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I like Battlefield: Hardline Model - Kimono Sounds - New World Interactive Kimono if you ever see this, I just want to say that I'm sorry
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Big Russian Boss Show | Магазин на золотом диване
Твой любимый магазин: https://shop.rocketbank.ru/ Реклама, сотрудничество: [email protected] Подпишись на Бурдашева: https://goo.gl/SHl5jg Подпишись на канал «В активном поиске»: https://goo.gl/IyO9L4 У каждого уважающего себя блогера, должен быть свой магазин на диване. Добро пожаловать в магазин на золотом диване от Большого Русского Босса. Big Russian Boss Show Big Russian Boss Show | Instagram http://goo.gl/0aEBC7 Big Russian Boss Show | VK https://goo.gl/t7uziR Big Russian Boss VK - https://vk.com/big_russianboss BRB INST - https://www.instagram.com/the_boss_hhf/ PIMP INST - https://www.instagram.com/youngpimpofficial Medium Quality: Medium Quality | YouTube https://goo.gl/W8iyRR Medium Quality | VK https://goo.gl/sEsrVJ
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WATCH: "The Big Chop" | #ShortFilmSundays
@IssaRaePresents #ShortFilmSundays - a new short by a new creator, the first Sunday of every month. The Big Chop follows 10 year old Kris on her natural hair journey of self love and acceptance. Once a die hard lover of her big afro, negative hints from her mom and teasing on the playground causes Kris to get a perm. She continues to perm her hair as an adult until one day she has had enough. She stands in the mirror and does the "big chop." Writer: @alishawiththegoodhair Director: @derekddow Keep up with Issa Rae Presents: Twitter: http://bit.ly/IRPTwitter Facebook: http://bit.ly/IRPFacebook Follow Issa Rae: Twitter: http://bit.ly/IssaRaeTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/IssaRaeIG With her own unique flare and infectious sense of humor, Issa Rae's content has garnered over 40 million views and over 425,000 YouTube subscribers (and counting). In addition to making Glamour Magazine's "35 Under 35", Forbes' "30 Under 30" and Entertainment Weekly's "Breaking Big" lists, Issa's hit series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl was the recipient of the coveted Shorty Award for Best Web Show. Issa's first book, a collection of essays, is a New York Times Best Seller and her show, Insecure, a half-hour comedy show for HBO, has aired 3 seasons garnered multiple awards and nominations. With Issa Rae Presents, Issa is creating a space for creators of all stripes to create and share their own stories.
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The Notorious B.I.G. - "Juicy"
"Juicy" by The Notorious B.I.G.. From the album "Ready To Die" (1994). Directed by: Sean "Puffy" Combs iTunes: http://apple.co/1RT3njB Spotify: http://spoti.fi/25Ei7jf Follow us on... Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/badboy Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/badboyrecords Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/badboyentertainment Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/badboyrecords © 1994 WMG/Bad Boy Entertainment
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Worlds Longest AK47 Mag
Sorry for the wind! Just shot the longest AK mag I could find! Worked better than I thought.
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ПРАНК / ФЛЕКСИМ В ТЦ ПОД BIG BABY TAPE (я взял твою бу) И БУЗОВУ (+другие зашкварные песни)
ПРОСТО ТАНЦУЛЬКИ.... НИЧЕГО ЛИШНЕГО Играй и зарабатывай + БОНУС 100р - http://bit.ly/2Ra4Pp2 МОЙ INSTAGRAM С ТРЕЙЛЕРАМИ И МУЗЫКОЙ: https://www.instagram.com/jav4a Я В ВКОНТАКТЕ: https://vk.com/jav4a Никита: https://www.instagram.com/somnambule36 (оператор) Валентин: https://www.instagram.com/vkandelaki (опертаор) ПО ПОВОДУ РЕКЛАМЫ СЮДА https://vk.com/id380853784 или [email protected] (писать с пометкой Egor Dazzzling) МОЙ игровой канал: https://goo.gl/w4YGS2 #пранк #явзялтвоюбу #бузова #flex #флексим
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Dual Wielding Full Auto Glocks W/ 100 Round Drum Mags
Daenen from Culper Precision dual wields two full auto glocks with 100 round drum mags. 200 rounds shot in under 5 seconds. My main camera for video // http://amzn.to/2x1ssKD My main lens to vlog with on the GH5 // http://amzn.to/2x5kZaM My main camera for photo // http://amzn.to/2x2gb8I My main lens to vlog with on the 5d // http://amzn.to/2fagzej The mic I use // http://amzn.to/2x2jWL3 The main GoPro I use // http://amzn.to/2x7V1Fo The backup GoPro I use // http://amzn.to/2xEoKXP Do you want to be Totally RAD!? Follow me on instagram! instagram : milesmortensen https://www.instagram.com/milesmortensen facebook.com/wearetotallyrad "eye of the GNARwhal" is a segment that takes you a little deeper into my life. I have been filming random shenanigans since I was in 8th grade and there is a lot of stuff that I think is interesting and good content, but doesn't necessarily fall under the criteria of a viral video. These are those videos that I think you subscribers will still enjoy. It may sometimes be in a vlog style, it may be an action sports or high adventure edit, it could very possibly be a compilation of random crap, but no matter what they'll be here, waiting for your view. www.totallyradmedia.com Filmed In Utah Music by Kevin Macleod For any licensing or business related questions email me at [email protected]
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Распаковка iPhone SE 128gb с магазина Big Geek. Черная пятница.
Всем привет. Сегодня к нам с магазина Big Geek приехал iPhone SE 128gb. Я сниму вам небольшой обзор на него. Не судите строго)))))))))))))) Ссылка на магазин Big Geek:https://biggeek.ru/products/apple-iphone-se-128gb-rose-gold-rozovoe-zoloto
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Распаковка заказа из магазина Big Geek
Подписаться на канал - http://goo.gl/Zp9b8P Группа Вконтакте - http://vk.com/tdstd Twitter - http://twitter.com/drx1x Instagram - http://instagram.com/drxlx Плейлисты: Обзоры https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkJlkKGZshAAa0behXKMJzT1ii8RvStXA Распаковки https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkJlkKGZshAAoANdVr8MnVYYPOJ9bOYyK Ашет https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkJlkKGZshABLvEg8p-K3TLMLweqs0HVS
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600 Round Assault Clip - Extreme Capacity - Will it Ban?
This is the 600 round Assault Clip gangster gat of doom! This video is making fun of Time Magazine who reported the existence of 600 round magazines. In the January 28th issue of Time Magazine titled "The Gunfighters," Time magazine reported that 600 round magazines where available for as low as $25.95. Several videos were made about this by myself. This video is the most popular. However you can check out the playlist below to see the other funny vids. For those of you that cannot tell, this is a comedy video. I am not trying to trick you into believing 600 round magazines exist (600 round assault clips). That's what many seem to think. Perhaps they should start reading descriptions. The title of this video is: 600 Round Assault Clip - Extreme Capacity - Will it Ban? Thank you for watching. Check out the 600 round clip Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKk6ypNjwym3A_NMwPO64wZxp_2_j5UDj Here are a few of my more popular videos that you may like: Cooking Bacon on AK47: https://youtu.be/PastmpZnShQ AK47 Nailgun: https://youtu.be/OiNnfG6b2XI Weaponized Flashlight: https://youtu.be/6ZSs6bmk3Fg 600 Round Assault Clip: https://youtu.be/W66TPHy5lJw Gun Fails #3: https://youtu.be/upjRne4o9VI Check Me Out On Facebook! Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/matthewjamesbeast Music Used: Cut and Run Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Variation On Egmont Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Mechanolith Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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The Notorious BIG - Juicy (Lyrics)
From The Album "Ready To Die" Lyrics From http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/notoriousbig/juicy.html [Intro:] (Fuck all you hoes) Get a grip motherfucker. Yeah, this album is dedicated to all the teachers that told me I'd never amount to nothin', to all the people that lived above the buildings that I was hustlin' in front of that called the police on me when I was just tryin' to make some money to feed my daughters, and all the niggaz in the struggle, you know what I'm sayin'? Uh-ha, it's all good baby bay-bee, uh [Verse One:] It was all a dream I used to read Word Up magazine Salt'n'Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine Hangin' pictures on my wall Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl I let my tape rock 'til my tape popped Smokin' weed and bamboo, sippin' on private stock Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack With the hat to match Remember Rappin' Duke, duh-ha, duh-ha You never thought that hip hop would take it this far Now I'm in the limelight 'cause I rhyme tight Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade Born sinner, the opposite of a winner Remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner Peace to Ron G, Brucey B, Kid Capri Funkmaster Flex, Lovebug Starsky I'm blowin' up like you thought I would Call the crib, same number same hood It's all good Uh, and if you don't know, now you know, nigga, uh [Chorus:] You know very well who you are Don't let em hold you down, reach for the stars You had a goal, but not that many 'cause you're the only one I'll give you good and plenty [Verse Two:] I made the change from a common thief To up close and personal with Robin Leach And I'm far from cheap, I smoke skunk with my peeps all day Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way The Moet and Alize keep me pissy Girls used to diss me Now they write letters 'cause they miss me I never thought it could happen, this rappin' stuff I was too used to packin' gats and stuff Now honies play me close like butter played toast From the Mississippi down to the east coast Condos in Queens, indo for weeks Sold out seats to hear Biggie Smalls speak Livin' life without fear Puttin' 5 karats in my baby girl's ears Lunches, brunches, interviews by the pool Considered a fool 'cause I dropped out of high school Stereotypes of a black male misunderstood And it's still all good Uh...and if you don't know, now you know, nigga [Verse Three:] Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis When I was dead broke, man I couldn't picture this 50 inch screen, money green leather sofa Got two rides, a limousine with a chauffeur Phone bill about two G's flat No need to worry, my accountant handles that And my whole crew is loungin' Celebratin' every day, no more public housin' Thinkin' back on my one-room shack Now my mom pimps a Ac' with minks on her back And she loves to show me off, of course Smiles every time my face is up in The Source We used to fuss when the landlord dissed us No heat, wonder why Christmas missed us Birthdays was the worst days Now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay Uh, damn right I like the life I live 'Cause I went from negative to positive And it's all... (It's all good) ...and if you don't know, now you know, nigga, uh Uh, uh...and if you don't know, now you know, nigga Uh...and if you don't know, now you know, nigga, uh Representin' B-Town in the house, Junior Mafia, mad flavor, uh Uh, yeah, a-ight
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Спасибо за просмотр данного видео! Подписывайся и ставь лайк! Всем удачи всем пока! Оригинал: https://goo.gl/tccMB1
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Паттайя цены на продукты в магазине Big C. Что можно купить поесть в магазине в Паттайе? Обзор наших покупок в Big С в Паттайе. Цены в Паттайе в 2016 году. Цены на продукты в Тайланде. Подпишись на канал: http://vk.cc/5xgLjL Карта путешествия: http://goo.gl/hAa8sb Periscope: https://www.periscope.tv/sayhellotrip Вконтакте: https://vk.com/sayhellotrip Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/say_hello_trip Одноклассники: https://ok.ru/group/54943206473740 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sayhellotrip/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/sayhellotrip Блог о путешествиях: https://sayhellotrip.ru Наша банковская карта: https://rocketbank.ru/loves/shtetik Смотрите так же: Джакарта, Индонезия https://goo.gl/1j59Em --- Бали, Индонезия https://goo.gl/dW2nDg --- Куала-Лумпур, Малайзия https://goo.gl/9YntCi --- Лангкави, Малайзия https://goo.gl/cDsXR5 --- Боракай, Филлипины https://goo.gl/WNUMhC --- Паттайя, Тайланд https://goo.gl/ndVqV9
Juicy - The Notorious BIG [Lyrics]
Twitter: @GoTechMintNewz One of the greatest hip hop songs of all time. 15 years and the song still goes hard
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Big Size XXXL. Одежда больших размеров в Турции Анталья. ОБЗОР магазина
Многие спрашивают, где в Анталии магазины одежды больших размеров. На самом деле в Анталии множество таких магазинов и в этом видео мы расскажем об одном из них. Местоположение магазина на GoogleMaps: https://goo.gl/maps/bqcR8Tn17qw ======================================= Мы в социальных сетях: Наш сайт: http://www.russianantalya.ru Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/russantalya Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/russianantalya/ VKontakte: https://vk.com/RussianAntalya Одноклассники: https://ok.ru/russianantalya Telegram канал: https://t.me/russianantalya ======================================== Почта для рекламы и сотрудничества обращайтесь: [email protected] ======================================== Самостоятельный отдых в Анталии! Нужна помощь в аренде квартиры, виллы, автомобиля, организации семейных туров?! Оставляйте заявку, мы вам ответим: https://www.russianantalya.ru/request E-mail: [email protected] ======================================== Аренда апартаментов и вилл в Анталье, Кемере, Белеке, Бодруме, Фетхие: https://www.russianantalya.ru/arenda-nedvizhimosti Оставляйте заявку, мы вам ответим: https://www.russianantalya.ru/request Аренда автомобиля в Анталье: https://www.russianantalya.ru/uslugi/item/808-arenda-avtomobilej-v-antalii ======================================== Недвижимость Анталии! Помощь по купле-продаже и сопровождению сделок с недвижимостью, оформление вида на жительство и других документов. Оставляйте заявку, мы вам ответим: https://www.russianantalya.ru/request E-mail: [email protected] ======================================== ЕЩЕ БОЛЬШЕ ПОЛЕЗНЫХ И ИНТЕРЕСНЫХ ВИДЕО: ►Обмен валюты в Турции. 5 способов поменять валюту в Анталии: https://youtu.be/AqIrhTSFdSo ►Аптеки в Турции. Дежурная аптека в Анталии. Турецкие лекарства: https://youtu.be/W6UAPL2WQ7U ► Турция 2018. Магазины. Что привезти в подарок? Восточные сладости, специи, кофе, косметика: https://youtu.be/ZLDv9rL4c4o ►Турецкая таможня. Порядок ввоза личных вещей в Турцию: https://youtu.be/iKZ_5xoM8NI ►10 лет в Турции. Правильные СОВЕТЫ. Бизнес с турками. Личные взаимоотношения. Школы. Адаптация: https://youtu.be/0LT9ncKTf_U ►Стоматология в Анталии. Детская стоматология, имплантология, косметическая стоматология в Анталии: https://youtu.be/S9b6yidC3lI ► Отдых в Турции. Отпуск в апартаментах у Средиземного моря. 5 ПЛЮСОВ когда не Все Включено: https://youtu.be/qe5r5bgchsI ►Общественный транспорт Анталии ОБЗОР. Бесплатный проезд ЛайфХак. Мобильное приложение режим онлайн:https://youtu.be/vF_l5Bqott0 ►Детский футбол в Анталии. Детский спорт. Новый спорткомплекс. Гимнастика. Карате. Самбо. Танцы: https://youtu.be/H1fIGYpwUDs
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Big Hassla Магазин
Все самые лучшие товары, только в магазине у Big Hassla!
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Супермаркет Big C (Биг Си) в Таиланде
Big C - один из самых известных супермаркетов на территории Таиланда. В нем можно купить одежду, технику, товары для спорта, посуду, еду. В общем практически всё! Обзор 7-Eleven и Family Mart https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZyTUqdjrWo Подробный обзор гипермаркета Big C от наших друзей https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S40JJGcsmh4 Таиланд, остров Пхукет.
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В этом видео мы покажем цены на продукты, фрукты, мясо, овощи, хлеб, приправы, готовые блюда, дуриан, напитки, соусы и другие, в магазине BIG C на острове Пхукет. Все цены актуальны на 2019 год. Получите 1000 рублей при бронировании любого отеля на сайте booking - https://goo.gl/FtCTjM Чтобы получить 1000 руб. Пройдите по ссылке, забронируйте любой отель (главное чтобы сумма была более 2000 руб.) и вы получите 1000 руб. себе на банковскую карту. Для сотрудничества и по вопросам рекламы, обращаться сюда - [email protected] или https://vk.com/id279993745 На развитие канала и новые путешествия: Карта сбербанка: 5336 6900 4943 3891 Яндекс Деньги: 41001790254014
💰 Мой курс по заработку в Интернете с нуля: http://VechnoeLetoTV.ru/kurs 💲 Научись зарабатывать на YouTube с нуля: http://VechnoeLetoTV.ru/YouTube 👩‍ Наша группа Вконтакте: http://vk.com/VechnoeLetoTV 📸 Наш Инстаграм: http://instagram.com/VechnoeLetoTV 📣 Наш Телеграм: https://t.me/VechnoeLetoTV ------------------- Полезные ссылки: 🏝 Поиск самых дешевых Туров: https://goo.gl/CEsvoh 🌍 Все наши точки на офлайн карте по Таиланду: https://goo.gl/az2M4t 💳 Карта для Путешественников - копи Мили: http://goo.gl/xdWXrB 💵 Получай Кэшбэк за покупки в Интернете: http://fas.st/6gNEV ------------------- Реклама на канале: https://vk.com/topic-77556403_35452150 Сотрудничество: [email protected] Все места где мы были на карте: http://vk.cc/55K0zG КАНАЛ СВЕТЫ: https://www.youtube.com/user/bojinaru КАНАЛ САШИ: https://www.youtube.com/user/whitikru
ФЛЕКСИМ В ТЦ ПОД FACE (Юморист) И BIG BABY TAPE (Hokage + я взял твою бу) + другой зашквар / ПРАНК
ПРОСТО ТАНЦУЛЬКИ... НИЧЕГО ЛИШНЕГО. Мы очень старались! Считаю, что данный ролик заслуживает 5000 лайков ❤ СПУСТИСЬ В КОММЕНТАРИИ, ТАМ КОНКУРС ОТ МЕНЯ! ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ FLEX: https://www.instagram.com/jav4a Я В ВКОНТАКТЕ: https://vk.com/jav4a Никита: https://www.instagram.com/somnambule36 (оператор) ПО ПОВОДУ РЕКЛАМЫ СЮДА https://vk.com/id380853784 или [email protected] (писать с пометкой Egor Dazzzling) Original FACE – ЮМОРИСТ: https://youtu.be/NuXdxMEbYeQ МОЙ игровой канал: https://goo.gl/w4YGS2 #пранк #явзялтвоюбу #face #flex #флексим #egorflex #егорфлексит
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Big Narstie meets Amelia for a date in a chicken shop Created by Amelia Dimoldenberg https://www.facebook.com/chickenshopdate/ Co-written by Marvin Alvarez Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg Executive Producer: Jennifer Byrne Producer: Tarquin Glass Production Assistant: Chloe Slattery DOP: Bruno Downey B Camera: Ivo Garland Sound Recordist: Jordan Tewkesbury Editor: Joseph Bolger @ Stitch Colourist: Ruth Wardell @ Electric Theatre Collective Sound Design/Mix: Jack Hallett @ Factory Sound Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
Views: 1217065 Chicken Shop Date
Огромный детский магазин с огромными игрушками Big kids toys store
Привет, ребята! В этой серии мы идем в огромный магазин с игрушками, где есть огромный монстр трак, большие стенды Брудера и Технопарка. Купим Ладу Полиция и Лего Звездные воины. ****************************************************** Спасибо большое за просмотр нашего канала! Thanks for watching our channel! ****************************************************** Вам понравилось видео и канал? Тогда подписывайтесь и ставьте лайки друзья))) http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Vf_i2h75sJM13bD9LixIg ****************************************************** Другие видео можно посмотреть здесь: Машинки Welly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQHdprxh4Xs&list=PLn7MtFGSdf1Qupj9eLbR-hFOLQgZzOo26&index=1 Игрушки Лего | Lego Toys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LyXZz4t6o4&list=PLn7MtFGSdf1S2-mYNTM7LtRq0ExVpN2cN&index=1 Покупка игрушек | Shopping in kids store https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MVT-rnNtjjg&list=PLn7MtFGSdf1R4oESRXLKmYgYylnsub8UX&index=1 Сюрпризы | Surprises https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BS_VxMRV1VI&index=1&list=PLn7MtFGSdf1T8V1zE07vJdnWiUKSCrTje
BIG 56347 - Машинка-каталка Bobby AMG GT Slide Vehicle в магазине PLANETTOYS
BIG — Машинка каталка Мерседес-Бенс AMG http://planettoys.ua/big-mashinka-katalka-mersedes-bens-amg-big-56347/ Машинка для катания Мерседес-Бенс АМГ – хороший подарок для мальчиков от трёх лет и старше. В автомобиле: светящиеся фары, крутящийся руль с сигналом, эргономичное сиденье и прорезиненные колёса на серых дисках. Корпус сделан из высококачественного пластика, который выдерживает до 50 кг веса. Правильный рисунок протектора и низкий центр тяжести позволяет хорошо держать машину на дороге. Функциональность: — Бесшумные колёса не оставляют тёмных следов на поверхностях. — Хорошая устойчивость и широкие колёса. — Блокировка руля, защищающая от изменения траектории движения. Характеристики: Возрастная группа: от 1,5 лет. Размер каталки (длина/высота/ширина): 75 х 28 х 34 см. Материал: высококачественный пластик, метал. Максимальная нагрузка: до 50 кг. Вес изделия: 4 кг. Огромный выбор лучших игрушек в магазине PLANETTOYS http://planettoys.ua Игрушки BIG: http://planettoys.ua/brands/big/ Конструкторы Лего: http://planettoys.ua/lego/ Детские самокаты: http://planettoys.ua/aktivnye-igry/detskie-samokaty/ Радиоуправляемые игрушки: http://planettoys.ua/malchikam/radioupravlyaemye-igrushki/
СУПЕРМАРКЕТ Big C в Нячанге. Вьетнам | Как развлечься в магазине
25$ на ваше путешествие → https://www.airbnb.ru/c/ymarakhotin?s=8 Ну вот, популярная торговая сеть Big C теперь есть и в Нячанге. Мы прогулялись по магазину, зашли перекусить на фудкорт, побаловались в супермаркете, одним словом, отлично провели время :) Координаты Big C на картах: 12.256116, 109.170093 Видео снято на камеру: GoPro HERO3 Black Edition Подписывайтесь на канал Два Билета: http://www.youtube.com/user/DvaBileta?sub_confirmation=1 Заходи в группу в Вконтакте: https://vk.com/dvabiletatv Заходи и подписывайся на канал Насти: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJdtTlL9BbJtLBYTO2oNHww?sub_confirmation=1 Где нас найти: Twitter: https://twitter.com/dvabileta Instagram Юры: http://instagram.com/marahotin Instagram Насти: http://instagram.com/nastyarubik Юра в Вконтакте: https://vk.com/marahotin Настя в Вконтакте: https://vk.com/nastyarubik
Views: 199265 Два Билета
Big Zuu meets Amelia for a date in a chicken shop Created by Amelia Dimoldenberg https://www.facebook.com/chickenshopdate/ Co-written by Marvin Alvarez Director: Amelia Dimoldenberg Production Assistant: Georgie Goadsby DOP: Howard Mills B Camera: Edie Amos Sound Recordist: Jordan Tewkesbury Editor: Joseph Bolger @ Stitch Colourist: Ruth Wardell @ Electric Theatre Collective Sound Design/Mix: Mark Duckett Animation by Naomi Anderson-Subryan
Views: 302350 Chicken Shop Date
Big Ups to Aeneas, Anna, Bogl, Devon, Goorin Gals, Jake, Jon, Josh, Katya, London, Lud, Melina, Sam Supa, Taso, The Bartenders, The Bouncer, and The Foot Clan Posse on the dance floor, The Thumbs Up Posse, & The Pabst Double Fisters... How we do in 2010. Big Up Magazine // Publication D-Structure // Store Dub Echoes // DVD Screening Jake Wiens // Camera follow http://f22ism.tumblr.com for the low low...
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MEU BIG CHOP + Reação do Marido | Ludmila Reis
EU VENCI A TRANSIÇÃOOOOO! Oii Princesas 👑 Se vocês tiverem alguma dúvida ou sugestão, deixem nos comentários por favor. Não esqueça de se inscrever no canal, para receber todas as novidades! 💌 Me envie uma cartinha: Ludmila Reis Avenida Artur da Silva Bernardes n°307 Bairro Ingá Betim - MG CEP: 32604-970 Caixa Postal 415 🔸Meus Contatos: CONTATO PROFISSIONAL: [email protected] 🔸REDES SOCIAIS: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ludmilareisblog/ Vigo Video: http://v.vigovideo.net/Axkow/ FanPage: https://www.facebook.com/ludmilareisblog/ #transiçãocapilar #bc #bigchop
Views: 3005669 Ludmila Reis
Como Fazer o Corte Big Chop
O Big Chop é o corte para mulheres com cabelos cacheados e crespos que tira toda a parte alisada dos fios permitindo-as assumir seus cachos naturais. Aprenda a reproduzir o Big Chop com o hairstylist Tiago Parente que ensina a técnica do Corte Trapézio para alcançar esse resultado.
Views: 1382719 Academia Cadiveu
It Is A Big Issue (Documentary)
SOUK & The Big Issue -The film challenges young people in Birmingham to talk about their perceptions of homelessness and what it really means to try and sell the magazine to the public. Filmed and edited by SOUK. For info relating to video prices please email us at [email protected] For your chance of a free video please follow us - Facebook: [email protected] Twitter: @imSoUk Twitter: @richifingerz Subscribe To Us NOW!!!!
Views: 2987 IMSOUK
The Big Television Debate | Ellen Pompeo, Emma Roberts, Gina Rodriguez and Gabrielle Union
Can you put a price on commercial success? Why don’t actresses talk more about how much they’re worth? And how can we all use our power to empower each other? Press play now to hear four incredible women raise up their voices for a whole industry Read the article in #PorterEdit: https://bit.ly/2OMXryE Subscribe to NET-A-PORTER: http://thed.it/A2nvb8 See more from NET-A-PORTER: Web: https://www.net-a-porter.com/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/netaporter/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/netaporter Twitter: https://twitter.com/NETAPORTER Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/netaporter/ Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NET-A-PORTER/
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Big Pop Shop Mystery Box - Are You Kidding Me?
Help Support My Channel - https://www.patreon.com/Sean_Ryan My Mystery Box Tracker - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aH787xrfqnFxrZZEaGecHCZxZySAhhixpA6Q3u9SKvk/edit?usp=sharing Current Trades and Available Pops for Trade - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sqO2SkE5aWuoxMOeOtGcbzN3IX2h3Byzj08908h3eqc/edit?usp=sharing Follow me on Instagram - Sean_Ryan_83 Check out my Ebay Store - https://www.ebay.com/str/hobbiesandclothingshop If you'd like to contact me via mail or send me a letter or gift, here is the address - Sean Ryan PO Box 4492 Broadlands, VA 20148
Таиланд, Ча-Ам, магазин Big C, Соусы и продукты, косметика и зубные пасты
Таиланд, Ча-Ам, магазин Big C, Соусы и продукты, косметика и зубные пасты. Путешествия делают жизнь человека ярче, миропонимание шире, впечатления - богаче. Мир на этой планете безгранично загадочен.
Big bear bumps into traditional archer's arrow
Some of the most exciting black bear footage ever captured! After missing a huge black bear Clay Newcomb takes a big color phase bear at 3 yards after it bumps into the end of his arrow! This is the full episode "Pretty Close" of Bear Horizon Season 4 by Bear Hunting Magazine
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Why you NEED to shop at Big Lots! 😱🤯 (not sponsored)
Hey, guys! Today's video is a shop with me at BIG LOTS! Have you ever been? I haven't set foot in one since I was a kid.... I always thought they weren't super great. I was told by friends its like Kirkland's, meets Pottery Barn, meets the PRICES of Wad-Mart. What do you think of the new design and finds? I was super excited! (They nailed the farmhouse style!) ➡️GET DOLLAR TREE PRODUCTS: http://bit.ly/2CQEeH9 ➡️SHOP ITEMS I *LOVE* FROM VIDEOS: https://www.amazon.com/shop/doitonadime Want to save more money when you shop? These APPS ARE FREE! ➡️GET IBOTTA (Dollar Tree is on Ibotta with digital coupons): https://ibotta.com/r/onadime ➡️GET EBATES (Cash back from all your favorite stores with discounts and get $10 FREE using this link): https://www.ebates.com/r/DOITON7?eeid=35386 📝 BLOG: http://www.doitonadimeblog.com/ 📘 FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/DoItOnADime 📸 INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/doitonadime/ 📌 PINTEREST: http://www.pinterest.com/doitonadime/ Write me at: Kathryn "Doitonadime" P.O. Box 1436 Matthews, NC USA 28106-1436 Music by licensed by Epidemic Sound. FTC Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are genuinely my own. This post also contains affiliate links and I earn a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. It doesn't cost you any extra. Thank you for your continued support to keep Do It On A Dime going!
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Как дешево поесть в магазине  БИГ СИ. BIG C. Пхукет. Пляж Патонг. Тайланд.
Как дешево поесть в магазине БИГ СИ. BIG C. Пхукет. Пляж Патонг. Тайланд. Торговый центр Jungceylon.
Views: 3961 PITER'S LIFE
2014 Best of Big D Magazine awards
Check out our sweet set-up at this year's Best of Big D Magazine awards
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Mossberg 590M Big Game Hunt
Let's do some "hunting" with the Mossberg 590M! ------------------------ Please visit the Hickok45.com website and check out what the great folks who support us have to offer: BUD’s GUN SHOP, THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION, FEDERAL PREMIUM, SONORAN DESERT INSTITUTE, and TALON GRIPS: http://www.hickok45.com/supporters/ Please consider becoming a Gong Club member at our Patreon Page: https://www.patreon.com/hickok45 JOIN THE NRA at the Hickok45 page and get a nice discount: https://membership.nra.org/Hickok45/Join Hickok45 Store: https://www.bunkerbranding.com/pages/hickok45 Federal Premium: http://www.federalpremium.com/ https://www.facebook.com/federalpremiumammo SDI (Sonoran Desert Institute): http://www.sdi.edu/ Talon Grips: https://talongungrips.com/ UPCOMING “MEET & GREETS” NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana Friday, April 26th: Sonoran Desert Institute booth 11:00 to Noon. Friday, April 26th: NRAFFF (Firearms for Freedom) booth 2:00 – 3:00. Saturday, April 27th: Federal Premium booth 10:30 - Noon ALSO, ALL our videos are also on GunStreamer: https://gunstreamer.com/@Hickok45 Most of our videos are also posted on Full30: https://www.full30.com/channels/hickok45 The short FAQ Videos playlist will answer most questions you have. Find us on Hickok45 Twitter and Facebook, as well as “therealHickok45” on Instagram. NOTE: All shooting in our videos is done by professional shooters for instructional and entertainment purposes, with an emphasis on safety and responsible gun ownership. Do not attempt to copy at home anything you see in our videos. Firearms can be extremely dangerous if not used safely. (Note: These descriptions were last updated on 3-22-18).
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Цены на Пхукете 2019 Магазин Big C. Таиланд 2019 еда в тайланде
Планируя бюджет поездки, всем интересно узнать цены в магазинах на Пхукете в 2019 году. В этом видео один из самых крупных сетевых супермаркетов Big C. Смотрите цены и описание. По ценам на Пхукете он так же самый дешевый магазин. В нем можно купить косметику Тайланда, бытовую химию, готовые блюда, фрукты напитки. В общем все самое необходимое. Вам так же может быть интересно: Пляж Камала Пхукет https://youtu.be/YFyp7uoalH4 Жареное мороженое на Пхукете https://youtu.be/Mkh34H6rrFI Еда в Тайланде. Магазин 7/11. https://youtu.be/lNQbEaJRMJo Подписывайтесь на мой канал, ставьте лайки, задавайте вопросы в комментариях! Всем отличного отдыха! #Таиланд2019 #ценынапхукете2019ценыиописание
Big Jobs Uncovered | Carpentry Shop with Peter Hill
Every role at The Johns Hopkins Hospital is important and contributes to the care of our patients. In “Big Jobs Uncovered,” hospital leadership experience firsthand the jobs that you do. What happens when the chief medical officer and vice president of medical affairs, is tasked with building a cabinet? Watch as Peter Hill goes on the front lines with Jack Franklin, senior carpentry maintenance mechanic. Stay In-The-Loop: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/the_johns_hopkins_hospital/about/in-the-loop
Big snake in the shop :-0 Grinding arbor part 2 MUSIC BOX REPAIR
Well, I finally got the ID grinding spindle done for the cutter grinder. I also repair a small music box that was sent to me by a viewer. Been a crazy busy week like always. Had a unexpected shop visit by a huge black snake that scared me good. Not a dull moment around here, that's for sure. Big thanks to all my viewers, subscribers and patrons. If you would like to help the channel grow please consider joining my patreon, I depend on the help of my amazing viewers to keep the shop moving forward. FOLLOW THE LINK https://www.patreon.com/Stevesummers
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Big Game Magazine n.2
Второй номер баскетбольного журнала "Big Game \ Большая Игра"! Качаем на Streetball In Ua!
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A Big Thank You To VegWorld Magazine!
Fred Detwiler, from http://www.plantsmartliving.com/, discusses the latest in Plant-Smart Living. ===================== For new videos every week, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to Plant-Smart Living w/ Farmer Fred!: http://bit.ly/1QCVJeM ===================== STORY Fred has been an avid gardener for over 25+ years--gradually growing and expanding his organic garden, to where it is now, during that time. He has been a general contractor, owning his own contracting business (Detwiler Builders), for over 40+ years. Now 60 years old, since he adopted a whole-food, plant-based (WFPB) lifestyle in 2012, Fred has lost 60+ pounds of fat, lowered his cholesterol to 129 mg/dL (from the high 200's) and lowered his blood pressure to 110/70. He takes absolutely no medications. He can help you do the same through his practical gardening tips and ideas, his comprehensive 'how-to' and DIY project videos, as well as, his helpful advice on how to live a 'Plant-Smart' lifestyle! ===================== LET'S CONNECT! Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/+PlantSmartLivingNOW Facebook ► https://www.facebook.com/PlantSmartLiving PlantSmartLiving ► Coming Soon! Pinterest ► https://www.pinterest.com/PlantSmartLife ===================== SUPPORT Coming Soon! Help us caption & translate this video! https://amara.org/v/hn4l/
Big Nose v. Pink Panther Shopping Spree! | 42 Min | Pink Panther and Pals
(1) Shop-Pink Spree - Pink Panther is the millionth visitor to a grocery store, an event that allows him to get groceries for free if he shops under a time limit. Big Nose, jealous, tries to sabotage this shopping spree. (2) Zeus Juice - The Aardvark tries different types of juices that give him super powers in order to catch the Ant better. (3) Pink Party of One - Pink Panther, hungry after skateboarding, wants to eat at a nice restaurant run by Big Nose. (4) Zoo Ruse - In the zoo, the Ant and the Aardvark are separated. The Aardvark, tired of eating the given food, tries to get into the Ant's cage. (5) Pinkaroni Pizza - After Pink Panther finds his favorite pizza place closed for construction, he is on a mission to make his own pizza. (6) One Too Many Chefs - The Ant tries to make the Aardvark cook instead of chase the Ant by introducing the Aardvark to a cooking show. Subscribe for more Official Pink Panther content from MGM: http://bit.ly/2a6uNap New episodes of will be uploaded every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday! Own: http://amzn.to/29RCsMV (Amazon) http://apple.co/2a6Cf5m (iTunes) Like: https://www.facebook.com/officialpinkpanther/ Follow: https://twitter.com/thepinkpanther
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Taylor Swift - Blank Space
Shop music here: http://smarturl.it/TASmusic Shop merchandise here: http://taylor.lk/tourmerch Follow Taylor Swift Online Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylorswift Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/taylorswift Tumblr: http://taylorswift.tumblr.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylorswift13 Website: http://www.taylorswift.com Follow Taylor Nation Online Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/taylornation Tumblr: http://taylornation.tumblr.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/taylornation13
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BLOWN BIG BLOCK '67 CAMARO Road Trip With HOT ROD Magazine
Ever wonder what it would be like to make an epic road trip in a 1967 Camaro with a blown big block engine? Wonder no more...just watch this video with Hot Rod Magazines David Freiburger and Mike Finnegan as they drive the Crusher Camaro from Los Angeles to the Pavilions Car Cruise in Scottsdale Arizona and back.This video includes the "almost-live" mobile updates that were posted on YouTube and Facebook during the trip, giving fans a ride along feel for much of the adventure. We have more planned so keep checking HOTROD.COM and facebook.com/hotrodmag for more info on how to virtually come with us on our next event.
Views: 856604 HOT ROD Network
Термокружка Byron Big 590 мл в магазине Лайкту РУ
Термокружка Contigo Byron 590 мл https://liketo.ru/catalog/insulated_cups/0500_contigo/ Термокружка Byron изготовлена из нержавеющей стали, отличная термоизоляция достигается за счет двойных стенок с вакуумной прослойкой. 100% гидроизоляция обеспечивается запатентованной технологией Snapseal™. Термокружка способна сохранять напитки горячими в течение 7 часов и холодными в течение 18 часов. https://liketo.ru/
Ххээйй всем салют,тут лютый движ!?) Ну как тебе видосик бро,зашел по кайфу? Ну тогда лляя ставь свой большой и жирный лайк и так же подписку на канал шмальни! Я пипец как старался братва думаю вы оцените по кайфу!) ♚Мой оператор♚-https://vk.com/id188782735 ♚Мой вк♚-https://vk.com/dinar20042 ♚Мой инстаграм-https://www.instagram.com/dinrik_777/
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Многих интересует вопрос, где лучше всего покупать продукты в Таиланде. Если неподалеку от вас есть магазин Big C — советуем вам отправиться именно туда: в Биг Си можно купить все, что угодно — от огурцов до мангустина, от сланцев до телевизоров! Даже в мини-Big C достойный выбор товаров по приемлемым ценам. Хотите увидеть гипермаркет в Паттайе изнутри? Смотрите наше видео! ;)