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The Bertoia Collection by Harry Bertoia for Knoll
The Bertoia Collection is a set of beautiful wire chairs with natural simplicity, designed by Harry Bertoia for Knoll. An astounding study in space, form and function by one of the master sculptors of the last century. Bertoia Diamond Chair: http://upinteriors.com/go/obj721 Bertoia Side Chair: http://upinteriors.com/go/obj67 ---------- Stay connected with us: Website: http://upinteriors.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/upinteriors Google+: https://plus.google.com/+upinteriors Instagram: https://instagram.com/upinteriors/ Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/upinteriors/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/upinteriors YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/upinteriors
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Bertoia Style Stools: Counter and Bar  EZ-8340L EZ-8340S
When looking at Mod Made’s Bertoia stools, you have 2 lovely versions to choose from. Counter height and the barstool height. Learn how to assemble these statement stools easily!
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Harry Bertoia Diamond, Bird, High back and side chair by Find Me The Original
http://www.findmetheoriginal.com Find Me The Original Bertoia Collection Knoll help educate us in what makes this chair so special. For more product information please leave us a comment and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Subscribe to the videos and stay in touch with everything we do at Find Me The Original. This is a Find me the Original Video. Property of Couch Potato Company. http://www.couchpotatocompany.com Feel free to use it, but please credit us or we'll be very sad indeed...maybe a little angry too.
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Bertoia Style Diamond Wire Chair
Mid Century Modern always on sale. Classic style Bertoia style wire chair. http://www.bohofurnituregallery.com 4221 W. Charleston Las Vegas, NV 89102 Sales:702-354-1224 Las Vegas Showroom: 702-575-0733
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EP 4 4   Diamond Chair
Bertoia Diamond Chair Harry Bertoia 1952 Bertoia said about the chairs: "They are mainly made of air, like sculpture. Space passes right through them." The Diamond Chair is an astounding study in space, form and function by one of the master sculptors of the last century. Like Saarinen and Mies, Bertoia found sublime grace in an industrial material, elevating it beyond its normal utility into a work of art. Harry Bertoia’s wire chairs are among the most recognized achievements of mid-century modern design and a proud part of the Knoll heritage.
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Bertoia Style Chair EZ-8320
One of the most recognizable pieces of Midcentury modernism, Mod Made’s Bertoia Style chairs are made up of clean lines and simplicity, making this chair a huge hit. Here you'll see how easy it is to assemble this beauty!
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The Bertoia Collection by Harry Bertoia for Knoll
The Bertoia Collection by Harry Bertoia for Knoll, The Bertoia Collection by Harry Bertoia for Knoll
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Harry Bertoia Diamond, Bird, High back and side chair by Find Me The Original
►buỳ best þrice: http://amzn.to/2zH0OEB Harry Bertoia Diamond, Bird, High back and side chair by Find Me The Original, Harry Bertoia Diamond, Bird, High back and side chair by Find Me The Original
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How to Assemble your Bertoia Inspired Replica Dining Chair from La Maison Chic
A helpful Tutorial how to assemble your new chair from https://www.la-maison-chic.co.uk Music: https://www.bensound.com
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Harry Bertoia - Diamond chair.mp4
Reportage sulla sedia Diamond di Harry Bertoia
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Knoll Bertoia Chair Authentication and Restoration Using Plasti Dip
How to restore and authentic Knoll Harry Bertoia Chairs. The chairs were restored using white Plastic Dip. If you are interested in purchasing these chairs or other knoll Bertoia Diamond chairs please visit my Etsy. Below is a link to my etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/msgengineering Below are some products used in the restoration: White Plastic Dip https://amzn.to/2yEEVTX Rust Converter https://amzn.to/2SmPC5F Black Gloss Paint https://amzn.to/2ENHhFH
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Buy Bertoia Wire Chair At Poly+Bark
The distinctive bertoia wire chair ( https://www.polyandbark.com/products/bertoia-style-wire-dining-chair-set-of-2?variant=16455828737 ) , designed by Harry Bertoia in 1952, is a fascinating feature of any room. The curves of the chair, formed of welded steel latticework, create a modern look and ensure seating comfort. The Leatherette cushion complements the elegant, shiny metal frame. The Italian designer had an extensive interest in the technical execution of bent rods, which resulted in his unique and appealing design classics. For more information about Poly+Bark call @ (855) 310-1450. Address - 2500 West Bradley Place, Chicago, IL 60618 Phone - (855) 310-1450 Website - https://www.polyandbark.com/
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Sonambient 1031 side A Ocean Mysteries
In 1959 Harry Bertoia touches some metal rods realizing that these were producing different sounds depending on the material and size . Since then, the "music program" occupies a large part of his later years . Since 1969, the year of the restoration of the barn -barn, with his brother works daily in making the recordings. The barn from the outside looks like a normal barn that smells of hay, but inside it becomes a complex musical instrument instead of the hay racks, there are rows of metal rods arranged in groups on the wooden floor. In this place full of mystery and charm, the artist - musician vibrates his sound sculptures and records the sounds electronically and then engrave discs. In November 1970 some of the recordings take shape in eleven LP titled Sonambient, then published in 1972. The full document is available for listening in the archives of the Amici di Harry Bertoia www.arietobertoia.org Nel 1959 Harry Bertoia tocca alcune aste metalliche accorgendosi che queste producevano suoni diversi in base al materiale e alla dimensione. Da quel momento il "programma musicale", come lo aveva chiamato, occupa gran parte dei suoi ultimi anni. Dal 1969, anno del restauro del fienile-barn, con l'aiuto del fratello lavora quotidianamente nel realizzare le registrazioni. Lo studio dall'esterno sembra un normale granaio che odora di fieno, ma all'interno esso diventa un articolato strumento musicale: al posto delle rastrelliere per il fieno, ci sono file di aste di metallo disposte in gruppi sul pavimento di legno. In questo luogo carico di mistero e fascino l'artista-musicista fa vibrare le sue sculture sonore e ne registra i suoni elettronicamente per poi far incidere i dischi. Nel novembre 1970 alcune di quelle registrazioni prendono forma in undici LP intitolati Sonambient™, poi pubblicati nel 1972. Il documento integrale è disponibile per l'ascolto presso l'archivio Amici di Harry Bertoia.
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How to install Glides for Harry Bertoia Diamond Chair, Bird Chair and Side Chair
Please visit https://design-restoration-spares.de/product/bertoia-diamond-bird-and-side-chair-glides-set-of-4/
Harry Bertoia's "Golden Arbor", a short by Steven Sebring for Joe Fresh
Harry Bertoia's "Golden Arbor" sculpture had a whole other life before it joined ours at the 510 Fifth Ave Joe Fresh Flagship. Come on the journey in Steven Sebring's film. joefresh.com
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bertoia chairs
Interior Trade Furniture is a great place to give your home or office a modern sleek decor, contemporary styling and discount on furniture online. check here for more information http://www.interiortradefurniture.com/
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Wholesale Interiors Bertoia Style Diamond Wire chair
This Bertoia Style Diamond Wire Chair has steel wire mesh and a letherette seat pad that give this geometric chair a lot of style and comfort. http://www.wholesale-interiors.com/wholesale-living-room-furniture/bertoia-style-diamond-wire-chair.html http://www.wholesale-interiors.com/wholesale-living-room-furniture.html http://www.wholesale-interiors.com/
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Harry Bertoia Side Chair www.night-freeze.com
Harry Bertoia Side Chair with leather cushion from www.night-freeze.com Hong Kong
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Harry Bertoia Table Tonal Limited Edition
The Bertoia Estate offers the Limited Edition Table Tonal to celebrate Harry Bertoia's Centennial. First time ever, exact reproduction of a sounding sculpture! Quintessential Bertoia! See details at: http://harrybertoia.org/
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Bertoia Style Side Chair- Interior Trade Furniture
Website: http://www.interiortradefurniture.com Bertoia Style Side Chair- Interior Trade Furniture Our Bertoia Wire Side Chair reproduction is made entirely by hand, and is built from chrome steel rods bent into a wire mesh. Though described "mostly air", its construction makes it exceptionally strong, and versatile in its uses. Features: - Steel wire mesh chair with chrome feel - Simple yet stylish design - Completes with black leatherette seat pad for comfort - Steel legs and plastic none-slip glider Dimensions: Chair measures: 21"W x 23"D x 32"H. Seat Height measures: 16"H from ground up and 17"D. Leatherette seat cushion measures: 16.75"W and 16.5"D.
the595project.com - Bertoia Large Diamond Chair
Bertoia Large Diamond Chair Harry Bertoia 1952 The Large Diamond Chair is an astounding study in space, form and function by one of the master sculptors of the last century. Like Saarinen and Mies, Bertoia found sublime grace in an industrial material, elevating it beyond its normal utility into a work of art. Harry Bertoia's wire chairs are among the most recognized achievements of mid-century modern design and a proud part of the Knoll heritage.
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Wholesale Interiors Bertoia Style Wire BarStool
This Bertoia Style Wire Bar Stool has a chrome feel with wire mesh and a leatherette seat pad for comfort. http://www.wholesale-interiors.com/wholesale-bar-furniture/bertoia-style-wire-barstool.html http://www.wholesale-interiors.com/wholesale-bar-furniture.html http://www.wholesale-interiors.com/
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Bertoia at 100: Harry Bertoia Centennial Celebration at Knoll New York City
Learn more: https://www.knoll.com/knollnewsdetail/harry-bertoia-centennial-celebration On Wednesday, March 18, 2015, Knoll marked the 100th anniversary of Harry Bertoia’s birthday with a presentation by Glenn Adamson, the Nanette L. Laitman Director of Museum of Arts and Design, at the Knoll New York Showroom. Members of the art, design and architecture community gathered at the midtown office to celebrate the jewelry, sculptures, monoprints and furniture of Harry Bertoia.
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Bertoia centennial
This video is about the Harry Bertoia centennial 2015 featuring Val Bertoia at Bertoia Studio in Bally, Pennsylvania.
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bertoia diamond chair
Today we decided to show you very interesting bertoia chair called Bertoia . It was designed by Harry Bertoia , which is also called . You might be surprised to discover that this chair was designed in 1952 . However, it seems surprisingly modern . It has a very simple and even minimalist , just the kind of design we expect to see in the modern furniture bertoia diamond chair. ready more: http://bertoia-chair.blogspot.com/2013/10/bertoia-diamond-chair.html
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Black Bertoia Diamond Chair
Black Bertoia style diamond chair from Interior Express. http://www.interiorexpress.com/living-room-furniture/bertoia-diamond-chair-black.html, http://www.interiorexpress.com/living-room-furniture.html, http://www.interiorexpress.com.
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Knoll Childs Table and Harry Bertoia Wire Chair
This video shows a Knoll Childs Table and Harry Bertoia Wire Chair. This lot will be offered within the Furniture section of the September 12 Estate Auction at Michaan's Auctions. To find out how you can buy Knoll Childs Table and Harry Bertoia Wire Chair go to: http://www.michaans.com/knoll-childs-table-harry-bertoia-wire-chair-auction/ Background music: "Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement I (Allegro)" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ auction house Bay Area
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Bertoia chair  Creativity in design
The designer of Bertoia chair ,Harry Bertoia , I knew I was right to experiment with form and materials used to construct the normal chair . read more: http://bertoia-chair.blogspot.com/2013/10/bertoia-chair-creativity-in-design.html
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De barkruk Bertoia Bar Stool van Knoll ontworpen door Harry Bertoia.
De barkruk Bertoia Bar Stool van Knoll is ontworpen door Harry Bertoia. De design barstoel Bertoia Bar Stool is gemaakt van staal en heeft een zitting bekleed met stof. De barkruk is verkrijgbaar met een hoogglans chroom onderstel en is ideaal geschikt voor een barhoogte van 99-104 cm. U kunt de Bertoia Bar Stool bestellen via Direct Design: http://www.directdesign.nl/knoll/harry-bertoia-barkruk-bar-stool.html De zitting van de barkruk Bertoia Bar Stool is verkrijgbaar in de kleuren: * Stof Tonus, Zwart * Stof Tonus, Blauw * Stof Tonus, Helder blauw * Stof Tonus, Donkerblauw * Stof Tonus, Donkerrood * Stof Tonus, Grasgroen * Stof Tonus, Oranje * Stof Tonus, Pistache * Stof Tonus, Rood * Stof Tonus, Steel * Stof Tonus, Tobacco bruin * Stof Tonus, Geel
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Кресло Гарри Бертойя Harry Bertoia Diamond Chair
https://multiform.ru/catalog/kresla/bertoia_diamond/ Кресло Bertoia Diamond дизайнера Гарри Бертойя в интернет-магазине дизайнерской мебели multiform.ru в Москве с доставкой по России
Harry Bertoia
Evolución del mueble y sus complementos UPC Diseñador Harry Bertoia (vida y sus muebles)
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Bertoia side chair
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Chair Bertoia 3D Model
Download Chair Bertoia 3D Model at http://www.3dcb.com/8391
78 versions of Harry Bertoia's chair Model No. 420C, found in Aguacate, Cuba. Oct/2006.flv
78 versions of Harry Bertoia's chair Model No. 420C, found in Aguacate, Cuba. Oct/2006.
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Poly & Bark - Elgin Side Chairs
https://www.polyandbark.com/products/set-of-4-elgin-side-chairs Delight your dining table with the clean lines and modern profile of the Elgin Side Chair. Boasting a sleek chrome steel base, this ingenious chair design, based on a mid-century icon, is stackable to clear precious floor space when necessary. Made from layered, molded wood, this chair is featured in a range of finish options, offering the perfect complement to your dining room decor. The Elgin features clean, curvy lines to create a contemporary silhouette with mid-century modern character. For more information about this product visit polyandbark.com
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Bertoia Stool - description and dimensions
Bertoia Stool description Kitchen counters and bars are high traffic areas and can be challenging to offer. Our Bar Bertoia Stool Garr is a nod to choose the right seat ! This bar chair in modern fashion plate comes with a walnut seat that has a foam padding and black faux leather . Works great with any table , bar, counter or height and features 360 degrees swivel Bertoia Stool... see more at: http://bertoia-chair.blogspot.com/2013/11/bertoia-stool-description-and-dimensions.html
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bertoia chair
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Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chair 3D Model
Download Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chair 3D Model at http://www.3dcb.com/14249
Bertoia Chairs and Bar Stools at Interior Express
Bertoia diamond chairs, Bertoia side chairs, Bertoia bar stools at Interior Express. http://www.interiorexpress.com/living-room-furniture/bertoia-diamond-chair.html, http://www.interiorexpress.com/living-room-furniture/bertoia-diamond-side-chair.html, http://www.interiorexpress.com/bar-furniture/bertoia-barstool.html, http://www.interiorexpress.com/living-room-furniture/bertoia-diamond-chair-black.html, http://www.interiorexpress.com/living-room-furniture/bertoia-diamond-chair-side-chair-black.html, http://www.interiorexpress.com/living-room-furniture/bertoia-diamond-chair-side-chair-black.html, http://www.interiorexpress.com.
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Sounding Sculpture by Harry Bertoia
Middlebury College Museum of Art
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InteriorExpress Bertoia Stool Wire Bar Stool
This Bertoia Wire Bar Stool is complete with removable leatherette seat pad for comfort and a high quality polished steel frame with chrome finish. http://www.interiorexpress.com/bar-furniture/bertoia-stool.html http://www.interiorexpress.com/bar-furniture.html http://www.interiorexpress.com
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Bertoia Counter Stool- Interior Trade Furniture
Website: http://www.interiortradefurniture.com Bertoia Counter Stool- Interior Trade Furniture This classic mid-20th century modern chair is a brilliant design. Our Bertoia counter stool is a high quality reproduction of the original design by Harry Bertoia. Our counter stool is exceptionally strong and surprisingly comfortable with its unique bent and welded steel rod construction. Features: * A classic, modern design that enhances any environment * Chrome steel wire frame * Seat Height 24" * Includes leatherette seat pad * Seat Pad Colors: Black Overall dimensions: 21" W x 22" D x 36" H x 24" SH
Bertoia Sculpture + Gong @ Lost City Arts
The Bertoia piece is now at Sotheby's: http://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/ecatalogue/2013/bertoia-selling-exhibition-n09172/lot.28.html
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