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Magic Mushrooms in Amsterdam
Magic mushrooms and other treats in Amsterdam's Smart Zone.
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magic mushrooms in amsterdam pt 2
out of it
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Magic mushrooms in Amsterdam June 2007
Me & my some mates on a trip to Amsterdam in June 2007 - He'd just taken two bags of mushrooms
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Magic Mushrooms Trip
Hawaiian y Tampanesis
Views: 77982 Carlos Sanz
Save the Magic Mushroom - Amsterdam
video in Dutch. Peaceful demonstration on "de Dam" in Amsterdam against the prohibition of the magic mushroom in holland. In this video you hear the Dutch writer Simon Vinkenoog read a poem.
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Tom Rhodes - Mushrooms in Vondel Park | Amsterdam
Comedian Tom Rhodes visits Amsterdam and talks about doing mushrooms in Vondel Park. - Features live stand up from the Punchline Comedy Club in San Francisco, CA. http://www.tomrhodes.net http://www.punchlinecomedyclub.com/ Check out more comedy and travel videos from around the world. Subscribe here: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=kingofhaha
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Magic Mushroom Strains & Species (1/3)
Magic Mushroom Strains (1/3) A very well put together video of the beautiful Amanita and Psilocybin Mushrooms, categorizing species and strains for the research purposes amoung botanists, mycology, fungus obsessions and the Shamans. For The Disclaimers: The perpose of this video is research and entertainment amoung the various groups interested and associated with them, and these mushrooms are quiet the mystery have been on this planet for millennia fugus is said to be older then us humans ourselves millions of people dedicate there lives into fungi research and hunting. I do not advocate the consumption of any mushroom herb or plant. Peace and respect yourself and the sacred Psilocybin Mushroom
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In Amsterdam Trippin' On Shrooms
Me mate walking next to a canal in Amsterdam after eating a magic mushroom.
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Amsterdam, post mushroom discussion
Shiteys stag do
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mushrooms effect
mushrooms effect in amsterdam...
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Magic Mushroom Strains & Species (2/3)
Magic Mushroom Strains (2/3) PART 2 pantherina information http://www.flyagaric-amanita.com/amanita_pantherina.html Quote: "Panther caps, at least those of North American origin, have been found to contain ibotenic acid and muscimol. When dried and stored, the quantity of ibotenic acid declines proportionately as the quantity of muscimol increases. Panther caps also contain stizolobic acid and stizolobinic acid (amino acids), which are also found in Stizolobium and Mucuna species" Aminita Dosage & Safety Guid Lines & Information http://amanitas.info/Dosage_and_Safety.html Psilocybin Mushrooms Wikipedia Information. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psilocybin_mushrooms Ganoderma lucidum AKA Reishi The Lucid Experience "Mushroom of Immortality" "A good way to detoxify yourselve before during and after a psilocybin journey - mellowmushgrapetripp" "Reishi is said to elevate the spirit; it's a mood-elevating substance." Traditionally, reishi is believed to help transform the individual into a more spiritual being. Just as mushrooms transform decayed material on the ground into life-giving nourishment, reishi converts metabolic and psychic waster (hostility and other negative feelings), thereby raising the spirit and unshackling the mind. Individuals can consume reishi every day to support immune function, peace of mind, and physical vigor. Reishi is available in syrups, soups, teas, tinctures, tablets, and by injection. Form and dosage should be decided with the help of a healthcare professional" http://hubpages.com/hub/Reshi_Mushroom_Health_Benefits
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smoking weed on mushrooms  Amsterdam downtown
smoking weed in Amsterdam downtown on mushrooms
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jim and wilf.. shrooms.. amsterdam
holland coffeeshop tour.. mushrooms in amsterdam
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Magic mushrooms
Arkadiusz story about MM
Magic Mushrooms in Amsterdam (german)
was gibts da noch zu erklären wenn ihr ein bisschen österreichischen dialekt drauf habt oder sogar österreicher seit dann viel spass.
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Powers on mushrooms
A really short video unfortunately. Powers on Magic Mushrooms in Vondelpark, Amsterdam.
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magic mushrooms pt 3
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MagicMushroom Amsterdam
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Magic Mushrooms play The Wrong Girl
@ Diagonal Loft Club Forlì
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Sean Carter Presents, "The Effects of Magic Mushrooms"
dave the rave is high on shrooms and someone has pissed in his guitar!!
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How to take Magic Mushrooms
Italian guy shows how to take Magic Mushrooms in Amsterdam while the other guys are already in trip cause they have taken them twenty minutes before. Amazing effects. Type: Psilocybe Cubensis. Fresh Mexican Gold, no truffles.
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Magic, magic mushrooms
Amsterdam, March 2008
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Worst magic mushroom pickers ever!!!!!!!!!!
Morning out trying to collect magic mushrooms
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magic mushrooms
off his head in amsterdam
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Ingesting Magic Mushrooms has Long Lasting Positive Effects
Ingesting Magic Mushrooms has Long Lasting Positive Effects
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mushrooms amsterdam
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Portland police uncover psychedelic mushroom grow
Portland police raided a home at 4511 N.E. Alberta St., Monday morning. In the basement, they found about 300 jars used to grow psychedelic mushrooms. Officers took a man and a woman into custody.
Views: 64667 The Oregonian
Magic Mushrooms
Magic Mushrooms
Views: 33049 AcceleratorPlus
magic mushrooms
capodanno ad amsterdam..confusione...
Views: 58 vanediabolica
magic mushroom madness
me nd my mate 1 small bag ov crispy dry shrooms 1 brew nd then madness walkin da streets
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Paul Stamets- Psychoactivity Conference in Amsterdam 3 of 7
Want to learn about shrooms, watch this video.
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mushrooms: effetto funghetti:"mi sento come un palloncino d'elio" 2008
amsterdam 2008 le reazioni di gio eg euge dopo aver preso i funghetti
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Magic Mushrooms @ high altitude (4690m)!
Nevado de Toluca, Mexico, March 2008.
Views: 1587 Florian Nagl
shrooms effect
i tried
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AMSTERDAM '08  - Stoned / Mushroomed Sparduffa.
25-jan-08- Stoned in dam, magic mushrooms
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Paul Stamets- Psychoactivity Conference in Amsterdam
Paul talking about what he knows best, mushrooms.
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Mushroom Trippin'
What happens in Amsterdam
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adam shroom trippin
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Amsterdam 08-in hotel whit mushroom 2
Zio Franklyn che degenera in funghetto
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mushroom trip
buddy trippin
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Shrooms: a trip experience
Music: 1200 mics - magic mushrooms What it's like on shrooms. ...................... I did not make this video. Here is the link to the original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4pIxnuUG1k&feature=related
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Magic Mushroom Dance, Kid trippin
ma M8s bro trippin on mushrooms an dancing to red hot chilli peppers
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drug fairy
me selling shrooms to jean-luc
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shroom insanity part 3
guys trippin on shrooms
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Medical Magic Mushrooms
UCLA's Dr. Charles Grob discusses his research into the psychiatric and medical uses of psilocybin, also known as magic mushrooms, and cancer victim Pam Sakuda relates her feelings on why hallucinogens are kept from the public. Related: A medical use for magic mushrooms - Johns Hopkins researchers reported in 2006 that the hallucinogen psilocybin, otherwise known as the sacred mushroom, caused a profound mystical experience in the majority of a group of 36 volunteers who took the drug in a laboratory setting. Two years later, the researchers re-interviewed the volunteers and found that the spiritual effects of the experience appear to last for more than a year. - http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/booster_shots/2008/07/a-medical-use-f.html This video is a clip from AMERICAN DRUG WAR: the last white hope - http://www.americandrugwar.com
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Old Man and Magic Mushrooms  A FUNNY STORY & SONG -but needs a remake*
An old man tells a story about eating Crawdad Steww and Musrooms
Good Magic Mushroom trip!
This is what a good magic mushrooms trip does to you. Makes you laugh uncontrollably and speak utter funny shit. Watch in high quality and turn the volume up.
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