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The Twister USB Flash Drive
The Twister USB Flash Drive has a unique 360 degree rotating metal shell which can be screen printed on both sides. This design feature means there is no cap to lose.
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USB Flash Drives  Halo
Amazingly thin and compact, the Halo USB is an understated USB drive. This thumb drive allows light to shine through its edges, creating an eye-catching halo effect when connected to a PC or laptop. We offer a variety of LED light colors to perfectly complement your corporate logo.
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The Gyro USB Flash Drive
The Gyro features a unique twisting base that reveals and retracts the USB connector as well as a keyring, so you can easily attach it to a set of keys or one of our Neckstrap accessories.
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The Wafer USB Business Card
With only 2.2mm of thickness, the Wafer USB Business Card is of the thinnest custom USBs in the world. Both sides of the USB Business Card can be photo printed in full vibrant color which allows for a large branding area to make your logo stand out. The Wafer USB Business Card looks just like our USB Credit Card and neatly slips into your pocket just like or wallet so it's always with you when you need it most. More info about the Wafer and more custom USB drives at: http://www.flashbay.ca/products/wafer-usb-card
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The Lux Power Bank
Available in a choice of Black, White or Brown, the Lux Power Bank is a luxurious and stylish promotional gift. The Lux features a supple leather casing that can be Screen Printed or Embossed on 2 sides with your organisation's logo or brand message.
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The Nature Wooden USB Flash Drive
The Nature Wooden USB comes in a stunning natural hardwood shell. The perfect blend of modern technology, environmentally sustainable materials and sophisticated styling. The Nature Wooden USB is perfect if you are looking for a distinctive product with a tactile feel and great visual appeal. More info abour the Nature and more of our custom USB drives at: http://www.flashbay.ca/products/wooden-flash-drive
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Nox USB Flash Drive
The Nox USB Flash Drive is a rugged addition to our Flash Drive family. Exclusive to Flashbay, the Nox features a striking chrome-plated shell and is waterproof to depths of up to 100m. This heavy duty flash drive is perfect for organisations looking to promote their trustworthy and dependable products or services. The Nox features a screw top cap with a detailed grip and the body of the Flash Drive can be laser engraved or screen printed with your logo or other custom branding.
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Clip USB Flash Drive
The Clip USB Flash Drive is subtle and sophisticated in design, yet practical and stylish. The diminutive form factor allows the Clip to emphasize your brand without overpowering your message.
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The Alloy USB Business Card
Following on from the Wafer USB Card the Alloy USB Card pushes the boundaries of slim design even further. It’s just 2.60mm thick but can be packed with up to 64GB of solid state memory. The stunning metallic finish presents a crisp and professional image and, of course, the Alloy USB Card can be screen printed in color or engraved if you prefer. With such an elegant modern design, the Alloy USB Card makes for the perfect corporate gift. Learn more @ http://www.flashbay.ca/products/alloy-usb-card
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The Executive Leather USB Flash Drive
A sophisticated 'top of the line' custom flash drive with a luxurious look and feel. With an outer leather strap wraps around the drive's body, closing with a protective magnetic clasp and a chrome body finish the Executive Leather USB simply stands out from the crowd. Learn more about our custom USB drives @ http://www.flashbay.ca/products/executive-flash-drive
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The Key USB Flash Drive
One of the top tech promotional gifts of the year, the USB Key Drive is perfect to unlock the potential of your next promotional campaign. Made from highly polished stainless steel, this key shaped USB can be laser engraved with your logo and corporate message in precise detail. With dimensions almost identical to those of a standard door key, the USB key so that fits snugly onto your keyring. More info on the Key and other custom USB drives at: http://www.flashbay.ca/products/key-flash-drive
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The Slap Custom USB Bracelet
The Slap USB Drive combines the fun of a slap bracelet with the utility of a USB Drive. The unique design means it will fit any wrist size and makes a perfect long lasting promotional gift. The USB bracelet can be printed in 1-4 colours along its entire length which is useful for displaying website addresses and tag-lines alike. All prices include colour screen printing in 1-4 spot colours on all brandable areas.
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The Focus USB Flash Drive
With a compact and sleek solid metal USB design, just 41mm long and less than 5mm thick, the Focus USB drive can be swiftly attached to your key ring or lanyard. This custom USB drive can be screen printed or laser engraved with your company logo and contact information thanks to its unique metallic case that fully protects the USB connector as well. More info and personalized USB flash drives at: http://www.flashbay.ca/products/focus-flash-drive
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The Kinetic USB Flash Drive
An exclusive Flashbay design, the Kinetic USB Drive is an exciting and innovative custom flash drive. Its unique sliding mechanism eliminates the need for a cap, whilst the functional integrated key ring allows for easy attachment to a neck strap or set of keys. It acts as a USB Keyring or a USB Keychain so that you can attach your most prized possessions to it. More info abour our custom USB drives at: http://www.flashbay.ca/products/kinetic-flash-drive
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The Note Custom Flash Drive
The Note USB pen combines two much needed promotional items into one. Not only is it a stylish pen, but also a USB drive holding up to 64gb of data. The ballpoint pen is comfortable to use and with a twist the tip can be safely rotated upwards for protection. The tiny USB drive sits at the very top and is held securely in place with two small magnets. It is easily removed when required and is stored safely when not in use. Learn more @ http://www.flashbay.ca/products/usb-pen-note
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USB Bottle Opener - Pop USB Flash Drive
The Pop USB bottle opener combines two extremely useful corporate gifts into one ready for branding with your company logo.
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The Rotator USB Flash Drive
Beauty comes in a small size with the Rotator USB Flash Drive. From the shiny metal case rotates an inner arm, available in eight standard colours, for insertion into the USB port. Learn more @ http://www.flashbay.ca/products/rotator-flash-drive
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WalletStick USB Flash Drive
The WalletStick is compact, chic and elegant. Just 2.3mm thin, it can fit perfectly into customer and client wallets or easily attach to a set of keys. Both sides can be Screen Printed or Laser Engraved with your logo or brand message.
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Element Power Bank
The Element Power Bank is a sleek and stylish Power Bank that will become a useful companion for your Customers’ smartphone or tablet. The outer-shell is made from aluminium which can have your logo either Screen Printed or Laser Engraved. The Element also features a useful LED torch.
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The Ellipse USB Flash Drive
Sleek lines and a premium quality finish set the Ellipse USB drive apart from competition. Precision engineered from chrome-plated zinc alloy and soft-touch plastic, the Ellipse flash drive is available in a wide range of standard colours and can be matched to a specific Pantone colour to perfectly fit your requirements. Learn more @ http://www.flashbay.ca/products/executive-flash-drive
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Mambo Bluetooth® Headphones
The Mambo Bluetooth® Headphones provide a vibrant and fun way to promote your organisation. Available in 8 trendy colors, the Mambo Bluetooth® Headphones are compatible with all the latest smartphone and tablet devices. Brand with your logo, website address, slogan and more.
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The Core Power Bank
Promote your organisation in vibrant color with the Core Power Bank. The outer-shell has a rubberised texture and can have your logo or brand message Screen Printed on 2 sides. The outer-shell can also be Pantone Color Matched to ensure it's identical to your Brand Guidelines.
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Card Power Bank
Our Card model is compact, chic and colorful. The large surface area is a great canvas to promote your brand in vibrant color. Both sides can be Photo Printed with your brand message and image. The Card features a tethered Micro-USB cable, a Lightning adapter and a USB-C adapter, ensuring all of the main device connector types are covered, including iPhone™, iPad and Android devices. At just 7mm thin it’s a portable and convenient way for your Customers and Clients to ensure they never run out of battery.
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Sport Plus Fidget Spinner
The Sport Plus Fidget Spinner is a relative of our Sport and Sport Mini models and features a 'side grip'  which brings an extra fun factor. Recipients can balance the model on the end of the grip and the spinner stays perpendicular due gyroscopic motion. The side grip also presents an extra large branding area for your logo, website address, slogan and more.
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Cosmic Fidget Spinner
Our eye-catching Cosmic is an engaging and fun way to promote your organisation. Featuring a large surface area to brand with your logo, slogan and website address, the Cosmic Fidget Spinner is a great promotional product for your next meeting, event or conference.
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Classic USB Flash Drive
With its stunning brushed aluminium shell the Classic USB Drive is one of our most popular models. It comes with a small split ring as standard for easy attachment to a set of keys.
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Pod USB Flash Drive
A stylish custom flash drive with compact dimensions and a symmetrical design, the Pod USB can easily be attached to a neckstrap or set of keys thanks to its integrated keyring.
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Swift USB Flash Drive
The Swift Flash Drive combines a USB Flash Drive and Key Chain in one handy model which will be used daily. Opening the Key Chain via the secure magnetic clasp allows keys to easily be added or removed. The luxurious leather can be branded with your logo, brand message and website address, offering a stylish and sophisticated way to promote your organisation.
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The Maple Power Bank
With an outer-shell made from a smooth Maple wood, the Maple Power Bank is the perfect way to showcase your logo or brand message in a natural and stylish way. We can Screen Print or Laser Engrave your artwork onto 2 sides of the Power Bank.
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The Tab Bluetooth® Speaker
The Tab is a stunning Bluetooth® Speaker that you can Screen Print or Laser Engrave with your logo, website address and slogan. Available in Silver, Gold or Rose Gold, the Tab is both light and portable whilst also producing superb sounds. Compatible with all the major phone and tablet brands.
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Twister Go USB Flash Drive
The Twister Go is the younger brother of the Twister USB Flash Drive. It features two USB connectors on the one Flash Drive. One end features the standard USB connector that you can use on laptops and PCs. The other end is a choice of either a Micro-USB or a USB-C connector, suitable for use with portable devices such as smartphones, tablets and digital cameras. The protective cap is tethered to the body of the Flash Drive to prevent loss.
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Encore Power Bank
With a large branding area yet small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, the Encore is a stunning way to promote your organization. The Encore features a handy LED torch and easily attaches to a set of keys or our Carabiner accessory. Available in a huge 6,700mAh power capacity.
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USB Flash Drives  Active
Made from a durable zinc alloy, the Active Carabiner Flash Drive features two USB connectors on the one drive. One end is the standard USB connector. The other end is a choice of either a Micro-USB or USB-C connector that can plug into compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets and digital cameras. The Active also features a spring-loaded clasp that can easily attach to key chains, neckstraps and rucksacks.
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Ink USB Memory Pen
The Ink USB Pen is the perfect convergence between the USB drive and the traditional ballpoint pen. This special Flashbay design, has an innovative magnetic mechanism which ensures the USB can easily be removed when required while being perfectly held in place when not in use. With the Ink USB you get 2 of the most popular promotional items in 1 model.
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Lynx USB Flash Drive
The Lynx features a standard USB connector at one end and a choice of either a Micro-USB or USB-C connector at the other end that can plug into compatible devices such as smartphones and digital cameras. Our sleek Lynx model can be branded with your logo, website address or slogan on both sides. The Lynx also features a USB-protective cap and a sturdy cable which can easily attach to a set of keys or neckstrap.
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Power Banks  Tour
Charge your device in style with our Tour Power Bank. Finished with supple leather, the Tour can have your logo or brand message Screen Printed onto both sides. The Tour also features a tethered Micro-USB cable, a Lightning adapter and a USB-C adapter, ensuring all of the main device connector types are covered, including iPhone™, iPad and Android devices.
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The Trix USB Flash Drive
Exclusively developed by Flashbay, the Trix Custom USB Drive has an addictive nature and is perfect for any promotion with its large, full colour, branding area. Twisting the top of the product reveals the USB connector activating the product for use -- this handy little memory device has no lid to lose. The integrated key ring allows for easy attachment to a neck strap or set of keys. More info about the Trix and other Custom USB Drives at: http://www.flashbay.ca/products/trix-flash-drive
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Journey Power Bank
Featuring a convenient LED torch and bound in smooth leather, the Journey is a simple yet stylish way to promote your organization. You can Screen Print your logo or brand message onto both sides of the Power Bank. Choose from Black, White or Brown leather options.
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