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What is Product Liability?
Product liability is the area of law in which consumers can bring claims against manufacturers and sellers for products that injure people. To sue for product liability, you only need to show 1 of 3 things to hold the manufacturer Liable. You need to show that either they built the product badly- a manufacturing defect they designed the product badly- a design defect or they didn’t warn you about a risk or danger associated with the product- a failure to warn. By digging into the details of what caused harm and how, product liability law provides straightforward ways to establish who is liable for injury.
How to Establish a Product Liability Case (Ep.31)
https://www.InjuryClaimCoach.com Product liability is in a class by itself. If you were injured by a defective product, certain legal concepts like strict liability can make your lawsuit settlement almost automatic. Learn more in this video tutorial.
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What must be proven in a product liability case? 0191
What must be proven in a product liability case? In California, we use typically the consumer expectation test to determine whether or not a product is defective. So in some cases, all that's required is the plaintiff to tell the facts of the story, and what happened with the product. And the jury, from using their own commonsense and judgement, can decide that that product did not behave or function like a reasonable consumer would have expected it to. And that's all it's required. In other cases, expert testimony might be required to help a juror determine whether or not that product functioned or behaved like a reasonable consumer would have expected it to have behaved. For example, in a case involving a durable waterproofing spray which comes in a can. That product is a very simple product, and when one sprays it, inhales the contents of the gas mist accidentally, or by mistake, then that product didn't behave like a reasonable... I'm sorry... And that product causes a lung injury. A reasonable consumer would not expect that using that spray and inhaling it accidentally would cause a lung injury. So in a case like that, the plaintiff might just hope that a jury would see that a reasonable consumer wouldn't expect to be injured by spraying this durable waterproofing product. However, a good plaintiff's attorney would probably hire a pulmonologist or some other medical doctor to help show that the contents within the spray get into the lungs and cause scarring of the lungs. So those are some of the things that we use in California, typically expert witness testimony, to help prove that the product is defective.
New York Product Liability Attorney Anthony Gair: Trial of the Plaintiff's case
This video is an extract of the New York State Bar Association Program "LITIGATING THE PRODUCTS LIABILITY CASE: LAW AND PRACTICE" If you would like to see the complete program (with different speakers) a live webcast option will be available on Friday November 1st 2013 for the Albany Program. Click here for more info http://www.nysba.org/store/events/registration.aspx?event=0DC91 In this video, New York Product Liability Lawyer Anthony Gair explains how to prepare and try a product liability case. The following points are covered: COST The costs involved for the plaintiff's attorney can be astronomical. It is not unusual to accumulate well over $100,000.00 in expenses prior to trial. TIME AND PUTTING IT TOGETHER, Be prepared to spend a countless number of hours on your case. Not only will you have to learn all there is about the particular product, you must learn the principles of safety design engineering. CHOOSING THE LIABILITY EXPERT The following should be taken into account when hiring the liability expert or experts: 1. EDUCATION 2. WORK EXPERIENCE 3. PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS 4. PATENTS 5. COURSES TAUGHT 6. PUBLICATIONS 7. PRIOR TESTIMONY AND POSITIONS TAKEN DIRECT AND CROSS-EXAMINATION OF THE EXPERTS The foundation for the cross-examination of the defendant's safety design expert must be laid at his deposition. The most important expert for the defendant and for the plaintiff to effectively cross-examine is the design engineer employed by the defendant who actually took part in the design of the product. USE OF THE PRINCIPLES OF SAFETY DESIGN ENGINEERING IN A PRODUCT LIABILITY CASE BASED ON NEGLIGENT PRODUCT DESIGN In product liability cases predicated upon the negligent design of a product, such as almost any type of machine which is to be used by people of varying training and skill it is imperative for the plaintiff's attorney to understand the basics of machine design. This is crucial in New York where the plaintiff's culpable conduct is a defense to a strict product liability action so that the percentage of fault for his injury may be, if not eliminated, reduced as much as possible INCORPORATING THE PRINCIPLES OF SAFETY DESIGN ENGINEERING IN CROSS-EXAMINATION OF THE EXPERT In products liability cases involving allegedly defective machines such as printing presses, plastic molding machinery, power saws, power presses and innumerable others, the defense will invariably argue that it was the plaintiff's culpable conduct which caused the accident and resulting injury. In other words, the defendant will argue that it was the plaintiff's failure to use the product properly or to follow warnings which caused the plaintiff's injury. In New York the plaintiff's culpable conduct is a defense in a Products Liability case. The problem confronting the plaintiff's attorney is that plaintiff will often not have used the machine properly. Given this fact, the jury must be taught that such misuses were reasonably foreseeable and that the manufacturer knew or should have known that users of products are people and that people can make mistakes which must be guarded and warned against. DEMONSTRATIVE EVIDENCE In a Product Liability case, demonstrative evidence is crucial to deflect the defendant's attack that the expert never inspected the product, never designed a similar product, never built a mock up of the alternative design and the usual allegations of "junk science." HANDLING THE JURY If you are in State Court, you will have the opportunity to at least speak with the jury for thirty minutes to an hour in most jurisdictions. In Federal Court, the judge will ask the questions. It is a rare case in which a judge will ask the most important questions the plaintiff's attorney submits. It is crucial, whether done in jury selection or in your opening to develop a theme, which you will have thought about before even deciding to take the case. The plaintiff's attorney must understand that the jury will usually have the mind set that the corporation who designed and manufactured the product knew what they were doing and what befell the plaintiff was his fault for not using the product properly or failure to heed instructions or warnings. Thus the plaintiff at the outset must turn this around and use it to his advantage. ANTHONY GAIR is regarded as one of the best plaintiffs attorneys in New York in the field of product liability and defective products. He was named LAWYER OF THE YEAR 2011, PRODUCT LIABILITY LITIGATION, NEW YORK CITY AREA by BEST LAWYERS where he has been listed every year since 2007. Anthony Gair has also been listed yearly in SuperLawyers since 2006. He also was selected to become a Member of The Law Dragon Top 500 Attorneys in The United States.
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Strict Product Liability - Tort
This video explains the tort of strict product liability. It also explains the limited defenses that apply to strict product liability actions. Find more free resources at TheBusinessProfessor.com
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Torts Prod Liability Negligence
Emerson Bar Review Torts Products liability Negligence Stay tuned and subscribe once I will create narrated explanations of Torts, Criminal law etc. in my series subscribe to my channel for updates of those narrated tutorials.
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What is Product Liability?
http://www.lawmed.com/cases_we_handle/defective_product/index.php What is product liability? When a person is injured while using a product—any type of product—a good attorney will want to investigate whether there was a problem in the way the product was designed or manufactured. If so, then the injury might have been prevented if not for the defect. If you sustained a serious injury due to a product that malfunctioned or broke, you may want to consult with an attorney. A product liability lawyer will investigate the facts of the case, find out if other people had also been injured by the same product, and figure out whether your injuries were the result of a defect in the product. In this video, HensonFuerst partner David Henson answers basic questions about product liability and defective products. *** Principal Office of Henson & Fuerst, PA: 2501 Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh, NC 27607 *** If you have additional questions about product liability injuries, feel free to visit our website at http://www.lawmed.com/, and don't forget to look at some of our other videos at http://www.youtube.com/hensonfuerst/. What is product liability? Hi, this is DH with HF Attorneys in North Carolina. While my wife, Carma Henson, and I were getting dressed this morning, her curling iron started sparking and smoking. With catlike reflexes, she quickly unplugged it, dispersed the smoke, and averted all sorts of bad things that could have happened us or to our house. Then, like the well-trained lawyer she is, Carma proceeded to rant that the curling iron was brand new, and that she wanted her money back for that piece of junk. I, on the other hand started thinking about what could have happened had it injured someone in our family, or if it had burned down our down. Then, I thought, let's use this piece of junk to educate folks about Product Liability law and what it is. So....here goes: A defective product is any product that a manufacturer or distributor knew, or should have known, would cause injury in its normal course of use. A claim usually results from either a design defect or a manufacturing defect. Design defects typically focus on the creation phase of the product: • how it was thought up and developed • how it was intended to be constructed and manufactured • whether the designers considered the likely uses of the product • how the designers considered potential failures of the product. Claims relating to the manufacturing phase of the process may relate to: • inadequate quality control • use of substandard materials in construction • assembly of materials in a manner inconsistent with design specifications • how the product was distributed. So, in the context of the burned curling iron, we don't really know what caused it to catch fire and start smoking. Had the injury or damage been severe enough, we could hire an accident reconstruction engineer to take it apart and figure out what happened to it. These independent experts are unbiased scientists who can figure out whether any design, manufacturing, or structural defects occurred in the manufacture of the product. One of my favorite tasks as a lawyer is to go to the offices of accident reconstruction engineers while they are testing defective products. There is nothing quite so entertaining as watching engineers try to make curling irons, toasters, or other defective products catch fire, fail, or break because of shoddy workmanship, construction, or design. Another thing that we do in defective products cases is check whether other people were also injured while using the product. Defects tend to occur more than once, so we start by locating other instances of similar injuries in similar circumstances so that we can build upon the case that we are trying to piece together. In the end, products liability cases are both interesting and challenging. We enjoy knowing that we are helping to improve the safety of products sold in our communities, and it is gratifying to work for clients who need our help in rebuilding their lives. If you have additional questions regarding product liability cases, go to our website at www.lawmed.com . As for me, well...it looks like my job is to try and get our money back for this piece of junk.
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How to Know if You Have a Product Liability Case - Scartelli Olszewski, Scranton, PA
http://www.scartelli.com Scartelli Olszewski, P.C. President and Founder and Scranton lawyer, Melissa A. Scartelli, answers frequently asked questions about product liability. In this video, the defective, harmful and dangerous product lawyer provides a response to the following question: How do I know if I have a product liability case and what do I need to know about this type of case? In these situations, it is important for you to consult a law firm that handles product liability cases on a daily basis. Our PA personal injury lawyers will thoroughly investigate and preserve the vital evidence needed when you go to trial against a defective product's designer, manufacturer or distributor. If you or someone you love is involved in a product liability case, call 877.353.0529 now for a free consultation.
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FDA Product Liability Case in Texas
Lawyer Dale Williams talks about a dangerous and defective product case in Texas. Through this product liability case involving the FDA, the attorneys at Williams & Brown LLP were able to bring the dangerous product to the attention of the U.S. Supreme Court, where they prevailed. Visit our website to read more about product liability and how our attorneys can help with your case - http://www.trialfirm.com/practice-areas/product-liability/.
What is Product Liability?
Product liability is a major area of the law in which makers of defective products can be held liable for injuries even if they are not at fault. BIG LAW is a series of videos that give you the answers you have about the law.
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Reclined Seat Product Liability Case from Attorney Todd Tracy of The TRACY Firm.
CBS 11 News - The Investigators: Reporter Robert Riggs reports the dangers of reclined seats while the vehicle is in motion, by getting the insights from nationally recognized Crash Test Engineer Steve Syson and Attorney Todd Tracy of the TRACY Firm who has been practicing vehicle products liability cases only for over 20 years. If you have a crash and you got injured, we would help you figure out your accident from the defective products liability perspective. Call us now @ 214 324-9000 or visit our website https://www.vehiclesafetyfirm.com
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What is Strict Product Liability?
http://thebusinessprofessor.com/strict-product-liability/ This video discusses strict product liability.
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What is an example of a manufacturing defect product liability case?
Products Liability Attorney MN | Products Liability Lawyers Minneapolis Minnesota | Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben | https://www.reellawyers.com/bill-sieben-2/example-manufacturing-defect-product-liability-case/ | (612) 344-0305 | [email protected] Transcript: Examples of defectively manufactured products are where a company has a protocol for how a product is to be designed, like the tensile strength of the steel that goes into whatever the product is is supposed to be so many pounds, or so many tons. Well, a manufacturing defect is when the tensile strength doesn’t reach that that it was supposed to be, so instead of withstanding 50 pounds of pressure or load, the tensile strength only can withstand 10 pounds. That’s a manufacturing flaw or defect. It wasn’t made the way the manufacturer wanted to make it and the reason. There are dozens of reasons why that can occur. It can occur through error in the manufacturing process, a part of the product was not correctly provided, so there are lots of reasons why the flaw can be there, but it was something that the manufacturer didn’t want to be manufactured in that way. They wanted it to be manufactured a different way. It wasn’t. It was sold to the public in the defective condition that had the flaw in it, and then it caused an injury somehow. Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben 51st Floor IDS Center 80 S. 8th Street, #5120 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402 https://www.reellawyers.com/bill-sieben-2/example-manufacturing-defect-product-liability-case/ http://www.schwebel.com/attorney/bsieben/
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How to win product liability cases in Virginia
Product liability law governs the liability of manufacturers, designers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers of defective products. Virginia is ranked consistently by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as one of the top two or three pro-business states. One reason is that Virginia’s product liability laws generally favor manufacturers over injured consumers. For example, Virginia does not recognize the theory of strict liability. Moreover, some of our federal court judges seem to have forgotten the Erie doctrine, and are applying product liability law derived from published opinions from other states. Thus, if you have been injured by a defective product, it is extremely important to entrust your case to an experienced Virginia products liability lawyer who not only has mastered Virginia products liability law, but also knows about the traps and pitfalls of practicing in Virginia’s federal courts. Our firm recently resolved for $2 million a products liability case that had been turned down by another firm. Michael Phelan is a former chairman of the Products Liability Section of the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association and is a sought after lecturer and author on products liability law. Indeed, Mr. Phelan is in the process of writing a chapter for an upcoming Virginia products liability treatise. Phelan Petty, PLC has handled successfully cases involving defective bridge construction devices, meat grinders, after-market gun accessories, paintball guns, table saws, products containing lead paint and other toxins, asbestos-containing products, airbags, after-market motor vehicle lift kits, dental products tainted with benzene, blood products, blood thinning medications, blood clot filters, prescription drugs (including Baycol, Fen-Phen, and Zyprexa), and medical devices (including denture adhesives, Sulzer hip implants, and DePuy hip implants). Unreasonably dangerous products injure thousands of people every year. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 30 million personal injuries and 22,000 deaths are caused by defective products. We are currently investigating and handling the following products liability cases: - Xarelto, a blood thinner causing uncontrollable bleeding events - IVC Filters, which migrate or break and cause internal damage - Takata airbags, which rupture and cause shrapnel injuries - GM and Chrysler ignition switch cases If you have been injured by a defective product, please contact the Virginia products liability attorneys at Phelan | Petty, PLC. 6641 West Broad Street, Suite 406 Richmond, VA 23230 (866) 249-3164 Toll Free (804) 980-7100 Phone www.phelanpetty.com
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Product Liability Case & How To Handle Them
Injured due to unsafe products? Manufacturers are liable for all products they produce that include defects. If you've been hurt because of a defective product or a product that's been recalled, then it might be time to take action. What can you do in this case? -Meet with an experienced personal injury lawyer -Collect all documentation referring to the product -Document your injuries entirely -Compile any medical records You need all of the above information to substantiate your case. You must be able to prove that the product was defective and caused injury. Of course, a personal injury lawyer will prove this for you if your case is legitimate. Joe Carson is a personal injury lawyer in Oklahoma City specializing in product liability, workers compensation, auto accident and injury litigation. With a proven legal record in Oklahoma, Carson represents clients with the utmost expertise and dignity, helping all clients receive the compensation they need to get back on their feet. Carson will review your case for free and provide the legal counsel you need to make a responsible decision in Oklahoma. http://www.injurylawoklahoma.com/
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The Basics of a Product Liability Case - The Cagle Law Firm
In this video, St. Louis Attorney, Zane Cagle, talks about product liability cases and what to look for to best protect your legal rights if you have been injured by a defective product. Learn more about product liability by visiting http://www.allinjuryattorney.com/st-louis-defective-product-attorney/#.
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Chapter 10 Product Liability
Product Liability
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Chain of Custody in a Product Liability Case
Product Safety Attorney, Rich Newsome explains what "Chain of Custody" is and how it applies in a Product Liability Case. Legal FAQs, brought to you by Newsome Melton Law Orlando, Florida Based Personal Injury & Product Liability Attorney Rich Newsome, of NewsomeMeltonLaw.com, answers questions that our clients frequently ask. Topics cover personal injury, defective tires and airbags, wrongful death, medical malpractice, Government fraud, class action lawsuits, vehicle accidents, and defective drugs. For more FAQs visit: http://newsomelaw.com/frequently-asked-questions-faq At Newsome Melton, we don't just try cases, we get answers. With a team of the absolute top lawyers on the east coast, you can be sure that your case gets the attention it deserves. Other firms tout their recoveries, but we’re most proud of our “uncoverings” – exposing dangerous products and getting them off the market. Follow on Twitter at @NewsomeMelton https://twitter.com/NewsomeMelton Like on Facebook at @NewsomeMelton https://www.facebook.com/newsomemelton
What is the Pre-Suit Process on a Product Liability Case?
To learn more about your legal rights in the case of an injury, please visit thelyonfirm.com or call 800.513.2403 for a free, confidential consultation. "One of the first questions that I'm asked is, "What can I expect from the process?" The process really involves two parts. Number one, we start with the pre-suit investigation of the case. The pre-suit investigation of the case involves obtaining the product that's at issue, assuming that it's available. If you're aware that there may be a product liability issue in your household, it is imperative that the evidence is safely preserved, as a failure to do so may compromise any future litigation. The pre-suit investigation also includes interviewing any family members or friends or witnesses that may have seen the event occur, or can testify related to the impact that the injuries have on the individual's life. Most of the pre-suit investigation is centered around understanding what the liability is or isn't with respect to that product. There is also third party information that needs to be gathered, typically through Freedom of Information Act requests. If it's a case that involves a pharmaceutical product or a medical device issue, we would need to get documents and search through the FDA database to understand the science that served as the basis for approval of that product, and what were the clinical studies that were run, in order to understand whether or not certain issues with respect to the type of injury, or with respect to the approval process itself, may impact which direction the case could go from a factual or legal perspective."
Chapter 3:  Torts and Product Liability
Chapter 3: Torts and Product Liability Video produced by Newman Law, Olympia, All rights reserved. Not authorized for copy or download
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How far does liability go in product liability cases?
Products Liability Attorney MN | Products Liability Lawyers Minneapolis Minnesota | Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben | https://www.reellawyers.com/bill-sieben-2/far-liability-go-product-liability-cases/ | (612) 344-0305 | [email protected] Transcript: That’s a very good question, because sometimes some participant in the scheme of the sale of the product is bankrupt and that might be a manufacturer of a product that’s bankrupt. So if the manufacturer of a defective product that injures somebody is bankrupt you can go to somebody else in the chain of distribution or sale. That could be the intermediary that sold the product to a retailer, so Target, for instance, sells products of thousands or millions of manufacturers from all over the world. This is what we see, that when they have a manufacturer, for instance, from China or the Far East that doesn’t have the same insurance that American manufacturers have, and you can’t collect against the Chinese manufacturer for instance, who’s responsible? Target’s responsible as the retailer of that product. So, sure, we have to start with the problem with the product, either a manufacturing defect, a manufacturing flaw, or a design defect, or a failure to warn, an instruct case. But if the manufacturer isn’t financially responsible, then you go to anybody else in the chain of distribution and ultimate sale, and often times we’re looking at a retailer, like Target. Schwebel, Goetz & Sieben 51st Floor IDS Center 80 S. 8th Street, #5120 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402 https://www.reellawyers.com/bill-sieben-2/far-liability-go-product-liability-cases/ http://www.schwebel.com/attorney/bsieben/
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product liability case Rawlings v. Daniels
6.1 sports law class.
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How do you prove liability in a product liability case?
Minneapolis personal injury lawyer James Heuer discusses how you prove liability in a products liability case.
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Products Liability
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Products Liability Cases
This video is about Product Liability
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What Is Strict Product Liability?
http://www.lawinfo.com/products-liability.html - If you were injured by a defective product, you may be able to successfully sue the seller or manufacturer of the product without having to prove fault. This is known as strict product liability, and applies in cases where a product has a design or manufacturing defect that lead to injuries. It's important to note, strict product liability only applies in special cases, where the original manufacturer or seller sold you the product, not a reseller or non-merchant. Additionally, if you used a product in a non-foreseeable or negligent manner, strict product liability may not apply. If you were injured while using a product, it's important to speak with an attorney immediately. Any delay may result in the loss of evidence, and forfeiture of your case.
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Investigating product liability cases
Amy Collignon Gunn discuss the factors that determine a product liability case. http://simonlawpc.com/product-liability
Do I Have a Product Liability Case if I am Injured by a Dangerous Product?
For legal support, contact The Law Offices of Daniel A. Kalish http://personalinjurylawnewyork.com/ White Plains (914) 595-5380 Bronx (718) 989-1485 Brooklyn (718) 989-1485
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What is strict product liability in a Georgia defective product case?
Roger Orlando, The Orlando Firm P.C., (404) 373-1800. Georgia Defective Products Law FAQs: http://thelaw.tv/atlanta/Defective+Products+Law Disclaimer: http://thelaw.tv/atlanta/About/disclaimer
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How Complicated Is a Product Liability Case? | The Brad Hendricks Law Firm
Product liability cases are among some of the most difficult cases for attorneys to handle. Various factors contribute to these cases being complicated such as the involvement of expert witnesses and specialists. The Brad Hendricks Law Firm is fully equipped and prepared to handle issues involving product liability. Call our team of lawyers in Little Rock today!
California Products Liability Attorneys Specialize in Product Defects Cases.
California Products Liability Attorneys http://www.bestattorney.com/products_liability.html Brian Chase, senior partner at Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys informs accident victims as to what they should do if injured by a defective product. Bisnar Chase Personal Injury Attorneys 1301 Dove Street #120 Newport Beach, CA 92660 800-561-4887
How Do I Preserve Evidence in a Product Liability Case?
Product Safety Attorney, Rich Newsome tells you how and why to preserve evidence in a Product Liability case. Legal FAQs, brought to you by Newsome Melton Law Orlando, Florida Based Personal Injury & Product Liability Attorney Rich Newsome, of NewsomeMeltonLaw.com, answers questions that our clients frequently ask. Topics cover personal injury, defective tires and airbags, wrongful death, medical malpractice, Government fraud, class action lawsuits, vehicle accidents, and defective drugs. For more FAQs visit: http://newsomelaw.com/frequently-asked-questions-faq At Newsome Melton, we don't just try cases, we get answers. With a team of the absolute top lawyers on the east coast, you can be sure that your case gets the attention it deserves. Other firms tout their recoveries, but we’re most proud of our “uncoverings” – exposing dangerous products and getting them off the market. Follow on Twitter at @NewsomeMelton https://twitter.com/NewsomeMelton Like on Facebook at @NewsomeMelton https://www.facebook.com/newsomemelton
What damages can I recover in a defective product liability case?  0195
What damages can I recover in a defective product liability case? he damages that are recoverable under California law in a defective product case depend on the type of case of course. But in a typical case where the plaintiff was injured but survived, that plaintiff would be entitled to his economic damages and his non-economic damages. Economic damages include past and future medical expenses, past and future wage loss, future lost earning capacity. Because of an injury sometimes a person either has to exit the workforce early or can no longer do what they did before being injured, and as a result they have what we call a lost earning capacity. In addition to that, other out of pocket or consequential damages that flow from that injury are also recoverable. In addition to the economic damages you can get your non-economic damages. This is what people typically refer to as pain and suffering. And pain and suffering you can recover for both the past pain and suffering and the pain and suffering that you'll suffer in the future. Those numbers are determined by a juror, or by a jury or the fact finder. And those are typically the damages that are recoverable in a personal injury product defect case where the plaintiff survives. If the plaintiff or the party that was injured by the product does not survive, then the relatives and heirs of the decedent or the dead person are entitled to file a lawsuit on his behalf. That is what we call wrongful death and survival actions. In a wrongful death case, all the heirs are entitled to recover for are economic damages for burial expenses, and things that flow from the death of the person. What the relatives cannot recover for is the pain and suffering of the decedents, of the dead person. The jury doesn't get to award them money for the pain and suffering that the decedent experienced prior to his death in a wrongful death case. They're only entitled to recover for their loss of comfort, society from that person no longer being in their life. In a survival action, which is a type of wrongful death case, is where the heirs recover for the dead person's pain and suffering from the time of the injury-causing event up until the time of his death. So sometimes, death is instantaneous. Other times, it takes a while. And in the survival action, the decedent's heirs are entitled to recover for that injured party's or the decedent's pain and suffering that he or she went through prior to his or her death. What about economic damages? For example, someone dies as a result of a defective product, he's 30 years old and he had another 35-40 years of earning potential. Right. So in that sort of a case, the decedent's heirs for example, if he had children, are entitled to recover what the dad would've provided for those children throughout their lives. So in a typical case involving the death of a parent, the children are entitled to recover the money that that parent would have provided to that child over his or her life. So things like college expenses, medical expenses, food - all sorts of normal daily things that a parent provides to their children - the heirs or the children are entitled to recover for in a dangerous product case.
What is a Product Liability Case?
A product liability is the type of case where someone has been injured or killed as a result of a product. The product is a consumer item such as a ceiling fan, automobile, truck or a piece of industrial equipment. They are considered to be any products that are manufactured and put out to the marketplace to be purchased and consumed by the American public. If those products have been designed and/or manufactured in an unreasonably dangerous condition and a death or injury has occurred as a result, the manufacturer is held liable. The causes of action available from a product liability case in Tuscaloosa or anywhere else in Alabama is against the manufacturer or distributor building on its role in the chain of distribution. The problem has to be found to not only have affected a region, but has also been deemed unreasonably dangerous. Contact the team of experienced Tuscaloosa personal injury lawyers at Cross & Smith today for a free initial consultation. For more information about your specific case, visit: Cross & Smith, LLC http://www.crossandsmith.com TUSCALOOSA 907 17th Avenue Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 Toll Free: 877-791-0618 Phone: 205-391-0618 BIRMINGHAM Landmark Center 2100 1st Ave. N, Suite 340 Birmingham, AL 35203 Phone: 205-326-2500
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Litigating a Failure to Warn Claim in Product Liability/Personal Injury Cases
On March 6, 2018, at 2:00 p.m. (ET), The TASA Group, in conjunction with product safety expert Gerald Goldhaber, presented a free, one-hour interactive webinar presentation, Litigating a Failure to Warn Claim in Product Liability/Personal Injury Cases, for all legal professionals. During this presentation, Gerald Goldhaber discussed: -Legal vs. practical definition of a warning -When a warning is needed -Legal requirements of a warning -Process of creating/evaluating a warning -Samples of effective warnings and wacky warnings -Different perspectives on litigating a failure to warn claim About The Presenter: Dr. Gerald M. Goldhaber has been the nation’s leading safety warnings and communications expert for over 39 years. Dr. Goldhaber has been the subject of dozens of interviews by leading networks, newspapers, and magazines and has designed warnings for dozens of consumer and industrial products. He is also the instructor of the official digital course of warnings and safety communications for the National Association of Continuing Legal Education (NACLE). Dr. Goldhaber has testified and consulted for lawyers representing corporations or injured parties in over 1,000 lawsuits since 1978 and is currently CNN’s chief analyst for issues dealing with warnings or safety communications. His 11th book, to be published later this year is titled "MURDER, INCORPORATED: HOW UNREGULATED INDUSTRY KILLS OR INJURES THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS EVERY YEAR...AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT."
What is a Products Liability Case? - Plaxen & Adler, P.A.
Defective products can cause serious injuries. When you are injured by a defective product, you may have a products liability claim. When you're injured, contact Plaxen & Adler, P.A. We can help. Plaxen & Adler, P.A. 10211 Wincopin Cir, Suite 620 Columbia, MD 21044 Phone: (410) 730-7737 https://www.plaxenadler.com/aop/product-liability/
Product Liability Cases:  Who Is Responsible? | jobrienlaw.com
Visit Our Website: https://www.jobrienlaw.com/ ................................................................................................................ Product liability is a legal term involving the responsibility of manufacturers, sellers or distributors for injuries caused by a defective product. Victims can receive compensation for physical injuries and property damage resulting from defective products. How do we find out who is at fault in a product liability case? John M. O'Brien offers free case evaluations so do not hesitate to call us today at 916-714-8200. ................................................................................................................ About John M. O'Brien & Associates The Sacramento & Elk Grove-based law firm John M. O'Brien & Associates was founded in 1996 by John M. O'Brien. Since then the law firm has helped thousands of people get compensated for their injuries. Mr. O'Brien has a great reputation for aggressive advocacy and integrity, which has helped him obtain several multi-million-dollar jury verdicts and settlements in a wide field of personal injury cases. If you consider the information offered in this video useful, give it a like. If you know someone who might need to see it, share it. Don't forget to leave a comment below if you have any questions or thoughts. Call John M. O'Brien & Associates at 916-714-8200 for a free case evaluation. We are here to help you! John M. O'Brien & Associates Elk Grove Main Office 9401 E Stockton Blvd #225 Elk Grove, Ca 95624 916.714.8200 Sacramento Satellite Office 717 K Street #530 Sacramento, Ca 95814 916.714.8203 Toll-Free: 800-722-4176 ................................................................................................................ Connect with us on social media: https://www.facebook.com/JohnMOBrienlaw https://twitter.com/JohnMOBrienLaw https://plus.google.com/+JohnOBrienLaw https://www.linkedin.com/company/john-m-o'brien-&-associates-p-c-
What are the potential pitfalls of my Ohio product liability case?
David Miraldi, Miraldi & Barrett, Co. LPA, http://www.mirbar.com - (800) 589-3023. Ohio Dangerous and Defective Products Law FAQs: http://thelaw.tv/216/Dangerous+and+Defective+Products+Law Disclaimer: http://thelaw.tv/216/a/d/
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Can any attorney handle a Indiana product liability case?
Unfortunately, thousands of injuries and deaths occur each and every year due to faulty and defective products. Contact us at Wagner Reese to discuss your product liability claim. http://www.injuryattorneys.com/Practice-Areas/Indiana-Product-Liability-Attorney.aspx Wagner Reese, LLP is an Indianapolis, Indiana personal injury law firm which helps accident victims and their families. Learn more at http://www.wagnerreese.com
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Personal Injury - Product Liability Cases
http://frankeidson.com - Frank Eidson talks about defective products and the liability of manufacturers.
Who cannot be sued in a Ohio product liability case?
David Miraldi, Miraldi & Barrett, Co. LPA, http://www.mirbar.com - (800) 589-3023. Ohio Dangerous and Defective Products Law FAQs: http://thelaw.tv/216/Dangerous+and+Defective+Products+Law Disclaimer: http://thelaw.tv/216/a/d/
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GBS205 Legal Environment - Product Liability - The Paisley Snail Case
End-of-semester group project for a college class. The story of the very first recorded product liability case, as told by sock puppets.
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Who cannot be sued in a Ohio product liability case?
David P. Miraldi, Esq., Miraldi & Barrett, Co., LPA Dangerous and Defective Product Law http://www.mirbar.com 1-800-589-3023
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Massachusetts Defective Products & Product Liability Cases - Attorney William D. Kickham
For More Information: http://www.attorneywdkickham.com/product-liability.html Attorney William D. Kickham || Office Phone: 781.320.0062 || Mobile Phone: 617.285.3600
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Products Liability
Attorney Spivey discusses product liability and defective products cases.
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Strict Liability and Product Liability | Business Law (Chapter 6)
Strict Liability and Product Liability | Business Law (Chapter 6) Subscribe this channel to get more knowledge,Slides,Lectures,Presentations etc. Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/GetKnowledge?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/g8knowledge Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/g8knowledge Instragram: https://www.instagram.com/knowledgeget Course Description: This course covers all the aspects and functions of a business and its environment. Overview of areas like Economics, Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Production, Information Technology, Accounting and Finance is undertaken in this course. Course Objective: The objective of this course is to provide in depth knowledge to students about the legal environment of business. The course covers Contract Act, Law of sales of Goods, Law of Carriage of Goods, Law of partnership, Law of Negotiable Instruments and Company Law. After studying this course, students would be able to understand the contracts, its formation and other legal aspects of business.
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