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Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Includes topics such as, - independent and dependent demand - bill of material - product structure tree - MRP primary and secondary reports - MRP 2 - capacity requirements planning
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Teamcenter Advanced Assembly Planning -- Enterprise Bill-of-Process (eBOP)
Siemens PLM Software's new Advanced Assembly Planning product further improves collaboration for planning product build strategies whether over multiple plants or within a single plant. Our enterprise bill-of-process (BOP) capability simplifies this complexity so that you have full traceability of products and processes across multiple plants. http://www.plm.automation.siemens.com/en_us/products/tecnomatix/tecnomatix10/release-highlights.shtml
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16: Product Cost Planning Business Process
شرح مفصل لتخطيط تكلفة المنتج Detailed explanation of Product Cost Planning Business Process /Follow my updates on Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/galal Subscribe for new videos www.youtube.com/c/AbdullahGalal?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/AbdullahGalal.ERP Facebook Group Link: Middle East SAP Support Group www.facebook.com/groups/messg
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What is PRODUCTION PLANNING? What does PRODUCTION PLANNING mean? PRODUCTION PLANNING meaning - PRODUCTION PLANNING definition - PRODUCTION PLANNING explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. Production planning is the planning of production and manufacturing modules in a company or industry. It utilizes the resource allocation of activities of employees, materials and production capacity, in order to serve different customers. Different types of production methods, such as single item manufacturing, batch production, mass production, continuous production etc. have their own type of production planning. Production planning can be combined with production control into production planning and control, or it can be combined and or integrated into enterprise resource planning. Production planning is used in companies in several different industries, including agriculture, industry, amusement industry, etc. Production planning is a plan for the future production, in which the facilities needed are determined and arranged. A production planning is made periodically for a specific time period, called the planning horizon. It can comprise the following activities: Determination of the required product mix and factory load to satisfy customers needs. Matching the required level of production to the existing resources. Scheduling and choosing the actual work to be started in the manufacturing facility" Setting up and delivering production orders to production facilities. In order to develop production plans, the production planner or production planning department needs to work closely together with the marketing department and sales department. They can provide sales forecasts, or a listing of customer orders." The "work is usually selected from a variety of product types which may require different resources and serve different customers. Therefore, the selection must optimize customer-independent performance measures such as cycle time and customer-dependent performance measures such as on-time delivery." A critical factor in production planning is "the accurate estimation of the productive capacity of available resources, yet this is one of the most difficult tasks to perform well." Production planning should always take "into account material availability, resource availability and knowledge of future demand."
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Top 20 Best Small Business Ideas for Beginners in 2017
Top 20 best small business ideas for beginners in 2017. Start a small business with low cost capital investment in 2017. Also, Subscribe our young entrepreneurs channel for more business ideas in future. Checkout our popular best small business ideas videos. Top 40 Small Business Ideas in India - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_IvoZQkcgs Top 15 Best Small Business Ideas to Start your small business - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VlotQmjVork Top 10 Profitable Small Business ideas in 2016 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07fsKAG5kZc If you're going to start a small business as new beginner then, you've to read this whole video description for understanding many important things before starting your own business. No doubt, already you've watched this full video and also, subscribed this channel, But, have you think one question! which business idea is best for your passion! Before choosing any business, you need to identify your passion. If you don't find your passion then, these all top 20 small business ideas for beginners are worth less. There are many filed you can choose for starting a small business as beginner. Agriculture, import & export, technology, arts & crafts, Internet, Traveling and many more field are evergreen in present market. If you're still confused then, comment your question. I'll give you answer. Well, I've some questions which might be cleared from your side. 1. What is your level of preparedness? Are you skilled in your business? 2. How much capital do you have? Do you have specific amount of money to run your small business? 3. Do you know about who is on your team? 4. Also, have you rectifed about how strong is your business plan? 5. What business idea and skills do you've in mind? Be cleared with these all 5 questions before selecting any business idea from these Top 20 Best Small Business Ideas for Beginners. Also, do subscribe our channel.
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SAP EPM: Product Cost Forecast and Simulation with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation
In this SAP enterprise performance management (EPM) webinar replay, Rolf Sieberg and Guido Eichmann – SAP EPM product development – demonstrate a solution realized with SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1 on SAP HANA to predict cost changes, margin impacts, and procurement requirements for potential future market conditions. Rolf and Guido’s presentation illuminates the ideal combination of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation with SAP HANA for on-the-fly simulations and what-if analyses. The session concludes with a Question & Answer with the presenters. Agenda: - Introduction w/ Rolf Sieberg - Overview: Product Cost Forecast and Simulation – 00:47 - Business Use Case – 05:20 - Architecture Layout – 17:13 - Demonstration w/ Guido Eichmann – 22:23 - Q&A – 41:12 Brought to you by the SAP Product Management Analytics Group - http://blogs.sap.com/analytics
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Manufacturing Planning with SAP 3D Visual Enterprise
A big leap in manufacturing planning was made possible by combining 3D technology with SAP’s powerful manufacturing solution. SAP 3D Visual Enterprise provides a manufacturing planner that has great visual features and is tightly integrated with the SAP backend. All of this allows you to bridge the gap between engineering and manufacturing and make planning and modification tasks really easy to handle. Nothing is left to chance as you can see images of all the components you are planning, and user experience is taken to a new level, where creating manufacturing bill of materials and routings could hardly be more comfortable. Learn more about SAP 3D Visual Enterprise applications: http://www.sap.com/solution/lob/r-and-d/software/product-visualization/index.html
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Production Planning Whiteboard Animation
Production Planning Whiteboard Animation
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Finding Product Information with Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions
Boris Znebel, VP of Sales at Second Foundation, explains one of the biggest advancements in ERP solutions in the past few years. To learn more about Second Foundation, please visit http://www.second-foundation.com/Page/default.aspx.
The Art of Building a Roadmap - Atlassian Summit 2016
Sherif Mansour Principal Product Manager, Atlassian The process of defining a roadmap is arguably one of the most difficult but important things a product manager has to do. Far too often roadmaps are built without the complete picture in mind, without the right timing, in silos, or are misdirected. How then can we ensure we’re doing it right? Is there really such a thing as an agile roadmap? This talk will draw from lessons learnt building product to provide practical tips and techniques enabling you to understand roadmap inputs, plan with different perspectives in mind, optimise for learning, communicate and set roadmap goals as well as find agility when the landscape around you changes. Products covered: Confluence
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Modeling Assumptions Modeling in TM1 in contrast with Enterprise Planning
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बिज़नेस बढ़ाना हो तो ऐसे PLANNING करें | UP Official | best business video
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How To Do Agile Release Planning
Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all of our world-class products and exciting updates: https://goo.gl/YhZF9h Agile release planning serves as a way to bring company vision together with the product roadmap. CA Agile Management helps teams plan how to strategically execute on these plans
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Configuring Capital in Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud
This tutorial demonstrates how to enable Capital, add custom dimensions, and configure drivers to load metadata to your application. Capital Asset Planning enables the planning for the long-term impact of capital asset investments on financial plans.
Oracle Enterprise Planning Cloud
In this video, Marc Seewald, Senior Director of Product Management for EPM solutions at Oracle, sat down with Nigel Youell to discuss the success of Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) over the past two years, and now they are building upon this with Oracle Enterprise Planning and Cloud Service (EPBCS) with prebuilt planning frameworks for specific business processes such as, Financial Statement Planning, Workforce Planning, Capital Asset Planning, and Project Financial Planning. These new planning frameworks facilitate the use of EPBCS for not only finance use cases, but beyond finance use cases.
Capital Planning Portal | AssetWorks Enterprise Asset Management Software
Are you interested in how AssetWorks Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software can work for your city, county or public works organization? In this short product demo, join AssetWorks EAM Technology Expert Jim Hammond as he walks through EAM's Capital Planning portal. Interested in learning more or scheduling a complete demo? Simply visit this link to fill out a contact form: www.assetworks.com/eam
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Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) and Logistics Systems
http://www.lifecycle-performance-pros.com This video covers the various logistics strategies such as Integrated Logistics Systems, Direct Product Profitability, Materials Requirements Planning, Distribution Requirements Planning, Just in Time (JIT). http://www.lifecycle-performance-pros.com
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Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP)  - Qatar Creations
Qarar Creations ERP is Business Management Software that allows an organisation to use the system of integrated applications to manage the business. such as an operations including product planning, development, manufacturing processes, sales and marketing.
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#9,Planning and it's process(Class 12 business)
Class 12 business studies planning process of planning mind your own business video 9
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CCG - Deltek Vision Resource Planning - Product Demo
For success-minded Professional Services firms, nothing is more important to your business than your resources. Yet even in today's world of evolving technology, traditional stand-alone project and resource management systems require retrieving key information from multiple, segregated sources—leaving your company to deal with time-consuming and error-prone processes that risk putting your projects over time and/or budget. When you want a technology partner that can have your system up and running quickly, choose Central Consulting Group, the most trusted Deltek Premier Partner for over 10 years.
SAP Analytics Cloud: Overview and Live Demo of the Planning Capability
In this SAP Analytics Cloud webinar replay, Janet Tran, SAP product manager, provides an overview of how the planning capability in SAP Analytics Cloud can help support your enterprise planning needs. Janet explains how to leverage SAP Analytics Cloud to extend beyond your current planning footprint and simplify your planning process. The presentation also includes a live product demonstration that covers planning model creation, data acquisition, making updates to planning data, and creating analytics and visualizations within the tool. The session ends with a Q&A segment with our panel of subject matter experts. Agenda: - Introduction - SAP Analytics Cloud Overview – 00:23 - Key Features of SAP Analytics Cloud Planning Capabilities – 02:45 - Product Demonstration – 10:49 - Q&A – 45:06 Brought to you by the SAP product management analytics group: http://blogs.sap.com/analytics.
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LEARN ABOUT ERP (Enterprise Resource and Planning )
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a category of business-management software—typically a suite of integrated applications—that an organization can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities, including: Product planning, purchase. Manufacturing or service delivery. Marketing and sales. Human Resource. Inventory management. Finance and accounts. ERP provides an integrated view of core business processes, often in real-time, using common databases maintained by a database management system. ERP systems track business resources—cash, raw materials, production capacity—and the status of business commitments: orders, purchase orders, and payroll. The applications that make up the system share data across various departments (manufacturing, purchasing, sales, accounting, etc.) that provide the data. ERP facilitates information flow between all business functions, and manages connections to outside stakeholders. CONTACT US 21, 22, 23 1st Floor, Jeevan Shopping Centre, Viraj Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow-226010 (U.P.) Contact : 0522-4103859, +91-9161893191, +91-9198064444, +91-9839151000 E-mail : [email protected] [email protected] Website: www.emergiesinfosoft.com
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SYSPRO: Product Quality Management and Control
Hear from SYSPRO Chief Software Development Officer JP van Loggerenberg as he talks about valuing a process of quality management that consists of ongoing, incremental improvements, as opposed to a one -off breakthrough, ensuring the delivery of a consistently superior product.
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planningIT Product Tour Series: SOA Planning
To view this video in higher quality please visit http://www.alfabet.com/products/product_tour/soa_planning
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Oracle Applications Release September 2016 Spotlight on Enterprise Planning and Budgeting
Watch the Release September 2016 spotlight video on top level messages and product themes of Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud - Enterprise Planning and Budgeting. For more information on Enterprise Performance Management Cloud, visit https://cloud.oracle.com/epm.
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SAP EPM: SAP Business Planning and Consolidation Optimized for SAP S/4HANA
In this SAP enterprise performance management webinar replay, William Yu – product owner, SAP analytics – discusses the financial planning capabilities integrated into S/4HANA with the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation embedded model, such as real-time access to master data and transaction data in SAP ERP with no data replication. After his presentation, William illustrates these capabilities in a product demonstration. The session concludes with a question and answer period with the presenter. Agenda: - Introduction - Overview of SAP financial planning solutions – 02:40 - SAP BPC 10.1, version for SAP NetWeaver – 8:22 - SAP BPC, optimized for SAP S/4HANA Finance Planning – 11:07 - Product demonstration – 28:07 - Customization and extension Rules (Embedded SAP Business Warehouse) – 34:26 - SAP Finance Planning Roadmap – 40:26 - Q&A – 46:35 Brought to you by the SAP Product Management Analytics Group - http://blogs.sap.com/analytics
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Account Planning & Execution Product Tour
Get a glimpse inside a purpose-built platform designed to address the complexity of key accounts. Revegy's account planning technology delivers visualization that provides enterprise sales teams with the clarity they need to uncover customer challenges, identify high value revenue opportunities and maximize the lifetime value of key accounts. See how you can get a deeper understanding of the customer’s business, a roadmap to coordinate the sales approach and an executable plan for maximizing account revenue in a constantly changing landscape.
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Advanced Product Quality Planning
© License: The 126ers' 'Jupiters Smile'
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Business Performance Management Software - Carlson Consulting - Adaptive Planning Case Study
http://www.adaptiveplanning.com/products/adaptive-suite/ - Business performance management software (BPM software) improves financial forecasting, and provides better business intelligence. The benefits of automation and enabling financial budgeting best practices far outweigh the costs of the product.
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Strategic Planning: How to Define a Vision and Roadmap to Maximize Your ROI
Are you overwhelmed with the large volume of new requests coming in from all facets of your organization? Do you struggle to prioritize demand based on ROI, while balancing the ever-increasing expectations of your user community? Join us to learn how other large enterprise companies are managing their strategic roadmaps, exceeding user expectations, and maximizing the business value of their Salesforce programs!
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Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (EPBCS) Demonstration
If you are still using spreadsheets for financial planning and forecasting, are you… Tired of the late nights? Broken formulas and macros? Embarrassing errors? What about the constant question… “When will my report be ready?” Did you know there is a solution—and it’s affordable! Watch a demonstration of Oracle’s cloud- based application for Planning and Budgeting. Based on world-class Hyperion Planning software, this application requires no CAPEX infrastructure investments and is easy to deploy with virtually no learning curve. Companies of all sizes, across all industries, including Brother, YMCA, Connecture, Western Alliance Bank, Diono, CTDI and Sterling National Bank, have implemented the Oracle cloud and are no longer in spreadsheet hell! Scott Costello presents an in-depth product demonstration covering: Operational Budgeting for the Entire P&L Detailed Process Planning Formal Management and Financial Reporting Ad Hoc Analysis & Dashboarding Don’t miss this opportunity to see the application at work!
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Formpak Software - Integration with ERP systems for regulatory management
Formpak Software offers integrated regulatory compliance and document authoring, product development and project management. ERP system key functional areas relate to sales orders, manufacturing, purchasing, planning, batch traceability and quality control. Formpak provides integrated regulatory compliance and documents to support these processes including: Safety Data Sheets and shipping labels, in many languages. Automated, configurable updates so regulatory information is up to date both internally and on documents issued to customers. Product compliance checks to ensure product is suitable for customer and use.
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Introduction to Capacity Planning
Includes topics such as, - defining and measuring capacity - determinants of effective capacity - evaluating capacity alternatives - make or buy decisions - cost-volume analysis - planning service capacity - financial analysis
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Seminar - Insights into Enterprise Resource Planning - Oracle & OpenERP - Part 2
Managing Director of OSCG, Mr King W C Wang, was invited to give the keynote speech in the seminar "Insights into Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)". This seminar is organised by EEMAA from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The seminar provides an exclusive opportunity to learn from the top leaders in the industrial sectors of ERP solutions, and also a platform for the academic and industrial experts in the fields to meet and exchange their views. Guest Profiles: Dr. Ronald S. Lau, Associate Professor, Department of Information Systems, Business Statistics, and Operations Management, HKUST Professor Lau received his Ph.D. in Management Science from the University of Alabama, USA. He teaches courses in supply chain and operations management, decision analysis, and enterprise resource planning for the undergraduate, graduate, professional, and executive programs. His excellence in teaching has been well documented and recognized with many teaching awards. He is the author of many business cases and three textbooks, in addition to publishing over 30 articles in refereed, academic journals. He also has many years of work experience in manufacturing and financial industries. Staying close to the current industry practices, he has completed many business consulting projects over the years. Mr. Jonathan Lee, Master Principle Consultant, Oracle APAC organization Mr. Lee is currently looking after Enterprise Account and Strategic Programs in the regions. He has over 23 years experience in IT industry for various sectors MRD, GEH, and Commercial sector. Mr. Lee has extensive experience in managing enterprise solutions intensively included ERP, SCM, CRM, Supply Chain Planning, Product Development, Asset Life Cycle Management and Technologies Platform for enterprise integration, SOA and business process management, he has strong customer and solution oriented mindset, being able to communicate to different levels of professional and senior management, and conduct regular workshop with customer and partners. He also had been trained and taken the examination for Oracle Business Architect qualification to support enterprise solution formulation. He has a Master degree in Professional Accounting, and graduated from University of South Australia in Business Administration, and a Certified Member of Administrative Management Association in UK with Advanced Diploma, also with a diploma in Computing Studies of commercial applications. He is the Vice Chairman of Digital Information Technology Committee (2009-2010) of Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and a member of Hong Kong Computer Society. Mr. King W.C. Wang, Managing Director, OS Consulting Group Graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in Master Degree of Engineering Enterprise Management, Mr. Wang founded OSCG with Mr. Xiao and Mr. Kong. OSCG is the first and most experienced Chinese OpenERP Partner in the Great China Region. His vision is to be the leading OpenERP consulting and solution company. Before founding OSCG, He has many years of experience in designing and sales management for various industries. His experience includes major designer and pre-sales for Multimedia Solutions and Railway Main Control Systems. He also worked in many OEM factories in China as Foreign Business Directors. He successfully founded and managed a Foreign Sales Department for a leading Infrastructure Material Manufacturer. He is specializing workflow design and optimization, system architecture and integrated solutions. His ERP references cover many industries including Electronic Traders, Compressed Natural Gas Solution Company, OEMs, IT service vendors, Toy Companies, Furniture Manufacturers, E-Commerce, MNC and Smart Warehouse.
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RS.3000 रोज कमाए, small business, business idea 2018,low investment business, creative business idea
RS.3000 रोज कमाए, small business, business idea 2018, low investment business, slipper making business, creative business idea Creative Business Ideas is a Hindi YouTube channel for information on business ideas. here we upload videos on business to help people understand the business model. Earning money is an art. we are giving you business ideas four future business plan. you can earn more money with help of this business idea channel. I hope this channel helps you to grow your business. The business idea can make life perfect. I wish four bright business future.An idea can change the life. es chanal par aap ko business ideas sambandhit puri jankari milti hai.HINDI ME.....
planningIT Product Tour Series: Master Planning
To view this video in higher quality please visihttp://www.alfabet.com/products/product_tour/master_planningt
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Retail Product Volume and Planning Forecasting demo
Quickly forecast, model and manage product level revenues. With complete historical data sets, business planners can model complex drivers like pricing/costing assumptions, customer cost plans, and accurately forecast brand and product revenues.
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Best Practices Approach to Integrated Business Planning Webinar
http://www.Proformative.com This video is from the Proformative webinar "The Right Methodology and Best Practices Approach to Integrated Business Planning" held on March 13, 2013. The webinar features a presentation by Pras Chatterjee, Director of Product Marketing for Planning, SAP. Organizations face an increasing challenge as they attempt to improve their performance and competitive position while adjusting to rapid changes in the economy, commodity prices and financial markets. Integrated Business Planning provides a complete and unified planning process across the enterprise consisting of strategic planning, financial planning, profitability management, sales and operational planning (S&OP); improving organizational alignment and financial performance. With all of these silos combined we will show you how to get the right methodology and have best practices approach. In short, organizations must have an integrated business planning process in place to succeed in today's dynamic global economy.
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Big Room Planning in Action: Harnessing the Power of Agile at Scale
Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay up to date on all of our world-class products and exciting updates: https://goo.gl/YhZF9h To be successful at enterprise scale agile, organizations must connect the work of their agile teams, to their strategy and to what they deliver. At the core of scaling agile is release planning which must be done together in a ceremony called Big Room Planning. Watch how the CA Agile Central team at CA Technologies does big room planning – where teams and leaders align to come up with shared, realistic release plans everyone can commit to. Learn more at: http://cainc.to/FeqiV6
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SAP Integrated Business Planning powered by SAP HANA - Solution Overview
Growth, connectivity and dynamics: business processes need to manage complexity and volatility. SAP IBP powered by SAP HANA enables companies to drive more speed and greater agility regarding sales and operations, demand planning, inventory optimization, and response and supply – including full visibility with SAP Supply Chain Control Tower. go.sap.com/product/scm/integrated-business-planning.html scn.sap.com/community/scm/ibp
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Camelot Demand-Driven LEAN Planning Suite for SAP
Jens Rieder, Product Manager Camelot LEAN Suite, describes what differentiates the software from other solutions.
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SAP Transportation Resource Planning (SAP TRP) - The official product tour video
This is the official video about SAP Transportation Resource Planning that is also published on SAP.com
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Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell
This is basically a 1 day product ownership course compressed into 15 minute animated presentation. There's obviously more to product ownership than this, so see this is a high level summary. For translated versions & translation guide, see http://blog.crisp.se/2012/10/25/henrikkniberg/agile-product-ownership-in-a-nutshell Special thanks to Alistair Cockburn, Tom & Mary Poppendieck, Jeff Patton, Ron Jeffries, Jeff Sutherland, and Michael Dubakov for providing many of the models, metaphors, and ideas that I use in this presentation. Download the complete drawing here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ph3spbc3evgoh3m/PO-in-a-nutshell.png Downloadable version of the video here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h3fzydsss7sgqjd/PO-in-a-nutshell.mov PS: The intro & outtro song is just me jamming in my home studio. I bought a cool half-acoustic guitar a few months ago and was looking for an excuse to make use of it :o) Tools used: Artrage (drawing program), Wacom Intuos 5 (drawing tablet), Screenflow (screen & audio capture).
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EAC Productivity Apps
We live in a world of complex role and department-specific enterprise business systems. The silos within our organizations limit productivity. PTC recognized this problem and built ThingWorx Navigate. ThingWorx Navigate offers a single view to multiple enterprise systems like ALM, MRP, ERP, SLM, CRM, Accounting, and PLM (Windchill). It gives users universal access to the latest most accurate product information when they need it and in the context of their most day-to-day responsibilities. EAC has taken enterprise system ease of use and user adoption one step further with EAC Productivity Apps. These apps offer simple, role-based access to Windchill data and other enterprise systems. Whether you work in Engineering, Manufacturing, Marketing, Operations, Purchasing you can now access all critical information within one simple interface without interrupting your peers. Watch the video to learn about the EAC Apps: -QuickAccess -BoMReports -PLMReports -partassociations ...and more! https://eacpds.com
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CCG - Deltek Vision Resource Planning with Navigator Live Demo + Q&A
For success-minded Professional Services firms, nothing is more important to your business than your resources. Deltek Vision Resource Planning is the first fully-integrated project management solution that automates scheduling, budgeting, forecasting and resource management in a single, easy-to-use application. Navigator is a revolutionary new tool intended to meet the needs of project managers, business developers, executives and the general employee by giving them just what they need to do their jobs. CCG helps clients across North America to get more out of their software investments. As a Deltek Premier Partner, CCG strives to provide best-in-class products and services for AEC and professional services firms.
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Integrated Business Planning with Oracle VCP
What if finance, operations, and new product innovation were all tightly linked and striving towards the same corporate goals?
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Corporate Level Strategy
Today we're focused on corporate-level strategy, answering the question, "Where we play and how will we win?". Watch our whiteboard session to understand the different types of strategies you can develop and how you can successfully implement them. Want more practical tips and insights on strategic planning? Subscribe to our channel here - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc5cYNhQ8oYNdjmXBy7Z-ug Download the Essentials Guide to Strategic Planning - https://onstrategyhq.com/product/essentials-guide-to-strategic-planning/ Follow us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/OnStrategyHQ/?fref=ts Connect with us on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/onstrategy Connect with Erica Olsen on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericajolsen
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Agile Portfolio Planning with Kanban
Agile Portfolio Mgmt Training: http://bit.ly/agileportfolioplanning This webinar will cover the very important, yet commonly rushed, initial phases of an Agile (or non-Agile) Project. We will walk through Idea Qualification and Project Initiation where we take the business idea through several activities to justify the project value, define clear measures for completion, determine alternative solutions and evaluate if the project is really worth proceeding with or not. Presented by Sally Elatta, President of Agile Transformation Inc. http://www.agiletraining.com | http://www.agilevideos.com
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Product Development with SAP Product Lifecycle Management.mp4
See how an efficient and forward- thinking Product Development with SAP PLM can improve key performance figures and gives the applying business key advantages over competitive vendors in terms of time to market and product excellence.