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Regenerative AM receiver with EM80 magic eye tube
I built an AM receiver with a magic indicator eye. Its reception is okay, but due to the nearby news radio station most of the upper end is covered. The original design for this radio can be found on this site: http://www.angelfire.com/electronic/funwithtubes/Regen_det.html I did not design this radio but I did adapt it for triode use. The magic eye does not indicate signal strength as is the usual case, but instead the level of regeneration set by the 100K pot. If you want a schematic diagram of this receiver please send me a message and I will email you one.
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DIY Intermediate Frequency Transformers
A demonstration of some home built IF cans using available materials. I made these with wood forms, magnet wire, plastic sewing bobbins, and some capacitors.
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25 January 2014 Island County Amateur Radio Club Presentation on Electron Tubes
I'm an engineering student and I prefer the simplicity and satisfaction of tube circuits. I prepared a lecture and made the presentation before the members of the club. Some were all too familiar with tubes and some of them have never encountered the technology. I felt it was necessary to share what I know.
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Transistor Stereo Amplifier.wmv
This is one half of a stereo project I am building. The amplifier uses a TIP31 and TIP32 and gave a maximum output of 2.5w into a 4-ohm load during testing. The DC voltage has been increased and therefore the amp will be capable of more power output. When I finish the other amplifier and the cabinet, there will be another video to show the finished stereo. In the future I can see myself making another with the same transistors but capable of more power out. I also want to add more complicated stability to keep the biasing set once I adjust it. http://i1094.photobucket.com/albums/i443/Der_Hellste_Stern/Stereo4.gif Please send me a message if you have questions
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April 26 Amateur Radio Communications with AMSAT SO-50
Watch me make contact with distant amateur stations using a satellite. SO-50 passes overhead a few times a day and there are several times when it is high enough in the sky for me to make good contacts using it. With a small handheld radio, a fine-tuned VHF/UHF antenna, and some tracking software, I can do this quite easily.
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1V2 First Operational Test
I finished the wiring for my 1v2 regenerative receiver and gave it a quick test. It uses a 24v power brick, two dual triode tubes, and a plug-in coil. The current coil is approximately 180 uH and works for the broadcast band. Don't ask me for a schematic. I'm working on the finishing touches for the radio and will come up with another video. I'll include a schematic and probably a brief explanation then. This is just to show that the radio is done and that it works.
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Home Made Air-Variable Capacitor
Using available parts I happened to scrounge, I was able to put together this capacitor. Its range is 7.5-37.5 picofarads, which isn't too terribly much but not bad for a working model. The materials used in the construction of the capacitor are tuna can lids, plastic cutting board, 1/4" threaded rod, 1/4" hex nuts, zinc-plated roofing metal, hot glue, and clear packaging tape. This capacitor is going to be used in a small transmitter made with vacuum tubes on a wooden board. Its purpose is entirely experimental and I doubt it will last very long. The stator plates have a layer of packaging tape on them to insulate them from the rotor plates.
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Stereo Amp using EL84s
My stereo amp using a pair of single-ended EL84 channels. The preamp tubes are 6N2Ps. The song you are hearing is "Waidmanns Heil" by Rammstein.
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Construction of a Speaker.wmv
I built a speaker out of plywood. The speaker mechanism came from a plastic computer set, and I was hoping that a wooden case would offer a better sound than the plastic cases so commonly seen these days.
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6V6 Stereo 1.wmv
I built a stereo using two 6V6s, a 12AT7, and two 6E3P (EM84). This is a quite simple project and could be a first tube project for the enterprising hobbyist. If I could do it again I would have built it using turrets.
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Silvertone Phonograph
An old, tube-based record player I bought for the wife a year ago. The record player has been stubbornly sluggish and made it a pain to use. With a little bit of light spray oil, the player is alive again.
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Vacuum Tube Stereo #2
My vacuum tube stereo amplifier. The song you are hearing is "Sky is Over" from the Elect the Dead Symphony album.
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GRS8 Test_0001.wmv
I'm showing off a headphone amplifier I made, feeding a GRS speaker. I was surprised that the headphone amp is able to feed this speaker so easily being that it's 1/4 of the impedance the amp is used to seeing. The speaker is 91 dB/w/M and sounds fantastic. I may end up buying four of these and building a gigantic guitar amplifier speaker cabinet. For anyone who wants to look at this speaker, the link is here. The price is quite good as far as speakers go and I would definitely recommend getting some for a new project. http://www.parts-express.com/pe/showdetl.cfm?Partnumber=292-430 My headphone amplifier is a small circuit based off an operational amplifier feeding a complimentary-symmetry pair of transistors. The entire circuit runs off a 9v battery and draws comparatively little power. Again, I was surprised that the amplifier can so clearly drive the large speaker to such a full volume. Ed AE7TE
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Motorola 65X13A tube radio. Electronically overhauled.
I ripped out all of the components of this radio and put in new ones. The radio now works very well, though I've yet to finish the cabinet.
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Ed's Last Stand 1
This is the first video of my seven-tube receiver actually working. I still have work to do on the radio, most completely the creation of four new focusing coils. When it's done, it should be an extremely good receiver.
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Frustration with Superhets
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6V6 Stereo Amp 2.wmv
Another video of my 6V6 stereo.
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