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Demon Blade Tryndamere - Top lane Vs Irelia Sept.18, 2016
This is elo is high gold low plat
Views: 2806 jey Chow
2016 11 06  Demon Blade Tryndamere Pentakill and Plus 50
Demon Blade Tryndamere Pentakill Plus 50!
Views: 109 jey Chow
Yasuo mid vs Ziggs
Yasuo mid vs Ziggs 18:10 for start of pentakill
Views: 35 jey Chow
Ekko Oh baby a Triple!
Epic Eklko Triple Kill
Views: 34 jey Chow
2 Tower dive  fails
Why you should never tower divel XD
Views: 14 jey Chow
Full ap Jungle Ekko
Full ap Jungle Ekko
Views: 30 jey Chow
URF - Wukong Op Op
URF - Wukong Op Op
Views: 19 jey Chow
Nice guy - Gragas Penta kill
SlyKilla Sacrificing a perfect game for a team mate to get a penta kill.
Views: 38 jey Chow
SlyKilla - Headhunter Rengar Full AD jungle
Jungle Rengar op op ~.~ 1- Pac Reincarnated (Kutt Calhoun Freestyle) 2 - Malign20 Thug Trinity album - check him out if you guys are fans of 2pac. https://www.youtube.com/user/malign20/videos
Views: 38 jey Chow
The Penta Kill Dream???
Elo - High gold Low Plat Skip to 32:14 to see if he gets it
Views: 26 jey Chow

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