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Goalkeeper Training:  Close shots drills & tips
I've gotten a lot of requests on how to deal with close shots that can be in a 1v1 or coming out of the goal.. The main thing is making sure you cut down the striker's angle so that he needs to go through YOU to get into the goal. Most strikers will panic and slow down their attack giving your defense time to get back and cover you. Make sure you are watching the kicking foot on the striker when you are cutting off the angle, the moment he/she lifts their kick foot you step up and set into your keeper position. Knees bent eyes, feet parralel and your eyes on the ball will get you the fastest and best reaction time while making the save as safe as possible. PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE Keep the ball positioned always in the center of your body when you are coming out to attack the ball!
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Goalkeeper Training: How to Make High Diving Saves
Every goalkeeper dreams of getting the chance to make a huge breathtaking high diving save in game. To make sure that you can get up to the ball and in time you need to fluidly throw your body. It isn't only jumping that will get you to sweet spot. You will need to throw your arms and legs at the same time to propel yourself to the ball. Make sure you are stepping forward into the ball with your power step and then crossing your body with your opposite knee to give you extra inertia towards the shot. Follow me! Twitter.com/albertojruiz Like on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/AlbertoRuizS...
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Goalkeeper Training: Tips for Goalkeeper Tryouts
Lots of keepers have been asking me for some tips on how to do well in their goalkeeper tryouts so I decided to put together a video that covers what most coaches look for in a goalkeeper for club and highschool level soccer. There are several different aspects that coaches pay attention to in tryouts but these were the main points that I felt all coaches pay special attention to. Make sure to check out albertoruizsoccer.com soon for my written blog posts on trying out and other questions keepers ask me!
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Goalkeeper Training: How to Punt a Soccer Ball
A keeper with a good far punt gives a good dynamic to his team making sure that the opposing team's defense stays on their toes at all time. I see way too many young GKs dropping the ball with the wrong hand too often, It's uncomfortable but doing it correctly (dropping with your opposite hand) will easily add at least 10 yds to your punt. Make sure to drop the ball into your stride and bring your leg fully across your body to produce the most power behind your punt. If you're looking to make a quick accurate punt serve the ball a bit higher up and farther from your body, when you strike lead your leg and body towards the intended target. Follow me! Twitter.com/albertojruiz Like on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/AlbertoRuizSoccer
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Goalkeeper Training: How To Save Low Shots
The low shot will always be the most difficult save for the goalkeeper. No matter where the soccer ball is heading towards the keeper must shuffle and put his whole body behind the ball forcing him to work extra hard to get to the ball. If mishandled low shot saves and rebounds end in easy goals for strikers floating on the 18 yard box. There are a few things you want to do to ensure that you are making the safest save possible. START LOW if the ball is on the ground crouch into the dive and stay low there is no need to jump in the air for a ball that is on the ground, it takes precious seconds away and speed. Get your hands directly behind the ball and another on top of it to push the shot into the ground for a safe hold, We call this using your third hand (the ground) If it's right at you drop a knee and get you body behind the ball. Just in case the ball slips out or if you take your eyes off the ball. Remember to practice as much as possible! follow me on twitter! https://twitter.com/albertojruiz Like me on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/AlbertoRuizSoccer
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Goalkeeper Training: How to save 1v1/Breakaways
The 1v1 is why the keepers are known as the crazy players on the field because it entails attacking the ball wherever it may be! Everyone has seen those crazy moments where the keeper comes flying off of his line to make a massive preemptive strike stopping the opposition from scoring. And the skill is as difficult and scary as it looks! The 1v1 and break away situation can never be practiced too much and should always be looked at. Most beginner keepers have a hard time attacking the ball and normally like to stay back and give the striker all the time to look at the goal and slam it and sometimes they can make the save but learning to attack the ball can turn an almost guaranteed goal into an amazing save. Make sure as you are cutting down the angle you are closely watching the strikers feet the moment you see that they are going to plant down and shoot you have to get yourself ready for the shot and if you're close enough you have to dive in right away! Remember goalkeeping like anything else is all practice do several repetitions to help get a feel for when you like to attack and when is the best time. Myspace by kimengumi https://soundcloud.com/kimengumi Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/6eAZ-HAEdOs
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Goalkeeper Game Highlights: Keeper Team Tryout
Hey keepers! I was asked by a few of the guys that shoot on me to come out and try out for their local central florida league team. It's nothing huge but it was a chance to get game film and tape one of the most nerve wracking experiences for goalkeepers, TRYOUTS! Where everyone of your movements are watched and judged. I had a great session, didn't let in one goal in game and when we had shots not one goal made it in. Plus I think I made the nicest save of the day :). Thanks for watching guys let me know what you think!!
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How To Wash Goalkeeper Gloves
Whatsup keepers! Welcome back to ARS Goalkeeping the #1 online source for goalkeepers worldwide!!! I have had tons of subscribers ask for a thorough explanation of how to safely wash their dirty goalkeeper gloves so I put together a few of my favorite methods to cleaning the latex on the palms of your gloves without destroying a good pair of gloves. All you need is a bucket full of warm or room temp water, dirty gloves and a whole lot of time and patience! Remember to never use any type of soap to wash your gloves unless it is a known glove wash solution. NEVER TWIST OR RUB YOUR PALMS TOGETHER and to use an absorbent towel in an area away from direct sunlight or heat to protect your latex as much as possible! If you have several gloves you can totally throw them into your washing machine as long as you give them a quick prewash and use a pillow case to hold all the gloves together and keep them from rubbing up on the inside of the washng machine. Remember KEEP DRYING GLOVES AWAY FROM DIRECT SOURCES OF HEAT OR SUNLIGHT! Don't let the latex dry out!!! Song: 3rd Prototype - Together [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Video Link: https://youtu.be/1nPLftxnkts Download/Stream: http://ncs.io/TogetherCr
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Goalkeeper Training : Break Away (1v1) Mentality
Whenever you come out for a 1v1 or a break away you need to be fearless. Fear can make you hesitate and hesitation leads to a goal. Our minds try to keep us out of dangerous situations and diving at a strikers legs can be seen as a risky maneuver. GKs need to be comfortable going through strikers. To protect themselves and to protect the goal. These drills help making the dive a reaction and not something that you have to think through. If you're thinking about possible outcomes you're hesitating and the striker has precious seconds to look and cut you apart. Have a friend come out with you to recreate the pressure by running at you/ hitting the ball (moderately don't let him break your fingers) while you are getting your hands behind it. Remember to practice practice and practice more!
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Goalkeeper Training : Individual Training
hey! I've had a lot of keepers asking for what they can do while training without any other help. Goalkeepers need to be fit mentally and physically. Start with focusing on the abdomen, keepers need their abs to be ripped and it doesn't hurt to look nice and fit. Next, we move up to working on our legs and shuffling. Make sure you are giving each and everyone of these drills with %100 effort. Follow me! Twitter.com/albertojruiz Like on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/AlbertoRuizSoccer
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Goalkeeper Training: How to Save a Penalty
The dreaded penalty! Goalkeepers have a small chance at saving these howlers and the ones that are saved are absolute game changers. We are talking about how to read a striker's knee to know which side to dive to! Remember this all happens in the blink of an eye so practice is essential make sure you get out and practice your PK and don't worry if you let a lot in, a well placed PK should be unstoppable. Like me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alberto-Ruiz/279549908765598 Follow me on twitter! twitter.com/albertojruiz
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Goalkeeper Training: How To Make High Diving Saves
It's the save that leaves the crowds gasping in awe and although it doesn't happen often keepers always train to be ready for the big photogenic moments. The high dive save reaches up to the top bin and plucks the ball right from the jaws of the goal. There are several ways to get up to the top ninety and make that big save. The most important step is getting to the shot in time and with enough power to safely guide the ball over the crossbar. To do this I recommend the two step shuffle to cover space and build momentum make sure that you're getting low on that shuffle to build up the spring in your leg muscles and to step into the shot. The more power you can put into your jump and dive the better chance you have to make the save remember to keep your body in a straight line with all your limbs moving together. Attack the ball with both hands and raise your opposite knee towards the direction of the ball. Push through your dive always and always attack the ball! Focus landing on your lateral muscles if you don't catch the ball and if you do catch the ball make sure to use it to break your fall. Jazzaddict's Intro by Cosimo Fogg (201) https://soundcloud.com/cosimo-fogg Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/hY4yspCQRaM
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How to: Goal kick l Long ball technique l Kick the ball farther
Goalkeepers of all ages and skills have problems with their goal kicks for several different reasons but the biggest error I see keepers doing is caring too much about power and speed when it comes to striking the soccer ball from the six yard box. When you over focus power and speed you leave room for errors from mistiming your strike to losing balance on your plant foot. It's all about technique and contact when it comes to the goalkick and if you're just a starting or beginner goalkeeper don't worry so much about distance focus on accuracy. I can promise you if you can accurately pass the ball a medium distance it is much better than just kicking it up in the air for a 50 /50 ball. MUSIC Beat Your Competition - Vibe Tracks
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Goalkeeper Training: Goalie Positioning
This exercise helped me memorize positioning correlating with my height and jump length. Try to find your own and remember the closer you get the more you close down the angle but you leave yourself open above. Make sure you can backpedal quick enough to reach those balls if not don't choke up in the cone. Check me out on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alberto-Ruiz/279549908765598 Follow me on Twitter! Twitter.com/albertojruiz
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Goalkeeper Mentality
Hey keepers, We've all had bad games and terrible mistakes, every goalkeeper has a horror story. My favorite method of dealing with a mistake is mentally "flushing" the moment. After a mistake (it doesn't always have to be goal) I tap the post and tell myself "it's a mistake, clean up and move on" It might sound simple but the power of your mind is great. Mental strength is what makes a great keeper. Keep your head up! Goalkeepers always stand tall.
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Goalkeeper Training: Catching and Holding a Shot
A good goalkeeper makes sure that every save he/she makes is the safest and easiest possible. That save will always be the catch and hold. Many keepers find themselves bobbling shots and letting balls slip through their hand because of questionable technique, but batching and holding a shot/ball can be very simple. If, you can remember a few guidelines. 1.Always shuffle! 2.Get your gloves/hands on the top 2 squares of the soccer ball 3. Body Behind the ball 4. Arms full outstretched (keep your hands away from your chest. I'll be uploading some Catching improvement drills and exercises to go along with this Technique break down soon. Follow me! Twitter.com/albertojruiz Like on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/AlbertoRuizSoccer
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Goalkeeper Training : Tips for Setting a Wall
Hey! here's a quick video that illustrates how I set up my wall
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Goalkeeper training: How Goalkeepers Throw a Soccer Ball
There isn't much needed to get a great throw as a goalkeeper. Just the right technique. Too many keepers try to throw the ball while bending their arms and using their elbows to "push" the ball which works in baseball not soccer/football. The secret is to SLING the ball over your shoulder like Jai Alai or a trebuchet. You do not bend your arm when you throw the ball, you sling it over your shoulder and use the weight of your body and momentum built by the circular motion to lob the ball across the field. Make sure to use your opposite hand as your aiming hand and counterweight wherever you point to the ball will end up going to! Hope this helps thanks for watching Follow me on twitter- https://twitter.com/albertojruiz Check out my Instagram- http://instagram.com/albertoruizsoccer#
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Goalkeeper Training: How to Tip a Soccer Ball
Getting caught out of position can be especially devastating to a goalkeeper, but there is still a chance to get back into position and save any chip shot. To get back in position as fast as poss
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How To Prepare Goalkeepers For a Soccer Game
A look at the areas I focus on with my keepers before their big games here at the academy in Germany. Obviously crossing is a huge thing here and the big german forwards are deceptively agile in the air which means crosses are a huge part of the game here! Distribution has slowly become a must with the modern goalkeeper but now the high speed and pressure of the game requires the keeper be able to handle a pass back under pressure and land a perfect pass as well! The One on one situation always has the keeper at the disadvantage but if we can either force the striker to hit our body, make a mistake or slow him down enough for the defense to get in between the ball and the goal then you are doing your job! Handling is a must at the higher levels but in game keepers get away with parrying shots when they have a defense thats ready and willing to follow those rebounds out or turn them into passes out of the back. Please subscribe :)
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Game Day Mentality Preparation : Goalkeeper Training
Hey goalkeepers, We all get nervous before our games. As goalkeepers a full soccer/football game is 90+ minutes of intense concentration and work with a lot to lose. It isn't hard to get anxious when you start to think about it. But there are things we can do as keepers to help calm our heads and prepare ourselves for greatness. VISUALIZE! Visualize yourself in goal making big saves or the routine ones that you have a little trouble with. Vividly imagine scooping up a shot with a forward dive and stretch while you do it. This will help you react to the situations you imagined in real time much quicker and make the safest save. Get your phone, watch old highlights of yours or your favorite keeper's highlight films. Just watching them make great saves will help you visualize your own goal and save while preparing you mentally for a game. Finally, always have a ball around you and begin familiarizing yourself with a good safe hold on the ball as much as you can. Throw the ball around and catching it without looking. Dribble the soccer/football like a basketball and promote the reaction time between your hands. FOCUS! On the game and nothing else, on warming up and nothing else. Have fun and go make great saves https://www.facebook.com/AlbertoRuizSoccer https://twitter.com/albertojruiz http://instagram.com/albertoruizsoccer#
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In Game Goalkeeper Positioning: Goalkeeper Training
Hey keepers, Goalkeepers need to be involved with the building of the play and to do that we need to be in the right position at all times. Moving away from the goal is hazardous and can result in a cheeky chip so keepers need to always be on their toes, especially when the ball is in our half. Make sure that when the attacking team is facing you and in your half you are in keeper ready position and are shuffling to each angle of the ball always covering your first post. Goalkeepers control the speed of the game and a good goalkeeper will use this to his/her advantage. If your team is being pressured hard a pass back to the keeper can be used as a reset to either blast the ball up top or resume a quick passing between the team to get a flow going. Remember to always receive the ball away from the mouth of goal!!!!! I personally stay within earshot of my last defender and that's normally 20-40 feet ~10-12 meters. We never want to leave too large of a gap between the defender and us if a striker gets through he will have too much time to think and set up a play we need to force the mistake. Always check your posts and positions! never turn your back on the game and shuffle hard. Thanks for watching! https://www.facebook.com/AlbertoRuizSoccer https://twitter.com/albertojruiz http://instagram.com/albertoruizsoccer#
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Goalkeeper Training: How to Get Over the Fear of Diving and Weak side
A lot of goalkeepers and subscribers have been asking me for a video to help them overcome their fear of diving or the mental block/obstacle some keepers have when it comes to diving on their weakside. The way I teach my goalkeepers and how I taught myself how to get over my weakside mental block and how I overcame my fear of diving was by breaking down the steps of a goalkeeper dive. Into a few easy steps that are memorable and easily repeated, 1. Keeper Ready position 2. Lunge / Powerstep with the foot that is closest to the ball do not cross your body with your foot if you are making a power step. 3. reach your arms out towards the ball get both hands on it in the W catch formation. 4. place hands on ball and then push the ball out while pushing your chest over knee. Don't rush through this, take your time and help your body memorize the muscle movements necessary for a dive. All keepers should try this drill out every week or so to polish their diving technique and to remind themselves what a good dive looks and feels like. Hope this helps! Thanks for watching and commenting, make sure to leave me comments !!! Check out my written review: http://albertoruizsoccer.com/content/how-dive Follow me on twitter- https://twitter.com/albertojruiz Check out my Instagram- http://instagram.com/albertoruizsoccer#
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Goalkeeper Training: How to Parry a Soccer Ball
A good parry save can make all the difference in a close game. I typically use the parry save when the shot is coming in too hard for me to COMFORTABLY handle the ball. If you aren't sure about catching the shot then automatically parry the ball. A proper parry save will always send the ball as far away from the goal as possible. This can be to the sidelines or behind the goal for a corner, but never right back at the opposing team. or down the center of the field. REMEMBER!!!! To get the most power behind your parries make sure you are using the heel of your hand (lower palm) and to keep a parry from deflecting into goal keep your chest pointed away from the goal always! Follow me! Twitter.com/albertojruiz Like on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/AlbertoRuizSoccer
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What is Your Goalkeeper Glove Cut?
Knowing the different types of cuts for goalkeeper gloves is a must when you are going to get new gloves. There are some huge differences between each glove cut. These differences affect the way the glove feels and fits to a goalkeeper's hand. There are many different way a goalkeeper glove can be made but most brands cover this spectrum of cuts. We have the traditional flat cut, with it's outside stitching along the border and a box like loose fit around the hand. The Negative Cut which has the stitching on the inside of the glove keeping it tight around the hand. Super tight and the most like a human hand. The roll cut which is a new modern favorite which connects the palm directly to the backhand of the glove which rolls the latex over the sides of the fingers and palm. This is a fat large glove with a tight snug fit. And the Hybrid Cut which can be any mix of the different cuts listed with any addition. Lots of hybrid cuts are hitting the scene! "Spy Vs Spy" McFarland BEATS Royalty Free Music by Matthew A McFarland is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License
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Goalkeeper training how to save low shots
I always tell the keepers and players I train with the most difficult shot for a goalkeeper will always be under his/her's hip's. Anything at a low height requires that the keeper work for the shot by either shuffling behind it or getting the body down under the shot. As you can imagine there are several different forms of these low shots and how you can deal with them. So lets go through them from direct and simple to requiring the most footwork and energy to make the save. first up is when the shot comes straight to the keeper's frame and they need to hold and smother in front of oncoming strikers, here we use the forward dive and smother which is as simple as doing a wide squat with your elbows together and knuckles touching the ground. Make sure to keep your head and chest locked over the ball once you feel your hands grab onto the shot. and for when the shots are low and strong but require some footwork the moving forward smother is just as simple as it's predecessor the only difference the keeper steps into the shot while shuffling and pushes out the collection to either side. When you don't think you can get your feet moving quickly enough to get your chest behind the ball the next best bet for those low sneaking shots that are just out of your range is the collapse dive. The collapse dive is a simple technique that every single keeper uses and has used. Just go from a keeper ready position, take your power step towards the ball and collapse over the side of your knee to fall down with style and make an easy collapse dive. The drop step is a bit more advanced but it is needed for those last second low shot saves, most of the times these shots happen in 1v1s but can come from far out if the keeper's vision is being blocked. The drop leg is exactly what it's namesake says lifting and dropping your leg as a weight to force your body down as fast as possible. Don't expect to hold onto these shots make sure to get up quickly to get the loose ball. Finally the full stretch low dive is necessary to reach out and make that huge low dive save, the most important part of this save is setting up your lunge and staying low! do not dive in an arc as to say don't go up on your dive just to come back down that will just give the ball more time to slip under your hands. Music body Life Is by Cosimo Fogg (201) https://soundcloud.com/cosimo-fogg Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/9MXUHYGvBVY
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Goalkeeper Game highlights 9/28/14
Hey keepers! Today was the first game of the season for me since I missed initial game due to my wisdom teeth surgery. I was a little anxious and jittery which led to me giving away some stupid balls when it came down to distribution (Will work on that extra hard) but I came back to make the saves that counted. We had a tough game and it was wet and slippery so the ball was rolling off of everyone's cleats. The game ended 3-2 with some magnificent goals from both sides (excluding the second goal which was a silly defending mistake). Came home with the WIN and some good saves but it was a sloppy game for me. hope you enjoy the video thanks for reading and watching Follow me on twitter- https://twitter.com/albertojruiz Check out my Instagram- http://instagram.com/albertoruizsoccer#
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Goalkeeper Training: How To Dive Without Hurting Yourself
New goalkeepers and veterans should always go back to the basics of goalkeeping to improve fundamental technique and perfect the full extension dive. If you're hurting yourself when you dive or scared of hurting yourself going through these simple steps like keeping your arms outstretched while you dive and focusing on the lateral muscles will make diving a fun and safe way to save the shot in a soccer game or goalkeeper practice. Remember goalkeeping is all about muscle memory and repetition! You won't learn this overnight and keepers never stop improving their technique so make sure you go over this as much as you possibly can, either through a monthly gk foundation session or a little in warmups before training. Goalkeeper Drills! https://youtu.be/JiGMpU9LKqM?list=PL92D0AC87CBF28198 Check out my website for more cool videos and articles! www.albertoruizsoccer.com MUSIC DOCTOR VOX - Neon Lights https://youtu.be/xAHEbh-Hwdc
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Back to Academy Training: Best Saves from Recent Gk sessions
We're back in the full swing! From reviews to training sessions and of course our favorite the highlight reel with some of my favorite recent saves from the past few weeks that I've been training again! With a big shout out and special appearance by our great goalkeeper buddy Calvin Lee! He makes a ton of big saves in training and has helped me back into the position but there is still so much to doooo! MUSIC Track: Debris & Jonth - Game Time [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/yDTvvOTie0w Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/GameTime
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Making the right choice when buying goalkeeper gloves
Whenever I'm at the field training I tend to see a pair of these gloves. The introductory gloves you might find at a typical sports store or sports section at your local walmart and most people wearing these gloves don't know that they can get gloves just as good as the professionals sometimes for the same price or just a few dollars more than what the paid for these intro gloves. become a patron! https://www.patreon.com/albertoruizsoccer Music Intro- Nuwanda - Monarch Body Elektronomia - Sky High
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Goalkeeper Training: Cornerkicks, Crosses, and Highballs
The season is about to start and it's time to cover the highball that comes from set plays. REMEMBER: Be vocal if you are getting the ball your whole team must know YOU HAVE TO YELL LIKE A MAD MAN! and if you want your defense to clear the ball then well you know, YELL LIKE A MAD MAN. Be loud! Imagine the 18yd box is your home and there are way too many people over. Check me out on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alberto-Ruiz/279549908765598 Follow me on twitter! twitter.com/albertojruiz
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Tips & Drills For Short Goalkeepers
I've had so many goalkeepers come to me asking what they could do about their height. Obviously we are stuck with the body's we are born with and a majority of us keepers aren't going to have those hulking figures like Tim howard or Thibaut Cortois. at 5'10 I am considered a short goalkeeper and that means that I do have some added difficulty in goal because of this I wanted to put out a video cover the areas that I feel that short keepers must focus on to be able to compete with the taller bigger competition.
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Goalkeeper Game highlight 3/2/14
Hey guys, A lot of subscribers have asked for a game video and luckily I was able to get a very good game on camera. I held my clean sheet and made some nice saves so it was a good day. Designated MOTM! Thanks for watching! Follow me on twitter! https://twitter.com/albertojruiz Check out my instagram http://instagram.com/albertoruizsoccer#
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Goalkeeper Glove Review: The One Glove Co Geo Typhoon Glove Review
The full in field review of the new one glove company's brand new GEO Typhoon goalkeeper gloves. A traditional no joke negative cut glove with 4 MM of contact latex and all the good features from the GEO range! GET YOUR GLOVES HERE https://www.theoneglove.com MUSIC Track: Michael White - Venus (feat. MYLK) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/z-ch-M0ON2M Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/VenusYO
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Goalkeeper Training: Game Warm up
Hey keepers, After stretching and preparing myself mentally for the game. I go to the 6 yard box for a quick dynamic stretch. I use this time to check out my box for any issues like rocks, holes or lumps. Make sure to stretch the areas that you feel need the most work, I always start with butt kicks and knee ups. Then a quick machine gun across the whole box, followed by a pair of groin stretches and a karaoke shuffle across the whole box again. As a coach, I do not like my goalkeepers to take a head on shooting drill that might make a lot of goals on the keeper before the game. If anyone is shooting on the keeper before the game they should be make every shot saveable to promote the keepers confidence and get them used to catching and parrying the ball on the field. Too often shot drills will make younger keepers lose heart and confidence after letting in goals or making mistakes in the pregame warmup. Remember always have fun and practice practice practice! www.facebook.com/albertoruizsoccer www.twitter.com/albertojruiz
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Beginner Goalkeeper Training: Basic Foundations of Goalkeeping
Goalkeeping is a really fun position that requires a lot of practice and studying. I've trained many goalkeepers from children to adults. All beginner keepers need to work on the foundations of goalkeeping. The keeper ready position is the most important step for a novice keeper. Getting in your keeper ready position will put you in an alert position and makes reacting to a shot easy. KEEPERS MUST LEARN TO ALWAYS DIVE FORWARD ALWAYS GO FORWARD EVERYTHING IS FORWARD. The only thing behind us is the goal! We can never willfully fall on our backs when we dive it's bad technique and will end up in a goal. Catching is instrumental! Make sure you learn how to properly hold a ball this means practicing you W or Diamond catch daily! Bobbling a ball is not acceptable new keepers need to make sure they have "safe" hands. Enjoy the game and practice every day! The greatest goalkeepers are the ones who practice and leave everything on the field. If you want to be great practice like a great! Hope this helps you starter keepers and coaches dealing with young or new goalkeepers. It's never late to start goalkeeping! I started at 16 and wasn't good until I was 18.
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Goalkeeper Training: Leg and jumping workout
Hey guys! A lot of subs have been asking for a video on how I work out to get my "ups". Always remember guys these workouts are very intense so you need to start with a serious stretch. I always start with all the the stretches that are done on the ground. All you need for these drills are a goal two sticks and some line to connect them. The last exercise needs one more person to bounce the ball above you and make sure that you aren't using your hands to get up (other than the pushup position). Hope this helps! Alberto Like me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alberto-Ruiz/279549908765598 Follow me on twitter! http://www.twitter.com/albertojruiz
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Goalkeeper Glove Review West Coast GK Kona Pure
The full in field review of the West Coast GK Kona WHITEOUT pure goalkeeper gloves. A gorgeous pair of top level competition goalkeeper gloves Get yours here https://www.westcoastgoalkeeping.com/collections/west-coast-gloves/products/kona-pure MUSIC Want to use this track? Please copy & paste this into your description: Song: Distrion & Alex Skrindo - Lightning [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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Goalkeeper Glove Review: One Glove Co GEO FLUX
The team at the One Glove Company sent had sent over their full GEO range for in field review, this is another one of the perfect pairs. The GEO FLUX! SPECS 4 MM of Aqua Wet Weather Latex Negative Cut Mid Split Wrist Strap 3D Embossed Latex Get your own pair here! https://www.theoneglove.com MUSIC Song: Egzod - Paper Crowns (feat. Leo The Kind) [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Download/Stream: http://ncs.io/PaperCrownsCr
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What's in my Soccer Bag? Goalkeeper Edition
Hey guys! I've received a lot of requests for a new what's in my bag video so you guys can see what my arsenal is like when I go out to the field to train. I have a Tournament Adidas Soccer Ball bag you can find it by searching for it on Amazon (it's about $30) with x4 Mikasa Goal Masters (size 5) x2 Adidas Starlancer (size 2) x1 Brazuca replica (size 1) x Brazuca (official) x Mitre Ultimax (official) x West Coast GK Tru Flight (official) Equipment- x4 Cones x Towel x Water Bottle x Ball pump Follow me on twitter- https://twitter.com/albertojruiz Check out my Instagram- http://instagram.com/albertoruizsoccer#
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Fun and Simple Fundamental Drills for Goalkeepers
No matter what level you play at your goalkeeper coach will put you through fundamental gk drills, technique can always be improved and these drills help get the reps to build up that muscle memory. IF you're just starting out in the gk position there's no need to rush through the drills work on getting simple proper holds and having clean collected feet as you shuffle through your obstacles. For more goalkeepr technique videos check out my gk training playlists! MUSIC Song: bvd kult - VIP [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/f92Y8Aclc5o
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Goalkeeper Training: How to Get Up Quickly
Getting up quickly is essential for those goalkeepers to make those awesome double saves. I have two different ways of getting up. The first is a quick swing of your legs and turning your body at the same time. Doing this quickly will windmill you back up towards the standing position. This method is best used when you have made a particularly powerful dive so you can use the momentum you've built up to get up even quicker. The next style is if you don't have enough momentum to do the swing you want to focus on throwing your legs down and pushing off of your knees/legs to stand back up again. Remember the idea behind this technique is to get up as fast as possible while keeping our hands open and ready for a save.
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Goalkeeper Glove Review: West Coast GK Laguna Reverse Cut
Another pair of top tier gloves from the team at westcoastgoalkeeping.com the gorgeous Laguna Reverse Cut comes with 4MM of german supreme latex on a tight negative cut. Get your own pair here! http://www.westcoastgoalkeeping.com/products/laguna-reverse Music used: Phantom Sage - Crystal Clouds Get your own ARS goalkeeping shirt: http://www.westcoastgoalkeeping.com/collections/clothing/products/ars-shirt
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Best Goalkeeper Saves (Goalkeeper Motivation)
Whenever I have a big game or even a practice with a club I like to psyche myself up and prepare mentally by watching a ton of different highlight films I thought it would be pretty cool to share some of my favorite recent saves that made by the big guys that I was able to find online. I hope this video helps you guys prepare yourself mentally for your games or even training sessions let me know if it helps you out I don't own any of this content. Mr. Carmack - Pay For What (Alexander Lewis Trombone Flip)
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Goalkeeper Training : Weak Diving Drill
Hey guys! I've been getting a lot of messages asking for help on diving to a certain side, whether it be right or left all goalkeepers have their own "Weakside". Mine was to the left and it took me a while to break out of the unnatural feel of diving to my left. The best thing you can do is practice what makes you feel uncomfortable until it feels comfortable! So I broke down a little exercise that I use to practice my diving to both sides and makes sure that I'm always stepping forwards attacking the shot! Like me on Facebook! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Alberto-Ruiz/279549908765598 Follow me on twitter! http://www.twitter.com/albertojruiz
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Goalkeeper Training: Recovering from a bad match
Every keeper has gone through a rough patch and some keepers get stuck in the mental gutters for an extended amount, I'm currently going through my own dip in form which comes from my recent flu and that terrible performance in my last game. So it was the perfect time to talk about the flush technique and how a simple physical trigger or motion can help you consciously overcome a mental barrier or issue. I normally end up all my shooting sessions with a line just like this it's fun and gets my heart pumping plus the drill helps me work on my own issues of dwelling too much on goals and mistakes, as you can see the moment I'm scored on the flood gates open until I can collect myself mentally which is hard when you're facing down another shot in the next two seconds. In time I'll be blocking every shot like I was before and be more physically fit for even longer shooting sessions like this after our academy sessions! Thanks for watching!! If you're looking to support the channel and want your own merch get your own ARS GK shirt on sale now at West Coast GK! Song: Ship Wrek, Zookeepers & Trauzers - Vessel [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/PXf4rkguwDI Download/Stream: http://ncs.io/VesselCr
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Soccer Diving Techniques : Goalkeeper Training
A goalkeeper dive can be broken down into a few large steps, Goalie ready positioning, power step, catch/parry, and landing. These drills focus on the goalkeeper power step and remembering to always dive forwards. For the first set grab 9 cones and set them up in 3 tight triangles with the tips pointed towards the GK. Remember the cones are markers for your power step. Set your foot parallel to the cone and receive the ball at chest height repeat on both sides. Next spread the last 2 triangles out and add a cone to each of their sides. in the new triangle we want to do a full stretch collapse dive and push the ball up to our past the new cones. Remember repetition is key. Make sure you are working hard on this drill because if done correctly you will find yourself diving forwards and blocking a lot more shots much easier. www.albertoruizsoccer.com Follow me! Twitter.com/albertojruiz Like on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/AlbertoRuizSoccer
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New Nike Mercurial Touch Elite Goalkeeper Gloves First Impressions
My first impressions of the brand new nike goalkeeper gloves to hit the market! THE BRAND NEW NIKE MERCURIAL TOUCH ELITE GOALKEEPER GLOVES ARE FINALLY HERE! AAAANDDDDD They should have waited a little longer... There's a lot of positive to take out of the glove especially for glove innovations but for a top flagship glove especially from a top brand like Nike these gloves are lacking way too much and for the first innovation in a long time Nike has just missed the target, I'm sure the next model will cover these issues right away but I was shocked that these issues left the quality testers! Track: Chime - Phototropic [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/71AMtQLi-74 Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/PhototropicYO
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Goalkeeper Training: Communicating with your Soccer/Football team
Have you ever seen a soccer game played in silence? I hope not, because communication is the secret to winning games. Goalkeepers need to communicate well. Our commands need to be strict concise and helpful. the moment we lead a player astray is the moment they stop trusting you. Practice talking to your players but remind them that everyone on the team needs to be talking as well and communicating to you!
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Goalkeeper Training: How To Save Low Shots
Goalkeepers must have great technique when it comes to the low ball collection. Especially in crowded boxes and on set pieces the keeper must make his hold on the first attempt and NEVER give up a rebound in front of goal. The hardest shot for any goalkeeper is always under his/her hips because it will always force the keeper to work by making them get a safe hold. If you do not have proper technique while collecting low shots you can and will give up an easy rebound goal. Make sure to cover this training session and technique at least once a week! Keeper practice is all about repetition and progression so make sure you're doing your reps! Check out the website! http://www.albertoruizsoccer.com/ Follow me on twitter! https://twitter.com/albertojruiz Follow on Instagram! http://instagram.com/albertoruizsoccer# Like the facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/AlbertoRuizSoccer
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