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kula shaker ~ mystical machine gun [single versiOn]
Original [versi]On kula shaker's 1999 album "peasants, pigs & astrOnauts".
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sinéad O'cOnnOr & glenstal abbey mOnks ~ the darkest midnight in december
lyrics: the darkest midnight in december, nO snOw, nO hail, nor winter stOrm, shall hinder us fOr tO remember, the babe that On this night was bOrn. with shepherds we are cOme tO see, this lOvely infants glOriOus charms, bOrn Of a maid as prOphets said, the gOd Of lOve in mary's arms. nO earthly gifts can we present him, nO gOld nOr myrrh nOr OdOurs sweet. but if with hearts we can cOntent him we humbly lay them at his feet. 'twas but pure lOve that frOm abOve brOught him tO save us frOm all harms sO let us sing and welcOme him, the gOd Of lOve in mary's arms. fOur thOusand years frOm the creatiOn the wOrld lay grOaning under sin nO One cOuld e'er expect salvatiOn nO One cOuld enter heaven. 'twas adam's fall had damned us all tO hell, tO endless pains fOrlOrn: 'twas sO decreed we'd have ne'er been freed, had nOt this heavenly babe been bOrn. but here the best Of heads will grumble, the faithless jews will nOt adOre a gOd sO pOOr, sO mean, sO humble, a child they scOrn tO kneel befOre. but, Oh, give ear, and yOu shall hear hOw all thOse wOnders came tO pass; why christ was bOrn tO suffer scOrn, and lOdged between an Ox and ass. have yOu nOt heard the sacred stOry, hOw man was made thOse seats tO fill, which the fallen angels lOst in glOry by their presumptiOn, pride and will? they thOught us mean fOr tO Obtain such glOriOus seats and crOwns in heaven, sO thrOugh a cheat they gOt eve tO eat the fruit, tO be avenged On man. thus we were lOst, Our gOd offended, the devils triumphing in Our shame. what recOmpense cOuld be pretended? nO man cOuld ever wipe Off the stain. till gOd alOne frOm his high thrOne becOming man did us restOre let us rejOice in tuneful vOice, let satan tremble and adOre, if by a wOman we were wOunded. anOther wOman brings the cure; if by a fruit we were cOnfOunded. a tree Our safety wOuld prOcure. they laughed at man, but if they can let satan with his hellish swarms refuse tO kneel and hOnOur yield tO the lOvely babe in mary's arms. we like beasts lay in a stable, Our senses blind and dead by sin tO help Ourselves we nOt able, but he brings grace and life again. thus cOnquered hell, cOnfined the devil, tO free Our sOuls frOm endless harms his life he gave and nOw yOu have the gOd Of lOve in mary's arms. ye faithful hearts be nOt Offended tO Own yOur gOd thOugh seeming mean by this frOm hell yOu were defended, yOur jOys were purchased by his pain. the lOrd Of all cOmes tO a stall, and tO attend him sends fOr kings whO by a star are called frOm far, tO see and hear thOse jOyful things. Oh, gOd! althOugh man did Offend thee, here is a man that must thee please; thOugh tO cOmpassiOn nOne cOuld bend thee, thy anger nOw must surely cease. and when Our crimes in aftertimes may thee tO anger justly mOve, pray grant us peace, seeing the face Of this thy sOn and gOd Of lOve. ye blessed angels jOin Our vOices let yOur gilded wings beat fluttering Over, whilst every sOul set free rejOices, and every devil must adOre. we'll sing and pray that he always may Our church and clergyman defend, gOd grant us grace in all Our days, a merry christmas and a happy end.
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sananda maitreya ~ yOu will pay tOmOrrOw
frOm the 1989 album "terence trent d'arby's neither fish nOr flesh"
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sananda maitreya ~ i have faith in these desOlate times
*i Own nO rights 2 this videO &/ lyrics &/cO* lyrics: i have faith in these desOlate times a rOar dOwn the rOad Of a rumbling war i have faith in these desOlate times a chill frOm the eyes Of a man Of pOlitical skill i have faith but fOr hOw much lOnger? it seems tO me, bitter trees, full Of fleas summarily hOld the branches peOple we, falling leaves, watching thieves stealing keys, tO Our ranches i have faith in these desOlate times a scOre tO the sOund Of the feet Of a jOurneyman's tOur i have faith in these desOlate times a feel and a hOpe and belief that man's peace will be still i have faith but fOr hOw much lOnger? the village green, peOple seen, full Of beans imagining the cOurse Of actiOn and in between, shOpping scenes, plasticine suburban dreams, an empty factiOn i have faith in these desOlate times shOw fear, and the smOke Of a gun trigger pulling finger pressure cOmes near i have faith in these desOlate times befOre lOng, the lamb and the liOn may lie with the lass in the grass at dawn i have faith but fOr hOw much lOnger [sananda maitreya, 1989]
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tanita tikaram ~ sunset's arrived
frOm tt's 199O album 'the sweet keeper'.
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eddi reader ~ shirt and cOmb
["shirt and cOmb" written by peter blegvad, perfOrmed by eddi reader [vOx] & teddy bOrOwiecki [guitar], released 1991 On eddi reader singleCD 'patience Of angels'] lyrics: he came hOme dOwncast that day the bearer Of bad news she smiled at him as he came in as he stOOd there in his muddy shOes he lOved her sO his pOOr heart cracked in telling what was tOld, ah her smile frOze, her mOuth went slack and his grief Oppressed him double-fOld he said "i'm nOt the master Of my fate as i wOuld wish tO be but i'm leaving nOw and i can't be late they ship Out tOnight and they're taking me "Our missiOn's still a mystery i'm just One Of many men whO must leave their hOmes and their families and might nOt pass this way again." [instr] she said "i'll cOme with yOu my lOve i'm nOt afraid nOr weak, nOw i will bind my breasts and crOp my hair and i'll speak lOw just like a bOy wOuld speak." "but yOu cannOt cOme with me, my lOve fOr they dO nOt take vOlunteers Oh but there's One thing tO yOu i'll swear thOugh i may be gOne fOr many years, nO shirt shall ever tOuch my skin nOr cOmb gO thrOugh my hair and i'll think On the bed yOu're in and i'll wish that I were lying with yOu there." http://www.eddireader.co.uk
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sananda maitreya ~ vibratOr (album versiOn)
track 1 frOm the 1995 album "terence trent d'arby's vibratOr* (*batteries included)"
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rObert lOng ~ jOs
[videO met al1 jOs zen lyrics] afkOmstig van rObert lOng's 1983 album "dag kleine jOngen".
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sinéad O'cOnnOr ~ why dOn't yOu dO right?
t[r]a[c]k[en] [1] frOm sinéad her 1992 big band jazz classics album "am i nOt yOur girl?".
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tanita tikaram ~ cOnsider the rain
frOm tt's 199O album 'the sweet keeper'.
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daniël lOhues ~ nie' alle dwalers bennen verdwaald
frOm daniël lOhues' 2O1O album 'allennig'. (i&i OwnOrights)
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sinéad O'cOnnOr ~ jesus and the mOney changers
i am nOt a liar, and I'm nOt full Of hatred but i hate lies and sO the liars hate me the same whO can't stand the sight Of a starving baby? can yOu really say yOu're nOt in pain like me? are any Of us nOt living painfully? pain is what their lies have kept us in but the war has started nOw, and truth will win many of us are gOnna lose Our lives and that's Okay because tO live we have tO die the enemies Of gOd will say it's chaOs just remember what jesus did in the temple and be patient exactly why dO yOu think he was assassinated? whO was it that did the dirty deed? whO didn't like the answers they'd received? lOOk at the One wearing the cOllar then Or nOw, there's Only ever been One liar and it's the hOly rOman empire and this is exactly what they did they tOld us lies tO take us away frOm gOd sO yeah, I am angry but I'm not full of hate i am full Of lOve gOd said "i bring nOt peace, i bring a swOrd"
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tanita tikaram ~ tO drink the rainbOw
frOm tt's 1992 album '11 kinds Of lOneliness'.
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tanita tikaram ~ it all came back tOday
frOm tt's 199O album 'the sweet keeper'.
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eddi reader ~ pOstcard
taken frOm eddi's 1999 album "angels and electricity".
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tanita tikaram ~ i Owe all tO yOu
frOm tt's 199O album 'the sweet keeper'.
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tanita tikaram ~ men and wOmen
frOm tt's 1992 album 'eleven kinds Of lOneliness
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sinéad O'cOnnOr ~ this IS a rebel sOng (re[ggae]miX)
"nO man's wOman" [2OOO] b-side re[ggae]miX frOm the sOng first released On the "gOspel Oak" ep [1997]. the title Of the sOng refers tO u2's "sunday blOOdy sunday", abOut which lead-singer bOnO said "this is nOt a rebel sOng"..
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sananda maitreya ~ it feels sO gOOd tO lOve sOmeOne like yOu
track 3 O[f/n] the (i.m.O. heavily underestimated) 1987 album "terence trent d'arby's neither fish nOr flesh".
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frédériQue spigt ~ spreek
track 1 van 't 2OO8 album "vreemd".
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eddi reader ~ aye waukin-O
taken frOm eddi's 2OO7 album "peacetime", alsO appeared On her 2OO8 album "eddi reader sings the sOngs Of rObert burns (part II)".
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eddi reader ~ simple sOul
taken frOm eddi's 2OO1 album "simple sOul".
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eddi reader ~ candyflOss
taken frOm eddi's 1996 album "candyflOss and medicine".
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sananda maitreya ~ angels fly because
track 2 O[f/n] the (terence trent d'arby) 1995 cd single 'hOlding On tO yOu', frOm his magnificent album 'vibratOr'.
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eddi reader ~ lazy heart
taken frOm eddi's 1996 album "candyflOss and medicine".
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spinvis & simOn vinkenOOg ~ spiegel
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sananda maitreya ~ yOur lOve is indecipherable
track 3 O[f/n] the (terence trent d'arby) 1995 cd single 'hOlding On tO yOu'.
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tanita tikaram ~ sOmetime with me
frOm tt's 1991 album 'everybOdy's angel'
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kula shaker ~ gOvinda 1997 [hari & st. geOrge]
frOm kula shaker's 1997 "summer sum e.p.".
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sananda maitreya ~ survivOr
'survivOr' first appeared On a limited editiOn prOmO versiOn Of the (i.m.O. fabulOus) 1993 album 'terence trent d'arby's symphOny Or damn (explOring the tensiOn inside the sweetness)". later it alsO appeared as a b-side On the cd single, the duet "delicate", featuring des'ree.
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tanita tikaram ~ i knew yOu
taken frOm tt's 1998 album "the cappuccinO sOngs"
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eddi reader ~ wOnderbOy
a 'the kinks'-cOver [1967], taken frOm the japan editiOn Of eddi's 1996 album "candyflOss & medicine". alsO appeared On her singles "tOwn withOut pity" and "rebel angel" and On eddi's 2OO1 'best Of' album "seventeen stOries".
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eddi reader ~ barcelOna windOw
teken frOm eddi's 1999 album "angels and electricity".
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kula shaker ~ prancing bride
taken frOm kula shaker's 1999 cd single "mystical machine gun", taken frOm the album "peasants, pigs & astrOnauts".
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tanita tikaram ~ blOOdlines
frOm tt's 1995 album 'lOvers in the city'.
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frédériQue spigt ~ wat zijn ze klein
track 13 van 't 2OO8 album "vreemd".
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tanita tikaram ~ i like this
frOm tt's 1998 album 'the cappuccinO sOngs' [which started me drinking cOffee ( ; ]
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eddi reader ~ bOnny besses
frOm rev hammer's "freebOrn jOhn". alsO appeared On the 1998 cOllectiOn-album "this is mOdern fOlk".
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kula shaker ~O~ hariprasad chaurasia ~ "(a) stOtra"
hidden [stO]tra[ck] On kula shaker's 1999 album "peasants, pigs & astrOnauts".
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eddi reader ~ clear
["clear"~ written & perfOrmed by eddi reader, calum maccOll & rOy dOdds, frOm the 1999 eddi reader album 'angels and electricity'] lyrics: i dO believe this rOad's fOr gOing i'll be On it sOOn enOugh my baby wants a mOther, sO dO i when it's all tOO tOugh, yeah i dO believe there's sOmething cOming hOpe it wakes us up the big hand's pOinting this way sOmetimes we lOve tOO much it's clear we're here it's clear see me Old and staggered Or yOung and swaggering where we're gOing, where we've been is all that matters, is in between, aah it's clear we're here it's clear all that's sense is lOst in static we're here against Our will hush there's time and plenty Of it Oh-ah, standing still i dO believe there's always better then again there's always wOrse it's clear we're here it's clear yeah...we're here {sOft vocalise} we're here [tweet] [eddi giggling] [tOy piano] http://www.eddireader.co.uk
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sinéad O'cOnnOr ~ i believe in yOu
bOb dylan cOver, taken frOm sinéad her 1994 single cd "fire On babylOn".
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frédériQue spigt ~ de engel, de duivel en de aarde
track 6 van 't 2OOO album "drOOm".
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tanita tikaram ~ let's make everybOdy smile tOday
taken frOm tt's 1988 cd single 'cathedral sOng'. edited beginning & end Of the Original track, leaving the sOng Only [[n]O applause &c0]. thOught this live & rare nOn album track was & is wOrth 2 b On yOutube 2.
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nicOle ~ er war nur ein einsamer träumer
lyrics: er war wie ein kind und er war ein greis und wie ein schlafwandler im sOnnenschein und vOm glück drang ihm nur hin und wieder einmal süßer duft in die nase hinein er verbrannte seine welt wann und wO's ihm gefiel und verstreute die asche im wind und er wunderte sich stets alleine zu sein meinte keiner wär's ihm wOhlgesinnt er war nur ein einsamer träumer ein träumer mit viel phantasie dOch wie schÖn ja wie schÖn die wirklichkeit ist das erfuhr er bis heut' leider nie dOch wie schÖn ja wie schÖn die wirklichkeit ist das erfuhr er bis heut' leider nie er malte schwarz-weiß und er war ganz erstaunt wie farblos sein dasein dOch war und er weinte wO jeder vOr lachen sich bug weil er alles mit ander'n augen sah und mit flügeln aus glas wOllt' er himmelwärts zieh'n dOch der sturm fegte ihn kurzerhand auf den bOden der tatsachen ganz schnell zurück wie ein engel gestutzt und verbannt er war nur ein einsamer träumer ein träumer mit viel phantasie dOch wie schÖn ja wie schÖn die wirklichkeit ist das erfuhr er bis heut' leider nie dOch wie schÖn ja wie schÖn die wirklichkeit ist das erfuhr er bis heut' leider nie er war nur ein einsamer träumer zu jung um die wahrheit zu seh'n dOch ich hOff' daß er bald aus den träumen erwacht denn bald werde ich neben ihm geh'n ja ich hOff' daß er bald aus den träumen erwacht denn bald werde ich neben ihm geh'n http://www.nicole-4-u.de
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tanita tikaram ~ gOOd traditiOn [1998 acOustic]
taken frOm tt's 1998 single cd 'stOp listening'. Original versiOn appeared On her 1988 debut album 'ancient heart'. (link tO sOng & videO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZadNtaQUZM)
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eddi reader ~ i lOved a lad
taken frOm eddi's 1996 album "candyflOss and medicine".
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tanita tikaram ~ hOt pOrk sandwiches [early acOustic versiOn]
track 3 frOm tt's 199O single cd 'little sister leaving tOwn' [frOm the album 'the sweet keeper']. studiO versiOn Of this sOng appeared On her 1991 album 'everybOdy's angel'.
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