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HR brand Award 2013 main
Премия HR-бренд Украина 2013 это независимая ежегодная премия за наиболее успешную работу с репутацией компании как работодателя.
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HR brand Award 2013
Премия HR-бренд Украина 2013 Ольга Горбановская, Партнер компании E&Y в Украине Светлана Слободянюк, HR директор ФК "Шахтер" (Донецк) Владислава Рутицкая, заместитель ген.директора "Мрия Агрохолдинг" Анна Власова, основатель и директор школы HRM Марина Маковий, генеральный директор HeadHunter Украина Вероника Луцкина, Партнер «ЭКОПСИ Консалтинг» (Россия)
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SkyWay Technologies Co. Received Honorary Diploma From “HR-brand Award”
SkyWay website: http://rsw-systems.com/ EcoTechnoPark: http://skyway-park.com/ Dr. Anatoly Yunitskiy website: http://www.yunitskiy.com/ License Creative Commons «Attribution» 4.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
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Ukraine hr brand award 2013 part 2
Дмитрий Кушнир, директор Luxoft Украина Ольга Горбановская, партнер E&Y в Украине Вероника Луцкина, Партнер «ЭКОПСИ Консалтинг» (Россия) Анна Власова, основатель школы HRM Марина Маковий, генеральный директор hh.ua
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Fillum.Pro: PepsiCo HR Brands Award Video
Explainer video for Russian HR Brands award 2018. Motion design, character animation, editing, voice over. © Fillum Production - https://www.fillum.pro
HR Distinction Awards 2014: Distinction in Employer Branding Award
An Interview with Allstate Northern Ireland, winner of the Distinction in Employer Branding Award at the HR Distinction Awards 2014
10th anniversary HR-brand Award (2016)
Video materials for 10th anniversary HR-brand Award (2016)
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Cisco Systems - Human Resources Global Talent Brand and Culture Wins Stevie Award in ABA
The 15th Annual American Business Awards were presented on Tuesday, June 20 at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City. Learn about the U.S.A.’s premier awards for business excellence at www.StevieAwards.com/ABA.
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Итоги шестой ежегодной Премии за достижения в области управления человеческим капиталом «Хрустальная пирамида - 2016» были объявлены в завершении работы ежегодного Саммита HR-Директоров России и СНГ. 7 октября в торжественной обстановке члены жюри объявили имена лауреатов и вручили победителям Гран-При «Хрустальная пирамида», которая символизирует одну из наиболее известных моделей мотивации личности - теорию иерархии потребностей Маслоу. Лауреатами Премии вот уже шесть лет становятся лучшие HR-руководители, авторы HR-проектов, консультанты и организации, оказывающие услуги по обучению и повышению квалификации персонала, которые вносят заметный вклад в развитие HR-менеджмента в России и СНГ. Поздравляем всех лауреатов и победителей Премии за достижения в области управления человеческим капиталом «Хрустальная пирамида - 2016»! www.hraward.ru
2017 National HR Awards - HR Rising Star Award
Congratulations to Andrea Scheelar, winner of a 2017 National HR Award from Canadian HR Reporter and Thomson Reuters. See www.nationalhrawards.com for more information.
2018 National HR Awards: Employee Engagement Award
Congratulations to Niagara Casinos, winner of a 2018 National HR Award from Canadian HR Reporter and Thomson Reuters
Create intro for award HR-Brand 2016
We participated in creating the video for the award HR-Brand the 2016. We has created: -main intro video -Video nominations. -some videos for projection show.
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HRINZ HR Initiative of the Year Award 2012 (Winner)
Z Energy's 'Sharing Everything about the Z Energy Values' Initiative was a "greenfields" opportunity for the new organisation to spell out very clearly how it wanted to operate in delivering the customer promise while recognising Z Energy values as the "bedrock" of everything they do. The development and launch of Z's values was done in such a way that in a short time it had become part of the very fabric of Z. Flipping 'normal' values development on its head, Z started by first asking their people what mattered to them personally before going through an extensive launch programme including posters, stories, videos, intranet voting, prizes, events, a few Kiwi heroes and extensive team conversations. This resulted in Z's people forming a deep connection with their values. These values were - 'Be Straight Up, Be Bold, Have the Passion, Share Everything and We Back People'. The HR team was key in enabling the process to engage all staff in the values conversation, and allowing sufficient time in the process for people to become comfortable with what was emerging, which was very different to the previous culture. Business outcomes as a result of the initiative were impressive: personal alignment with Z Energy values through engagement scores; delivery of all the key business strategies; customer satisfaction measures increased; brand preference measures have recently overtaken a major competitor.
2011 HR Summit Awards: Innovation in Employment Branding Award
Rhonda Lewis, director of people practice at Trillium Health Centre, accepted the Workopolis Innovation in Employment Branding Award at the 2011 HR Summit Awards, presented by Canadian HR Reporter and the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA). Trillium Health Centre launched the hospital's People Promise campaign as a catalyst to drive their recruitment, retention and engagement strategies. This initiative effectively promoted Trillium's employee value proposition, helped employees understand the organization's people investment and has contributed to outstanding engagement, retention and vacancy rates.
Derana wins Best Employer Brand Award 2016
Power House Ltd, the parent company of TV Derana, FM Derana, adaderana.lk, Ada Derana 24X7 and Mogo Solutions, has received the prestigious “Sri Lanka Best Employer Brand Award 2016” at the South Asian Partnership Summit & Business Awards. දෙරණට තවත් සම්මානයක් Watch More Video - http://goo.gl/2QWjSA
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HR BRAND(em) ICF Konferencia: A Prism Award 2016 átadása
Az ICF Global 2005 óta minden évben a Prism Award pályázat keretén belül elismeri azon szervezeteket, ahol a coaching programok szigorú szakmai standardok szerint folynak, támogatják a stratégiai célokat, formálják a vállalati kultúrát és mérhető pozitív hatást gyakorolnak az egész szervezet működésére.
Christian Dahmen Memorial Award for Innovation in association with ON-Brand Partners
The Christian Dahmen Memorial Award recognises applicants who have introduced a new product, service or HR practice not previously seen in New Zealand or who have taken an existing approach or used an existing product or service in a novel or unique way. With special thanks to our sponsor On-Brand Partners.
Audi HR Brand Movie
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2011 HR Summit Awards: HR Academic of the Year Award
Andrew Templer, professor of management at the University of Windsor, took home the Right Management HR Academic of the Year Award at the 2011 HR Summit Awards, presented by Canadian HR Reporter and the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA). Templer has published more than 100 academic papers and is currently the general editor of the Pearson Education Human Resource Series, Chair of the Human Resources Institute's Peer Review Sub-Committee.
HR AWARD 2013 - Премия "Хрустальная пирамида - 2013"
26 сентября 2013 года в Москве состоялась торжественная церемония награждения лауреатов Премии за достижения в области управления человеческими ресурсами за 2013 год. В завершении первого дня работы XIV Саммита HR-Директоров России и СНГ члены жюри Премии объявили обладателей Гран-При «Хрустальная пирамида» в номинациях: ▲ HR-руководитель года – 2013, ▲ HR-директор года - 2013, ▲ HR-проект года - 2013, ▲ HR-консультант года – 2013, ▲ Корпоративный университет года – 2013, ▲ Обучение и развитие персонала - 2013, ▲ Технологическое решение – 2013. Лауреатами Премии становятся лучшие HR-руководители, авторы HR-проектов, консультанты и организации, оказывающие услуги по обучению и повышению квалификации персонала, которые вносят заметный вклад в развитие HR-менеджмента в России и СНГ. HR-РУКОВОДИТЕЛЕМ ГОДА – 2013 для компаний с численностью сотрудников свыше 5 тысяч человек был признан Михаил Яковлев, вице-президент по организационному развитию, работе с персоналом и административным вопросам ОАО «ВымпелКом». . HR-ДИРЕКТОРОМ ГОДА – 2013 для компаний с численностью сотрудников менее 5 тысяч человек стал Юрий Григорьян, член правления, заместитель генерального директора, директор по управлению персоналом и организационному развитию УК «Альфа-Капитал». HR-КОНСУЛЬТАНТОМ ГОДА – 2013 была названа Группа компаний IBS. В номинации HR-ПРОЕКТ ГОДА – 2013 победителем стал проект «Таланты для Игр», реализуемый АНО «Оргкомитет «Сочи 2014». Победителем в номинации ТЕХНОЛОГИЧЕСКОЕ РЕШЕНИЕ – 2013 стала компания Mirapolis за решение «Облачная платформа для комплексного управления человеческим капиталом Mirapolis Human Capital Managment». В номинация ОБУЧЕНИЕ И РАЗВИТИЕ ПЕРСОНАЛА - 2013 Гран-при «Хрустальная пирамида» получил Бизнес-университет МИРБИС. В номинация КОРПОРАТИВНЫЙ УНИВЕРСИТЕТ ГОДА - 2013 победителем жюри признало Корпоративный университет ОАО «Объединенная промышленная корпорация (ОПК) «ОБОРОНПРОМ». Премия учреждена в 2011 году Оргкомитетом Саммита HR-директоров для распространения лучшего опыта управления персоналом и привлечения внимания делового сообщества к сфере управления человеческими ресурсами и рынку кадровых услуг в России и СНГ, а также поощрения компаний, внедряющих передовые методы и технологии в области кадрового менеджмента. «Премия «Хрустальная пирамида» позволила вывести в публичное пространство ряд уникальных проектов, выполненных в сфере управления персоналом на высочайшем профессиональном уровне, а их авторам - получить профессиональное признание. Лучшие проекты были представлены на Саммите HR-Директоров, что способствовало распространению знаний и передового опыта», - считает Александр Лебедев, Председатель Оргкомитета Саммита HR-Директоров России и СНГ, президент LBS International Conferences.
International iconic award | HR icon of 2017
Uploaded on 24 October 2017 Like it and subscribe it.............thank you for watching the video ☺☺😊😊😊😊😊😄😄😃😃😃
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Capita Award for Best HR Team    Winner: American Express
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Build your employer brand: A strategic approach to recruitment and retention
Your employer brand has become increasingly important in today's highly competitive labour market where the demand to attract and retain skilled labour is crucial to business survival. Leandra Harris, Randstad Canada's Executive VP of Human Resources, explores the topic of employer branding, from identification and definition of brand values, to leveraging it as a marketing tool to strategically attract talent. Visit http://www.randstad.ca to download our brochure and for more useful career resources.
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Award for HR Technology - Winner - New Zealand Transport Agency
Presented in association with ELMO Talent Management Software
India Leadership Award 2018 | Bangalore | Cloud HR Console | blindwink.in | www.cloudhrconsole.com
Cloud HR Console india's most promising Best HRMS and Payroll service provider. www.cloudhrconsole.com www.unifiedexcellence.com ©blindwink.in ©cloudhrconsole.com Hyderabad Bangalore Mumbai Bhubaneswar CEO and Co-founder .
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Randstad Award 2016 - Valentina Sangiorgi parla di employer branding
Valentina Sangiorgi, HR Director di Randstad Italia, spiega quali sono gli aspetti importanti per sviluppare una strategia di employer branding vincente
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Hospitality HR Award 2016
Hospitality HR Award 2016 http://hospitality-award.de/ Der Hospitality HR Award zeichnet nachhaltiges Mitarbeitermanagement in der Hotellerie in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz aus. Er würdigt innovative, originelle Maßnahmen zur Mitarbeitergewinnung und -bindung mit Vorbildcharakter – von der Einzelidee bis zur umfassenden HR-Strategie. Der Hospitality HR Award 2016 wurde bei einer feierlichen Preisverleihung im Ramada Hotel Hamburg City Center an die Gewinner überreicht.
Breaking News | TCLL wins Talent Acquisition Award at the HR Excellence Awards 2018
Breaking News | TCLL wins Talent Acquisition Award at the HR Excellence Awards 2018 Breaking News | TCLL wins Talent Acquisition Award at the HR Excellence Awards 2018 Brand Story by Times Centre for Learning Ltd. Mumbai, 30th May 2018: TimesPro has been awarded as a winner in 'TALENT ACQUISITION AWARD' and 'FIRST RUNNERUP IN THE DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION AWARD' at the PeopleFirst HR Excellence Awards 2018, held on May 25, in Mumbai This award is in recognition of Times Professional Learning's (TPL) talent attraction strategy and innovative means to hire talent and how this aligns with the overall Business growth and employer branding. TPL boasts of a very diver... SUBSCRIBE To Our Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPMjaOmdSqkcKmrntN5TF4Q Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/World-Breaking-News-1801911953358902/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/trinhhuuminhly Google+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/101746655803030079868 Pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/adanjanuzai/ Wedsite : http://www.bbc.com/news Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/world_breaking_news_tv/ Source : http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/2/940069635?-: Thanks For Watching Video. Please SUBSCRIBE
Swarovski Employer Brand video
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Swarovski China has won the Best EVP Award 2017
Swarovski China was recognized for their entire Employer Value Proposition (EVP) package, which included an Employer Branding Survey where employees had the opportunity to make their voices heard. The slogan for Swarovski China’s Employer Branding is “One Swarovski, One Family”. “It’s all about us being one Swarovski family that respects each other, takes care of each other, and encourages and inspires each other to be the best we can be”, said Vivian Yang, Human Resources Director of Swarovski China.
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The Award for Emerging HR Practitioner of the Year in association with Melbourne Business School
The Emerging HR Practitioner of the Year recognises those who are in the early stages of their human resources career. This award focuses on identifying emerging talent, demonstrated in a generalist role. Eligibility: HR practitioners who have been in an HR position for less than four years (commencing work in an HR role in 2013 or later) With special thanks to our Sponsor Melbourne Business School.
The Marketing Of HR Brand - How We Develop Our HR Brand - Mark Thomas - Part 04
http://theppinetwork.com/open-programs/hrbp we provide our HR Business Partner program designed to stimulate and equip HR professionals for repositioning their role within their organisation from service provider to recognised business partner.
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Graduate Choice Award Winners 2018
Our First HR Award this year for being Top Ecommerce/Digital Employer of Choice among Graduates. Just the beginning of many more to come.. We were up against some serious competition from established E-commerce players but our Brand positioning and EVP among Fresh Graduates is what helped us come up Trumps.
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Nicola Salter, HR Director at Williams - Williams Employer Brand
Nicola Salter, HR director at Williams talks about the employer brand at Williams and what it means to be a part of the Williams team. Transcript The employer brand at Williams is very much built for me on emotion. It's very much the feeling of belonging to a racing team that actually is helping two racing drivers deliver world class performance on a track every time we go to a grand prix. Every single one of our team understands the contribution they make. You're not a number, you play an important part of the team no matter what you do and ultimately you can absolutely see when the team is performing well. Everybody's feeling it, everybody's enjoying the success but we also share in the difficult times as well. Everybody's always striving to push forward. It really is an environment where the leadership is from the top. Lots of communication and it's an open forum where people feel that they can make their contribution count
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2011 HR Summit Awards: Corporate Social Responsibility Award
Kim Forgues, vice-president of HR at the Home Depot, accepted the Corporate Social Responsibility Award on behalf of The Home Depot Canada. The company has transformed its HR function from a transaction-based model to one that aligns with business priorities that focus on corporate social responsibility.
2018 Award of Excellence - HR Professional of the Year Finalist - Ram Gill, CPHR
Ram Gill, 2018 Award of Excellence - HR Professional of the Year Finalist is HR business partner, BC and Yukon region at Shoppers Drug Mart in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. For full information on his nomination visit: https://cphrbc.ca/member-matters/i-am-a-member/awards/2018-award-finalists/#ram Select Photos Commissioned by: Ann Beaudry Photography http://annabeaudry.com/
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India Leadership Conclave 2018 Award Presentation Ceremony
Rated by Experts & widely acclaimed by thought leaders, India Leadership Conclave Annual Affair is just not a leadership forum, it symbolizes the hopes & aspirations of the billion people reflected by the speakers at the forum. “ILC POWER BRANDS” has been rated in Asia as the most credible & coveted Awards developed by Network 7 Media Group consisting of eminent jury members of the different verticals of the society & are conferred to the Individuals & Companies in its annual meet at the Indian affairs India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards. Since the institutionalization of the Business Leadership Awards in 2010, India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards has been India’s most awaited & asia’s most respected set of Awards conferred to Companies & Individuals who have made their mark through their remarkable performances despite all odds & has made India Proud!. Since the last eight successful years, the platform has recognized, felicitated more than 300 fortune 500 Companies & towering captains & Leaders of the Country.
NZ Police - Winner of SilkRoad HR Technology Award and State Services Commission Public Sector Award
NZ Police won the SilkRoad HR Technology Award and the State Services Commission Public Sector Award at the HRINZ HR Awards 2013.
Bloomin' Brands Charlie Weston on HR Integration Challenges
Charlie Weston talks about the challenges Bloomin' Brands faced when integrating multiple HR systems and how SnapLogic's Elastic Integration helped them overcome the challenges with a cost effective solution that was fast to implement. To learn more, visit: http://www.snaplogic.com/customers
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Wendy Williams & Cipha Sounds Battle Nick Cannon | Wild ‘N Out | #Wildstyle
In the final #Wildstyle of Season 9, Wendy Williams sits back while her 'squad' goes in on Nick Cannon and Cipha Sounds also hits the Red Squad with some bars. Catch 'Wild 'N Out' on Thursdays at 11/10c. #MTV #WildNOut #Wildstyle Subscribe to MTV: http://goo.gl/NThuhC Wild 'N Out is your home for freestyle comedy. Watch as Nick Cannon and an A-list celebrity lead a team of improv comedians in a battle to see who’s the best. More from MTV: Official MTV Website: http://www.mtv.com/ Like MTV: https://www.facebook.com/MTV Follow MTV: https://twitter.com/MTV MTV Google+: http://goo.gl/OGY79b MTV on Tumblr: http://mtv.tumblr.com/ MTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/mtv MTV on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/mtv/ #MTV is your destination for the hit series Wild 'N Out, Siesta Key, safeword, Teen Wolf, Teen Mom and much more!
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