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The Dubs - Could this be Magic
The Dubs - Could this be Magic
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The Dubs - Could This Be Magic
The Dubs are an American doo wop vocal group formed in 1956, best known for their songs "Could This Be Magic", "Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely" and "Chapel of Dreams".
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Dubs - Could This Be Magic
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*The Dubs* - Could This Be Magic
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Cleveland Stills & The Dubs - DooWop - Could This Be Magic
Cleveland Stills and The Dubs performing at the Savannah Center in The Villages FL Nov 14, 2012 singing "Could This Be Magic" at Rocky's DooWop Party with Rocky & The Rollers.
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The Dubs  "Could This Be Magic"
This a doo-wop classic, "Could This Be Magic", written by group member Richard Blandon and Hiram Johnson, was recorded by the New York doo wop group The Dubs and released on the Gone label in August 1957, reaching #23 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart later that year. The song can be found on CD on The Best of The Dubs on the Collectables label. I do not own the right to the song, audio, or images contained in this video. The sound recording is administered by Digital Minds Ltd-srav on behalf of: Cherished Records. No copyright infringement is intended. The purpose of this upload is for viewer enjoyment and education not for monetary gain.
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Dubs--Could This Be Magic
Dubs--Could This Be Magic From UGHA PRBGPS Trevose March 26, 1994
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The Dubs-Could This Be Magic
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Dubs, The - Could This Be Magic - 1957
Their 2nd Gone release
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The Dubs   Could This Be Magic
The Dubs emerged from two vocal groups from the Harlem area. The Five Wings and The Scale-Tones both had releases on different labels that were not selling. Richard Blandon helped bring the group together and also wrote this song which was their biggest hit. It was released in 1957.
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The Dubs ~ Could This Be Magic
The Dubs ~ Could This Be Magic
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The DUBS - Could This Be Magic / Chapel Of Dreams - stereo mixes
1. Could This Be Magic #23 in November 1957. 2. Chapel Of Dreams #74 in 1959. Both songs on the Gone label in stereo mixes by Johnny T.
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Could This Be Magic - Dubs - 1957
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The Dubs formed from the merging of two short-lived vocal groups in Harlem, New York, The Five Wings and The Scale-Tones. The Five Wings (originally "The 5 Stars") were an up-and-coming group with members Jackie Rue (lead, later of Jackie and the Starlites), Frank Edwards (tenor), Billy Carlisle (second tenor), Melvin Flood (baritone), and Tommy Grate (bass). They recorded for King Records in 1955, but when they were unable to find success, the group began to splinter. Rue, Flood, and Edwards left, Kenny "Butch" Hamilton joined, and, shortly afterwards, Carlisle's cousin Richard Blandon was in following his discharge from the United States Air Force. Meanwhile, The Scale-Tones had been formed by James "Jake" Miller and Thomas Gardner, who had added Cleveland Still (lead), James Montgomery, and Don Archer. They made one record on the Jay-Dee label in early 1956. After some prompting by Blandon when he showed up at a Scale-Tones' rehearsal, a new group emerged. This included Blandon and Carlisle from the Five Wings, and Still, Miller and Gardner from the Scale-Tones. The Five Wings' manager, Buddy Johnson's brother Hiram, offered to manage the new group. As The Marvels, they recorded an unsuccessful single, "I Won't Have You Breaking My Heart", for ABC-Paramount. The group then renamed themselves The Dubs, and released Blandon's song "Don't Ask Me To Be Lonely" on the Johnson label set up by their manager. Radio acceptance was almost immediate, and the record was picked up for national release on George Goldner's Gone label. It peaked at #72 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in the summer of 1957, although like all their other records it surprisingly failed to make the R&B chart. Gardner then left the group to be replaced by Tommy Grate. The group's next single, "Could This Be Magic", also written by Blandon, was another pop hit, rising to #23 later in 1957 and becoming recognized over the years as a doo-wop classic. This success landed the group a spot on an Alan Freed package and they toured extensively in the U.S. and Canada. However, subsequent singles from the group were less successful and, in November 1958 the group decided to split up, disappointed over their meagre earnings. Blandon joined The Vocaleers (who had previously had a 1953 hit, "Is It A Dream"), and the other members found jobs outside the music industry. n July 1959, some eight months after its initial release, "Chapel of Dreams" was reissued and rose to #74 on the charts. To build on its relative success, Blandon left the Vocaleers and reformed The Dubs with Miller, Grate and Carlisle. Cleveland Still, then working as a shipping clerk, did not return, and was replaced by Cordell Brown. The group signed again with ABC-Paramount, and recorded a string of singles over the next two years. In 1962, Still temporarily returned to replace Brown, and the group recorded for several labels, including Josie for one side of a split album with The Shells, The Dubs Meet the Shells. Richard Blandon kept the group active during the 1960s, often re-recording their old hits. By 1971 the group was a trio comprising Blandon, Still, and tenor Kirk Harris, and in 1973 they added baritone Dave Shelley. In the mid 1980s the partnership between Blandon and Still ended, with each forming their own version of The Dubs. Still's group included lead Leslie Anderson, Bernard Jones, John "Spider" Truesdale and Steve Brown. This group, minus Brown, still performs. Blandon's group included Harris, Jay McKnight, and Kenny White; by 1990, Harris and White had left and been replaced by Danny Foy, Michael Smith, and Doretha Gills. After Richard Blandon died in 1991, his brother, Darryll, took over the lead. The group with Darryl recorded an album, The Magic is Back, in 1997. McKnight later joined Norman Fox & The Rob-Roys.
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Could This Be Magic - The Dubs
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The Dubs - Could This Be Magic (original 78 rpm)
Original 78 rpm, straight from 1957.
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The Dubs - Could This Be Magic
Could This Be Magic by The Dubs from the album Very Best of Doo Wop Classics Released 2015-04-17 on AudioSonic Music Download on iTunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/album/id1011126350?uo=6&app=itunes&at=10ldAw&ct=YTAT5060209955155 Download on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=Various+Artists+Very+Best+of+Doo+Wop+Classics&c=music&PAffiliateID=100l3VM The vocal style known as doo wop that developed on the streets of New York and other American cities immediately after World War II is one of the best-loved in popular music. The onomatopoeic name of the style, plus the exotically christened groups that practised it, evokes the era before a single note is heard. Doo wop was and remains the most accessible of popular music formats and the groups here hail from all corners of the United States, so follow our musical road map and enjoy… © 2015 Nordic Entertainment Ltd ℗ 2015 AudioSonic Music
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The Dubs - Could This Be Magic Lyrics
[Lyrics The Dubs - Could This Be Magic] Could this be magic My dear My heart's all aglow Could this be magic Loving you so Could this be magic My dear Having your love My prayers were answered So far from above I thought it would be Just a memory To linger my heart in pain But to my surprise I opened up my eyes And I'm with you dear once again Could this be magic My dear Having your love If this is magic Then magic is mine Could this be magic Then magic is mine
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The Dubs - Could This Be Magic [1957] (New York Doo Wop Ballad)
Gone 5011 A (Aug 1957) The Dubs aka the Five Wings aka The Scale-Tones aka The Marvels (Harlem, New-York) Personnel : Richard Blandon (Lead) Billy Carlisle (Second Tenor) Cleveland Still (First Tenor) Jake Miller (Baritone) Thomas Gardner (Bass)
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The Dubs  Could This Be Magic
2/11/18 Again from Friend Entertainment's Anniversary show Cleveland Still's Dubs and Could This Be Magic. Cleve is very deserving of the accolades throughout this song. Still going strong after all the years!
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The Dubs - "Could This Be Magic"
A true '50's classic! Record from 1957.
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The Dubs Could this be Magic
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Could This Be Magic "By" The Dubs
Could This Be Magic By The Dubs,,,,From The Album Oldies.
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Could this be magic the dubs karaoke (cover by Victor)
Singing this oldeys song
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Could This Be Magic - The Dubs
Indeed it IS.!! This is dedicated to our friend Merlin who showed us that all you have to do is believe and your dreams will come true.
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Could this be magic.  The Dubs
Original Gone 45.
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Dubs - Could This Be Magic
Could This Be Magic by Dubs from the album Street Corner Symphonies - The Complete Story of Doo Wop - Volume 9: 1957 Released 2014-01-24 on Bear Family Records GmbH Doo-Wop is one of the foundation stones of Rock 'n' Roll. BEAR FAMILY will issue the defintive story of Doo-Wop from 1939-1963! Every Doo-Wop hit! Every neglected classic! Every ground-breaking record! In fact, some eminent cultural historians cite records like 'Sixty Minute Man' and 'Gee' as among the first Rock 'n' Roll records. Both of those classics, along with many more, are on BEAR FAMILY's defintive history of Doo-Wop, 'Street Corner Symphonies.' As always, you can trust BEAR FAMILY to get it right. © 2013 Bear Family Records GmbH ℗ 2013 Bear Family Records GmbH . This is officially licensed content, not a copyright infringement. If you should have any objections, please get in touch with finetunes first.
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Could This Be Magic , The Dubs
Doo Wop
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The Dubs Could This Be Magic.
smooth tune
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"Could This Be Magic" - Cleveland Still and The Dubs
Cleveland Still and The Dubs performing "Could This Be Magic" at Doo Wop Weekend Vol. XII, Hauppauge High School, Saturday, April 18, 2015.
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Could This Be Magic Cleveland Still & The Dubs Live at The St George Theatre 12/1/17
Could This Be Magic Cleveland Still & The Dubs Live at The St George Theatre 12/1/17
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The Dubs - Could This Be Magic
Could This Be Magic by The Dubs from the album War Paint: The Gone Records Story 1957-1962 Released 2015-08-21 on One Day Music Download on iTunes: https://geo.itunes.apple.com/album/id-1?uo=6&app=itunes&at=10ldAw&ct=YTAT5060259820410 Download on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/search?q=Various+Artists+War+Paint%3A+The+Gone+Records+Story+1957-1962&c=music&PAffiliateID=100l3VM Few backroom boys in rock'n'roll make a name for themselves - so George Goldner's impact on popular music can be gauged by the fact that in 2012, some four decades after his death, he became the subject of a stage musical. The Boy From New York City told the story of a man who worked with and discovered many of the Fifties' great rock'n'roll names. And Gone Records was one of the labels he founded. © 2015 One Day Music ℗ 2015 One Day Music
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Could This Be Magic - Richard Blandon Dubs featuring Darryl Blandon
The Richard Blandon Dubs featuring Darryl Blandon this is Richards younger brother and the sound is unbelievable so close to Richard. Darryl doing lead to another fine classic, Could This Be Magic. L to R Darryl Blandon, Jay Mcknight, Doretha Gills, Danny Foy
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THE DUBS - COULD THIS BE MAGIC - GONE RECORDS 5011 THE DUBS - SUCH LOVIN' - GONE RECORDS - 5011 - TO SEE MY WRITE UP ON A NAJOR DOO WOP SHOW ON LONG ISLAND CLECK HERE http://musicguy247.typepad.com/my-blog/2014/04/lar-enterprises-all-star-doo-wop-weekend-vo-xi-sunday-41314-on-april-12th-and-13th-2014-there-was-a-weekend-full-of.html INTERVIEWS WITH DOO WOP STARS ALSO
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The Dubs   Could This Be Magic
A slideshow of a few of yesteryear's Hollywood starlets set to the song "Could This Be Magic," by The Dubs.
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