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Product - Development Stages
This video explores the 8 stages of product development. As well, it helps identify what we mean by 'product' and where the development process fits into the Marketing Mix.
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Introduction to International Business
This video will define what exactly we mean when we describe a business as international. We also differentiate an international business from a domestic business.
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Traditional Product Life Cycle
This video explores the path products take through their lives - Introduction/Birth, Growth, Maturity, and Retirement/Decline. Also it will illustrate what choices need to be made at the Decision Point stage of a product's life.
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Product - Brand Strategies
This video explores "How to improve your chances of success as a brand?" An identification of what makes a quality brand name, logo, and slogan is illustrated in the video. As well, the 5 different types of brand strategies are also explored.
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Economics of Trade - Comparative vs Absolute Advantage
This lecture explores why nations trade, even if they have all the resources they need.
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Placement - Distribution Channels
This Video explores the variety of channels available to marketers, to ensure their products reach the end goal - the consumer!
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Business Communication - Memos
This video describes how to effectively write professional business letters. It identifies the purpose of business letters, the components of a business letter, and illustrates a sample so that you can construct one on your own.
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Consumer Motivational Theories - Thorndike and Alderfer
This video explores two other prominent motivational theories, and explains how marketers can use such consumer motivations to their advantage.
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Globalization - Benefits
This video explores the many benefits that have come as a result of globalization.
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Adding to a Shared Google Drive Folder
This video illustrates how to move a shared folder to your Google Drive, so that you can add documents and files to it.
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Marketing Research - Introduction
This video introduces you to the concept of marketing research. It identifies what marketing research is, how it is different from intuition, when it should be conducted, and the steps needed to be taken for it to be effective.
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Globalization Negatives - SLIDES
This video explores all of the negative consequences which have come as a result of modern globalization.
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Product Positioning
This video looks at how marketers position products, and the various positions products can take in the marketplace.
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How to Watch Videos - STORM
This video provides an idea on how to properly watch educational videos. Follow the steps to help with your success in the classroom.
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Why International Trade?
This video identifies what international trade is, the difference between international trade and free trade, and the benefits that come as a result.
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Consumer Motivation - Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
This video describes what motivates consumer in terms of a hierarchy of needs. Maslow suggests that you must satisfy one level on the pyramid before you can satisfy other levels. How do you satisfy each level? It's through the consumers' purchasing of products and services.
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Promotion - Sales Promotion
This video explores the various sales promotional tools that marketers use to 'push' products onto the consumer.
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Product Packaging
This video explores the reasons for packaging; as well as the elements of an effective product's package.
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Product - Utility
This video explores the various features of products which provides benefits to consumers. It differentiates between each feature and identifies the importance of having utility for a product.
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The Sales Process
Explores the steps sales people take to close the sale with potential consumers. - created using PowToon - http://www.powtoon.com/
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Promotion - Advertising Media Types
This video explores the various media types that marketers can use for their advertising message. Each is explained, and their positives and negatives are addressed. As well, effective layouts, format, and components for some media types are addressed.
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Determining the Price - Factors to Consider
This video explores the 7 factors that impact a business' decision when pricing their product.
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Marketing Research - Analyzing the Data - Mean, Median, & Mode
This video will explore the statistical tools marketers have at their disposal to make sense of the numbers. These tools are what you will use after conducting a survey so that the information collected can be used to make appropriate decisions.
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This video explores the concept of outsourcing and identifies many of the concepts related to it; as well as the motivations and costs for companies as they weigh their decision to outsource or not?
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Consumer Profile - Demographics
This video introduces you to the idea of profiling a consumer. This lesson in profiling begins with our understanding of consumer demographics - age, gender, income, family life cycle, and culture.
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International Trade Organizations
This video explores the major trade organizations of the world, and examines Canada's role and future in them.
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Non Traditional Product Life Cycles
This video takes a look at the unconventional products out there in the market. It explains the life cycles of such fads, trends, niche products, and seasonal products.
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Marketing Research - Surveys - Part 2 - Planning Your Survey
This video explores the steps you must take in planning your survey. Identifying objectives, your target respondents, and the mode of delivery. From there it's about setting the framework of your survey - your introductory statement, length, and layout.
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Competition - Sustainable Competitive Advantages
This video will illustrate the difference between direct and indirect competition. As well, it highlights how companies will compete over the long term using sustainable competitive advantages.
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Promotion - Goals
This video will identify the importance of promotion, the process for creating promotions, and the goals of promotion.
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Marketing Research - Secondary Research Sources
This video will explain what secondary research is in Marketing, how to use secondary research sources, who uses this information, when to use such data, and the different types of secondary research sources.
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The Marketing Mix
This video will provide an overview to the marketing mix - identifying the 4 P's and 2 C's. Each company's marketing mix is different, but all revolve around this concept.
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Proper Keyboarding
This video explores the techniques required to type properly on the keyboard. It also identifies the benefits of proper keyboarding, and proper finger placement.
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Consumer Profiles - Psychographics, Geographics and Product Use
This video explores the psychographics, geographics and product use components of a consumer profile. Consumers are formed into segments based on a number of characteristics. These components help marketers truly identify their target market.
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Marketing Research - Primary Research Sources
This video will explore the various types of primary research sources. It explains each source in terms of when to conduct each, how to conduct, cites some examples, and the purpose of each type.
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Globalization - Introduction
This video explores the concept of globalization; from its historical interpretation, to the modern age.
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Product - Invention vs Innovation
This video explores the first stage of product development and identifies what must be considered before you invent or innovate. As well, what is the difference between inventions and innovations? This too is examined.
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Research Report - Step 7 - Recommendations
This video will describe the essential elements for your recommendation section.
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Word Processing - Word Basics
This video explores the basics of word processing software like Microsoft Word. It highlights the 'Menu' features, 'Toolbars', 'Saving' a document, and 'Tools' like spell check and thesaurus.
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Business Ethics
This video explores the concept of ethics, how it applies to the business world, and what are some of the ethical issues in today's business environment.
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Product - Branding
This video explores "what's in a brand?" The different types of brand names, logos and slogans are demonstrated in the video.
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Marketing Research   Types of Research
This video explores the specific research studies that marketers engage in to gather either consumer or competitive information.
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Helpful Search Strategies
This video explores the various search strategies you can use to refine your search and narrow down the web page results when using a search engine.
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Marketing Fundamentals - Goods, Services and Organizational Structures
This video explores the differences between types of goods and services, and how marketers approach either kind. As well, we identify how companies arrange their organzations to better deal with the type of goods or services they offer.
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Consumer Decision Making - Buying Process
This video will explore what consumers' consider prior to purchasing. As well, how various obstacles can influence consumer decision making; and finally the actual decision making process consumers use for large purchases.
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Promotion - Message Appeals
This video explores the 'Message' stage of the promotion process. It identifies the 4 different 'Appeals' that marketers use in their promotional messages.
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Business Communication - Business Letters
This video describes how to effectively write professional business letters. It identifies the purpose of business letters, the components of a business letter, and illustrates a sample so that you can construct one on your own.
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Political Risks
Thus video explores the major types of political risks that jeopardize international business operations; and thus, success.
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Marketing Research - Identifying Correlations and Distribution
This video will look at what you do with your survey data once you have entered it into your spreadsheet. The big idea is that you have to make sense of your data. Therefore, you need to identify correlations that exist between data sets; as well as identify the distribution of data through visuals.
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Product - Development and the Marketing Concept
This video explores how marketers consider both consumers and competition when developing products. Product mapping, marketing opportunity analysis, and benefit analysis are explained in detail.
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