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Where Is Golgotha: Holy Sepulchre or Garden Tomb?
The Holy Sepulcher and the Garden Tomb are the two locations which have archeological evidence that suggests these could be the Burial Caves of Jesus Christ. *** Correction*** : The narration mistakenly says "Eusebius of Caesarea, writes that in the 1st century, the Roman emperor Hadrian..." Hadrian lived in the 2nd Century. Season 1, Episode 39
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1st Century Nazareth Village Comes to Life
The first-century village with a synagogue replica, the Nazareth Village takes us back 2000 years into the life of Jesus. Season 1, Episode 22
City of David and Hezekiah’s Tunnel In Jerusalem
The first temple period excavation site in Jerusalem, Hezekiah's Tunnel, and thepool of Siloam. Season 1, Episode 40
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The Ancient Jaffa in Israel
In this video, we explore the streets of the ancient Jaffa, see the place where St. Peter stayed, and visit the memorial of Jonah. Season 1, Episode 12
Capernaum, the town of Jesus
Kefar Nahum is the town which was the center of Jesus’ ministry in northern Galilee and the town of where Peter’s mother-in-law lived. Located on the north-west side of the lake of Galilee, the ruins of Capernaum are divided into two sites: the Franciscan and the Greek Orthodox. Unlike Jerusalem and other touristy ancient places in Israel, Capernaum seems to be untouched, still in its raw form. Just by walking here, and looking at the lake, the hills, the mountains, we felt connected to its history. It is as if we could almost see Jesus walking on these shores, looking at the same hills. And besides the breathtaking nature, Capernaum has fascinating ruins. A 4th-century synagogue built on top of the original one where Jesus taught, a house which is believed to be the house of Simon Peter the apostle, and much more. Join us in this episode as we explore this fascinating place. Season 2, Episode 5 * Narration correction: The land was purchased on 1894, not 1908.
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Armageddon Is a Place in Israel (Tel Megiddo)
26 layers of civilization exposed in a single excavation site of Tel Megiddo, which is mentioned in the Bible as Mount Megiddo, or in Hebrew Har Megiddo (Armageddon) Season 1, Episode 2
Fresh Water by the Dead Sea; Prophecy fulfilled?
In the midst of the deadly valley, we find life. Einot Tzukim is the lowest nature reserve in the world and holds many unique species of animals and plants. It is also the largest oasis in Israel! Season 2, Episode 7
Sea of Galilee and Mount Beatitudes
Exploring the Mount Beatitudes, Northern Sea of Galilee and the Church of Peter's Supremacy. Season 1, Episode 14
The True Location Of Bethsaida
There are two proposed locations for Bethsaida, the city which Jesus cursed. In this episode, we join an exciting archaeological dig with Dr. Steven Notley, a professor of Biblical Studies, who believes this site of El-Araj to be the true location of Bethsaida Julias. Season 2, Episode 4. * Credits: Map footages are taken from Google Maps.
Via Dolorosa and Gethsemane Garden
Part 1 Of the Jerusalem mini-series. In this episode we walk the Via Dolorosa and explore the Garden Of Gethsemane! Season 1, Episode 37
9-Ton Slab of Glass Found in the Cave of Beit Shearim
What is a 9-ton slab of glass doing in the middle of a burial cave in Beit Shearim, Israel? And why does such a small town needs a wall, what were they protecting? Beit Shearim is an ancient Jewish necropolis where Yehuda Ha Nasi, the head of the Sanhedrin, was buried. This catacomb cave dates back to the second century AD and is one of the greatest archeological sites in Israel. Season 1, Episode 21
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Tour of Nazareth: Part 1
The Ancient Synagogue of Nazareth, Mount Precipice, and more. Join us on a tour in Nazareth, Israel. Season 1, Episode 5
The Valley of The Shadow of Death, Jerusalem
Part 2 of the Jerusalem mini-series. In this episode, we explore the Kidron Valley. Season 1, Episode 38 Transcript: In the last episode, we walked through Via Dolorosa in the Old City of Jerusalem, which led us to the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus spent lis last hours before he was taken to to be judged. This Episode, we continue the Jerusalem tour as we descend into the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Jerusalem rests on the edge of two valleys: The Hinnom and the Kidron. Both of these Valleys do not have a pleasant history. The Hinnom valley is where some of the kings of Judah sacrificed their children by fire to Molech, who is believed, by some scholars, to be Satan. The Kidron valley, is where King Jehoshaphat overthrown the enemies of Israel, and where the Levites would throw away the unclean and defiled items to. The Kidron valley is located on the east side of Jerusalem. If we exit Via Dolorosa street through the Lion’s Gate, and walk a few minutes east, we’ll find ourselves in the valley of Kidron. Today the valley is a mix of ancient and modern graveyard. Since many Jews believe that they will be resurrected when Messiah will come through the East Gate, they are willing to pay big money to be buried as close to the gate as possible. So they could be the first to enter the new kingdom. If only they knew that the Messiah they are waiting for had already told them that "the last will be first, and the first will be last." As we descended lower into the Valley of the Shadow of Death, we find the monument which Absalom built for himself. Through generations, the Jews had an interesting custom to bring their children here and have them throw rocks at the monument, as a reminder to what happens when you disobey God. According to the Bible, Absalom was not buried inside of his own monument. Instead, he was buried in a shame way. Joab threw him into a pit and piled a heap of rocks on top. Today the monument is sealed, but in the early 20th century, they were able to get inside and find an inscription from the 4th century: “This is the tomb of Zachariah, the martyr, the holy priest, the father of John”. Could this really be the tomb of John the Baptist? During the rebellion of Absalom, King David, fled Jerusalem through this valley. Then he mentions this valley in Psalm 23: “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.” Because this valley is located on the east side of Jerusalem, it is covered in shadow most of the day. The overlooking monument of the wicked king Absalom reminds the fate of those who rebel against God. The burial caves scream “death”, and the adjacent valley of Hinnom points to the eternal lake of fire. It makes sense for David to write these words as he fled from Absalom, but it even makes more sense to apply it to Jesus. This valley is located right between Gethsemane and Jerusalem. So when Jesus was captured in Gethsemane, he had to actually walk through this valley, and into Jerusalem. Right next to Absalom's monument is what believe to the Tomb of prophet Zachariah. However, the archeologist could not yet find the actual tomb as they have evidence to believe that this is a monolith. Completely carved out of the solid rock and does not contain a burial chamber.
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The Horrors of the Idol Worshipping Temple of Pan
Explore the ruins of the ancient temple of god pan, and learn about the four different words for Rain in Hebrew. Season 1, Episode 25
Car Breaks In Rosh Pina, Israel
Unexpected adventure as our car breaks in the middle of the trip up north. Season 1, Episode 7
Baptism of Jesus in Jordan River
Part 2 of the 4 episode Dead Sea mini-series. In this episode we make our first stop in Qasr el Yahud, the the place where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist (Matthew 3). It is also the same place where the children of Israel crossed the Jordan river over to the promise land (Joshua 3). And in the very same place, Elijah and Elisha split the waters and crossed on dry ground (2 Kings 2). Season 1, Episode 29
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Magdala, The Town of Mary Magdalene
Visiting Magdala, the 1st Century Jewish town where Mary Magdalene lived and looking for ruins in the lake of Galilee Season 1, Episode 10
Tel Dan and the 4,000 Year Old Canaanite Gate
An ancient city of Dan with 4000-year-old Canaanite gate and the high place of Jeroboam! Season 1, Episode 18
Holocaust Survivor Saved by a Miracle
A fascinating story about a Holocaust survivor who is delivered multiple times from death and finds Jesus.
Ein Gedi and the Waterfall Of David
Oasis in the Judean desert. This is where David hid from Saul in the caves. Season 1, Episode 36
Shepherds’ Field in Bethlehem
A tour of the cave system in the Shepherds‘ Field outside of Bethlehem. Season 1, Episode 17
A Hike Ending in a Hospital
A hike up north with an unexpected "turn around". The Story of Three Weddings: https://vimeo.com/125561306 Congratulations to Yossi and Bela. May God bless Renana! Season 1, Episode 11
The Nativity of Jesus in Bethlehem
Exploring the real Nativity cave where Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Israel. Credit: Thanks to our friend Amer Nicola, a certified tour guide, who provided much of the information presented in this video. Season 1, Episode 15
Mount of Transfiguration, Mt Tabor
Three figures appeared: Jesus, Moses and Elijah, but only one is left standing. Find out why in this 5 minute tour to the Mount Transfiguration in Israel. Season 1, Episode 1
The City on the Hill Jesus Mentions; Susita/Hippos
This is the city on the hill that Jesus spoke about while giving his sermon by the sea of Galilee. One of the most beautiful archeological spots in the land of ISrael. A must see! Seasons 2 - Episode 2
The Bethlehem You Don't Know
A visit to Bethlehem of Galilee for a historical adventure of a lifetime Season 1, Episode 8
Cana of Galilee, Where Jesus Turned Water Into Wine
A tour in the Cana of Galilee where Jesus began His ministry by turning water into wine. Season 1, Episode 9
An Oasis in the Judean Desert in Israel
We took a turn into an unknown road which took us a beautiful place in the middle of the Jordan Valley, north of the Dead Sea. This place happened to be one of the oldest monasteries in the world. In this episode, we explore the St Gerasimos Monastery in Deir Hajla. Season 2, Episode 8 Special thanks for providing us with the pictures of the caves: 1.Rotem from www.BibleWalks.com 2. Pikiwiki Israel
The Cursed Ancient Village of Chorazin
Remarkable ruins of an ancient Jewish city of Chorazin. We will explore the ancient synagogue, see the seat of Moses, and join archaeologist Achia Cohen Tavor in pursuit of 1st-century artifacts at the dig site in Chorazin. Website link for touristic archeology with Achia Cohen Tavor: https://www.facebook.com/kohntavor/ Season 2 - Episode 3 (S02E03)
The Tragic Mass Suicide of Masada
Part 4 of the 4 episode Dead Sea mini-series. Masada, a fortress on top of an isolated rock plateau. According to the historian Josephus Flavius, in 70 AD the Romans took siege of this fort for three months which forced the Jews to commit one of history's most known mass suicides. Season 1, Episode 31
Exploring the Border with Syria and Nimrod Castle
Syria Border, UN Buffer Zone, Mine Fields, Nimrod Castle, and Al Aziz Uthman Correction at 2:20 - there were 452 enemy aircraft, not 1342 as the slide says. Season 1, Episode 19
Bethlehem City and Market
Exploring the old city of Bethlehem. Season 1, Episode 16
Qumran Caves and the Dead Sea Scrolls
Part 3 of the 4 episode Dead Sea mini-series. This time we are exploring the Qumran caves site, where archeologists had discovered 2000 year old Hebrew Bible texts, named The Dead Sea Scrolls (DSS), which solve the Psalm 22 dispute about Jesus. Season 1, Episode 30
Mount Carmel, Where Elijah Slew 450 Prophets of Baal
Evidence found of the location where Elijah slew 450 prophets of Baal. This is the 5-minute tour of the Carmel Mountain in Israel. Season 1, Episode 3
Beit Shean and Scythopolis — The Ancient Roman City
Archaeologists unearthed an entire Roman city in the land of Israel. The ancient Beit Shean, Scythopolis, is an incredible historical and archaeological site. From Pharaoh to the Roman emperor, this place is full of fascinating architecture and history. Season 2, Episode 1
How to Pick and Pickle Olives in Nazareth
How are olives picked and cured? What's the difference between the green and the black? Learn all that and more straight from Nazareth, Israel. Season 1, Episode 26
Lot's Wife Pillar, Mount Sodom, and Zohar Fortress
The Zohar valley is identified by scholars as the Edom Way mentioned in 2 Kings 3. It hosts the ruins of a fortress and an observation tower. Mount Sodom is made of 80% salt and is home to the longest single running salt cave in the world. Lot's Wife Pillar is a salt pillar standing on top of Mount Sodom. In this episode, we will explore all three by land and air. Season 2, Episode 10
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Ancient Sepphoris and a Jewish Wedding
Sepphoris (Zippori) is the ancient capital of Galilee. In this video, we explore its history and fascinating archaeology. In the end, we also attend a Messianic Jewish wedding. Season 1, Episode 20
Tour of Nazareth: Part 2
Church of the Annunciation, Marry's Well and the delicious Shawarma in Nazareth, Israel Seasons 1, Episode 6
Archaeologists Find a Stone Quarry from the Time of Jesus in Nazareth
In the miracle of Jesus turning water into wine, why were the six jars made of stone and how is it related to the purification laws of the Jews? Find out the fascinating answer explained by Dr. Yonatan Adler from the findings of stone vessels in the Einot Amitai excavation site. Dr. Yonatan Adler Website: https://ariel.academia.edu/YonatanAdler Ariel University Website: http://ariel.ac.il/ Season 2, Episode 12
Baptized in the Jordan River
Witness a baptism at the Jordan River baptismal place, Yardenit, in Israel Season 1, Episode 23
Dead Sea: The Lowest Sea in the World
Part 1 of the 4 episode Dead Sea mini-series. In this episode, we explore the shores of the Dead Sea, introduce the area, and speak about the Red Sea-Dead Sea water conveyance project. Season 1, Episode 28
500 Million Birds in Hula Valley. Unbelievable!
Hula Valley is a resting place for 500 million birds every year. In this episode, we'll explore the Hula National Park and The Agmon Ha Hula lake. Watch to the end to see millions of pelicans! Season 1, Episode 32
7 Amazing Dead Sea Beaches - Full Review
The Dead Sea is separated into two basins: North and South. Each offers a unique variety of beaches that are unlike anywhere else on earth! Some beaches offer mud, while others crystal clear water and a shore made of salt. In this video, we review all seven beaches that are on the Israeli side of the Dead Sea. If you're planning a trip to the Dead Sea, then we hope this video will help you find the best fitting beach for you! Beach Links: Kalia Beach - http://kaliabeach.com/en/ Biankini Beach - http://www.biankini.com/en/beach-dead-sea/ Neve Midbar Beach - http://www.nevemidbar-beach.com/home-1.html Ein Gedi Sea of Spa Beach - http://www.eingediseaofspa.com Ein Bokek Beach - https://goo.gl/maps/kZv7xBQcn792 Zohar Beach - https://goo.gl/maps/abhJGUnEXZ32 Segregated Beach - https://goo.gl/maps/8MgH8Mujvp72 Closed Beaches (due to sinkholes): Mineral Beach - https://goo.gl/maps/P33FbHqQziD2 Ein Gedi Beach - https://goo.gl/maps/2yVvM9xcs9s Season 2, Episode 11
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Jericho to Jerusalem, walking the ancient trail of the Good Samaritan
We attempt to walk from Jericho to Jerusalem along the ancient path which the Good Samaritan would have taken. An epic 2-day journey via the Wadi Qelt (River Kelt) and Saint George Monastery! This hike follows a narrow path between the mountains for over 30 miles (50km). And in the midst of the empty wilderness, we found water! Correction at 8 minutes 46 seconds (8:46) — The Monastery was destroyed by the Persians, not the Muslims. Season 3, Episode 1
Caesarea Maritima, Where Apostle Paul Was Imprisoned
See the remains of the ancient Roman city, where Apostle Paul spent over two years in prison. This is the 5 minute tour of Caesarea in Israel. Season 1, Episode 4
The History of  The Temple Mount in Jerusalem
Temple Mount and the Western Wall history. The amazing stories of what has transpired here throughout history, and how those events are still relevant in the world today. Season 1, Episode 41 Editorial Corrections: * Darius was the a King of Persia, not Babylon * 1187 Saladin recaptures Jerusalem. Mamluks came after him in the 13th century, followed by the Ottomans
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Amud Spring Hike; The Beautiful North of Israel
Back in October, we went for a hike to the seasonal Amud spring natural reserve northern Israel. It was a beautiful hike even though there was not a lot of water.
Nuclear Power Plant in Lithuania Has Its Own City
Nuclear plants, Post USSR city, and a Holocaust survivor. This episode is about our trip to Lithuania to visit my grandma!
World's Largest Erosion Crater is in Israel (Makhtesh Ramon)
This is the world's largest crater that was carved out by flowing water. Ramon Crater, or in Hebrew, Makhtesh Ramon, is located at the Negev Desert, in the south of Israel. In this video, we'll explore the Mitzpe Ramon city which overlooks the Ramon Crater, then we will drive down to the bottom of the crater and visit the Saw Mill and the Colorful Sands. This is Season 3, Episode 2