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The VED System from Firma Medical
The VED system consists of four components; a battery operated pump, a specially designed polycarbonate cylinder, Firma's patented sensation seal and multiple size constriction rings. The VED system comes in a convenient carrying case. It's easy to use and it's always ready when you are. There is no waiting period, no side effects from medication and no additional costs each time it's utilized.
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Daily VED Therapy
The VED system can be used to create an erection without using the constriction ring. This is a valuable exercise for men who are just learning to use the VED. It is also often prescribed for men who are recovering from prostate cancer surgery. It's common for men immediately after prostate cancer surgery to experience a loss of both spontaneous and nighttime erections as well as a loss of penile length. As a result, many physicians prescribe daily VED therapy without the constriction ring during a patient's recovery period. Daily VED therapy is typically practiced until nighttime or spontaneous erections return. However, you should consult your doctor for more specific advice regarding daily VED therapy.
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The Vacuum Erection Device by Firma Medical
From background and treatment options to ordering and support information, this video presents a complete overview of the VED system.
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VED Education and Support
After your VED system arrives, a Firma Medical Education Specialist is available to provide training, answer questions, and help you get the most out of your VED therapy. Firma also has a variety of free telephone conference call programs designed to help you get started and to support your use of the VED.
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Ordering the VED
Ordering the VED system is simple. Just complete the VED Prescription Order Form located inside the VED Prescription Kit. Make sure you include all of your contact and insurance information and have your physician sign the form. Firma offers a 90-Day, No Questions Asked, return policy and each VED system is backed by our manufacturer's warranty.
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Erectile Dysfunction - Background and Treatment Options
The VED System from Firma Medical is a drug--free, natural ED treatment. Proven over 90 percent effective the VED has a long and successfull track record of treating men with ED. It's FDA cleared and it's reimbursed by Medicare and many Private Insurers.
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