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Flooding in Ocean Beach 1/6/2016 San Diego
Flooding in OB on 1/6/2016. San Diego, CA. Flooding on Santa Monica St and Abbott St. The property with the below street level garages had flooded on 1/5 from a previous downpour, and they cleaned a lot of the mess up on the morning of this video. There was sandbags around the garage ramp at street level, but once the street flooded it was more than the sandbags could handle. More heavy rain is expected on 1/7/2016.
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Glowing Scorpions! Scorpion Hunting in the California Desert
Let's go scorpion hunting. Nearly impossible to see without a blacklight/UV flashlight, these scorpions glow highlighter yellow. Just a simple UV/blacklight flashlight you can get online for 20-30$. This is in the desert in South East California, near the Salton Sea and Glamis. Arizona Hairy Scorpion - Hadrurus arizonesis. Here is a theory why they have evolved to glow- Their glowing bodies might serve as one big eye, helping scorpions find shelter under rocks, logs or grasses on moonlit nights, according to a 2012 study published in "Animal Behaviour." Led by Douglas Gaffin from the University of Oklahoma, this study showed that scorpions would scurry around in the dark until part of their bodies fell under the shadow of shelter. When shelter was scarce, scorpions preferred even a single blade of grass that cast just a small shadow to sitting completely exposed in the moonlight. This might be because the glowing exoskeleton helps the scorpions see by passing information to the brain on the amount of glow; when the exoskeleton glows more, the scorpion is in greater danger of predation. When there's no glow, the scorpion is sheltered from predators. The exact reason for glowing isn't completely understood, but the science behind the glow is. Young scorpions and those who have newly molted don't glow; they develop the fluorescence as their exoskeletons harden. The exoskeleton develops several chemicals, including beta-carboline, that cause it to glow under UV light. They lose this ability temporarily when they shed their skins, but gradually regain it after their molts. Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom
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How to: Regulate Automatic Watch
how to regulate your automatic watch to improve it's time keeping accuracy. I have a Seiko SKX173 Auto and used simple tools i bought at a local hardware store and the free audio software Audacity. It's easy to do, just be careful! I'm not a watch maker so do this at your own risk.
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KTM & BMW in Deep Sand at Glamis
The Baja Bojo's ride the KTM 990 ADV and BMW F800GS out near Glamis, in the Southern California Desert. From hard packed sand, to soft dune sand, to ultra soft powdered sugar quick-sand, the bojo's unsuccesfully attempt to conquer it all! Out of nowhere the sand turns completely soft and the bikes happily dive on in. #ClydeCrew #BajaBojos Jukin Media Verified (Original) * For licensing / permission to use: Contact - licensing(at)jukinmediadotcom
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747 Landing in San Diego
First British Airways 747 landing at Lindbergh Field in San Diego California. March 27th 2016. British Airways replaced their daily 777 service.
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I fly a Cessna 172 with an Instrument Certified Altimeter (24 months inspections), and compare it with 3 watches- The Casio SGW-1000, Casio PRW-3500 and the Suunto Core Graphite Crush. How well do these watches compare to a certified altimeter? I was very surprised how well they did. After starting at 388 feet (118 meters) I climbed up to 10,500 feet (3200 meters). The three watches were within 50 feet (15 meters) of the Cessna Altimeter! Quite impressive for a watch that only costs about $50USD (SGW1000) and $200USD for the Suunto and PRW3500. Altimeter watches are great for many things, but I use them mostly for hiking and flying my paramotor. Here is a link to my paramotor youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRlZVwWyOkjAn_XMaK1Fdg please check it out, I have lots of interesting places I've flown with many more cool places in future videos! So what do you think? Please leave me a comment down below, and hit that like and subscribe buttons. Thanks a lot for watching! -Pat MUSIC The Opening - Dan Lebowitz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6PX3-AxmvU The Clean Up Man - Dan Lebowitz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beinukM8aK0 DJ Tenshin - Cute as Heck Future Bass Mix https://soundcloud.com/tenshin/dj-tenshins-cute-as-heck-future-bass-mix
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Seiko SNE437 Solar Diver Review
A review of the Seiko sne437 solar dive watch. I really like this watch, a basic, affordable diver watch with high accuracy and reliability of solar power and quartz movement. The band feels a little cheap, (this is an affordable watch after all) so do yourself a favor and get a better band or bracelet. Hope you enjoy! Leave me your comments down below
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SSC617 Seiko Review - Solar Prospex Chronograph Diver Watch
Hi watch fans, hope you enjoy this video of my new SSC617! Please subscribe and comment! Music future james pure imagination (dotan negrin x prismatic mantis flip)
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Review of Citizen JP1060 JP1010 Aqualand Dive Watch
I describe and show the details of the Citizen Promaster Aqualand JP1060 and JP1010 series analog digital scuba dive watches.
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Valve Stem Tip for Motorcycle Tire Change
There are many things that can make a motorcycle tire change frustrating and agitating. You've got the old tire and tube off the wheel, now how do you put the new tube on and when do you do it? I always forget the order to do this so I made a video to spare my future self frustration and hopefully save you some as well. One of which is getting the valve stem from the tube into the wheel, either before or after you get the tire onto the wheel. The easiest way I've found to do this is to put the deflated tube into the tire, and pull the stem into the wheel, and then use irons to put the tire onto the wheel. Be careful during the process so you don't pinch the tube. Use soap and water it helps lubricate things and keeps the rubber from sticking.
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Aerial Carrizo Gorge and Goat Canyon Trestle
Aerial view of carrizo gorge and the goat canyon trestle. Jan 2016. Radian Parkzone Glider with gopro.
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Seiko SKX173 Auto Dive Watch Review
The Seiko SKX173 Automatic Dive Watch w/ WJean Super Oyster Bracelet, also see SKX007 and SKX009 SKX35a.
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how to duck dive
learn to duck dive, dont use a longboard! 1) push the board down, like a pushup 2) push the nose down first 3) put a back foot on the tail 4) once the nose is down, push on the tail with your foot and roll your body down, like a dolphin, towards the board 5) join the board and let the nose rise first, and it will pull you up/foward
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Seiko SKA413 On Wrist Close Up Review
Its known as the bfk, but it looks about the same size as other dive watches i have owned. See for yourself its not that big. Review of Seiko SKA413 SKA371 Kinetic Dive Watch. SKA371P1
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Seiko SKX009 Up close and on-wrist review
The skx009 and skx175 are automatic self-winding diving style watches made by Seiko. Featuring an oyster bracelet from WJean. Here are 2 very important things to understand about all Seiko low to mid-price automatic diving watches. 1) Because it is an automatic/mechanical watch, it never needs a battery, and it also will stop running if you don't wear it for about 48 hours. So if you take off your watch after work on Friday, and don't wear it over the weekend, you will need to reset it on Monday. Some people don't mind this, but for others it is a burden. 2) Again because it is mechanically driven, the accuracy of these watches isn't too great right out of the box. Expect a gain or loss of up to 30 seconds per day. These Seiko Automatic diving watches can be "regulated" or adjusted to fix the deviation in accuracy, you can do it yourself with basic watch tools, or take it to a jeweler. I adjusted my SKX009 and SKX173 from +20 seconds per day down to +/-2 seconds per day, so with a little bit of effort these watches can be made to function pretty accurately, but don't expect great performance right out of the box.
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City of stars tutorial
Chord names and notes are available on desktop version only. This is a quick tutorial I made for a friend, and it became very popular to my surprise. Good luck, keep practicing!
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Denali D4 auxiliary lights on ktm990
I'm very happy with these lights, they were relatively cheap compared to other brands, and put out lots of light. Denali D4 Flood & Spot Hybrid LED Lighting installed on ktm 990 adventure. Installation was moderate difficulty for average ability and took maybe 3 hours.
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The Moon Theme on Piano - DuckTales Cover
From the NES Duck Tales video game, moon level. One of my all-time favorite video game songs for a few reasons. First, the intro is in a weird time signature, 15/16 I believe, then it goes to 4/4. So you may notice that the high arpeggio in the intro sounds a little different than once the song gets going. Second, great chord progressions. The song is in F#, and what makes this song really pop is the D-E-F# progression right before it jumps into Bminor for the last section, then D-E-F# to wrap it up before it starts over. D-E-F# type progressions bVI-bVII-I, are very common in video games during the 80s and 90s, and people really respond to this progression. (mario 1, link to the past, ocarina of time, among many many others). Third, great melody! Lots of variety in this song. I hope you enjoy, it took me a few months to figure this one out and lots of practice. Originally composed by - Hiroshige Tonomura at Capcom Here is the progression if you are interested, I don't have sheet music for this, to my knowledge none exists, you'll need to figure it out yourself the hard way like I did if you really want to play it ;) F#-F/F#-Ebm-Db-Bm-Cdim-C#sus-C# F#-E-Ebm-D-C#/F#-Cmin-C#-D-E-F# Bm-E-A-Bm-C#sus-C# Bm-E-A-Bm-C#sus-C#-D-E-F#
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Seiko GMT Diver on wrist closer look
a closer look on wrist of the Seiko SUN019 GMT kinetic diver. this watch has SUN019 face with a SUN023 shroud and band. a big hefty dive watch.
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Steve the English Bulldog learns how to swim with the help of a life jacket and a little encouragement. Only took him one day and he was swimming pretty well and wouldn't stop chasing balls into the water.
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Mammagamma Cover - The Alan Parsons Project
I love the original Mammagamma by Alan Parson, so I thought it would be cool to try to cover the song, with some small changes, using my M Audio Axiom 25 and some Reason music software on my computer. I hope you enjoy it!
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how to: REAL MAI TAI - Fast & Fresh!
the best mai tai recipe I've made, use high quality ingredients and you won't be disappointed! no pineapple or POG or any funny fruit juice, just liquor and fresh lime! hope you enjoy, please leave me your comments!
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Radian Glider at Sunset Cliffs
A gorgeous day in San Diego at Sunset Cliffs, with the Parkzone RAdian RTF Glider. Nice wind from the west, perfect for slope flying!
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Bulldog Fail, head in bag, runs into furniture
Steve Bruledog gets excited about his new bag and runs into stuff like a dingus! [email protected] * Jukin Media Verified * Find this video and others like it by visiting https://www.jukinmedia.com/licensing/view/976945 For licensing / permission to use, please email licensing(at)jukinmedia(dot)com.
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Noisy Screaming Parrots of Ocean Beach, San Diego
Nearly everyday in the morning and evening these parrots fly around, singing their beautiful songs for all to hear. Apparently someone is shooting these wild animals with a pellet gun, maybe because they consider the birds a nuisance, but who knows.
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SD OB Close Lightning strike with great audio !
7/18/2015, hurricane Delores dumps 1.03 inches of rain breaking a single July day record, and breaking the full month July record. Video is from Ocean Beach. Very close to lightning strike where a palm tree caught on fire. Great thunder Crack sound! July 18 2015, san diego ocean beach ca.
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Pilot's Glory Optical phenomenon
A glory is an optical phenomenon that resembles an iconic saint's halo about the shadow of the observer's head, caused by light of the Sun or (more rarely) the Moon interacting with the tiny water droplets that make up mist or clouds. The glory consists of one or more concentric, successively dimmer rings, each of which is red on the outside and bluish towards the centre. Due to its appearance, the phenomenon is sometimes mistaken for a circular rainbow, but the latter has a much larger diameter and is caused by different physical processes. The glory is believed to occur due to classical wave tunneling, when light nearby a droplet tunnels through air inside the droplet and, in the case of a glory, is emitted backwards due to resonance effects.
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My New Adventure Paramotor Channel! FAQ & Learning to Fly
Hey friends! I'm going to be making lots of new videos dedicated to interesting and strange places that I'll be flying over with my new paramotor! Mines, Ghost Towns, Sand Dunes, and I'm open to other ideas so let me know in the comments! Please check out my new channel, ADV.PPG Adventure Paramotor New Channel Link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqRlZVwWyOkjAn_XMaK1Fdg?spfreload=5 Episode One Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHcTlsMD3gM I hope you'll follow along with my adventures on this incredible portable flying machine! Thanks again for watching !
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Sunset Cliffs & Ocean Beach RC Glider Gopro Windy!
11/16/2015 - very windy the last few days in Ocean Beach. Radian RC Glider with Gopro. Compare to my other video when the weather was perfect and sunny - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xE61g8eAO-0
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get well soon brandon!
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Crazy Bird Sounds!
Ask your kid what sound a seagull makes! Heritage pelican flyby, High speed low level bird fly-bys! Birds with airplane sounds! Jet and prop sounds sure to confuse your kids. Bojo video productions.
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how to make an alcohol stove!
alcohol side burner stove, ultra light backpacking stove made from beer cans or soda cans! really easy to make , check it out!
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Blue Angels High Speed Pass from Sailboat
From Fleet Week 2012
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Ocotillo Wells RC Glider Flying
November 14, 2015 over ocotillo wells. Radian Glider with gopro.
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Rc plane at sunset cliffs
Drinking and flying, not just for airline pilots anymore, but also hobbyists!
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dirt bike.wmv
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boom 1
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ski trip 2009
ski trip 2009
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S.S. Dominator Shipwreck
SS Dominator, a Greek freighter, ran ashore on the Palos Verdes Peninsula in the South Bay area of California in 1961 due to a navigational error while lost in fog. Its remains can still be seen today
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Fall colors Moto Hwy 4 and 89
R1200gs adventure Motorcycle on Ebbetts pass and monitor pass .
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Ob Christmas parade 2014
This is towards the end of the ocean beach Christmas parade on Newport Avenue in San Diego.
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Lizard's Flight Bag goes Boom
For Better audio listen with headphones to this video, here the explosion echo - https://youtu.be/RsFmpGeEQmQ Executive Producer, Ranchie. Editing, Taco. Cinnamontographer, Burrito. Best boy grip, Mad Dog.
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Aerial Dog Beach at Sunset
San Diego, Ca. Ocean Beach Dog beach. Radian park zone glider with gopro. 1/2016
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