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Esoteric K-03 SACD Player - SkyFi Audio - Video Review
We currently have two K-03 SACD players available for purchase from our website. Please click here for more information: https://skyfiaudio.com/search?q=K-03&type=product Skyfi Audio is a small startup business specializing in the purchase, reconditioning, and reselling of select high end audio equipment. We only buy equipment that we admire and are passionate about. No mid-fi, no gimmicks, and no junk. Each piece of equipment is cosmetically restored and fully tested in our well-equipped lab by an engineer with 30+ years of experience in the HiFi world. If it does not meet or exceed the original manufactures specifications, it will not be sold. We are very selective about the equipment we purchase, focusing on mostly analog, high-build quality, American, and European built units. Subscribe to SkyFi Audio: https://bit.ly/subscribe-skyfi-youtube Check out our SkyFi Audio store: https://www.skyfiaudio.com To inquire about new products please visit our friends at Stereo Exchange in New York City: http://stereoexchange.com Like SkyFi Audio: https://www.facebook.com/skyfiaudio SkyFi Audio Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skyfiaudio SkyFi Audio Latest News: https://skyfiaudio.com/blogs/news SkyFi Audio Newsletter: https://bit.ly/skyfinewslettersignup
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Esoteric K-07 sacd
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Esoteric DACs, amplifiers, Cabasse loudspeakers, CES
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Esoteric K-07 SACD/CD Player - Best Kept Secrets of Fine Audio w/Lawrence Mittler
This presentation of the Esoteric K-07 SACD/CD Player is brought to you by: Altronics Stereo 2000 in Toronto. The Esoteric K-07 SACD/CD Player features 2 mono DA converters, (same as the top of the line K-01), 4 digital filters and off mode, 3 digital inputs - USB, optical and coaxial, direct master clock link and more. Amazing audio from CD's and Super CD's
Esoteric K-05X
Présentation vidéo des menus du lecteur CD/SACD Esoteric K05X
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Esoteric SA-60 playing CD, DVD-Audio, SACD
YouTube Captureから
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System Reference | ESOTERIC K-05X
ESOTERIC K-05X - Die Teac Esoteric-Serie zählt zu den feinsten Komponenten auf diesem Planeten. Gerade im CD-Bereich. Super Audio CD/CD Player - bei uns vorführbereit. Test Ausgabe FIDELITY 27 Seit mehr als drei Jahrzehnten sind wir als leidenschaftlicher HiFi-Fachhändler in Berlin-Schöneberg zu Hause und Ihr Spezialist für die perfekte Musikwiedergabe. Bei der Auswahl Ihrer Musikanlage stehen wir Ihnen gerne mit unserem Fachwissen zur Seite. Unser Ziel ist es, dass Sie einfach nur gut und entspannt Musik hören. Die richtige Aufstellung, eine angemessene Verkabelung, ohne Voodoo haben für uns höchste Priorität. Aber immer mit der Vorgabe die ideale Wohnraumatmosphäre zu erhalten. Wenn Sie eine ehrliche, verständliche und kompetente Beratung suchen, kommen Sie einfach bei uns vorbei. Wir beraten Sie gerne. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch.
ESOTERIC K-01X CD PLAYER。拍攝: MY-HIEND。 K-01X轉盤機構使用狀況拍攝。
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ESOTERIC エソテリックSACD音質検証!!
昨日、エソテリックから発売されたポリーニの演奏によるベートーベンピアノソナタ第28番・第29番「ハンマークラビーア」とボスコフスキー指揮ウィーンフィルによる「シュトラウス名曲集」をご紹介しました。 関連動画 SONY ハイレゾ対応 HDDプレーヤー  HAP- Z1ES の操作・音質検証! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6QKHzG2PxI レコード、CD、ハイレゾ音源、音質比較 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxt2js3cRaY DSD5,6MHz高音質ハイレゾ音源をウィーン・アコースティックで聞く! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYDzTMHmSVw
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超級好聲 SACD 音響組合:Esoteric Grandioso P1X SACD 轉盤/ Grandioso D1X 解碼器
今次試聽這套Esoteric Grandioso P1X SACD 轉盤/ Grandioso D1X 解碼器,合共有5個機箱,包括P1X轉盤主體,轉盤分體電源, D1X 解碼器左右聲道各一部,還有一部G1數碼主時鐘。 今次聽這套Esoteric最新旗艦級訊源使我對Esoteric一個新體驗。我一向認為Esoteric無論在外殼工藝,機身設計和穩定性也非常高水漸,還有內部設計也是精益求益,而且故障率亦相當低,不過聲音始終不是本人口味,而今次聽到這套Grandioso P1X SACD 轉盤/ Grandioso D1X 解碼器後,使我對它的聲音表現完全改觀,這是我喜歡的聲音取向,除了超強分析力,亦帶有歐式有文化的聲音。 查揮原因,可能就是最新研發的VRDS-ATLAS SACD機械部份,全身自行開發的解碼線路和機殼採用半固定性安裝有關。當然這套超級旗艦我真的沒錢買,就算有錢買也沒有足夠地方放下這5個機箱,不過我相當期待Esoteric 能夠下放技術到將來開發的下級新機種上,熱切期待K1X的出現! 另設Facebook群組Hi Fi 發燒圈,歡迎加入: https://www.facebook.com/groups/454356881290493/ #HiFi #Esoteric #SACD
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Esoteric K 05X
영상제작 www.pcfiaudio.com 피시파이 홈오디오
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PD-70AE CD and SACD reference player – also as a world class D/A converter
Introducing the flagship PD-70AE SACD player, a compilation of Pioneer’s know-how and expertise on disc playback, represented by the original technologies on pickup control and quiet drive. Featuring dual ESS DACs, XLR terminals with full-balanced circuitry, and discreet analogue/digital power supply stage, the PD-70AE brings out the best from your favourite SACD or CD album, letting you experience heart-touching sound with the high-fidelity reproduction.
Esoteric I-05 K-07 Cantonese Review by feverSound.com
http://www.feversound1.com/141125-esoteric/ 更正聲明:有熱心朋友指正I-05實為「MSW」的D類放大,MSW為Music Sound Works的縮寫,廠方表明這個功放的聲音自然活潑,而且耐用穩定,其運作原理仍然是使用平衡MOS-FET放大,以及採用模擬線性供電,因此我未有進一步查證就斷定它是 Class AB,特此更正及致歉
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Esoteric K-07 CD/SACD
Lector de CD y SACD Esoteric K07 con transporte VOSP http://www.novomusica.com
Test CD Esoteric K-03
Đẳng cấp..
DAC Esoteric D-07 Demo
DAC Esoteric D-07 Demo MUSIC USED: Sergey Borovkov - Never Give Up, Tunguska Grooves, Creative Commons Georgii Ivanov - Tell Me All About It
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Esoteric K 05X USB
영상제작 www.pcfiaudio.com 네이버 카페 피시파이 홈오디오
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Wilson Audio & Esoteric Grandioso Hifi Studio ) System Reference
Hören ohne Grenzen Erstmals in Deutschland sehen und hören Sie die integrierten Grandioso-Modelle, den Class-A-Vollverstärker F1 ( 28.000,- € ) und den CD/SACD-Player K1 ( 28.000,- € ). In ihrer Klasse definieren die Grandioso-Modelle den Stand der Technik und sind fraglos State-of-the-Art. Mitspieler: Wilson Audio Sabrina u. Sasha 2 Hohenfriedbergstraße 6, 10829 Berlin - Schöneberg [email protected] Montag bis Freitag 10:00 - 18:00 Uhr Samstag 10:00 - 14:00 Uhr Telefon: 030 7895 1616 Kundenparkplatz
ESOTERIC K-05X DIRECT RECORDING (24bit 96kHz HQ sound music)
This video was recorded directly in the 24bit 96kHz format using the Sony pcm d10 recorder in the Esoteric K-05X CD/SACD PLAYER)
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Esoteric K05X
Esoteric K05X http://www.novomusica.com/tienda/imagen-sonido-profesional/esoteric/lector-cd-esoteric-k05x
【2017高級視聽展】Esoteric 總經理淺談旗艦系列技術理念及未來新品方向
圖文報導 : https://goo.gl/snovRE 至於推出新旗艦的週期,Mr. Machida 表示其頂級型號更替週期為期四年,所以下一代的旗艦型號尚未有任何構思。值得重申的是他們已預見到 SACD / CD 播放機消售情況放緩的趨勢,所以近年已積極將更多的發展力專注到網絡播放機身上。例如 N-01 就是一款多合一的網網絡音樂播放機,搭載 D/N 轉換器,更能迎合新世代的玩家需要。
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Sony SCD-1 Super Audio CD Player Overview
Correction on the Custom switch. From a fellow audiophile (Tony Plachy). *** the small switch in back for "Standard" and "Custom" actually controls the anti-aliasing filter used for the DSD data stream on the SACD's. Because of the much higher sampling rate of DSD (2.8224 Msps as opposed to the 44.1 Ksps for a redbook CD) the cutoff point the anti-aliasing filter can be much higher than the 22.05 KHz used for CD's. This means that many of the ill effects of the anti-aliasing filter on the audio band signal can be reduce by setting the DSD anti-aliasing filter at a higher frequency. Now in principle the DSD anti-aliasing filter could be set at 1.4112 MHz, however this is probably overkill for reducing the ill effects on the audio band (20 Hz - 20 KHz). So in the "Standard" position the anti-aliasing filter for the DSD begins to slope off at 50 KHz with a gradual slope. Switching to "Custom" moves the filter slope off point to 100 KHz. Sony was concerned that if the was too much signal in the frequencies above 50 KHz that some amplifiers would react by oscillating and perhaps damaging the amp in doing so. I have not heard of an amps having this problem when using the SCD-1 with the filter in the "Custom" position. ***
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Esoteric   X01
Questo lettore cd/sacd Esoteric X01 è in vendita presso Audio Graffiti a questo link: https://usato.audiograffiti.com/annunci/lettori-cd/194073/ L’Esoteric X-01 è un lettore cd/sacd dotato di meccanica VRDS (Vibration-free Rigid Disc Clamping) che ha l’obbiettivo di creare un insieme senza errore di lettura e con una eccellente capacità di estrazione del contenuto digitale del CD. La versione VRDS, a bordo dello X-01, è dotata di platorello in magnesio e di un pick-up laser particolarmente sofisticato e in grado di seguire le tracce del supporto in qualsiasi condizione, garantendo un tracciamento di precisione superiore. Tale plattorello è di dimensioni tali da poter comprendere totalmente la grandezza del disco, e su di esso il supporto viene fatto combaciare con una leggera pressione, in modo da appianarne eventuali imperfezioni e rendere la rotazione la più stabile possibile. Questi, e molti altri dettagli -basti solo pensare che più di un terzo del peso del lettore, 25Kg, è da attribuire alla sezione meccanica- fanno dell’unità VRDS un player cd di assoluta eccellenza. Inoltre la cura delle numerose sezioni elettroniche è maniacale. Sono presenti ben quattro convertitori D/A (digitale/analogico) Burr Brown a 24 Bit separati per canale contenuti in schede separate, e le sezioni di alimentazioni sono dotate di stabilizzazione per ogni ramo. Lo chassis, particolarmente rigido, consta di numerosi strati di alluminio e il pannello frontale è uno spesso monolite satinato di raffinata eleganza. Molto leggibile e curato è il display sul pannello frontale di colore blu e del tipo a matrice di punti, prestigioso è il telecomando a corredo, anch’esso in alluminio. Le uscite disponibili (stereofoniche e 5.1) sia in XLR bilanciato che in RCA sbilanciato sono realizzate con connessioni di livello assoluto, dorate e con isolante in teflon. L’ascolto è semplicemente un fluire ordinato, ritmato, e assolutamente unico di note, tutte dotate del giusto spazio e del giusto silenzio. Si cambia disco, si rimettono molti vecchi CD, e ci si accorge di non averli mai ascoltati con questa incredibile qualità e con questa incantevole naturalezza. L’X-01 ha un suono naturale e incredibilmente eufonico, suona bene tutto e, come dotato di una innata magia, sembra estrarre dal CD cose che mai si erano ascoltate o, in qualche caso, che mai avevano avuto quell’equilibrio tonale all’interno della trama sonora. Inoltre, la resa con i SACD è incredibile e assolutamente al di sopra di ogni più rosea aspettativa. Un oggetto unico, senza difetti, semplicemente perché un’emozione non ne ha. L’X-01 è indubbiamente un apparecchio piuttosto caro che riesce, comunque, a essere “conveniente” laddove si dia all’ascolto di qualità la massima importanza. Emozionante, lo abbiamo detto, coinvolgente e splendidamente musicale, questo X-01 di Esoteric by Teac è una scelta definitiva che non farà rimpiangere neanche uno degli euro necessari per venirne in possesso. In queste condizioni, praticamente pari al nuovo, ed a questo prezzo è un grande affare. Il prodotto è dotato di imballo originale.
ESOTERIC Grandioso P1+D1
My Funny Valentine Miles Davis in Concert(SACD)
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Esoteric K05X by Ludwig Audio Partner
Esoteric K05X
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Playback Designs Andreas Koch Interview on CD's and SACD's future (feverSound.com)
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STEREO - Vorstellung 2014 - SACD-Spieler Esoteric K-05
Esoterics hochwertiger SACD-Player K-05 ist wie gemacht für den aktiven Hörer. In der April-Ausgabe der STEREO gibt es einen ausführlichen Bericht, hier in unserem WebTV die gewohnte Video-Version als kleinen Vorgeschmack. http://www.stereo.de/ https://www.facebook.com/stereo.magazin https://plus.google.com/+StereoMagazinWebTV
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Esoteric SA50 CD Player, E03 Phono Pre Amp, A03 Power Amp
More informations and videos on http://www.cinenow.co.uk Esoteric SA50 CD Player, E03 Phono Pre Amp, A03 Power Amp
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Esoteric X-05 CDSACD player
esoteric x-05 sacd player esoteric x-05 cd/sacd player
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Esoteric P-0s
Transport cd player
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Esoteric K03X-Jimmy Bruno-Joe Beck
Accuphase,Sonus Faber amati futura,Clearaudio anniversary-da vinci-Balance+,Accu power supply. Audioquest wild,Kimber select 1136,Shunyata research king cobra.
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Esoteric X-03SE
Esoteric X-03SE SACD/CD Player Ser:50041 www.2ndhandhifi.co.uk
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Wilson audio duette/ARC/esoteric/integra research
New cd/sacd player esoteric k-05
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Sony SCD-1 high end SACD / CD player weighs 26 Kg!
Super high-end SACD / CD player from Sony, if not, the best ever built. Very chique exclusive design that fits the TA-N1 and TA-E1 amplifier combination. Built like a tank with its 26.5 kilo! Special design top loader with sliding cover plate and fixed pick-up mechanism with puck. The puck alone weighs 105 gram! Variable coefficient digital filtering. Beautiful display. Balanced output (XLR connectors) for the best analog connection. The works. The bigger brother of the SCD-777ES. For more information see: http://audioidiots.com/merk.apparaat.php?apparaatID=3971
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Esoteric X-03SE
Esoteric X-03SE SACD Player Ser:240027 www.2ndhandhifi.co.uk
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Esoteric K-03
Lector CD y SACD Esoteric K-03 http://www.novomusica.com
Esoteric K-05
Lector Esoteric K05 http://www.novomusica.com/tienda/imagen-sonido-profesional/esoteric/lector-cds-esoteric-k-05
Esoteric SA-10 SACD player (2nd video prepared for Gianluca)
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Esoteric K-01
Ouverture du tiroir
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Esoteric K-07
Esoteric K-07 SACD Player Ser:160033 www.2ndhandhifi.co.uk
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teac P30 Transport
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Sony SCD-XB940 QS High-End SACD Player
eBay Artikel 172929559418, der letzte Test
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