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'The Man Who Knits'
Most new knitters start by making a scarf. The first thing this artist ever knitted was an Irish fisherman's sweater. Both unconventional and frugal¬ - and always up for a challenge - he sources his fiber from thrift-store sweaters and then up-cycles the yarn into new items, such as hats and blankets. Some might know this German Village-area resident and realtor as EJ Jones, others simply as “The Man Who Knits.”
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A Day in the Life of a Ballerina
BalletMet dancer and Columbus native Samantha Lewis has been with the company for six years. She shows us what life is like as a ballet dancer, both on stage and off.
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Wet Plate Photographer Giles Clement
In Portland, Oregon, Giles Clement practices the antique craft of wet plate photography. Although he has spent most of his career working with digital cameras, these days he's been enjoying the messy wonder of his wet plate process. The antique process help's Clement's photography stick out alongside the many different types of modern digital photography. Wet plate photos require a high level of expertise on the part of the photographer but can yield dramatic results. For more information please visit: www.gilesclement.com
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Ohio Historical Society -- Lustron Home
Travel back to the 1950's and step into a Lustron Home -- a fully metal home manufactured here in Columbus, Ohio. On display inside the Ohio Historical Society, the prefabricated single-family residence was the height of modern life -- compact and easy-care. The exhibit offers a hands-on opportunity to understand and reflect on some of the prevailing issues of the decade -- from McCarthyism to rock and roll.
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Artist James DeRosso's Ceramic Monsters
Everyone has their own idea of what's scary. Artist James DeRosso always knew he wanted to work in ceramics, but it all changed when he shifted his focus from bowls and vases, started making monsters, and sharing his own ideas on what's scary. For more information, please visit www.monster8all.com
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Artist Profile: Kevin Farrell aka Dee W. Ieye
Like most working actors, Kevin Farrell held random jobs while pursuing a career in Hollywood, where he appeared in small roles in film and television, most notably on Frasier. When a friend encouraged him to sell Tupperware – in drag – to supplement his income, he dismissed the idea as ludicrous. When he eventually decided to give it a go, Dee W. Ieye was born. Dee, a slightly raunchy beauty queen from Tennessee who might have a drinking problem, soon rose the ranks to become Tupperware’s No. 1 salesperson in North America for four years running – and still rates among the nation’s top 5 sellers. Farrell, who has since relocated to Powell, Ohio, shares the story of his unconventional career path as a paid entertainer.
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Fiber Artists Create With An Overlooked Medium
Craft becomes fine art in the hands of three local artists - Nicki Strouss, Esther Hall, and Megan A. Coyan. Each woman, working in her own tradition of paper, embroidery or textile design, creates fiber art that stretches beyond the boundaries of surface design and utility. The constraints of the medium force the artists into spontaneity, often yielding thoughtful yet exciting pieces of art. The artists' show Tendrils: A Delicate Twist will be on display throughout October at the Ohio Art League Gallery at 1552 N. High Street. For more information go to www.oal.org.
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ARTifacts: Snakes of Ohio
In this periodic series, Broad & High delves into the seldom-seen archives of the Ohio History Center. With nearly 2 million items in its collections, not everything always gets to see the light of day. We go deep into the collections to shine a spotlight on some of our state’s hidden treasures. Snakes are a much-maligned creature in Ohio. The vast majority that an Ohioan encounters are harmless. There are only three venomous species in Ohio¬¬ – two of them are endangered, and and all of them are shy and non-aggressive. We’ll help you identify these creatures so in the future you can remember that, when it comes to snakes, they’re more afraid of us than we should be of them.
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Designing Woman: Edith Head at Paramount 1924-1967
At the Decorative Arts Center in Lancaster. Edith Head is one of the most recognizable names in film-fashion history. During her 60-year career she worked on more than 1,000 films and garnered 35 Academy Award nominations (winning 8). She spent 43 years at Paramount Pictures where she designed many of the iconic costumes worn by some of Hollywood's biggest actresses such as Barbara Stanwyck and Ginger Rogers. In this segment, we'll visit her historic costume collection on view through August 17th at the Decorative Arts Center in Lancaster.
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Rachel Wiley
Celebrate National Poetry Month with Rachel Wiley! Rachel took 4th place at the annual Women of the World Poetry Slam held in Columbus. Out of 72 contestants and through many, many rounds judges resonated with her poetry which ranges from the funniest thing you ever heard to deeply moving personal reflection. You'll find snippets of poetry about stalking a man that looks like Ira Glass through a grocery store, about what happens when KFC runs out of chicken, and more.
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Master Ceramicist Tom Coleman
Tom Coleman is a master potter based in Las Vegas. He was invited to Columbus this summer to lead a workshop at the Columbus Cultural Arts Center and his works were on display at Sherrie Gallery in the Short North. Coleman draws inspiration from the desert landscape of his Nevada home and it’s evident in the details of his ceramic sculptures.
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Photographer Will Shively
This short documentary from Oakhouse Films follows the story of Willis Shively, a self-taught photographer who has become one of the most successful commercial fashion photographers in Columbus. His clients range from Express and Abercrombie & Fitch to BalletMet. With a degree in painting and a passion for the human form, he brings a fine-art sensibility to all of his photographs.
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Artist Profile: Cyrus Fire
Columbus artist Cyrus Fire who considers himself a “pop surrealist” and his works in acrylic are easily identifiable by his bold sense of color and illustration, as well as his notable canvas signature. But he also considers his art-making a form of soul-centering therapy and gives us this personal peek into his artistic process.
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Alina Szapocznikow, Sculpture Undone: 1955 - 1972
Currently on display at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, OH is one of the first large-scale survey's of innovative artist Alina Szapocznikow's work outside of her native Poland. With nearly one hundred of her mixed media sculptures, drawings, prints, and archival video, this exhibition explores her evolution.
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Amanda Louise Spayd
At once endearing and unsettling, the doll-sized creatures made by Ohio artist Amanda Louise Spayd evoke ideas of cast-off children’s toys and ill-conceived taxidermy experiments with crooked human teeth. Because of their aged, antique appearance, one is left to wonder about the origin and past lives of these creatures. Do they look like this because they were abandoned, or because they were literally loved to pieces?
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Artist Profile: Dennis DeVendra
When Dennis DeVendra decided to take up woodturning and using lathes, he had a hard time finding mentors who would teach him. People were apprehensive about helping a blind man operate machinery that reaches speeds of up to more than 1,000 RPMs. But Dennis persevered despite his challenges, and is now the vice president of the Central Ohio Woodturners Association. We visited Dennis at his German Village workshop where he makes all of his creations.
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The Making of Apple Pie Mead
Mead, made by fermenting honey and water, is perhaps the most ancient form of alcoholic beverage and has a history that dates as far back as 2,000 BC. Affectionately referred to as "Dessert in a glass," Apple Pie Mead produced by Brothers Drake signifies all that we love about this time of year. With a recipe that includes locally procured fresh apple cider, local wildflower honey, and some quintessential apple pie spices -- cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves -- the result may be more aptly called "Holidays in a glass." We meet with the team at the meadery to learn how they make this ancient beverage and find out what makes their Apple Pie Mead so popular.
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“Sign Your Art” Community Project
For four weeks this summer, totems of artwork by Columbus artists were displayed on pedestrian street signs throughout the city. It was an effort that quite literally put Columbus art on the map. But watch here before you Google it.
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Deane Arnold Puts Jack-o'-Lanterns to Shame
Deane Arnold is a 51-year-old graphic artist from Reynoldsburg who works in many mediums, however when the leaves begin to turn, it's mostly gourds. He just started carving 3D pumpkins last year and now cars and onlookers line the street to see his creations. For more information, please visit www.deanearnold.com/pumpkins.html
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Artist Profile: Keturah Ariel
Keturah Ariel describes herself as an artist/entrepreneur. Her work focuses largely on positive representations of young black women and messages of social justice. Ariel, a graduate of CCAD, works in many mediums and makes a brisk business of printing her work on items from T-shirts and tote bags, to coffee mugs and greeting cards. Her work has frequently been featured in Essence magazine and she tells us how she has turned her passion for art into profit.
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Historical Dinner Club -- The Kahiki
The Columbus Historical Society recently launched a new event series called the Historical Dinner Club, showcasing beloved restaurants of Columbus's past that are still fondly remembered today. For this introductory event, Alana's Food & Wine reimagined the menu of The Kahiki, which closed its doors in 2000. During this one-night-only event, patrons were able to relive the tropical Polynesian experience from what was once this city's premier tiki bar.
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Terry Allen’s Deer Sculptures
They’re just two deer, lounging on the banks of the Scioto River watching the world go by. The city of Columbus recently commissioned Santa Fe artist Terry Allen to create and install these whimsical sculptures along the banks of the Scioto riverfront. Titled Scioto Lounge, the deer have strangely human-like features and were sculpted into relaxed, anthropomorphic poses. The sculptures are here to stay, but Allen’s conceptual sketches of his various public-art projects – including those of the deer – are on view at the Urban Arts Space gallery downtown only through Nov. 8, 2014.
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Interview with Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston shares his bittersweet emotions as the iconic series Breaking Bad comes to an end and he says goodbye to Walter White. "I've never been in it for fame and recognition or money. My juice is the thrill and the empowerment that I get out of making people laugh or making people angry or scaring people or whatever the case may be. That's where I get my excitement from." For more on Breaking Bad visit www.amctv.com/shows/breaking-bad.
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An Interview with Christopher Plummer
Christopher Plummer has been widely acclaimed as one of the finest classical theater actors of his generation. He is beloved by movie audiences as a veteran star of more than 100 motion pictures, ranging from his iconic performance as Captain Von Trapp in the Sound of Music, to his acclaimed recent work in the films The Insider, A Beautiful Mind and his 2012 Oscar win for Beginners. Paula Zahn chats with Plummer about his recent works -- such as 2012's Barrymore, HBO's Mohammad Ali's Greatest Fight, and the recently released and Elsa & Fred.
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the theater is a blank page
Last month the Wexner Center for the Arts presented the theater is a blank page; a collaboration between internationally renowned visual artist Ann Hamilton, who lives and works in Columbus, and the SITI Company, an experimental theater company based in New York. We’ll share scenes from the stage of this site-specific performance that immersed the audience in the physical components of theatre alongside the text of Virginia Woolf’s 1927 novel To the Lighthouse.
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Shakespeare and Autism
“The play's the thing!” In fact, the play's the thing that brought The Royal Shakespeare Company to our studios at [email protected] for an imaginative production of The Tempest. This innovative project combines the familiar, heartbeat rhythm of the iambic pentameter with sensory drama games to encourage children and young adults with autism to experience and express emotions. Researchers at The Ohio State University are working with the RSC to determine if using Shakespeare's plays as a teaching and therapy tool can have lasting benefits for people with autism.
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Fritz the Nite Owl
Columbus legend Fritz the Nite Owl hosted late-night movie program Nite Owl Theater for 16 years, and the beloved radio show Nite Owl Jazz for 19. Now, with a new incarnation of Nite Owl Theater at Studio 35, the late night denizen of cool shares some stories from his amazing life.
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Interview: Mystery Author Laurie R. King
Laurie R. King is a mystery writer who has taken on iconic Sherlock Holmes and given him a firebrand of a partner in Mary Russell. King's historical novels allow her to explore ideas such as the roots of the Middle East conflict, feminism and early Christianity, and patriotism and individual responsibility. In this segment, we talk with King about her process, characters and the three things she can't write without.
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The anonymous duo known as #Dangerdust loves chalk. These two Advertising and Graphic Design students at the Columbus College of Art Design have taken it upon themselves this school year to create a weekly chalkboard design with an inspiring quote, skillful typography, and stealth delivery. Each week -- under the cover of darkness -- they erase the previous message and start all over on a clean board with an illustration that can take up to 10 hours to create. Their designs have generated a healthy following on social media where everyone is asking... "Who is Dangerdust?"
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A Culinary History of the Great Black Swamp
Nathan Crook is a cultural anthropologist and instructor at The Ohio State University agricultural campus in Wooster who researches culinary history and traditions in the Midwest and Ohio. In his recent book, A Culinary History of the Great Black Swamp, Crook explores the once uninhabitable and densely forested wetland region of northwest Ohio known as the Great Black Swamp, which covered 1,500 square miles. In the latter half of the 19th Century, the region was drained and settled by immigrants who brought with them their own cultural and culinary traditions, many of which can still be experienced through the area’s seasonal festivals.
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ARTifacts: The Gowns of Miss America 1963
You might not expect to see beauty-pageant gowns stored along with Civil War battle flags and quilts of rural Ohio in the state’s historical archives. In 1963, Jackie Mayer of Sandusky was crowned Miss America, and she later donated the dress she wore – in addition to other items from her wardrobe – to the Ohio History Center. Curator Rebecca Odom shares with us the historical significance of these contemporary artifacts of fashion. In this periodic series, Broad & High delves into the seldom-seen archives of the Ohio History Center. With nearly 2 million items in its collections, not everything always gets to see the light of day. We go deep into the collections to shine a spotlight on some of our state’s hidden treasures.
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The Chimes of Ohio State's Orton Hall
February marks the anniversary of a beloved Ohio State University tradition. Since 1915, the chimes have been part of university life, housed in one of the oldest and most unique buildings on campus. Learn about the history of the chimes of Orton Hall with WOSU's Tom Rieland.
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ARTifacts: Charley Harper
In this periodic series, Broad & High delves into the seldom-seen archives of the Ohio History Center. With nearly 2 million items in its collections, not everything always gets to see the light of day. We go deep into the collections to shine a spotlight on some of our state’s hidden treasures. In 2006, the mayor of Cincinnati declared Dec. 8 Charley Harper Day. In this segment, we explore the work of the Cincinnati-based artist, whose modern, minimal and playful illustrations of wildlife remain ever popular 10 years later.
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The Be Brave Choir
The Be Brave Choir is a combination of students from Whittier and McVay Elementary Schools in Westerville. This extracurricular choir is named after a song performed by Sara Bareilles with lyrics that are meant to inspire and empower youngsters. Led by music teacher Kim Spencer, the group hopes to expand to 3 new schools next year.
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ARTifacts: Debris from the USS Shenandoah
After World War I, the U.S. Navy decided that rigid airships would be a useful defense tool to scout enemy positions. The USS Shenandoah was the first of these zeppelins to be completed; it was inflated with helium and in the mid-1920s embarked on a goodwill tour across the United States.
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Artist Profile: Steven Walker
Steven Walker, a well-traveled artist who now lives in Ohio, says the best times of his life were the childhood road trips he took with his family through the countryside of Virginia and his paintings are reminiscent of these times. His landscapes evoke the feelings of discovery that occur around every bend in the road and allude to narratives that are just beginning.
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Artist Profile: Charlotte McGraw
As a troubled teenager, when Charlotte McGraw was in need of love and guidance, she was instead institutionalized for many years for behavioral and mental health problems. Eventually her journey found her taking advantage of the services of Goodwill Columbus, where the artist in residence encouraged her to pursue the arts as a creative outlet. Charlotte has since created a fictional town called Charlottesville, where creatures that are misunderstood, disrespected and rejected find a home, a hug, unconditional acceptance... and a permanent mayor named Charlotte.
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Artist Profile: James Gulliver Hancock
Illustrator James Gulliver Hancock's attempt to draw all of the buildings in the Big Apple began as a way to cope with his move from Australia to New York City. As a child, he used whimsical drawings as a way to communicate. So he decided to continue his creative practice to capture the architecture of his adopted home city and has never looked back.
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BalletMet's New Artistic Director Edwaard Liang
BalletMet's new artistic director, Edwaard Liang talks with Broad & High about the collaborative direction he intends to take the organization. Liang talks about his creative journey from his martial beginnings to his choreographed works for Bolshoi, Joffrey and Shanghai Ballet companies. His inclusive strategy is meant to bring the audience into the performance and provide them with an escape from daily life -- a task that starts with Liang and spreads through all of BalletMet.
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The American Weigh: Christopher Steele's Penny Scales
Christopher Steele takes pride in his unique collection of penny scales. At one time, these coin-operated weighing machines stood on street corners and in public places, and provided people with an opportunity to weigh themselves without having to go to a doctor's office. His collection chronicles 100 years of American ingenuity and industrial design.
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Behind the Scenes at Columbus Metropolitan Library
The Columbus Metropolitan Library serves 21 locations in Franklin County, and its operations center in Gahanna serves as a hub for the movement of all the materials that move through the system. We sneak behind the scenes after dark to find out just exactly how the books get onto the shelf.
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“Nautia” – a short film
Nautia follows the story of a young girl living at the bottom of the sea as she dreams of what lies beyond the surface of the water. Created by a team of animation students at Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD), we’ll chat with someof the student animators who helped bring this tale to shore.
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BalletMet Dancers Jimmy Orrante & Carrie West
Jimmy Orrante, known for playing the seductive lead vampire in BalletMet’s Dracula, retired from the stage this spring after 20 years with the ballet company. Carrie West, who joined the company in 1998 and played the original Lucy opposite Orrante’s Dracula, also retired this season after sustaining a knee injury. We recently sat down with both of them to reflect on their careers and find out what comes next for these two stars of the stage.
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ARTifacts: Traditional 19th Century Quilts
Curator Becky Odom of the Ohio History Center shows us a selection of 19th-century quilts that were made by women to showcase their sewing skills and, in some cases, to attract a husband. In this periodic series, Broad & High delves into the seldom-seen archives of the Ohio History Center. With nearly 2 million items in its collections, not everything always gets to see the light of day. We go deep into the collections to shine a spotlight on some of our state’s hidden treasures.
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Righteous Mothers Bicycle Club
You’ve likely seen them already and wondered how one rides them, not to mention mount them. Those tall, strangely shaped bikes that are a fixture at community festivals and are “Frankensteined” together using a mishmash of spare parts. We went inside this local club of hobbyists and bike enthusiasts to find out what kind of skill it takes to become a member.
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Mercy Street Corsets
We profiled the work of Larissa Boiwka back in 2014. This past year she was commissioned to design a corset for the new PBS series Mercy Street, which will be worn by one of the actresses in the premiere episode. Larissa shares her experience working with the lead costume designer of the series and updates us on what else she’s been working on.
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ARTifacts: Japanese Friendship Doll
In this periodic series, Broad & High delves into the seldom-seen archives of the Ohio History Center. With nearly 2 million items in its collections, not everything always gets to see the light of day. We go deep into the collections to shine a spotlight on some of our state’s hidden treasures. In the 1920s, U.S. immigration restrictions created a strained relationship with Japan. In an effort to promote goodwill and ease cultural tensions, an American missionary in Japan initiated an exchange of dolls between children. Japan sent 58 of these so-called “friendship dolls” to America, each one representing a specific Japanese city or region. They were sent to libraries and museums across the country. The doll known as Miss Osaka calls the Ohio History Center her home.
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Pilot Dogs
Pilot Dogs began in Columbus in 1950 and shortly thereafter moved into its home in the heart of Franklinton where they've been ever since. The non-profit organization trains dogs to assist individuals with vision impairments, and each new puppy-recruit starts rigorous training at about one year of age. Once the dogs successfully master their skills, they are then paired with their new master. They'll spend up to 4 weeks living together at the Pilot Dogs facility, getting to know one another and learning each other's habits, before starting out on their new journey together. We chat with dog trainers and administrators to learn a little more about how this program works.
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ARTifacts: Ice Age Mammals in Ohio
Giant beavers, which were the size of black bears, once roamed the lands of Ohio, along with mastadons and mammoths. Natural history curator David Dyer gives us some insight into these historic mammals and their prevalence in Ohio. In this periodic series, Broad & High delves into the seldom-seen archives of the Ohio History Center. With nearly 2 million items in its collections, not everything always gets to see the light of day. We go deep into the collections to shine a spotlight on some of our state’s hidden treasures.
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Beck & Orr Bookbinders
Founded more than 100 years ago in Columbus, with its first location downtown on State Street where the Ohio Theatre now stands, Beck & Orr Bookbinders specializes in the repair and restoration of the precious books that mean most to us... such as an heirloom Bible that has been passed down for generations. We’ll take you inside the workshop of Beck & Orr, now located on the West Side of Columbus in the Hilltop, where the craftsmen there apply a human touch to every book that comes through their door.
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