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Rudess and Petrucci Hourglass ala MorphWiz and Guitar
John and I up in Calgary Canada 6/27/10, and while on tour with Dream Theater along with Iron Maiden, we decided to try a version of Hourglass for Ipad (featuring my new app MorphWiz) and guitar.
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Tribute to Steve Jobs
Performed on Ipad using MorphWiz along with the Korg Kronos. Although I never met Steve Jobs personally, his work greatly influenced my life and my work. I'm grateful to have been touched by his wizardry and that he shared his vision with all of us. This is a song I wrote for my own iOS instrument called MorphWiz and is a tribute to an amazing and inspirational human being. Jordan Rudess, Performed in Quebec, Canada on October 9, 2011 (filmed with a Zoom Q3 HD Jordan Rudess- MorphWiz on Ipad, Korg Kronos Eyal Amir- Video Producer Gianluca Trombetta- Camera man Johnny Video- Video FX Steve Baird- lighting Nigel Paul- FOH Sound Thanks to TJ Rodriguez, Rikk Feulner and the whole Dream Theater family
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Jordan Rudess Technical Exercise
Here is an exercise feature a very powerful concept of using rhythmic displacement to gain control and finger strength under mind control. Who wouldn't want that??? Have fun an check out my online conservatory for more fun!! www.jroc.us
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Rudess and Wilson perform Even Less
While out on tour opening for Blackfield as a solo artist ion the west coast, I had the pleasure of having my good friend Steven WIlson join me on stage and sing his beautiful song Even Less. Here it is as captured in LA in the El Ray Theatre.
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Zen Musical Practice Technique
The way of Zen As applied to musical practice. This example shows you the benefits of a Zen mind and Zen body as applied to music.
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Behind the scenes in Hannover
Behind the scenes in Hannover with our crew getting ready for soundcheck! Gianluca, John, Maddi and Eric!
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For Japan
A musical message for my friends in Japan who are dealing with this terrible natural disaster. 3/11/2011
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Jordan explores the IConnectMIDI4+
The iConnectMIDI4+ is an amazing interface. It allows an incredible amount of flexibility. In this example i had THREE midi keyboard controllers sending midi individually to TWO iOS devices which were running my SampleWiz app, as well as sending midi to the Arturia Origin synth. The interface also has Audio Pass Thru which sends digital audio directly from the iOS devices to my computer.... Crazy cool.
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JP and JR BACKSTAGE in Philly
JP and JR BACKSTAGE in Philly
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Some really big changes happening and the best way I know how to express my feelings is with music. Here is another improvisation i just played on my Steinway, that also features a really cool Iphone/Ipod app that we are working on, called SketchWiz. Hope you dig it!!!
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Quarter Pound of Bliss
Heaven comes to the airport in New Zealand in the form of the ultimate QP..
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Valentine's Day MorphWiz Surprise - Jordan Rudess
When You Wish Upon A Star, Performed as a duet by Jordan Rudess on MorphWiz and Jordan Rudess on piano. MorphWiz is a award-winning music app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch and is available on the app store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/morphwiz/id377345348?mt=8 Recorded and Edited by Eyal Amir from Project RnL: http://www.projectrnl.com
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Keyboard independence exercise
Keyboard independence exercise
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Jordan Rudess plays "Imagine"
In honor of John Lennon's 70 birthday I got inspired to sit down and play Imagine. Such a beautiful song, written by someone who had such an incredibly meaningful life. The message is timeless.... Filmed with my Zoom Q3 video camera and performed on my Steinway D.
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Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater Performs Bohemian Rhapsody
Feeling inspired by the film Bohemian Rhapsody. Tour dates and ticket links can be accessed at: http://www.Jordanrudess.com KEYBOARDIST/MULTI-INSTRUMENTALIST EXTRAORDINAIRE JORDAN RUDESS, MEMBER OF PLATINUM-SELLING, GRAMMY-NOMINATED BAND, DREAM THEATER, EMBARKS ON A THREE-CONTINENT SOLO PIANO TOUR Voted “Best Keyboardist of All Time” (Music Radar Magazine), virtuoso musician/composer Jordan Rudess, will embark on a 3-continent solo piano tour FROM BACH TO ROCK featuring the music of Dream Theater reimagined for the piano. Rudess’ solo piano concerts have been selling out venues throughout the US and Europe for the past year. This tour will begin on November 12 with performances in Japan, Taibei and Singapore followed by 7 shows in Australia and New Zealand and 5 shows in Argentina, Chile and Brazil. Many of the venues are offering VIP packages which will provide fans with an intimate experience with Rudess at the piano. Jordan Rudess explains the tour, “Many of my fans only know me as a progressive rock keyboardist but piano is where it all started for me. Sitting at the piano has always felt like the most natural way for me to express my musicality. This tour is bringing me to some of the biggest and most exciting markets for Dream Theater. I’m really excited to return to these countries and share this acoustic evening with some of the most supportive fans in the world.” “Calling Jordan Rudess a legend is an understatement” -- Keyboard Magazine Rudess’ solo concert will travel through his fascinating musical journey – how a young Juilliard piano prodigy destined for a classical music career evolved into a keyboard rock star phenomenon. “Jordan Rudess has journeyed from the depths of tradition to the ever-expanding outer limits of musical possibility, inviting listeners along for the ride. The results are, unsurprisingly, consistently beyond world-class.” The Musical Melting Pot
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JR Stockholm GeoShred Demo
Here is a cool video I did at in Stockholm before soundcheck!
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East Meets West - Light Becomes Day (feat. Mahesh Raghvan, Mohini Dey & Manjunath BC)
I’m very pleased to release ‘Light Becomes Day’, my “East Meets West” collaboration with Mahesh Raghvan, Mohini Dey and BC Manjunath. The track features Mahesh and I both playing Geoshred, my cutting edge virtual instrument for iOS that allows you to achieve realistic guitar sounds that you can bend, stretch and manipulate endlessly! http://geoshred.com A high resolution download is available via Bandcamp - https://jordanrudess.bandcamp.com/track/light-becomes-day I hope you enjoy it! JR http://jordanrudess.com http://wizdommusic.com http://geoshred.com
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Keyboard exercise
Practicing in Denver. A nice expansion contraction exercise! There is much more at www.jroc.us
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Jordan Rudess - Tribute To Prince
Grabbed five minutes after sound check in Phili to create my tribute to the one and only Prince Purple Rain. Performed by Jordan Rudess on Korg Kronos and Wizdom Music's GeoShred for iPad Produced by Keith Wechsler Thanks to: Steve Baird, Dream Theater's lighting designer and Travis, our video tech for making it Purple!
Views: 46947 Jordan Rudess
While my Geo Gently Wails
Sharing a practice session while playing with one hand while trying to film with the other! This app is our Geo Synthesizer app for iOS. Works on iPhone and iPad! Here is the link. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/geo-synthesizer/id465224352?mt=8&uo=4 Jordan Rudess Live Webcast on September 20, 2012 from The Iridium / CDs of the Iridium performances available after the shows. On September 19-20, Jordan Rudess will Play ELP's "Tarkus and Originals" at the Iridium on 51st and Broadway, NYC - two shows at 8 and 10. Freshly burned CDs of the shows will be available after each performance. Both performances on the 20th (8pm & 10pm EST) will be available for all to see via live webcast at iridiumlive.com Tickets available at theiridium.com
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Dream Theater 2012 Anticipation!
Getting ready for our big European run! Here is a glimpse of our gear behind the scenes. I chose a song from my old friends Fireballet, to accompany tho clip!
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Jordan Rudess and Judy Stillman LIVE in Rhode Island
Jordan Rudess & Judith Lynn Stillman accompied by the RIC Smphony Orchestra will perform a special concert December 9, 2013 at 8pm in the Roberts Auditorium. The concert will feature works by Mozart, Bartok, Sibelius, and Khachaturain. A performance of Mozart's Concerto for Two Pianos in E-Flat Major will be dedicated to Jordan and Judys mothers. Tickets are available now by calling (401) 456-8144 Rhode Island College 600 Mount Pleasant Ave. Providence RI, 02908
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DT midnight munchies
DT midnight munchies in MN
Views: 22875 Jordan Rudess
Deep Purple & Stardust - Jordan Rudess
Performing the classic "Deep Purple & Stardust" on the ROLI Seaboard Rise. https://roli.com/products/seaboard-rise
Views: 23612 Jordan Rudess
Practicing Ostinato lines
Practicing Ostinato fun
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Jordan Rudess plays Yesterday
Got inspired to pay this Beatles standard! A beautiful song that I have played for so many years. Hope you enjoy it...
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David Bowie Tribute - Space Oddity
If you'd like to view the Hi-Definition and color version, you can see it at : https://youtu.be/S-7Gso3kkrg Here is my musical tribute to the iconic David Bowie , who thanks to my friend Tony Visconti I had the great experience to work with back in 2002 on the Heathen album. Here is his classic song, Space Oddity played in my home just this morning after hearing the very sad news.
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MorphWiz - Jordan Plays Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Jordan plays "Over The Rainbow" with MorphWiz, his soon-to-be-released iPad music app. This arrangement was inspired by the great Jeff Beck and his version on his latest album "Emotion and Commotion. This app is the creation of Jordan Rudess and Kevin Chartier.
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Jordan Rudess performs Greensleeves
Happy Holidays 2017! Greensleeves, Arranged and Performed by Jordan Rudess on GeoShred (an iPad instrument by Wizdom Music). Produced and directed by Brian Maffitt
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Pink Floyd's Hey You
Inspired by the Roger Water's show I sat down and played this version of Hey You at the piano. It was captured with the wonderful Zoom Q3 video camera.
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Geo Synthesizer Tutorial #1
In this first Geo Tutorial, I show how you can quickly and easily sample something in SampleWiz and move it to Geo Synthesizer! Here is the direct link. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/geo-synthesizer/id465224352?mt=8&uo=4
Views: 27622 Jordan Rudess
A Song for Danielle
This is a song that I wrote and performed today to celebrate my wife Danielle's birthday. It's a song directly from my heart, and written with a lot of love. Happy Birthday Danielle. Jordan
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CES practice 2012
Getting ready for CES. Wrote this tune for my demo using SampleWiz on the ipad for the lead sound and a Korg MicroKey to control it! The interface between the keyboard and the ipad is the Iconnect Midi interface! See u in Las Vegas!
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MorphWiz - MorphLoops
Jordan performs using MorphWiz's loop recording, overdub, and playback features. For press inquiries, please contact Christopher Buttner at [email protected] MorphWiz is coming!
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Explorations uncovered 1
A musical and verbal description of some of the cool meters behind a section of my composition, Explorations for Keyboard and Orchestra.
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A Dream Theater feast in Oporto
Dining with the boys in the band tonight in Oporto
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Musical Message of Peace with Jordan Rudess
Calm Morning at the piano and a wish for peace....
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Octavarium MorphWiz
In my hotel room in Quebec and decided to revisit the intro to Octavarium using MorphWiz and my Casio Privia digital piano. A little bit of humming and an unmade bed make for a unique JR musical experience! Enjoy!! http://bit.ly/b2H6Nr
Views: 134543 Jordan Rudess
Beneath the Surface - San Sebastián, Spain
The perfect end to my European piano tour - the beautiful Teatro Victoria Eugenia in San Sebastián, Spain. Thanks to everyone who was able to attend. In honor of the end of the tour, here's one of my favorite Dream Theater songs.
Views: 5034 Jordan Rudess
Homage to Sir George
Here is my tribute to the late great Sir George Martin. "A Day In A Life” played on GeoShred and piano while in Berlin after the Dream Theater soundcheck.
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Improvisation April 14th, 2012
Sat down and just played this out of thin air minutes ago.
Views: 14501 Jordan Rudess
Nightmare in Bologna
Nightmare in Bologna from our perspective
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Country Roads
Country Roads. SOmehow this name popped in my head while improvising this... So there it is! Enjoy.
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Jordan meets Haken for Tea in the UK
During Dream Theater's recent tour stop in Manchester UK I had the opportunity to sit down for tea with the guys from Haken!
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Jordan Rudess Geo Synthesizer Sound Demo Pt.1
Here is part 1 of some fun I had playing with the presets of our new app- Geo Synthesizer. I'm very happy with the onboard sounds and I think you will enjoy them as well! You can check out Geo Synthesizer here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/geo-synthesizer/id465224352&mt=8
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Jordan Rudess & GeoShred - Ode to the Joy of Shred
Introducing Geoshred! The Future of Shredding … No strings attached http://www.wizdommusic.com/products/geoshred.html GeoShred is NOT just another app. GeoShred is a powerful, musical instrument that offers a performance environment on a multi-touch surface unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Physical modeling synthesis is back with a vengeance.
Views: 63617 Jordan Rudess
Taming cats with Mozart
Koji is a wild beast until mozart soothes his savage soul. Here I show the music that calms him into tranquility.
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Jordans chocolate adventures
JR gets busted for chocolate by the pirate.
Views: 17274 Jordan Rudess
Practicing for the tour 2012
A little section of Breaking All Illusions
Views: 11071 Jordan Rudess
Carried With The Wind
Carried With The Wind by Jordan Rudess. All performed on iPad using GeoShred and GarageBand For more information, or to purchase GeoShred, visit http://www.wizdommusic.com/products/geoshred.html
Views: 10461 Jordan Rudess

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