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Fat Guy Golf IV
Today I am showing some down the line swings and a Sunday Game with Chip, Will and Seth. Music is me just jamming along with the video.
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Fat Guy Golf  Sunday Blitz 10/10
Warm up Practice Session. Sunday Blitz at Stone Creek Golf Club
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Fat Guy Golf Groovy
Ball flights (inconsistent) a Friday Game with Some good golfers. still struggling to put up good numbers.
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Fat Guy Golf Swag
Today I talk about the feeling I get when I head to the golf course. I also get some swag in the mail. Check out Christo Garcia at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKhzOGU4U8o9xVU7MqK6s9g there is so much cool stuff that he shares
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Fat Guy Golf Wolf
Me practicing, and a game of Wolf with some friends.
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What we Say Matters
What we hear matters and what we say matters. New Wedges from Mizuno. It's been a while, Sorry My computer is not liking all this video and I am upgrading my memory and hard drive soon.
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Fat Guy Intro
Introduction to my youtube Golf Channel. Jeff's Quest to Break Par. My Swing Evolution https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKhzOGU4U8o9xVU7MqK6s9g
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