incredible handling and acceleration with sports car like handling but the Direct Drive Jet Propulsion offers many more benefits. Shallow Water Capabilities, minimal bow rise, no sharp objects below the waterline, and more
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DO IT with Silas Thurman behind the 2010 Sea-Doo WAKE Pro 215 watercraft - 360 Shuvit Instructional
Nike 6.0 and Remote Wakeskate team manager Silas Thurman shows you how he does a 3 shuv using the NEW Sea-Doo SKi Mode on the new Sea-Doo WAKE Pro 215 watercraft. Ski Mode is a new function of the Sea-Doo iControl system that makes anybody behind the handlebars an expert driver by electronically controlling the speed in conjunction to the GPS monitored system and offering 5 different ramp up options of pull up power Standard equipment on the only watercraft specifically designed for tow sports.
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Acceleration & Perfomance
Sea-Doo Watercraft Technology Series: Acceleration and Performance
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DO IT with Nick Taylor behind the 2010 Sea-Doo WAKE Pro watercraft - Frontside Pop Shuvit    pwc
Nike 6.0 and Oakley team rider Nick Taylor shows you how he does it behind the new Sea-Doo WAKE Pro 215 watercraft with iControl. Nick shows you how he does his Frontside Pop Shuvit and how the new Sea-Doo S3 hull tracks true and provides a well groomed wake shape for perfect pop.
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Longer Engine Life (CLCS)
Sea-Doo Watercraft Technology Series: Longer Engine Life (CLCS)
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Manzari Footloose behind Sea-Doo WAKE PRO in his NIKE 6.0s
Nike 6.0 Wakeskate team rider Matt Manzari takes advantage of the 2010 Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 215 watercraft's 215 horsepower with a quick barefoot/shoe run while filming the new Sea-Doo "DO IT" wakeskate videos .
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Sea-Doo PWC - 360 Shove It
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2011 Sea-Doo PWC - Braking
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2011 Sea-Doo Watercraft Industry Best Control Technology = PWC Fun
Sea-Doo iControl system offers watercraft riders more control than ever before with the exclusive iBR (intelligent Brake & Reverse), iTC (intelligent Throttle Control) , and iS (intelligent Suspension). When you have more control you have more fun! Reinventing the way you ride.
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2011 Sea-Doo PWC Neutral Starting - Control at the docks and everywhere else.
The Sea-Doo iBR system provides the only Neutral starting, meaning more control at the dock, pulling boarders, catching fish and every other starting situation.
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2011 Sea-Doo PWC Object Avoidance - Only with BRP iBR
The combination fo rider education and practice, the Sea-Doo OTAS system and iBR (intelligent Brake and Reverse) allow Sea-Doo watercraft riders to have more control than ever before.
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DO IT with Matt Manzari Nike 6.0 behind the 2010 Sea-Doo WAKE PRO 215 with a Backside 180
Matt Manzari Nike 6.0 and CWB team ride shows you how he does his backside 180 behind the new Sea-Doo WAKE Pro 215 watercraft. Matt explains why the new intelligent brake & Reverse (iBR) helps him do more in the same amount of time with quick turn arounds and pick ups.
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2011 Sea-Doo Boat Engine Longer Engine Life
Rotax marine engines were designed from the blue prints to power Sea-Doo Boats and watercraft and do so in a high performance manner with maximum durability and reliability.
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Sea-Doo PWC - Kickflips
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Témoignages: Freinage
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Sea-Doo PWC - Backside 180
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Témoignages: Sécurité
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