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How To Shoot Product Videos | PremiumBeat.com
http://bit.ly/2Bkqdn9 - Follow along with step-by-step instructions on how to create product videos on the PremiumBeat blog. MUSIC: “Together We Can” by Ben Beiny from PremiumBeat.com - http://bit.ly/2BPYrA4 "Typewriter" by Wolves from PremiumBeat.com - http://bit.ly/2EfADmE Soft Box: http://bit.ly/2sny2pc FOLLOW PREMIUMBEAT: Facebook - http://bit.ly/2qlFv5K Twitter - http://bit.ly/2rksBmv Instagram - http://bit.ly/2rahI9C MORE TIPS, TRICKS, AND TUTORIALS: PremiumBeat Blog - http://bit.ly/2qmbfr9 More from Zach Ramelan - http://bit.ly/2qLaCso
How to make a product video - 5 Tips for making better product videos
5 Tips for making better product videos - See full article that goes with this video: http://millsmotion.com/make-a-product-video/ Get my promotional video sales formula: http://millsmotion.com/salesvideo/ In this video I show you 5 tips for making your product promo videos look more professional. Making a product video can be extremely helpful for turning a visitor to your website into a paying customer. Research shows that 73% of Consumers are More Likely to Make a Purchase After Watching a Product Video. 5 tips for making better looking product demo videos: Product Video Making Tip #1 - Choose a location/setting to compliment your product and help tell your story. Product Video Making Tip #2 - Use the correct settings on your camera. Product Video Making Tip #3 - Tell a story with your lighting. Product Video Making Tip #4 - Get shots that sell Product Video Making Tip #5 - Make a compelling edit Watch the video to discover these tips in more detail... For more promotional video ideas visit: http://millsmotion.com/promo-video-ideas/
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How to film a PRODUCT VIDEO (Tips & Tricks) | Cinecom.net
http://cinecom.xyz/VideoBlocks - Tips on how to film a promotional product video. Tell the story of your product by using light, camera movement and the environment. More tips and info ► https://www.cinecom.net/lighting-tutorials/how-to-film-product-video-tips-tricks Get 7 Days unlimited Downloads ► http://cinecom.xyz/VideoBlocks 👕 Our T-shirt shop is temporary down. Check back soon! ✅ OUR EQUIPMENT Shop at Adorama (ad) ► https://cinecom.info/Adorama My Custom GH5 Camera Rig ► https://www.cinecom.net/gear/custom-panasonic-gh5-camera-rig/ Cheap Green Key Equipment ► https://www.cinecom.net/gear/chroma-key-essentials/ All the Film Gear we use ► https://www.cinecom.net/gear ✅ LETS CONNECT! Instagram ► http://cinecom.info/Instagram Facebook ► http://cinecom.info/Facebook #Cinecom
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How To Make A Product Video With Your iPhone or Android Smart Phone
6 Tips - How To Make A Product Video On Your iPhone or Android Smart Phone Learn how to EDIT your video on your phone: http://millsmotion.com/ecwid See the article that goes with this video: https://www.ecwid.com/blog/how-to-create-a-professional-looking-promotional-video-with-your-smartphone.html The 6 tips for making promo videos with your phone Making product videos on your phone tip #1 Stabilize your shot using a tripod and a tripod to phone attachment. These are not expensive and will make a huge difference in the quality of the video you make on your phone. Making product videos on your phone tip #2 Find a setting that looks good and that compliments your product. Finding a setting that looks good is a quick, easy and free way to make your video look much more professional. I used a few bits of scrap wood and it made the shot look great! Making product videos on your phone tip #3 Add light! Smart phone cameras tend to struggle in low light. Adding extra light to your shot will help your camera capture a much better image. Making product videos on your phone tip #4 Add smooth movement to your shot Adding smooth movement to your shot helps to show off your product and it looks great! Making product videos on your phone tip #5 Show your product in action Showing your product in action will help to show your prospective customer that your product will do what they expect it to do. Making product videos on your phone tip #6 Takes lots of footage and only keep the best bits! Most of the footage you take will probably look pretty bad. But thats ok! Just cut out the bad bits and keep the good bits. To see how to do this on your smart phone... Both IOS and Android visit: http://millsmotion.com/ecwid/
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Tips for making better video: How to Light Products
Learn to master the control of product lighting on any surface using our tips on light placement to make products look both tempting and professional. To learn more great video tips and tricks, download our free report "3 Point Lighting 101" at http://www.videomaker.com/r/581
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How To Make Shopify Product Videos in Seconds! Clip Man
GET CLIPMAN: https://app.paykickstart.com/checkout/5604#aid=10500 In todays video I talk about how you can use a simple tool to make product videos for your shopify store and facebook ad campaigns in seconds. This is the next best thing to hiring a professional video editor to create you product videos. ►Get Shopify 21 Day Free Trial: http://ecominsiders.co/shopify21 ►Get Oberlo: http://bit.ly/2gZ1BIZ ►Get my Ecommerce course: http://ecominsiders.co/course ►Get my FREE Ecom Course: http://ecominsiders.co/freetraining ►Join over 28,000 Shopify Entrepreneurs: http://fb.com/groups/ecominsiders ►Follow me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/jamesbceo **We have partnered with shopify for the deal above** **We have partnered with shopify for the deal below**
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How To Shoot Product Shots: 3 Cheap And Easy Setups | Cinematography Techniques
https://shutr.bz/2lq7E88 - Follow along on the blog for more information about how to shoot product shots and other cinematography techniques. MUSIC: "New Frontier" by Flashing Lights - https://bit.ly/2K7Vej2 "Molecules" by Chill Study - https://bit.ly/2JXF7VZ "Be Gentle" by Ben Beiny - https://bit.ly/2yvAVYo "Easy Roller" by Chill Study - https://bit.ly/2K0qj4W "Countersteer" by Tonemassif - https://bit.ly/2JVjVA8 "Darkbeatz" by Tonemassif - https://bit.ly/2tcdHS6 "Driving Toward The Sun" By Mattijs Muller - https://bit.ly/2tfpbUH FOLLOW SHUTTERSTOCK: Facebook - http://bit.ly/2ByYRXv Twitter - http://bit.ly/2ByYRXv Instagram - http://bit.ly/2AvBUoG Shutterstock Blog - https://shutr.bz/2A3hMgL FOLLOW TODD: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/toddblankenshipdp/
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DIY Turntable for 360 Product Photography and 360 Video - No Motor Required
Gear used in this video : https://www.newamsterdamphotovideo.com/diy-360-tutorial Here's an in depth tutorial on a DIY turntable for 360 product photography and 360 video. This will show you everything you need to know to make your own 360 turntable for product photography.
How to Light for Close Up Product Shots & Reviews
How do I shoot a close-up product video with a white background? Here are the basics on how I do it. The biggest secret is to soften the light by shooting it through an umbrella or similar scrim (such as the type included in a 5-in-1 reflector. If you’d like to improve your sound recording skills for film, please have a look at our Sound Recording for Video course over at http://school.learnlightandsound.com Visit us at http://learnlightandsound.com for more updates on how to improve your lighting and sound for video. Also be sure to subscribe to get new weekly episodes! Gear mentioned in or used to record this episode: ————————————————————————————— Foamcore Poster Board (see your local art supply store for larger pieces) Amazon: http://amzn.to/28VH964 ————————————————————————————— Spring Clamps (to hold the foamcore in place on the table) Amazon: http://amzn.to/28VGWQm ————————————————————————————— Impact Century Stand with turtle base Amazon: http://amzn.to/1UTNaPI B&H Photo: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/850444-REG/Impact_ls_ct40mbk_Turtle_Base_C_Stand_Kit.html/BI/19904/KBID/12941/kw/IMLSCT40MBK/DFF/d10-v2-t1-xIMLSCT40MBK ————————————————————————————— Aputure Light Storm COB 120t LED Light (This was the key light I used to shoot this video) Amazon: http://amzn.to/1ZXPoix B&H Photo: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1257043-REG/aputure_lsc120tv_lightstorm_cob120_v_mount_light.html/BI/19904/KBID/12941/kw/APLSC120TV/DFF/d10-v2-t1-xAPLSC120TV ————————————————————————————— Umbrella (Shoot through for Soft Light - Great for Interview or Talking Head) Westcott Amazon: http://amzn.to/1tpnh1M B&H Photo: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/63318-REG/Westcott_2005_Umbrella_Optical_White_45.html/BI/19904/KBID/12941/kw/WEU45W/DFF/d10-v2-t1-xWEU45W ————————————————————————————— 5-in-1 Reflector (you can use this instead of the umbrella by shooting the light through this and using a spring clamp to attach it to a light stand) Amazon: http://amzn.to/28TLkvZ B&H Photo: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/501357-REG/Westcott_301_5_in_1_Reflector_Disc.html/BI/19904/KBID/12941/kw/WER5140.5/DFF/d10-v2-t1-xWER5140.5 ————————————————————————————— Aputure Light Storm LS1s LED Panel Lights (Used on background and rim lights for this video) Amazon: http://amzn.to/1UeNZAc B&H Photo: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1172653-REG/aputure_ls1sv_light_storm_ls_1s.html/BI/19904/KBID/12941/kw/APLS1SV/DFF/d10-v2-t1-xAPLS1SV ————————————————————————————— Sanken COS-11D Lavalier Microphone Amazon: http://amzn.to/24UXw4I B&H Photo: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/606469-REG/Sanken_COS_11D_PT_BK_EW_COS_11XPT_Omnidirectional_Lavalier_Microphone.html/BI/19904/KBID/12941/kw/SAC11WNSETRB/DFF/d10-v2-t1-xSAC11WNSETRB ————————————————————————————— RODELink Wireless Lavalier Microphone Kit Amazon: http://amzn.to/28Tgfur B&H Photo: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1115091-REG/rode_rodlnk_fm_rodelink_wireless_filmmaker_kit.html/BI/19904/KBID/12941/kw/RORODLNKFM/DFF/d10-v2-t1-xRORODLNKFM ————————————————————————————— Copyright 2016 by Curtis Judd Ethics statement: Some of the links above are affiliate links which means that if you click on them and buy, I get a small commission. You don't pay more by clicking these links than if you just went to the retailer’s web site on your own. I use the proceeds to buy additional gear to review and help you improve your sound, lighting, and video. Thanks for your support!
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How to Shoot a Commercial Quality Product Shot
Director/Cinematographer Matthew Rosen demonstrates how to shoot a commercial quality product shot.
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How to Create Beautiful Slow Motion Camera Movement Shots
I show you how to create beautiful retimed slow motion shots using camera movement and some tricks in post. Check Out My Camera Guides: https://academy.dslrvideoshooter.com This technique was used in the making of my Sony a6300 Guide. You can find it in the link above. You can watch my iFootage Shark S1 slider review here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91Ne-u269qU And my review of the Genustech Jib here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HimjdnrPNE4 Free Section of my a6300 Guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmdZj4ahfRM MY MAIN CAMERA SETUP Panasonic GH5s on Amazon: http://geni.us/gh5s Viltrox Speedbooster on Amazon: http://geni.us/y2CORa Sigma 18-35mm on Amazon: http://geni.us/sigma18 Benro Tripod on Amazon: http://geni.us/i2ZUCA MY LIGHTING SETUP Aputure 120D on Amazon: http://geni.us/88Akm Aputure Light Dome on Amazon: http://geni.us/aputurelightdome Falcon Eyes 24TDX on Amazon: http://geni.us/OdOb Rolling Stand on Amazon: http://geni.us/Jh97BK8 MY AUDIO SETUP Deity Shotgun on Amazon: http://geni.us/aputuredeity Sound Devices MixPre-3 on Amazon: http://geni.us/vHsiYi6
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How to Start a Product Review Channel and Make Money — 7 Tips
7 tips on how to start a product review channel and make money reviewing products on YouTube. ***** Get access to the FREE training video on how to make money with product review videos! http://createawesomereviews.com Show Notes from This Video: 1. How to Create a New YouTube Channel https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1646861?hl=en 2. Think Media TV video from 2010 :-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lAhP3BOi6k&t=56s 3. YouTube Cover Image Template — Download this and upload it a site like Canva or PicMonkey to design YouTube cover image: https://headersize.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/youtube.png 4. Video Playlist about Affiliate Marketing and Making Money on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgc0GNip2uYVdCPDf-HGkaD1hOGUnf7vf FREE VIDEO TRAINING about how make money doing video product reviews. Get access to the video here: http://createawesomereviews.com (playlist) Get paid for product reviews and how to get free products to review: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgc0GNip2uYWiKUOUpfP4cDKFNQ_Gus5O Learn more about Video Ranking Academy here: http://videorankingacademy.com FACEBOOK PAGE — I do weekly Facebook Live Streams on this page. http://fb.com/seanthinks QUESTION — Have a question about Online Video, Video Production, Tech, Marketing, or Anything Else? Post in comments section of this video! Check out the complete list of gear I use for creating YouTube videos here: http://thinkmediagear.com Music by: David Cutter Music - http://www.davidcuttermusic.co.uk Download the FREE Think Media TV Video Gear Buyer's guide here: http://bit.ly/thinkvideoguide Subscribe to THiNK Media TV Here: https://www.youtube.com/THiNKmediaTV Sean Cannell on Social Media: http://videoinfluencers.net/ https://twitter.com/seancannell https://instagram.com/seancannell https://www.snapchat.com/add/seancannell https://www.facebook.com/seanthinks ---------Cameras Used To Shoot This Video ------- Camera — Canon EOS 70D http://amzn.to/22mmlqr Lens — Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 http://amzn.to/2arYRuS Tripod — Ravelli Light Weight Aluminum Tripod With Bag http://amzn.to/22mlVjS Microphone — Rode VideoMic Pro Compact VMP Shotgun Microphone http://amzn.to/29lUkcs Lighting — Prismatic 18" Halo Ring Light with Stand http://amzn.to/20s1JLH This VIDEO was EDITED with Adobe Premiere on a PC. http://bit.ly/PremiereProTrial DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for the support! About this video: In this video Sean Cannell from THiNK media TV shares tips on how to start a product review channel on YouTube. This video covers things like how to do product reviews, how to make money reviewing products on youtube, and how to make money online reviews. People wonder how to make money reviewing products so Sean created this product review video tutorial. In this video Sean share's a product review video template and shares his best tips on how to make money from reviews.
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How To Make A Product Demo Video
How To Make A Product Demo Video If you want help making your product demo video get in touch at: http://www.mediabrighton.com - http://www.bensimon.co.uk If you make or sell products on the internet, then you should really be making 'Product Demonstration' videos. It's a great way to show off the product! In this video, I discuss some of the basic elements you need to include when creating a 'Product Demo' video; as well as some tips and tricks that will help guide you through the process. I'll show you how video is a powerful way to build your brand, show off your product and drive traffic to your site. I hope you found this video interesting. If you have any questions about this video or anything related please leave me a comment below. If you liked the video, please give me a LIKE on the video, SHARE it and remember to SUBSCRIBE for more videos like this. Thanks for watching! FREE iPhone Video Training: http://www.phonevideoexpert.com/free-iphone-video-training-3/ How To Make A Product Demo Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8YZB_T0t3U ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------- Wanna Make Videos on Your iPhone? Click here to get my FREE iPhone Video Training: http://www.phonevideoexpert.com/free-iphone-video-training-3/ ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------- **Click Below to SUBSCRIBE for More Videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MediaBrighton ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------- Media Brighton TV - Hosts: Ben Simon & Annelies Simon Company Site: http://www.mediabrighton.com Website:http://www.bensimon.co.uk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BenSimonVideoExpert Twitter: https://twitter.com/BenSimonUK http://www.phonevideoexpert.com/20-ways-to-make-better-video/ ----------------------------------------­---------------------------------- How To Make an About You Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O3CW5upqso0
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How to Sell A Product - Sell Anything to Anyone with The 4 P's Method
▸ [FREE] 🔥FREE BOOK: "The YouTube Success Formula" Discover The 31 Tactics To Start A Six Figure YouTube Channel From SCRATCH | https://tinyurl.com/ybjfs2e2 ► Free 11 Questions to Change Your Life http://refusingtosettle.com WATCH PART II HERE: https://youtu.be/RzySC4hmlIs Stop settling start living Clark ____________________ How to Sell A Product so That People MUST Buy - 4 P's Method Promise In this video, I will teach you how to sell so good people will pull out the wallet and say “TAKE MY MONEY”. Before you learn this must promise me: I WILL ONLY USE THIS METHOD FOR GOOD. I WILL NOT MANIPULATE. If you can’t promise that, aka you’re a sociopath do not watch this video. Picture If you’re watching this video I’m willing to bet you’ve had to SELL something at some point in your life. physical product? IDEAS? Sell yourself in an interview. Whatever it is, picture having a method that works for anything — A master key in the back of your pocket you can pull out any sales situation and it fits perfectly. Unlock the results you want with one turn. Teach you that simple formula I use for writing persuasive content, sales pitches, convincing girlfriend where we should eat — list goes on. Proof I use this SAME method every video. In fact, what you’ve been watching this entire minute IS the method I’m going to teach you. Still watching? Proof it works and has held your attention this long. Credit for this goes to Mike Del Ponte on the Social Triggers Podcast. The 4 P’s Method. Want to learn how to sell yourself using video marketing? Get the YouTube Success Formula ebook Kindle Edition for ONLY $2.99 Inside you’ll discover….. ►How to grow your YouTube Channel 5-year worth in 5-months ►How to make 10 x the money you’re currently making on AdSense ►The secret to getting discovered on YouTube and creating videos your fans can’t stop watching. Click Here for Instant Access ► http://amzn.to/2j86PRU ★★★ The 4 P's ★★★ Content: The 4 P’s 1. Promise Short punchy ONE line about what you want to give them. EX: Ad — hook in first 5 sec or other 60 doesn’t matter. EX: Movie — hook in the first scene! MY EX: Teach you how to sell so good people will pull out wallet and say “TAKE MY MONEY” 2. Picture We buy with our emotions. We rationalize with logic. A feature is great, but give me BENEFITS. What will this DO in my life for me? 3. Proof Apple story graphic designer. Don’t TELL ME. SHOW me. This method: Look in the description of this video. I’ve included my entire word for word outline. 4.Pitch Now we’re current with where you’re watching and I’m talking. It’s time for me to close this video with last P: The Pitch. What is your call to action? If you’re watching this, you know about the pitch. This is where people focus all energy on learning. Skip first 3 P’s. EX: Every email has ONE CTA for best click-throughs. Because people overwhelmed with options, won’t choose any. ONE thing want them to do? Principles to include Scarcity, My Pitch So here’s my pitch to you: If you got this far — like this video. Share this video with someone who you’ve spoken about sales or persuasion with. Want to Be Coached By Me? Ready to take your business or YouTube channel to the next level? To apply for business coaching send me an email: [email protected] (serious applicants only) Video Gear I Love: YouTube Success Formula ► http://amzn.to/2j86PRU TubeBuddy ► http://bit.ly/2jJkAH7 Canon T5i ► http://amzn.to/2iMx390 Canon G7x ► http://amzn.to/2iibYXJ Video Mic ► http://amzn.to/2ihZf7D Studio Backdrop ► http://amzn.to/2jBiBk1 Studio Lighting ► http://amzn.to/2jcFgGR External Hard Drive ► http://amzn.to/2jBdb8H Memory Card ► http://amzn.to/2jBgyN9 Connect With Me On Social: Blog ► http://www.refusingtosettle.com Twitter ► http://bit.ly/2h0TzO3 Facebook ► http://bit.ly/2fYn9lG Instagram ► http://bit.ly/2gFW0Cr Snapchat ► http://bit.ly/2gOyZ0p iTunes Podcast ► http://apple.co/2gMKcRz My Products & Courses The Ultimate Guide to Keeping A Journal ► http://www.mybestjournal.com YouTube Success Formula (Kindle) ► http://amzn.to/2j86PRU Gear & Resources I Recommend ► http://refusingtosettle.com My Hair Company ► http://kegleyco.com ✔ SOURCES ✔ Videos: "Downtown Detroit” by DJKNOWLEDGE313 VIA Videvo CC "City Night” by Videovo [Movieclips Trailers] — “Steve Jobs Official Trailer #1 (2015) - Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet Movie HD” — https://youtu.be/ufMgQNCXy_M [NBC News] — “Mike Rowe: 'Dirty Jobs' Reached Same People As Donald Trump's Campaign | Meet The Press | NBC News” — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33h2mgrY_ZI [brinydeep] — “Mike Rowe on QVC - Lava Lamp” — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kbd2DucRe1M [AkwGibbs] — “Sell me this pen - Wolf of Wallstreet” — https://youtu.be/9UspZGJ-TrI #RefusingtoSettle
Demo Video : How to find Product Videos
For more details check out www.productmafia.com
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How to Sell a Product
Selling is important if you wan to succeed in business and in life really. Watch this video to learn how to sell a product. Video inspired by http://www.useronboard.com/features-vs-benefits/ BRUSH YOUR MIND DAILY: http://www.fiveminutejournal.com Thank you for watching! :) Please remember to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE for more awesome videos :) Alex Join me on: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AlexIkonn11 Instagram - http://www.instagram.com/alexikonn Get The Five Minute Journal - http://www.fiveminutejournal.com
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How To Create The Perfect Product Demo Video
Join us to get 4 of the best tips on how to create your product demonstration video. Always remember the product, the solution, how it works and of course a call to action. Got a question you want us to answer? Shout now: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/cincerauk Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/cincerauk Snapchat: /cincerauk Instagram: http://www.instagram.co.uk/cincerauk
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How to take stunning PRODUCT PHOTOGRAPHY in camera - No EDITING needed
▶ Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.com/photosincolor Watch as Ed Gregory shows you how to shoot commercial Product Photography tutorial correctly while eliminating the need for editing. Watch Giveaway at 3,000 Likes In this product photography photoshoot behind scenes you will see product photography lighting techniques for studio lighting. Ed uses Elinchrom mono heads for this watch product photography but any studio lights will work. Although this was shot at In Color Studios in Las Vegas you will see that you don't need very much space so you could create this product photography at home. Product Photography Tutorial. The Watches - https://www.oliwerlion.com When taking product photos its important to build the lighting setup bit by bit so you can see how the light is interacting with the product. Ed walks you through each studio lighting decision to give you a real photography BTS. In this photoshoot behind scenes watch Ed as he walks you through the entire product photography setup and gives you lots of product photography tips. Product Photography tutorial. Watch as Ed Gregory shows you how to shoot commercial Product Photography tutorial correctly while eliminating the need for editing. Watch Giveaway at 3,000 Likes In this product photography photoshoot behind scenes you will see product photography lighting techniques for studio lighting. Ed uses Elinchrom mono heads for this watch product photography but any studio lights will work. Although this was shot at In Color Studios in Las Vegas you will see that you don't need very much space so you could create this product photography at home. Product Photography Tutorial. The Watches - https://www.oliwerlion.com When taking product photos its important to build the lighting setup bit by bit so you can see how the light is interacting with the product. Ed walks you through each studio lighting decision to give you a real photography BTS. In this photoshoot behind scenes watch Ed as he walks you through the entire product photography setup and gives you lots of product photography tips. Product Photography tutorial. _________________________________________________________ The best camera backpack EVER! - http://amzn.to/2sgGIxZ My Main Camera - http://amzn.to/2sd2tyB My Vlogging Camera - http://amzn.to/2GRdcSw The Las Mic I Use - http://amzn.to/2nKSAmd On Camera Mic - http://amzn.to/2s8LZat My Presets - https://goo.gl/ZLKVUf The Nikon lens that does magic - http://amzn.to/2EfFGHg Best wide angle lens - http://amzn.to/2E4bfjX The everything lens - http://amzn.to/2EHgUNT My Little drone - http://amzn.to/2E6k0Oc Monopod - http://amzn.to/2Eg4hLY The BEST Gimbal ever - http://amzn.to/2sb60xi Check out all my photography recommendations here - http://amazon.com/shop/photosincolor ►Subscribe to Photos In Color on youtube - http://bit.ly/PICytsub ► Visit the Photos In Color - http://bit.ly/PICcom ► SOCIAL MEDIA! • Facebook Page - http://bit.ly/PICfaceb • Twitter - https://bit.ly/PICtwit • Instagram: https://bit.ly/PICinsta (Photosincolor) • Snapchat: Clearlyed
Views: 263205 Photos In Color
How to Embed Video on Shopify to Product Page (2018)
How to embed video on Shopify store to your product page, contact page and your home page using this easy step by step tutorial. I will teach you how you can do this in 3 different ways using a video from Youtube and get the HTML code from the video. Get the HTML code to align center your video here: http://www.waatz.com/shopify/how-to-embed-video-on-shopify-to-product-page-2018/ We will then embed this HTML code in our Shopify store to product description page and any other page you like, plus home page. It's always good to add a video about the product you sell on your store to get more sales for that product. You can also create a short video about your business so your visitors know who the buy from. We use the Shopify Brooklyn theme in this tutorial so different sections in this video may not be the same in your video. More Shopify tutorials for beginners in 2018 here: https://youtu.be/Vj-yehUZPqc ////////// FOLLOW ME ////////// Email: [email protected] Instagram: andreaswaatz Twitter: AndreasWaatz Website: http://www.waatz.com Snapchat. Andreas Waatz
Views: 4972 Andreas Waatz
How to Create Product Videos for Amazon
Products for sale on Amazon with videos have had an advantage over other products for many years. When selling an eCommerce product online, having a video makes viewers are more likely to purchase your product. I have 5 tips for How to Create Product Videos for Amazon. Learn more about creating product videos for Amazon http://millerfarmmedia.com/how-to-create-product-videos-for-amazon/ Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/user/millerfarmmedia?sub_confirmation=1 Find us online at: Website: http://millerfarmmedia.com Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/millerfarmmedia Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/company/miller-farm-media Facebook: http://facebook.com/millerfarmmedia Twitter: http://twitter.com/millerfarmmedia Pintrest: http://www.pinterest.com/millerfarmmedia/
Views: 1651 Miller Farm Media
How to Create A Great Product Review Video
Danielle Smith gives some easy to follow pointers for creating great product review videos for SheSpeaksTV. WATCH MORE SHESPEAKSTV: https://bit.ly/1EUG7yg SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/SheSpeaksTV ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONNECT WITH US EVERYWHERE: ♥ Twitter: https://twitter.com/shespeaksup ♥ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shespeaksup ♥ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/shespeaksup ♥ Instagram: https://instagram.com/shespeaksup/ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WELCOME TO SHE SPEAKS TV! Our videos are created by women, for women. At SheSpeaksTV, we're handing you the microphone to talk about issues that are important to you, and to provide you with lifestyle tips on everything from beauty to parenting. Stay for awhile & join the conversation! Subscribe to SheSpeaksTV: https://www.youtube.com/user/SheSpeaksTV
Views: 17831 SheSpeaksTV
How to set WooCommerce product video in gallery using VideographyWP PRO
If you own a WordPress WooCommerce shop and would like to set product featured videos into the product gallery, this can be done very easily using premium plugin VideographyWP. VideographyWP allows you to set WooCommerce product videos directly into the product image gallery from different sources like YouTube, Video or Dailymotion. You can try the plugin live by creating a demo on http://demo.videographywp.com To learn more about the plugin please visit https://videographywp.com
Views: 4569 CodeFlavors
How to Sell Your Product or Service: Acquiring the Sales Mindset (Part 1 of 11) - Sales Training
My YouTube Video Gear Kit - http://geni.us/17Iz8 Edit videos with FCPX - http://geni.us/LNR1F9 Camera microphone - http://geni.us/fTsnqFL Website - http://geni.us/n1Bu Facebook - http://geni.us/92Qk Instagram - http://geni.us/vOEm8 YouTube - http://geni.us/qWYWHhR Twitter - http://geni.us/ZK8BN LinkedIN - http://geni.us/SejN1W1 Kit - http://geni.us/17Iz8
Views: 461332 Victor Antonio
How To Create An Information Product Online
Check out http://100KInfoGroup.com to learn how you can create an online info product and sell it to customers worldwide. Every Personal trainer, chiropractor, doctor, dentist, nutritionist, and expert can easily create and sell information products online. http://youtu.be/f-nlHcJIBgk Share this info marketing videos video with your friends: http://youtu.be/f-nlHcJIBgk
Views: 28063 Bedros Keuilian
How to Embed a Video on your Shopify Product Page
This step-by-step tutorial walks you through adding a video from YouTube to a product page on your Shopify store. This is a great option for stores that want to feature videos like how to use their product or consumer reviews. For more Shopify tutorials make sure to subscribe to our channel and visit our website at www.curiousthemes.com
Product Care Apparel l How-to-Video l JACK WOLFSKIN
Make your outdoor clothes last longer with this step by step tutorial. Find out all you need to know about how to wash your functional wear. Product shown in video http://www.jack-wolfskin.de/universal-cleaner-plus/77031-000.html
Views: 90992 JACK WOLFSKIN
How to Download Amazon Product Video
How to Download Amazon Product Video amazon video downloader free, amazon video downloader pc, amazon video downloader How do I download Amazon Prime videos to my computer? Can you download from Amazon Prime to watch offline? How do I download from Amazon Drive? Can I download a movie from Amazon to my iPad?
Views: 1929 Aouad Abdessamad
How to Add a Video to Shopify Product Page 2018
How to add a video to Shopify product page 2018 using this easy step by step tutorial. To add and embed a video you need to go to Youtube to get the embed snippet and you can also change the settings for that video with extra options to start the video at a specific time. Check out my playlist with more how to use Shopify for beginners 2018 : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIIvehbAB0PaiwkWyyhR5fcLpJLcSMDbF ////////// FOLLOW ME ////////// Email: [email protected] Instagram: andreaswaatz Twitter: AndreasWaatz Website: http://www.waatz.com Snapchat. Andreas Waatz
Views: 4567 Andreas Waatz
How To Promote A Product On ClickBank Using YouTube Videos
Get 10 High Converting ClickBank Products DONE4U. Visit...https://warriorplus.com/o2/a/tl2yq/0 Imagine if you could make money day after day promoting Clickbank Products on YouTube. Discover how to find a product to promote on YouTube from ClickBank and also have the opportunity to get 10 High Converting ClickBank Products to sell (all research & video creation is DONE4U). Download TubeBuddy Free Chrome Extension http://www.tubebuddy.com/isitebuild Related Videos How To Generate Revenue From Your YouTube Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMyPxmGovQQ&list=PLFz7YaZ-5zVB3LKGw5BXQg26fmea2BanB Video Content Ideas For New YouTubers https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFz7YaZ-5zVABvTziEjDU7fOvEQYtOZ22 How To Grow Your YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFz7YaZ-5zVDCQgSHhsTmYBDXHLcA4vR_ How To Rank YouTube Videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLFz7YaZ-5zVDEhwudfebi6C3qbVNX_9fQ Join my Facebook Group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TubeVideoBootCamp ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Subscribe for NEW YouTube Tutorials every Monday & Thursday https://goo.gl/x8LfNd ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Get my Step-By Step Video Marketing Course at: http://www.tubevideobootcamp.com Connect with Me On Social Media https://www.facebook.com/herman.drost https://www.twitter.com/hermandrost Video Transcription & Translation Services - 100% Done by Humans http://www.drostdesigns.com/gotranscript Disclaimer: Some of the links above may be affiliate links from which i earn a small commission when you purchase from them. #isitebuild #tubevideobootcamp #videocontentplan
Views: 738 isitebuild
How to Create Your Own Product Promotional Video
Download after effects template to create animated explainer videos to promote your product, Services and websites: http://videohive.net/item/explain-it-with-mister-clearly/7755222?ref=mkashifraza Now you can create your own videos in few minutes with this after effects project template. This after effects template is fully customizable and very easy to use, just download it and create Full HD custom videos at very low cost for your projects. this template is compatible with adobe after effects CS5, CS5.5, CS6 and CC. there is a full video tutorial that helps you edit and modify template according to your needs. You can make following types of videos with this after effects template: promotional videos animated promo video product demo video examples product demo software demo videos product demo videos for startups animated product demo videos best product demo videos explainer videos business Promo Video create an Animated Promo Video product demo video video for your startups marketing videos sales Videos create Animated Videos explainer Video animated explainer video animated videos for business animated video for websites
Views: 75078 Sarah Shah
How to produce and direct a software product video in 10 days
Case study: http://www.jeremiahwarren.com/mason
Views: 621 jeremiahjw
Nu Skin: ageLOC Me 'How to Videos' | Basic Product Delivery
In this Nu Skin ageLOC Me 'How to Video', we demonstrate how the device works to deliver your daily and nightly serums/moisturizers. For more ageLOC Me videos: https://goo.gl/Dancte Learn more about ageLOC Me: https://goo.gl/33vK67 Subscribe for more from Nu Skin: http://goo.gl/mXGPob Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc. demonstrates its tradition of innovation through its comprehensive anti-aging product portfolio, independent business opportunity and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Nu Skin was founded in 1984 and sells its products through a global network of sales leaders in Asia, the Americas, Europe, Africa and the Pacific. Nu Skin is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol ""NUS."" More information is available at: http://www.nuskin.com. http://www.nuskin.com/thesource http://www.facebook.com/nuskin http://www.twitter.com/nuskin
Views: 13494 Nu Skin Enterprises
Hubba Hacks: How to Create an Engaging Product Video
Want to create a product video but don’t know where to start? Hubba’s Audio/Visual Expert, Olivia Nashmi, shares her top three tips for creating quality content. From deciding on a purpose to creating a compelling CTA, she’ll walk you through how to create an engaging product video your consumers will love.
Views: 288 Hubba
How Not to Launch A Video Game Product
Wow, just wow. The Atgames Bandai Namco Blast that I was given to review a month ago ended up not being the one that Atgames sent to stores. Both standard and Walmart units are using the NES roms of classic arcade games(confirmed with talking to ATgames). This version of the product is BAD. I do not support this business practice whatsoever and please avoid this product. Facbook: https://www.facebook.com/immortaljohnhancock/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/swlovinist Patreon : https://www.patreon.com/swlovinist This product was provided to me by ATgames for reviewing purposes.
Views: 31178 John Hancock
How-To Guide: Product Demo Videos that Make Money
Fact: video helps customers make purchasing decisions 96% of the time. We've got tips and inspiration for your next product demo video! Read the full story here ►http://bit.ly/2tqa3ol Interested in staying updated with the latest content marketing news? Subscribe to our blog! http://bit.ly/2rerJPN LET'S CONNECT! Facebook ► http://www.facebook.com/Brafton Twitter ► https://twitter.com/brafton Linkedin ► https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta...
VirtueMart 3.x. How To Add Product Video
This video tutorial will show how to add product video in VirtueMart 3.x templates. Enjoy Premium VirtueMart templates at our website: http://www.templatemonster.com/virtuemart-templates.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=virtuetuts49 Subscribe Our Channel: http://goo.gl/zjoR8Z Follow us: Facebook http://goo.gl/3yXKEu Twitter http://goo.gl/NR5fDK LinkedIn http://goo.gl/qDZeEO Dribbble http://goo.gl/UwqX48 Pinterest http://goo.gl/Tp8Je5
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How To Make Shopify Product Videos That SELL
Join The eCom Machines Monthly Membership - https://bit.ly/2uiCAMf Shopify Trial - https://bit.ly/2KV8OYg Making product videos for your shopify drop shipping store is actually insanely easy, and with animoto you'll be cranking out product videos with ease. Get Dropship Spy Here - https://bit.ly/2M7Eae6
Views: 92 James Klymus
Sharing my thoughts on different equipment I use to make YouTube videos. My recommendations, pros and cons. Ways to improve your YouTube Channel, while on a budget. *feels like I'm writing title names* Showing you my microphone, lighting equipment, tripod, and camera, and simple ways to change your room to improve videos. All the products I'm showing in this video can be found on Amazon. Innogear Tripod Selfie Stick http://www.amazon.com/InnoGear%C2%AE-Shutter-Telescopic-Portrait-Bluetooth/dp/B00NOPUO1I/ref=sr_1_11?s=wireless&ie=UTF8&qid=1440667119&sr=1-11&keywords=iphone+tripod Samsung Nx Mini Camera http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IVEHTCY/ref=twister_B00R5MIGM0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Western Digital Portable Hard Drive: http://www.amazon.com/Elements-Portable-Drive-Storage-WDBUZG0010BBK-NESN/dp/B00CI3BLPA/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1441068200&sr=1-1&keywords=portable+hard+drive+western+digital+1+tb SD Memory Card 64 GB http://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-Memory-Adapter--SDSDQUAN-064G-G4A-Version/dp/B00M55C1I2/ref=sr_1_13?ie=UTF8&qid=1440668764&sr=8-13&keywords=sd+card+samsung Blue Snowball Ice Microphone http://www.amazon.com/Blue-Microphones-Snowball-Microphone-Textured/dp/B000EOPQ7E/ref=sr_1_2?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1441068257&sr=1-2&keywords=blue+snowball+ice Cowboy Studio Lighting http://www.amazon.com/CowboyStudio-Photography-Portrait-Umbrella-Continuous/dp/B003WLY24O/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1441068308&sr=1-1&keywords=cowboy+studio+lighting Options For Video Editing: iMovie (What I use currently and comes free with the iMac) Windows Movie Maker: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/get-movie-maker-download Youtube Editor: https://www.youtube.com/editor
Views: 4711 Sarah Kim
How to make a product video for a successful crowdfunding project - Ugmonk Gather
Case study: http://www.jeremiahwarren.com/ugmonk
Views: 614 jeremiahjw
How to sell your product on facebook in hindi
Hi Friends, This video guide to sell your product or crafts online using Facebook marketplace. Learn how to sell your stuff on facebook or how to sell your crafts from home. So create online store in facebook & earn money. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FB Tab Reorder : https://goo.gl/QXMJ5S Earn Online : https://goo.gl/K1F1qc --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FB Marketplace Help https://www.facebook.com/help/153832041692242 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please Share, Support, Subscribe!!! SUBSCRIBE : https://goo.gl/SSPXAY YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/c/hinditechguide FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/hinditechguideyoutube TWITTER : https://twitter.com/TechGuideHindi Google + : https://goo.gl/7Ejg5A Website : http://hinditechguide.net.in/ 'Hindi Tech Guide' has How-to videos on Computers, Technology and Social Media. In these Hindi videos, guide you to learn " YouTube tips and tricks" "how to earn money online" "search engine optimization or SEO" "tech review" "gadget reviews" " latest technology news" "DIY electronic projects" and and lots of tech related stuff. So if you are a tech Knowledge seeking person then subscribe to this Channel and keep receiving updates as new videos are posted. Keep Watching and Keep Learning! Thank you
Views: 68991 Hindi Tech Guide
Prestashop 1.6.x. How To Embed Product Video Using TM Product Video Module
This tutorial shows how to add a product video using TM Product Video module in PrestaShop. Enjoy Premium PrestaShop templates at our website: http://www.templatemonster.com/prestashop-themes.php?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=prshoptuts161 More PrestaShop Video Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhQIfRNfwAocQcTfOyM0j3LfsskZ3Ip7E Subscribe Our Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TemplateMonsterCo/ Follow us: Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TemplateMonster/ Twitter https://twitter.com/templatemonster Instagram @template_monster Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/templatemonster/ Dribbble https://dribbble.com/TemplateMonster LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/company/templatemonster-com
Views: 4887 TemplateMonster
Product Care Footwear l How-to-Video l JACK WOLFSKIN
Make sure your shoes stay as reliable as on day one with this step by step tutorial. Find out all you need to know about how to care for your shoes. Product shown in video: http://www.jack-wolfskin.de/footwear-proofer/8002131-000.html
Views: 32911 JACK WOLFSKIN
How to Create a Product Demo Video With DemoChimp
You can use DemoChimp to create a professional, customized product demonstration video to present your product to customers and potential clients.
Views: 3930 Consensus
Product Photography Lighting How-To
Product photography and studio lighting how-to video. When shooting products, going beyond the "product on white" or "product on black" lighting setups can be very rewarding. This video looks at a macro or product photography lighting setup with studio lighting step-by-step as the image is assembled from one light and beyond. This video covers: studio strobes, monolights, reflectors and grids, backlight, photographic reflector, DIY reflector, diffusion material, product photography strategy, achieving depth in your photograph, hard vs. soft shadows, managing reflections, and other important topics in lighting for product photography.
Views: 61349 Bart Zoni
How To Find Unique Product Photos On AliExpress For Shopify
Get Lifetime Academy Access Here: http://casualecommerce.com/academy-1-year/ In this video, we go into how you can find unique product photos from Aliexpress for your Shopify store for free. Subscribe to the Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8w05MpPAcR0wNVcuadBBow Follow The Socials Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Casualecommerce/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/casualecommerce Other Videos Shopify drop shipping https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsStzxU_osU Shopify seo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q72Xdw5s5gI
Views: 5184 Casual Ecommerce
How Do You Make a Product Demonstration Video? Video Marketing Campaign
http://www.captive8media.com Captive8 Media were commissioned to create a product demonstration video which would also double up as a marketing video for the wonderful cinnamon hill cinnamon grater.
How To Earn Money On YouTube Promoting An Affiliate Product
Check out my CASE STUDY VIDEO at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il9mAoBOX6o You'll learn how a single YouTube video generates affiliate sales on autopilot. Did you know you can earn a lot more money on youtube promoting an affiliate product than earning money from adsense ads on your videos? YouTube receives billions of views every day so why not utlilize some of that traffic to promote an affiliate product on youtube? 1. Look for an affiliate program to promote Go to clickbank.com Click on affiliate marketplace You can search for products in the search box I'm going to click on "software services" Ok here's the product "instabuilder 2.0 The Ultimate Wordpress Marketing Plugin" So if you want to promote that just click on "promote" You've got to set up an account with Clickbank So I can earn 50% for each paying customer that I refer to this product. Click "create" Here's the affiliate link to the product If I want to paste the link on my web page just copy this URL and paste it in my web page. Other affililate programs you can take a look at include JV ZOO, Amazon, Conversant, even Walmart. 2. Do keyword research One of the easiest keyword phrases would be "product review" so in this case you would choose "instabuilder review" as your keyword phrase. Put that keyword phrase into youtube you already see 9000 results of people using that same keyword phrase I would suggest getting more creative and finding a way to rank your video for a different keyword phrase So let's go to the keyword planner Ok here's the google keyword planner Search for new keywords If we go to the sales page we can choose a different kind of keyword phrase So let's look at "drag and drop software" Put that in the keyword planner Click "get ideas" Here I've got one "drag and drop website builder" If we look at the top of the results we can see a number of videos here already it's not using exactly the phrase "drag and drop website builder". Many of them are over 1 year old. 3. Create a short review video about your affiliate product A quick way to create a review video is to simply go to your sales page and then record the screen of the sales page, Scroll through it and talk about the main features of the product You can use a free online screen recording software like screencast-o-matic to record the sales page. 4. Add a call to action at the end of your video Add a graphic to the end of your review video that gets viewers to click the link in the description. 5. Optimize your video so it will rank in the search engines Make sure you include your keyword phrase in the title, description and tags of your video Keep your privacy settings on private until you're ready to publish the video. 6. Publish your video After you've finished optimizing the video simply set your privacy settings to public and publish the video. In this case I've published it already so I'll just click "save changes" 7. Promote your video After you've published the video go down to the "share" button and share it on the social media sites. Other methods of promotion include embedding your video on your blog, notifying your email list, sharing your video on related facebook groups, froums and google plus communities. Keep in mind it may take a few days for your video to rank depending on the competitiveness of your keywords. If it doesn't rank on youtube or google within a week or 2 start an incoming links campaign to boost its rankings. Every time someone purchases the product by clicking on the affiliate link in your video you'll receive a commission. The beauty of this process is that you get paid over and over again. Check on my case study video "How a single youtube video generates affiliate sales on autopilot" Share this video How To Earn Money On YouTube Promoting An Affiliate Product https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLLaVA5ikec How to make money on YouTube - Top 5 Ways https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCMfjxswa9k&index=1&list=PLFz7YaZ-5zVA0alp5Z2oWUbBP87aFM_sv How to monetize YouTube videos using Google Adsense https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H5oLc35xAT0
Views: 7461 isitebuild

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