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Eileen Gray
Irish Design Pioneer....her chair sold for 21.9m euro despite/because of, the credit crunch.
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Saul Leiter : Photographer
The charming Saul Leiter has passed away. Many have paid tribute to him. This is my humble one.
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Hannah Hoch: Photomontage Artist.
A small homage to the brilliantly sharp witted German Artist, Hannah Hoch who left us some of the best Photomontage images ever made.
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The Spider and the Fly...Life and Death Drama.
The Spider and the Fly...a dramatic fight for life on both sides....IOne dies ...so another can live..
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The Song of Frida Kahlo
Whitney/Byrne ...song and music. Lyrics : Kristine Byrne. June 2008 Music and Vocals...Ross Whitney. 2008 (Registered copyright) A song of Obsessive and True Love. In memory of the much admired artist...Frida Kahlo, who endured much suffering in her life...but left her story to us. Words KB : Music Ross Whitney
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Cloughjordan- Ireland's 1st eco Village.
Cloughjordan is a Small Place with High Hopes .It's the 1st Eco-Village to be built in Ireland.... in Co. Tipperary. Maybe it's not such a LONG WAY to Tipp. after all. I'd like to think it could work...but this philosophy might need to be carried into Highrise Dwelling also, where most of the world is going to live...... to be in the real world. ? Who am I to know. And . You have to start somewhere...so the start is HERE for Ireland at least...FORWARD...
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The Tree of Life : International Women's Day
International Women's Day 2015. Upon my discovery ( you might all have known) that the Universal Tree of Life comes from the Placenta. No surprise there...once you know it.
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Ishtar..(pronounced Easter)
Ishtar is the Original Easter...as I hope this video will show.
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Harry Clarke in Cork
Irish Artist, Harry Clarke, was a prolific genius in the medium of Stained Glass, as well as an evocative Book Illustrator . This short video is filmed in the Honan Chapel. Cork. But harry Clarke;s work can be found in many Irish churches..of all denominations..as well as in secular buildings. Music collaged on Garage Band.
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Marie Laurencin Painter
This painter , like so many good female painters , deserves more recognition..One day maybe...?
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The John Dory Story.. Gorey.
The story of the John Dory Fish as told by our friendly local Fishmonger. Gorey Indoor Market is a recently opened venture...and it's a great addition to the town...housing not only Food Stalls , but crafts , jewellry and music stalls as well as a truly well stocked 2ND HAND BOOK SHOP !! . Good luck to the market and all therein.
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My Bound Feet
The story of a peasant girl in China, whose feet were bound so she could marry a Noble. It led to her tragedy ...
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Leonardo da Vinci : Quotes
Leonardo da Vinci Apart from his exquisite drawings and paintings..da Vinci knew a thing or two.
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Sexy Blues....to an Arklow Walk
Just a little walk....to the sound of sea and music...
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16th / 17th Century Women Painters
International Women's Day...2014...A tribute to the largely hidden / forgotten artists of the 17th century Baroque Period.
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Cult of Isis...Huntington Castle. Wexford.
This is a Castle in Wexford Ireland.....where the Cult of Isis is Worshiped....
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Katharina Fritsch
Katharina Fritsch
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Personal Ad.
Comedic Artist Seeks Genius....some search of course.... I talk about the indoctrinated dream all women have for...whatever....
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Red Riding Hood
A Contemporary Story
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Cubism- The Origins of the Word.
The Humble Stock Cube rises to Fame....in Paris...in 1908
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Sweet Twins
The closeness of twins. ..even in old age.We all owe so much to NATURE.
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Household Clutter (Objet trouve)...
The Joy and the Curse of Clutter.
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Between Two Worlds..Original Song.
Between Two Worlds was written by me, in Ireland, for Suzanne Kathleen Kearney, in New Zealand......Suzanne Kathleen then arranged and sang it...check S.K.K. out on... http://www.youtube.com/user/77nova454
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Sinead Cusack and Jeremy Irons support  'Save Ireland's Forests.'
Sinead Cusack and Jeremy Irons..along with Christie Moore (in another video) and other performers, came to support the serious issue of stopping Irish Woodland's and Forest being sold off to Commerce.
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Liam Kelly Bogwood Sculpture Achill
Liam Kelly lives and works on Achill Isle, County Mayo. Ireland.
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Arklow...The Demise of a Main Street
The ORIGINAL SOUND TRACK was REMOVED from this video for copyright reasons.. It had a Van Morrison track running behind the dialogue. SEE ORIGINAL VERSION if you would like the dialogue of speakers... It is below ....http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ULgaT7st_o
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Hendrik Kerstens :  Photos of Paula
Hendrik Kerstens' photos of his daughter Paula , have a stillness and porcelain beauty to them ..which I and many others find pleasing to rest the eye upon , in such a media hectic world. I have had to change the music for copyright reasons from Bruch to Beethoven...sorry 'bout that.
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My Back Yard...and the birds in it
A Metaphor ......thru' the pane ...
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Yayoi Kusama :Artist
Yayoi Kusama : I have posted this for friends and others who will not have the chance to see Yayoi for themselves. This gives just a small glimpse of the huge body of work she has done....and into her genius.
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WITTY  WOMEN..American Humour.
WOMENS' Wit 'n Words The Humour of American Women. This is an early video I made in an hour or so by just quoting witty womens' comments and throwing on the odd coat and hat..
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Saddam Hussein's Yacht
I came across Saddam Hussein's Yacht in Nice 2 years ago when i filmed this...It was one of my first videos and therefore not so well done.. My dialogue is said with irony...especially when I am talking about the 'civilised' world and so on...Please read this as being heavy in sarcasm ...Thank you.
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Female Art..women's turn to depict women.
Traditionally idealised/sexualised by men, women now show how THEY see themselves,
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Ginger Root Bonsai
Life is Short. So ...having fun with a Ginger Root seems harmless enough.
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Jailer Bring Me Water
This is humorous. Right ! Start laughing now. Please.
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Artemesia Gentileschi
Artemesia Gentileschi : The very under-rated Baroque painter. Shame on the establishment for ignoring her. (I hope the quality of this changes. I put up perfect illustrations..sharp and clear. These blurry images are pathetic.)
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Eerie Warehouse.
'Warehouse Words'....there is a compelling atmosphere in this abandoned Warehouse...it is HUGE... eerie ... strange...Hard to imagine that this was once part of a thriving Port of Arklow. There is one resident feral black cat ...so scared I have only seen it dart into hiding.
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White Cube Gallery London.
White Cube is a Gallery in London...that has in my opinion...a cynical approach to art and the humanity within art...Yet it has enormous International economic power...There have been a few sparks ...Tracey Emin is one ...but mostly it lacks everything that is about creativity. Yes...I DARE say it !...after years of trying to find something there...
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Kitchen   Liza Lou
Kitchen is a work by Liza Lou..covered entirely by small beads. It took her 5 years to do and can be seen in the Whitney NY. PLEASE NOTE : Since GOOGLE+ I am unable to answer your COMMENTS...grrr.
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Arklow Harbour's Hidden Art Secret
Arklow Harbour's Hidden Art Secret I think Arklow should build a long gallery around this line of peeling storage containers...and turn it into a World Class Art Show.
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Marie Wood in her Studio
Clew Bay Co Mayo Ireland.
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Complete Make Over for an Old Mobile Home / Trailer
I am typical of my gender...I love making nests..and resurrecting this trashed and ancient trailer into a casual living space...was fun for me.. Thanks to George from Poland.....the job was done..!
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Looking Down on the Street
Looking Down on the Street ... from the 7th floor....Lagos Portugal
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Cotton Eyed Joe
Graphics not mine and I forget the artist's name but will gladly give credit if anyone recognises his art...I thank him for the lovely work I have used.. The other visuals are mostly by Cotton Eyed Joe :-)jus' kiddin'.... My Studio equipment is a MacBook and MacBook built-in Microphone. I did not know that Cotton Eyed Joe was a reference to blindness...until after I had made this...and looked at other versions on the tube.
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The Guillotine  and the Cats
Guillotine in Dubrovnik ....what's that about we ask ourselves in vain .Cats are communal and fed thus...but Who feeds the Guillotines...I wrote Gallow on the film in error..!! This is an Irish reference to an old joke....Who will feed the Gondalas....When some bright spark thought it might be an idea to DO Venice on the river of an Irish Town....a local councillor quipped that is was one thing feeding the ducks...but who would feed the Gondalas...
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Dreaming on a Boat in Amsterdam...
Half written ..half improvised....The 'song' is ...Don't Want to Sing the Blues.. Original Lyrics : Kristine Byrne..2010 . Music is a collaged mix.
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A sudden AND silly blog........tho' the subject matter is far from silly...I say....vote Susan Boyle as the U.N President...! Yes.
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THE BAD ART GALLERY -RHA - Unselected Work
BAD ART GALLERY - Run by two enterprising WOMEN. At the moment the Gallery is acting as The SALON DE REFUSES...hosting work rejected by the RHA Summer Show...who rejects everyone except themselves ...haha. Opened by Bertie Ahern...ex Prime Minister (Taoiseacht).
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A Morning at Tate Modern London
April 2010....Chance Encounters in Tate Modern (view counts were frozen on this vid. for some months..annoying..) But life goes on...))
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Could Madness Save the  World ?
Could Madness Save the World ? Or bring the tiger to Africa even.?
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Soren ...Please  Be With Me
Sung in Portugal by Sculptor Soren...Soren has worked for years in Marble , Stone and Wood. This is his website..... http://www.rosenstern.eu
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