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Tanita BC601
The Tanita BC601 is the perfect tool for monitoring the effectiveness of any professional fitness or sports program over time. From tracking body fat and muscle mass trends, to recommending calorie intake and indicating hydration levels this Monitor help you tailor your exercise and dietary requirements helping attain peak physical performance.
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Tanita BC545N Segmental Body Composition Monitor
The new Tanita BC545N Segmental Body Composition Monitor is the next generation of the popular Tanita BC545, with new improved features including a high resolution colour display, faster measurement time and auto user recognition. Here's what Tanita has to say about the BC545N and a short video - 'The only segmental body composition monitor in the world with 10 measurements for a fast and detailed assessment' The new and improved BC545 provides 10 body composition measurements in 15 seconds. This will give you a unique assessment providing essential information on the progress of the effectiveness of your training. Muscle and Fat % measurements given for your arms, legs and trunk area displayed in easy-to-read graphics. You can fine tune your training program and set targets for increasing muscle and decreasing fat in your arms, legs and trunk areas. Key Features (compared to BC545) High resolution colour display including new and improved easy-to-read analytical graphics Twice as fast measurement time - just 15 seconds Modern design with convenient retractable hand electrodes Auto recongnition feature allows user to just step on for a reading - no buttons to press Includes body mass index and visceral fat in 0.5 steps
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Fantasia feat. RatPack and LipMaster Mark
Fantasia in Stoke bringing back together the legendary RatPack and Lip Master Mark
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Bunion Exercise 1 - v2
Bunion Exercise 1 - v2
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Tanita BC1000 UK Product Intro
Sport Scientist and Tanita Body Composition Expert Simon Bradeley talks about how you can use the BC1000 to maximise your sports performance.
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Choon Chaps Back Room Medley
This video is about CHoon Chaps Back Room Medley
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Tanita BC1000
The Tanita BC-1000 body composition monitor allows you to track your progress in your weight loss or fitness regime in detail. The BC-1000 can wirelessly link to your PC so you can synchronise all your details. The monitor can also work in conjunction with a Garmin fitness watch, allowing you to view and track your progress on there too. In addition to your weight, the BC-1000 monitor provides measurements on your body fat percentage, hydration levels, muscle mass, bone mass, visceral fat and other areas. The BC-1000 body composition monitor doesn't have a visible display, all readings are automatically transmitted to your PC or Garmin fitness watch so you can view your details in privacy. This makes the BC-1000 a great choice for discretion, allowing you to keep your health and fitness levels private.
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Choon Chaps Live
This video is about Choon Chaps Medley - Draft 1
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GoGo Designs Introduction
This video is an introduction into what GoGO Designs can do
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CHoon Chaps Back Room Medley
This video is about CHoon Chaps Back Room Medley
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Train with Tanita
Train with Tanita is a series of videos by professional athletes, trainers, experts and sport scientists helping you understand your body better. Using the Tanita Body Composition monitoring range to achieve and maintain optimum body composition.
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British Olympic Ball Short web Video
A short web video that used to promote via website the ball for BT
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Stuff Magazine Interview
At the CU Exposed show this was one of 12 videos we were asked to do for Computer unlimited as we cover their show every year.
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