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Cate Blanchett Opens Up About Sexism in Hollywood & True Love
Cate Blanchett talked to Kate Durocher all about her role as a lesbian woman in 'Carol.'
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Boyd Holbrook Star of Narcos Talks What It Was Like Filming in Colombia
Boyd Holbrook, who plays Steve Murphy in the hit Netflix show, Narcos, told Kate Durocher all about shooting on location and what to expect in Season 2.
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Cast of Workaholics, Comedy Central Interview
For the article I wrote for Neon Tommy visit: http://www.neontommy.com/news/2013/02/night-men-workaholics Also, visit my blog for even more inside details of the cast! http://takeabreatheandrun.wordpress.com/ The full episode of The SCoop where the interview aired will be online soon
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Missing Baby Elaina Steinfurth
Coverage of missing baby Elaina Steinfurth for 13ABC WTVG in Toledo, OH.
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Patricia Clarkson Gets Candid About Reinventing Self In Life in Interview for "Learning to Drive'
Kaitlyn Durocher sits down with Patricia Clarkson to talk about 'Learning To Drive,' in theaters now.
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Ben Kingsley Discusses How He Prepared to Play A Sikh Refugee for 'Learning to Drive'
Kaitlyn Durocher sits down with Sir Ben Kingsley to talk about Learning To Drive, in theaters now.
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Gerard Butler and Angela Bassett Talk Presidents and Secret Service
Kate Durocher sat down with Gerard Butler and Angela Bassett to discuss 'London Has Fallen,' where Gerard plays a skilled secret service member who fights to bring the President of the United States to Safety and Angela Bassett plays his boss and beloved friend.
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Andrew Garfield Gets Serious About Eviction and Poverty When Talking About '99 Homes'
'99 Homes' star Andrew Garfield tells Kaitlyn Durocher what drew him to the film and how he hopes it will bring about change. '99 Homes' stars Garfield alongside Laura Dern and Michael Shannon.
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Narcos Producer Eric Newman Talks Drugs, Cartel & More for Season 2 Premiere
Creator and EP Eric Newman got candid about the War on Drugs with Kate Durocher at the Narcos Season 2 premiere.
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Emayatzy Corinealdi Talks About Pressure While Playing the Ex Wife of Miles Davis in 'Miles Ahead'
Emayatzy Corinealdi took on the role of Frances Taylor Davis, the ex-wife and muse of Miles Davis in 'Miles Ahead.' The film, starring Don Cheadle as Miles Davis and Ewan McGregor, tells the story of the life of the famous jazz musician.
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John Krasinski Reveals What It's Like Being a Father, Actor & Director All At Once
If you've ever watched The Office then you know how amazing John Krasinski is! Turns out, he's just as great off the screen as well as he manages to balance being a dad to two girls, an actor and a director all at once. See what he had to say about his crazy life and his new film, The Hollars!
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Writer & Actress Lena Waithe Discusses How Her Character in 'Master of None' Is Similar to Her
Lena Waithe plays Denise in Netflix's 'Master of None,' a blunt, tomboyish lesbian who tells it how it is.
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Clive Owen and Jaeden Lieberher Joke About Their Relationship in 'The Confirmation'
Seasoned actor, Clive Owen, showed up and coming star, Jaeden Lieberher, some tricks of the trade while filming their new movie, 'The Confirmation." Clive plays Jaeden's father in the film all about navigating the sticky field of parenting. Hear what they have to say on Lights, Camera, Kate with host Kate Durocher.
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Chris Soules Arrested: Bachelor Stars, Where Are They Now?
With news that Chris Soules, one of The Bachelor's former leading men, was arrested, it got me wondering where other former Bachelor contestants are now. Here is a list of 5 of the most unexpected fates of past Bachelor stars.
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Seven Celebrities Who Have Non Famous Significant Others
Ever wonder if regular people have a shot with the rich and famous? Well, these seven lucky ducks did. Here is a list of stars who are married to or dating a regular Joe.
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Bryan Cranston Jokes About What He Thinks Dalton Trumbo Would Think of His New Movie, 'Trumbo'
Kate Durocher sat down with Bryan Cranston to talk about his latest film, 'Trumbo,' where he plays Hollywood screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo, blacklisted for his involvement in the communist party in the 1950s.
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Whitney Port Interview
Whitney Port Interview The SCoop episode where the interview aired will be online shortly
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Lily Tomlin, Sam Elliott and Paul Weitz Talk About 'Grandma'
Lily Tomlin, Sam Elliott and director Paul Weitz sit down with AARP's Kaitlyn Durocher. Find out what growing up means to them and more in this video interview all about the upcoming film, Grandma!
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Danny Trejo Opens Up About Life and Family at the 'Hell or High Water' Los Angeles Premiere
Danny Trejo is a hoot as always as Lights, Camera, Kate interviews him at the 'Hell or High Water' movie premiere in California.
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My Top 10 Songs to Jam Out to Right Now
I love a good song and 2017 has been promising in the world of music so far. Here are ten of my favorite songs that I'm listening to right now.
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Laura Dern Talks Working With Andrew Garfield on '99 Homes'
Laura Dern sits down with Kaitlyn Durocher to discuss her latest movie, '99 Homes,' starring Andrew Garfield and Michael Shannon.
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The Best of Me Press Junket
Interviews with the cast and crew of The Best of Me, a movie adaptation of a Nicholas Spark's novel for The SCoop, USC.
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The Fall of Fyre Festival, What Caused the Luxury Music Festival to Crumble
You've heard of Fyre festival and it's quick demise, so let's take an inside look at what actually went wrong. Try to contain your laughter.
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Jon Daly Jokes Around on the Masterminds Red Carpet for FabTV
Comedian Jon Daly joins Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig and Owen Wilson in Masterminds. See what he has to say about playing a detective in this interview with Lights, Camera, Kate!
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Music Festival Guide: The Best American Music Festivals By Region
Music is universal, simple as that. So, only makes sense that there are dozens of music festivals all around the world. In fact, there is such a variety of music festivals in the United States alone that it can be pretty tricky to figure out which one to head to. Lights, Camera, Kate breaks down the best American music festivals for you by region in America!
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Kim Kardashian's Paris Robbery Was An Inside Job -- What?!
Lights, Camera, Kate brings you all the updates on Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery, including the suspects, who's in custody and details of the terrifying event.
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Morgan Freeman Opens Up About Aging in Hollywood and What He Thinks It Takes To Be President
Kate Durocher sat down with Morgan Freeman to discuss 'London Has Fallen' where he takes on the role of Vice President and has to work to save the president from terrorists.
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Edward James Olmos Describes Warren Beatty & Howard Hughes in Three Words
Actor and director Edward James Olmos used three words to describe fellow iconic actor and director Warren Beatty and late billionaire Howard Hughes at the 'Rules Don't Apply' premiere in Hollywood.
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Malawi, Africa 2018
This video is about Malawi, Africa 2018
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Michael Malarkey Talks 'Vampire Diaries' Without Elena (Nina Dobrev)
Michael Malarkey, who plays Enzo in CW's Vampire Diaries, told Kate Durocher that the show is still as exciting as ever even without it's main character, Elena, played by Nina Dobrev.
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What's It Like On Set For Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2? An Actress in the Film Gives An Inside Look
Actress and rising star Hilty Bowen appears in the new Guardians of the Galaxy film as a Sovereign Pilot and she sat down with Lights, Camera, Kate to tell me all about her experience working with James Gunn on the set in Georgia, what a blast!
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Lily Collins Discusses Working With Legendary Star Warren Beatty in 'Rules Don't Apply'
Lily Collins landed the role of a lifetime when she got the call for Warren Beatty's most recent film, 'Rules Don't Apply,' where she plays a young actress who falls in love with billionaire Howard Hughe's driver. See what she has to say about doing a period piece, working with the star and more.
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Hollyscoop Bloopers With Devyn
This video is about Devyn-Kate Bloopers
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AnnaLynne McCord Opens Up On How Working With Sex Trafficking Victims Saved Her Life
More Than Glam's Kate Durocher caught up with AnnaLynne McCord at the LaPalme Magazine launch party where she got real about her past as a victim of rape, her work with the Somaly Mam Foundation and why working with young girls who are victims of sex crimes means so much to her.
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Dating Advice From A Serial Dater, Lights Camera Kate With Kate Durocher
On this webisode of Lights, Camera, Kate, Kate Durocher says it how it is and gives some honest advice on dating. Ladies, stop stressing about every text you send and just enjoy your free dinner! Being yourself is the only way to get a guy who deserves you. Watch all of Kate's tips on dating here!
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Melanie Papalia Talks Getting Into the Character of a Prostitute for 'Hell or High Water'
Melanie Papalia may look innocent, but in 'Hell or High Water,' her role is anything but. The beauty falls in love with Chris Pine in the film and the rest is history.
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Craig Robinson Debuts 'Morris from America' at the Sundance Next Fest in Downtown LA
Craig Robinson takes on one of his first serious roles as the father of an aspiring rapper in 'Morris from America.' The movie was filmed in Germany and follows a young rap star on his quest to fame with the help of his father.
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Hugh Laurie Discusses His Responsibility Towards Mental Illness Patients Through His Role in Chance
Hugh Laurie plays neuropsychologist in Hulu's new original series, 'Chance.' He opened up to Kate Durocher and Lights, Camera, Kate to discuss his new understanding of people suffering from mental illness in this deep, moving interview at the show's season 1 premiere.
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Moonlight Wins Best Picture, Not La La Land and More at the 89th Academy Awards
This year's Oscars was a show we won't soon forget. The epic mix up on Best Picture, presented by Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway had us all cringing. What else happened throughout the night? Lights, Camera, Kate is here to let you know.
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Sandra Bullock Says She Would Never Run For Public Office
Sandra Bullock told Kate Durocher at the 'Our Brand is Crisis' premiere that she feels the movie warns against the evils of big business and says she would never run for public office!
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Joaquim de Almeida Says Sandra Bullock Is A Great Actress And Person
Joaquim de Almeida, who plays a possible presidential candidate in 'Our Brand is Crisis' talks to Kate Durocher about politics, working with Sandra Bullock and what he did to get into character for the movie.
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Cynthia Nixon & Christopher Abbott Discuss Their Touching New Movie 'James White'
Cynthia Nixon and Christopher Abbott discuss their new movie, 'James White'
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Victoria Monet Album Release Party
Interview for the SCoop with up and coming female artist, Victoria Monet at her album release party in Hollywood, CA.
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Zoe Kazan Says She Hopes 'Our Brand Is Crisis' Will Make People Think More About Who They Vote For
Zoe Kazan talked with Kate Durocher about how she hopes 'Our Brand is Crisis' will get voters to focus more on the issues rather than the candidate running for office and choose who they vote for based off of that instead of the theatrics.
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Your People's Choice Award Show Coverage on Lights, Camera, Kate
After being on the red carpet for the 2017 People's Choice Awards, I realized that the show has a special element to it that comes from the fact that fans vote for winners. Check out my thoughts on the entire night!
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