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Blake Lively in The Private Lives of Pippa Lee || Lonely Souls
this is my fan video. This is for entertainment purposes only. I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THE CLIPS OR MUSIC!!!
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Faye/Damon (+Nick ) || The Secret Circle / The Vampire Diaries
READ FIRST PLEASE!!! This is The Secret Circle/ The Vampire Diaries crossover! Faye and Damon are dating. Dawn tries to break up the relationship between her daughter and Damon.Dawn asks Nick to help her. He flirts with Faye.. Faye tells Damon that Nick is just her friend (and that Nick and Melissa are dating) But their flirt makes Damon jealous. He kills Nick. Dawn steals Damon's crystal stone. (the Moonstone) . She gets Damon to tell Faye the truth about the murder of Nick. Dawn promises to give back the crystal stone if he does it SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH!!!!!!
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Anne Boleyn / Elijah / Katherine (Elena) - Seven Devils
READ FIRST PLEASE PLOT : In 1492 Elijah meets Anne. He falls in love with her. Anne likes Elijah. But she notices the attraction between him and Katerina Petrova ( Katherine Pierce ) 2013. Anne and Elijah married. Katherine returns to Mystic Falls. Anne suspects Elijah of having an affair. Is there really something between her husband and Katherine? One day she sees that Elijah and Katherine kiss. Anne is jealous. She attacks Katherine. Elijah finds out about this. Elijah breaks up with Anne. Katherine hates Anne. She wants to take revenge. At her request, Silas kills Anne. Elijah reveals that Katherine is guilty of the murder of Anne. Bonnie opens the veil to the otherside and she brings Anne back to life. P.S. sorry for my English ! Warning!!!! 1. I did not use the scenes from the TV series The Tudors. I used the scenes from the other series and movies with Natalie. But Natalie Dormer is best known for her role as Anne Boleyn. So I decided to call Natalie's character in this video Anne Boleyn. 2. In this video Katherine and Elena are the same person. 3. Anne, Elijah and Katherine are vampires 4. HD please :) Fandom : The Vampire Diaries (The Originals ) Song : PM me edited by Angelica B. (aka SofiaTozziSophie )
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Diana Meade & Elijah (+ Elena) || The Vampire Diaries / The Secret Circle
READ FIRST PLEASE !!!! Elijah needs a descendant of the original witch ( Diana Meade ) & a Petrova doppelgänger (Elena Gilbert ). Because they can help him to kill Klaus. He is dating with Diana. They find Elena and they ask her for help. Elijah Diana and Elena kill Klaus. But Diana is not happy. She suspects Elijah of having an affair. Is there really something between her boyfriend and Elena? Sorry for my English :) I know that this video is not perfect, but I just had to vid this couple :) Diana & Elijah would make a great couple :)
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Rebekah & Alaric (+ Elena) Break you hard || TVD AU
READ FIRST PLEASE!!! This is Vampire diaries AU ( reupload! ) Rebekah is dating Alaric. She is very jealous.She suspects Alaric of having an affair. Alaric breaks up with Rebekah. But she tries to kill new Alaric's girlfriends: Meredith,Isobel, Jenna, Elena...
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(DW/TVD) Ten/Rose/Klaus (+Katherine) -Sail || Doctor Who & The Vampire Diaries
READ FIRST PLEASE!!!! This is Doctor Who/ The Vampire Diaries crossover and this is AU! characters: Tenth Doctor,Rose Tyler, Klaus Mikaelson + Katherine Pearce and Elena Gilbert song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaZMST-vHfM storyline: The Tenth Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler travel in time in TARDIS. One day they arrive in Mystic Falls (1864) where they meet a vampire Katherine Pearce (Katherine is Doctor's old friend ) The Doctor and Rose meet also Klaus Mikaelson and he invites them to reside in his house. Rose falls in love with Klaus, but nobody knows even The Doctor and Rose that Klaus is the the Original vampire. He compels Rose to stay with him in Mystic Falls. Rose tells The Doctor that she loves Klaus, she wants to stay with him and she hates The Doctor. The Doctor returns in his TARDIS in XXI. Katherine (from XXI ) calls him, she tells the Doctor that Klaus is the only vampire/werewolf hybrid,he wants to release his werewolf powers and he needs a dopplegänger Elena Gilbert (a human) for this ritual. The Doctor comes in Mystic Falls school and he finds Elena there. Then he returns in 1864 and he tells Klaus about a dopplegänger Elena who lives in 2011. Klaus doesn't need to wait for 100 years to find the next dopplegänger. He can travel with the Doctor in 2011 now. Instead Klaus must free Rose. Klaus Rose and The Doctor arrive in 2011, Klaus kidnaps Elena and kills her in the ritual. He releases his werewolf powers but Rose uses the power of the time vortex , she kills Klaus and she brings Elena to life. sorry for my
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The King's Speech - Take My Hand ( Colin Firth & Helena Bonham Carter )
Music: Piuma "Take My Hand" Come on, take my hand Don't be afraid it's me You know my name Don't be ashamed No need to hide it's me I like you the way you are Come on, take my hand I'm sure you understand We are the same Don't get me wrong I'm not that strong But for you I will do my best as well I just want to be your hero Without supernatural power I just want to be your hero A hero with a face of a dreamer..... Cast: Colin Firth as Prince Albert, Duke of York / King George VI Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth, Duchess of York / Queen Elizabeth Freya Wilson as Princess Elizabeth Ramona Marquez as Princess Margaret
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OUAT || Rumpelstiltskin/Regina (+Belle ) - Revenge
This is AU. READ FIRST PLEASE!! Rumplestiltskin is the most powerful man in kingdom. He wanted to marry Regina.But she fell in love with a stable boy named Daniel. Regina decided to to run away with him. But Rumpel found them and he killed Daniel. Regina and Rumplestiltskin married. Soon Regina notices the attraction between her husband and Belle (she becomes the caretaker for his estate) .Rumpel falls in love with Belle. Regina held Belle captive and locks her in the dungeon. She tells Rumplestiltskin that Belle returned home but her father shunned her, locking her in a tower that she later jumped from, dying. Storybrooke. Regina is the wife of mr Gold. She wants to take revenge. she asks Jefferson for help. She gives up the last bit of her magic ( her ring) so that Jefferson can use his hat to retrieve her cursed apple from the Enchanted Forest. Gold eats the poisoned apple, but he doesn t die. Regina tries to kill him again. She crushes his heart. But Jefferson frees Belle from her cell. Belle finds Gold. She wakes him up and breaks the curse on Storybrooke. fandom: Once Upon a Time
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Rumpelstiltskin & Belle (AU) - Butterflies Never Die
PLEASE READ FIRST!!! This is AU. alternative story ! Rumpelstiltskin proposes to Belle. She accepts a proposal from Rumplestiltskin. They are married. Belle seems to be in love with him. But Rumpelstiltskin doesn' t believe she truly loves him. He suspects Belle of having an affair. One day he sees Belle and Gaston together. It makes Rumpelstiltskin jealous. He kills Gaston. Belle leaves Rumpelstiltskin's castle. Rumpelstiltskin creates True Love Potion. Everyone from the Enchanted Forest is cursed by him. They live now in Storybrooke and cannot remember their true identites. Rumpel/Mr Gold is dating Belle. But soon Gold finds out Belle kissed another man. Gold is jealous. He attacks that man. Belle cannot forgive him and she decides to leave Gold. Rumpel/Gold drops the bottle of true love into the water, causing a cloud of magical smoke to engulf the town and bring magic back to Storybrooke. Belle remembers everything. She regains her memories as Belle.She returns to Rumplestiltskin/Gold and professes her love for him. 10 years later.They live happy together with their daughter.
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Rumpelstiltskin / Belle's daughter ( +Regina) || OUAT
Belle and Rumplestiltskin have a daughter Maria (Dakota Blue Richards). Belle dies . At the funeral Maria sees Evil Queen. Father forbids Maria to walk in the forest alone. But she goes there . Evil Queen kidnaps her and locks her in the dungeon. When the queen activated the curse, Maria forgot everything. Now she lives in Storybrooke with her «mother» Regina Mills and she can't remember her true parents and her true life.Regina hides the book of fairy tales. She fears that her daughter will remember something. But in the dreams Maria sees her real family, her mother Belle, still alive. When she meets Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold Maria has the flashbacks of his previous life. She doesn't know that this is not a fantasy, but real memories. . Rumplestiltskin/Mr.Gold is able to remember life in the Enchanted Kingdom and his family. Mr Gold tells Regina that he will break the curse and bring his daughter back. Regina crushes his heart. Meanwhile Mary returns home and see it.Mary runs away from home. In the forest she meets Jefferson and she has a flashback: After she escapes from her dungeon Maria finds her father. Queen captures him too. Maria wants to save him. But he says she must run away alone.Jefferson/Mad Hatter is enlisted by the Queen to catch Maria.but he spares her he lets her go. In the forest Maria sees her mother, alive. ( Queen lied about her death) Meanwhile Evil Queen enacts the curse. The both forget everything. Storybrooke. Maria finds the book of fairy tales and she remembers everything. She comes home and tells Regina about it. Jefferson frees Belle from her cell. Belle finds Gold. She wakes him up. The two embrace. Maria knocks on the door of his house. The curse on storybroke is broken. P. S. I used again my manips and my idea with Regina and Gold's heart. I hope, you don't mind :) and....oops! I made a little mistake with voiceovers :( fandom: Once Upon a Time
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Klaus & Cassie- (+Delena & Faye) ||Vampire diaries/Secret circle)
READ FIRST PLEASE!!!! This is Vampire diaries/Secret circle crossover Guys sorry for my English :) But I hope you can understand the storyline:) Cassie thinks Klaus is dead. But one day she receives a gift from Klaus. She remembers what happened one year ago... Klaus likes Cassie Blake. Cassie likes Klaus. But he wants to release his werewolf powers and he needs a witch for this ritual. Klaus asks Cassie for help. But she don't want to help a vampire. Klaus kidnaps a dopplegänger Elena Gilbert. Damon tries to save Elena. Klaus threatens to kill Cassie's mother and her friends. So Cassie has to help him. Faye and Cassie help Klaus to release his werewolf powers.But they bring Elena to life.After ritual Elena is saved.Later Klaus know about it. he kills Cassie's mother and then he comes to the house where they hide Elena to kill her. But Damon kill Klaus....Klaus is dead... Are you sure, Cassie? song:Sarah Fimm-Afraid
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Melissa/ Damon/ Bonnie - Wonderland The Secret Circle/The Vampire Diaries
REUPLOAD! READ FIRST PLEASE!!! This is The Secret Circle/The Vampire Diaries crossover! Melissa Glaser is Damon Salvatore's new toy. Melissa is dating Damon but she notices the attraction between his boyfriend and Bonnie Bennet. Damon flirts with Bonnie. It makes Melissa jealous But now Melissa , possessed by the demon, is very dangerous powerful witch Damon calls on Bonnie for help, and they are successful in drawing out the demon from Melissa, but it enters Bonnie instead. Bonnie accidentally kills Damon and the demon dies with him Sorry for my English :)
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Peter and Laura Hale ( Meghan Ory ) - Teen Wolf
Meghan Ory (Ruby from OUaT) as Laura Hale. Read first please !!! Plot: Relationship between Laura, her brother Derek and her uncle Peter is very complicated. Laura Hale wants to leave her family and her pack. She is not able to control her wolf side. Laura is ashamed of it. She doesn't remember anything what happened last night. Then Laura finds a dead body. She believes that she might be responsible for this death. Laura and Peter dispute. Laura leaves home and leaves her pack. Peter calls Laura and tries to apologize to her. Meanwhile Kate Argent and others hunters set fire to the Hale family house (They used the kill committed by Laura as a reason to attack Hale) , murdering all the members. Only Peter survived. Laura and her brother Derek were not present when the Hale Manor was burned by Kate Argent .Peter Hale was badly burned on the right side of his face and was assumed to be paralyzed. Laura returns home. She frequently visits Peter in the hospital. Peter feels a little better. But he believes that Laura is guilty of of setting fire. Peter kills her in revenge for burning down the Hale house. But then he realizes that he made a mistake. Peter kills the real murderer Kate Argent.He regrets what he did with Laura. Peter is always thinking about her and sees her ghost. After his death, Peter apologizes to Laura. Then he comes back to life, full of hope to start a new life. P.S. sorry, guys. I know my editing sucks. But I just start to use Sony Vegas and I still learn to use SV )) I hope soon I will vid better than now
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Klaus & Cassie -Volatile Times (The Secret Circle/The Vampire Diaries)
READ FIRST PLEASE!!! This is The Secret Circle/The Vampire Diaries crossover! storyline: Klaus knows someone wants to kill him and his family. But who is betrayer? His girlfriend Cassie Blake? A witch Jake Armstrong ? The mother of the Originals Esther? Klaus tries to find him (or her?) Esther desires to kill all of her vampire children, whom she now believes to be abominations after seeing the violence that they embody. Esther tells Cassie she can use her dark magic and her medallion to kill Klaus. But Cassie don't want to help her. Esther tries to enter Cassie.Klaus thinks Cassie killed his mother and so he tries to kill Cassie. But Cassie comes back to life and Esther comes back too Cassie decides to help her. But she can not kill Klaus. She loves him. Cassie must kill him or Esther's spell kill her. But Cassie breaks the medallion and breaks the spell Sorry for my English ) But I hope you can understand the storyline:) song choice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igiQ487JpGk amazing video about Klaus by superdeannatural I heard this song here :)
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Faye/Stefan/Elena-Love Song ||The Vampire Diaries/The Secret Circle
reupload! The Vampire Diaries The Secret Circle crossover Faye likes Stefan. Be careful,Elena!
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Peter Hale & Caroline Forbes (Teen Wolf/TVD)
Read first please! This is Teen Wolf/The Vampire Diaries crossover. Caroline as Lydia. I mean the plot is similar to the current "Pydia" storyline on Teen Wolf. Caroline Forbes is bitten by the Alpha but neither dies nor turns. Instead, she is revealed to be immune. Peter Hale tries to use her immunity to come back to life. Caroline has nightmares.She has disturbing hallucinations of Peter. Peter tells Caroline that he must be resurrected on the next full moon. Caroline attacks Derek and brings him to the Hale house, where Peter uses Derek's blood to come back to life.
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Klaus/Caroline/Stefan (+Rebekah) -1920s (AU)
The Vampire Diaries. AU. 1920s Stefan falls in love with Caroline but she is Klaus' bride. Caroline likes Stefan. Klaus is jealous. He compels Stefan to fall out of love with Caroline. Stefan is dating Rebekah. Later Klaus compels Caroline to run with him.Stefan stays with Rebekah in Chiсago
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Cassie/Jake/Caroline (+Klaus) ||The Vampire Diaries / The Secret Circle
READ FIRST PLEASE!!! This is Vampire diaries/Secret circle crossover. Sorry guys! It is unfinished video, preview.So my vid is not perfect now ) AU!! Cassie Blake and Caroline Forbes are cousins. From childhood, Jake is a close friend of Caroline and Cassie. Caroline is dating Jake Armstrong.Cassie falls in love with him secretly After the death of her mother, Amelia,(Klaus killed her) Cassie resides with her grandmother and Caroline. Jake is Klaus' witch. Klaus compel Jake to breaks up with Caroline and follow Cassie.
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Peter + Lydia (+Regina) || Teen Wolf / Once Upon a Time
READ FIRST PLEASE!!! This is Once Upon a Time and Teen Wolf crossover and this is AU! WARNING!! In this video Peter Hale is NOT werewolf. He is a kind of dementor (does anyone know how call the dark creature with the power to devour a human soul from OUaT season 2? the wraith? PM me please if you know it ) Regina is Lydia 's aunt. Lydia lives with her aunt in Storybrooke. Plot: Lydia sees the purple smoke in town . This magical cloud of smoke engulfs the clock tower . The magic returns to Storybrooke. (But the curse on Storybroke is not completely broken ) Peter Hale was in a coma in the hospital. But the magic wake him up. Peter remembers everything and he wants to take revenge (Regina set fire to the Hale family house, murdering all the members. Peter Hale survived but he was badly burned on the right side of his face ) The dark creature attacks Lydia. She wakes up and realizes that it was a nightmare. Her aunt Regina has a nightmare too: In this nightmare it is revealed that Regina was responsible for the deaths of Hale's family. She sees her niece Lydia and then Regina sees Peter coming back. Lydia encounters the wolf, then she spots a mysterious man, watching her from a distance. Regina is arrested and taken to Storybrooke Jail Lydia cries at school. That mysterious man ( Peter) is also there, hunting Lydia. During the night, Regina awakens abruptly from a nightmare of Peter Hale. The dark creature tries to attack Lydia in reality this time. Mary Margaret saves her from being attacked by the wraith. Then Mary Margaret visits Regina. Regina tells her that the wraith is Peter Hale .He wants to kill Regina and her niece. Mary Margaret frees Regina from her cell because only she can win Peter.Meanwhile, Peter returns to the home of Lydia. She thinks Peter attempts to kill her. But Peter asks her for help. He just wants to be human again He knows true love's kiss will break the curse. Lydia kisses Peter and he turns into a young boy her age. This true love's kiss causes the hands of the town clock, previously frozen at 8:15, to begin moving again.The curse on Storybroke is broken too. P. S. I know,voiceovers 1:10-1:30 really suck ( But now I can not make it to sound better because I have a problem with the program I use.This program does not work the normal way :( And please don't dislike this vid if you hate my idea.I understand that my idea is ​​a very strange and crazy :) But i worked very hard. I just wanted to create something different from other Pydia and OUaT videos
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Emma/Darcy || Emma / Pride and Prejudice (Colin Firth & Romola Garai)
READ FIRST PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emma Woodhouse is happy because close family friend Mr Darcy marries Lizzy Bennet. Or she seems to be happy.... After the wedding Emma comes home, she cries and she remembers.... 1 year ago. Darcy proposes to Emma but she rejects him. Because they are just friends. Later Darcy falls in love with Elizabeth Bennet and Emma regrets her decision to refuse a proposal from Mr Darcy Sorry for my English :)
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Damon/Cassie/Faye & Charles/Katherine |TVD / TSC |
This is The Secret Circle / The Vampire Diaries crossover. Charles Meade and Damon Salvatore are enemies. One day Damon returns to town and Charles asks Katherine Pierce ( she is Charles' old friend ) for help.He wants to protect town of Chance Harbor from Damon. Cassie Blake finds her book of shadows and unlock her magical powers. She shows this book to Faye Chamberlain.But are able two young witches to stop a vampire ? Sorry for my English )
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Вячеслав Манучаров-  You always find me here (Хроники измены)
фильм: Хроники Измены. Вячеслав Манучаров, Любовь Толкалина. песня: Transit -- You always find me here twitter:https://twitter.com/AngelikBlokhina
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Hayley & Tyler ( +Caroline ) Сrave you || Vampire Diaries
I wanna ship this love triangle :) Later I will make something longer and better ) I know it sucks now ) the scenes in black and white are flashbacks Please don't dislike if you hate this pairing. Thank you!
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Jane Darcy Elizabeth || Pride and Prejudice AU Colin Firth
READ FIRST PLEASE !!! This is alternative story ! Darcy proposes to Jane. She accepts a proposal from Mr. Darcy. But soon Darcy finds himself falling in love with Elizabeth... Sorry for the quality ! I I just changed the song and reuploaded my old video because youtube blocked "beautiful ones"
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Damon / Rebekah / Cassie / Jake- Dark in my imagination
READ FIRST PLEASE!!! This is The Secret Circle/The Vampire Diaries crossover and AU Cassie and Damon, Rebekah and Jake were two great couples. But now Damon flirts with Rebekah.It makes Cassie jealous. Cassie and Rebekah's boyfriend Jake spend time together.... :) I REUPLOAD THIS VIDEO ( I deleted it before ) I changed the song.
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