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The Offspring - Dirty Magic (Acoustic)
Thanks offspring for the great job in this music.
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Dirty Magic - (The Offspring acoustic cover)
Всем привет от нового музыкального проекта Just Wrong (Просто Неправильно)!!!! Мы записали наш первый кавер на песню Dirty Magic группы The Offsping с альбома Ignition 1992 года. Смотрите!!! Комментируйте! Ставьте лайки и подписывайтесь на наш канал. В наших планах еще не один кавер. Так же на подходе свой материал. На данный момент Just Wrong состоит из 2 человек: Евгений Кричевцов (http://vk.com/ek490) и Юлия Волконская (http://vk.com/id14751470). Добавляйте в друзья, задавайте вопросы пишите пожелания!
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Dirty Magic acoustic
studio version
Views: 5240 mankind1721
Dirty Magic Guitar Lesson
Guitar Lesson of one of the most underrated The Offspring Songs of all Time. A nice piece of music which is a very good one for beginners 2 play (like most Offspring Songs^^). Don't be intimidated by "Acoustic Version", it's still the same, only on an Acoustic guitar... I didn't post the Noodles Part, but it's easy so go look it up on any Tabs... Have Fun, Rate and Comment... \m/ Rock on. Yan.
Views: 36606 Yannic YR
Offspring Acoustic Cover - Dirty Magic - MikeRamone
no video, sry about that, My webcam is not working.
Views: 3616 MickeRamone
Dirty Magic (The Offspring acoustic cover)
My cover of what remains one of Offspring best song. From the 1992 album "Ignition".
Views: 1021 selvans
Offspring - Dirty magic acoustic
Dexter and noodles
Views: 40847 gunsnitro
The Offspring - Dirty Magic (Acoustic)
Artist: The Offspring Album: Dirty Magic Song: Dirty Magic (Acoustic) Year: 1995
Views: 58 Kenny Martel
The Offspring - Dirty Magic (acoustic cover - revisited)
Revisited version of my acoustic interpretation for The Offspring's ballad. There are some mistakes, but what do you want, if it was 36th try? There is some improvisation by the way. Disclaimer: Acoustic arrangement belongs to me. I am performer of this video which belongs to me. Moreover, this performance of this arrangement is the first one in the public media. All other rights goes to their respective owners.
Views: 299 Bartek W.
The Offspring - Dirty Magic (Acoustic Cover)
An acoustic cover performed by Josie and Leisen. (Excuse the slightly out-of-tune guitar and poor video quality.)
Views: 4872 lovemusicphotography
The Offspring - Dirty Magic (Acoustic)
Version acustica de Dirty Magic incluida como bonus en el Dual Disc del Greatest Hits (2005). Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheOffspringArgentina Twitter: https://twitter.com/OffsArgentina
Views: 167 Offspring Argentina
Offspring - Dirty Magic acoustic cover
http://zakharov.wordpress.com/2007/10/11/offspring-dirty-magic/ This song made me into Offspring and punk rock generally back in 1996. Time to pay back I guess. Didn't catch the pitch in some moments, but it's a one-take record, just as a punk record should be. Lyrics: In my own simple way I think she wants me only She said Come over right away But she's just not that way Her little soul is stolen See her put on her brand new face Pull the shades Razor blades You're so tragic I hate you so but love you more I'm so elastic The things you say Games you play Dirty magic I should know better than to think I'd reach inside her It's all a cloudy kind of daze She's not so sweet today She mocks me, I'm no fighter It all just seems like such a waste CHORUS It's Oversimplified
The Offspring - Dirty Magic (acoustic cover)
Dirty magic acoustic cover
Views: 656 Peter vTalent
The Offspring - Dirty magic (acoustic)
The Offspring - Dirty magic (acoustic)
Views: 2446 Leandro Moraes
The Offspring Dirty Magic guitar cover HD acoustic
The Offspring Dirty Magic guitar cover HD acoustic.
Views: 218 allcanyousee
Dirty Magic Acoustic Guitar (the offspring)
All rights to the original song belong to The Offspring. This is my guitar cover.
Views: 1617 Tim Sussman
Rivokill - Dirty Magic acoustic version (The Offspring Cover)
Rivokill - Especial The Offspring Música: Dirty Magic acoustic version - Ana Falchetti: Violão Base e Backing vocal - Andreza Castro: Violão Solo - Lenita Cardozo: Vocal Edição de Áudio: Lenita Cardozo Edição de Vídeo: Ana Falchetti
Views: 45 Rivokill Oficial
Dirty Magic - The Offspring Cover by Malcress
To change style, we turned to the punk scene and chose to cover the acoustic version of Dirty Magic from the mighty Offspring, which is one of our favorite songs from them. It comes from their second album - Ignition, and, although it's not really a happy song, it means a great deal to us because it reminds us of all the warm summer evenings while riding our bike and looking at the magnificent sunset, casting it's last golden beams on the landscape. Enjoy as the song sheds light upon you as well, and subscribe, share and comment! What should we play next? Leave us your suggestions in the comment section! Tumblr: https://we-are-malcress.tumblr.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/we.are.ma... Twitter: https://twitter.com/we_are_malcress Spotify: Malcress
Views: 362 malcress
Dirty magic acoustic
noodles part
Views: 2166 Blecha100
The Offspring - Dirty Magic Acoustic Cover
My first cover on the acoustic guitar... :-D
Dirty Magic acoustic
me playing the Offspring's song called Dirty Magic.
Views: 3697 IMNALIEN
Dirty Magic- The Offspring (acoustic cover)
An acoustic cover of the classic Offspring song, originally featured on 'Ignition' (1992)
Views: 111 Will Fowler
Leerkörper - Dirty Magic (Acoustic cover The Offspring)
Leerkörper covern Dirty Magic von The Offspring als Akustik-Version
Views: 2126 MCS1408
The Offspring Dirty Magic Acoustic Cover
Guitar playing.
Views: 106 Jaroslav Studenič
Dirty magic acoustic cover - Offspring -
Acoustic cover dirty magic Offspring
Acoustic Cover: The Offspring ''Dirty Magic''
I was bored and was just listening to some songs by The Offspring, when ''Dirty Magic'' appeared on my CD-player. It took about an hour to make this little video and I think I messed it up sometimes. Besides I changed the ending. Instead of Dexter's ''It's oversimplified'', I used a short guitar improvisation. I hope you won't kill me for that...
Views: 15608 AlteSchuhsohle
The Offspring-Dirty Magic (My Acoustic Cover)
Original song by Offspring It's unique and dark in a mysterious way.Great song.I still remember the first time i heard it.
The Offspring - Dirty Magic acoustic guitar cover!
Me playing Dirty Magic by The Offspring on acoustic guitar, it´s definitely not perfect.
Views: 43 StammmAle
Dirty Magic - The Offspring (Acoustic Cover)
From The Album Ignition (1992) , we do not own the lyrics or song just for entertainment purpose, give like,comment for more covers, and hit with subscribe if you like! Like me and my band! : www.facebook.com/Roxreeveschannel - www.facebook.com/RiskingOurFate also on Twitter: www.twitter.com/roxreeves www.twitter.com/RiskingOurFate
Views: 44 Risking Our Fate
dirty magic (the offspring acoustic cover in D)
when you have things to do for the university...and you just don't want to...grab your guitar and record a song...it's worth it. roughly recorded...lot's of pronunciation mistakes, and some guitar misses too. Just for fun, enjoy.
Views: 275 cavemandg
dirty magic acoustic =)
Views: 2026 OnurbSomar125
Dirty Magic (acoustic)
Acoustic cover of The Offspring's "Dirty Magic." From The Hideout Saloon in Tucson, AZ. 10-11-12.
Views: 58 KJ Padilla
Dirty Magic - The Offspring (Cover) Acoustic Solo
Please watch: "Savior - Rise Against (Cover) Acoustic Rendition by Ryan" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KhWM_8W0aY --~-- Dirty Magic - The Offspring Acoustic cover by Ryan , Thanks for Watching. If you wanna see more leave a comment with a request, Cheers. (Instagram @DrunkCanucks)
Views: 42 Drunk Canucks
Offspring - Dirty Magic -  Cover - Acoustic - High Quality
In response to the good news that Offspring are re-releasing one of my favourite tracks... Here is a cover of Dirty Magic by the Offsping. Original version is off of Ignition Plus Dexter and Noodles did a great acoustic version of this one.
Views: 847 Outsidedmusic
Fingers Crossed - Dirty Magic Acoustic(The Offspring cover)
Fingers Crossed - Dirty Magic Acoustic(couver)
Views: 1128 dslinkrodrigo
Dirty Magic (Acoustic Offspring Cover)
DOWNLOAD FOR FREE AT: https://soundcloud.com/kjp182/dirty-magic-acoustic
Views: 30 KJ Padilla
The Offspring - Dirty magic (cover)
Una de mis canciones favoritas del grupo... (Para el que le interese, la distorsión viene únicamente activando el PA2 de las pastillas activas EMG). Equipo: BC Rich Kerry King signature Wartribe Line6 PODxt Vota, comenta y suscríbete! Rate, comment & subscribe!
Views: 3325 Pollotomatero
The Offspring - Dirty Magic Acoustic Cover
An acoustic cover of Dirty Magic by the Offspring.
Views: 153 UnknownX01
Dirty Magic - Cover Offspring
studing guitar
Views: 71 Alessandro Garcia

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