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Merchandising: Purchase Discounts, Purchase Returns, Purchase Allowances - Accounting video
A purchase discounts and purchase returns and allowances example. Other videos in this series: Part 1 - Operating Cycle, Inventory, and Purchase Discount Terms Part 3 - Selling Inventory Part 4 - Adjusting and Closing Part 5 - Income Statements and Business Evaluation For more accounting/how to eLectures (and accompanying lecture notes), blog and a discount textbook-store visit www.TheAccountingDr.com Please note that videos may require Flash media and may not play on devices without Flash capabilities (i.e. iPad).
Perpetual Inventory System and How to Journalize Purchase Entries (FA Tutorial #30)
75% OFF the Full Crash Course on Udemy: http://bit.ly/2oZIdcP So we've talked about the perpetual inventory for some time now. Well, now its time to learn how to journalize certain transactions in this system like purchases, returns, discounts along with shipping costs (Looking at FOB destination and FOB shipping). Merchandise inventory will be used in this inventory system and will include constant cost of goods sold changes as inventory is sold and returned. Watch the entire tutorial and understand this concept to our inventory chapter! ** Notepirate is privately owned and exclusive to Notepirate.com.** Website: http://www.notepirate.com Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Note-Pirate/514933148520001?ref=hl Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/notepirate We appreciate all of the support you guys have given us. Be apart of the mission to help us reach more students by subscribing, thumbs upping and adding the videos to your favorites!
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Purchase Returns and Allowances- Ch. 5 Video 3
Recording purchase returns and allowances
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How To Do Purchase & Sales Return Entry Using Debit & Credit Note In Tally.ERP 9 For GST - Lesson 15
In This Easy Hindi Tutorial Of Tally, You Will Learn How To Do Sales And Purchase Return Entry Using Credit Note Voucher And Debit Note Voucher For GST Purpose, And How To Calculate GST On It. Tally.ERP 9 Ke Iss Tutorial Me Aap Janenge Tally.Erp 9 Me Debit Note Voucher Aur Credit Note Voucher Ka Upyog Karke Sales Return Aur Purchase Return Ki Entry Kaise Ki Jati Hai, Aur Un Per GST Kaise Calculate Kiya Jata Hai. Tally.ERP 9 के इस Tutorial में आप जानेंगे Tally.ERP 9 में डेबिट नोट वाउचर और क्रेडिट नोट वाउचर का उपयोग करके परचेस return और सेल्स return की एंट्री कैसे की जाती है, और उन पर GST कैसे कैलकुलेट किया जाता है | Quiz: https://goo.gl/forms/OfNUwhGD1YhOVH5a2 Exercise: https://goo.gl/iKTLY4 Tally ERP 9 - Basic Level Playlist - https://goo.gl/A6HKEK Tally ERP 9 - Intermediate Level Playlist - https://goo.gl/xSJvYe Tally ERP 9 - Advance Level Playlist - https://goo.gl/kzBDqq Tally ERP 9 - For GST - https://goo.gl/feazX6 Subscribe : https://goo.gl/tm11cl All Playlist : https://goo.gl/Y6wlrR Website :http://www.gyanyagya.info/
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Tally ERP 9 Tamil Tutorial Part 12 Inventory Purchase,Purchase Return
In this video i clearly explained How to enter purchase with Inventory How to enter Purchase return with inventory How to enter sales with inventory How to enter sales return with inventory And How to view closing stock in Difference ways and what are the different types of output statements in Tally Today sum: capital received by cash 100000 credit purchase from abc garments shirts 100 nos 250 per no shirt bit 100 meter 125 per mt pant 100 nos 525 per no pant bit 100 meter 275 per mt cash sales shirt 50 nos 375 per no shirt bit 60 mt 200 per mt. purchase return shirt and pant each 10 number credit sales abc customer shirt bit 25mt 200 per mt pant bit 50 mt 350 per mt. shirt 10 nos 375 per no sales return from abc customer shirt 10 numbers payment made to abc garments by cash.
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Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold | Intermediate Accounting | CPA Exam FAR | Chp 8 p 1
Goods available for sale, ending inventory, cost of goods sold, Last in first out, Merchandising operation, purchase of inventory, FOB shipping, FOB destination, perpetual inventory, periodic, purchase discount, purchased invoice, discount terms, net purchased, freight in, purchase returns, purchase allowances, purchased returns and allowances, Consistency, Disclosure, Materiality, Accounting conservatism, intermediate accounting, cpa exam
How to record Purchase Return in GenieBooks
Geniebooks is comprehensive accounting, inventory and GST compliance software which lets you record transactions, track inventory, issue tax invoices, manage purchase order, manage input tax credit and prepare GST returns and annual financial statements. It helps you save time by automating and streamlining accounting functions and lets you focus on your core business decisions. -------------- Step 1 : To start recording purchase transactions in GenieBooks, Step 2 : Click on ‘Vouchers’ menu. Step 3 : Then click on ‘Purchase’. Step 6 : Click on ‘Add New’ button located at right side of screen Step 7 : Return no is auto generated. Step 8 : Select appropriate Invoice no. from dropdown Step 9 : Select Vendor / Supplier. Step 10 : Fill ‘Good receipt Note No.’ Step 11 : Select Purchase Return Date Step 12 : Provide reason for Return Step 13 : Return Reason is mandatory Step 12 :If you have selected Invoice No. and Good receipt no. then GenieBooks automatically populates Product Description Step 14 : Mention Quantity to return Step 15 : GenieBooks auto-computes IGST or CGST and SGST based on different parameters. Step 16 : Click on ‘SAVE’ button to save Purchase Order. Step 17 : Purchase Return list is now updated and will show all recorded Purchase Return. Step 18 : Automatically, inventory details are update and same can be seen in Stock Movement Report. Visit GenieBooks Website : http://geniebooks.in For support mail us : [email protected] ______ Connect us on Facebook : fb.me/geniebooksindia Connect us on Twitter : https://twitter.com/GenieBooksIndia
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Purchase Discount (Net Method Vs Gross Method) Cash Discounts On Inventory Purchases
Accounting for purchase discounts (gross discount method versus net discount method) and purchase returns and allowances, example is for recording a purchase made on credit on for purchase of $20,000 goods with terms 2/10, n/30, (2% purchase discount if paid within 10 days, gross amount due in 30 days), for the (1) gross method, enter the purchase and payable at the gross amount, record purchase discount only when payment is paid within the discount period and report purchase discount as a deduction from purchases in the Income Statement, for the (2) net method, record purchases and payables (at net amount assumming full discounts are taken), represents the cash price, purchase discounts not taken reflect penalties added to established price and considers purchase discounts lost as an "Other Expense" item on the Income Statement, purchase returns and allowances are recorded in the same manner gross and net amounts, detailed accounting example by Allen Mursau
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521.Accounts XI - Journal entries - Purchase and purchase return
Visit our website www.arinjayacademy.com for Hindi,  Maths, Accounts, CA Final International Tax, Direct Tax at following links  Hindi Class 6 Notes, click -  https://www.arinjayacademy.com/hindi-vyakaran-हिंदी-व्याकरण-class-6/ Hindi Class 7 Notes, click -  https://www.arinjayacademy.com/hindi-vyakaran-class-7/  Hindi Class 8 Notes, click -  https://www.arinjayacademy.com/hindi-vyakaran-class-8/ Hindi Class 9 and Class 10 Notes, click -  https://www.arinjayacademy.com/hindi-vyakaran-class-10/ Maths Class 3 Notes, click -  https://www.arinjayacademy.com/practice-maths-grade-3/ Maths Class 4 Notes, click -  https://www.arinjayacademy.com/maths-class-4/ Maths Class 5 Notes, click -  https://www.arinjayacademy.com/practice-maths-grade-5/  Maths Class 6 Notes, click -  https://www.arinjayacademy.com/practice-maths-grade-6/  Maths Class 7 Notes, click -  https://www.arinjayacademy.com/practice-maths-grade-7/  Maths Class 8 Notes, click -  https://www.arinjayacademy.com/practice-maths-grade-8/ Accounts Class 11 Notes, click - https://www.arinjayacademy.com/accounts_class-xi/ Accounts Class 12 Notes, click  -  https://www.arinjayacademy.com/accountancy-class-12/  CA Final International Tax Notes, click -  https://www.arinjayacademy.com/ca-final-elective-paper-6c-international-tax/ Transfer Pricing Notes, click -  https://www.arinjayacademy.com/transfer-pricing/ International Tax Article by Article Notes, Click -  https://www.arinjayacademy.com/international-tax-interpreting-tax-treaty/ Download Arinjay Academy app at : - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arinjayacademy You can access our content at https://www.arinjayacademy.com/learn Practice Accounts Exercise Class XII at - https://www.arinjayacademy.com/learn/Accounts-Class-XII?tab=3 Practice Maths Exercise Class VI at - https://www.arinjayacademy.com/learn/MathsClassVI?tab=3 Practice Maths Exercise Class VII at - https://www.arinjayacademy.com/learn/Maths--Class---7-?tab=3 Practice Hindi Exercise Class VI at - https://www.arinjayacademy.com/learn/Hindi---Class-6--?tab=3 Practice Economics Exercise Class XII at - https://www.arinjayacademy.com/learn/Economics---Class-12?tab=3 www.iedubook.com provides this video, which is one of our collections of ever increasing videos on Mathematics, Economics, Accounts, Physics, Chemistry and others meant for students of CBSE, ICSE, NCERT, aspirants of MBA, Bank exmas and any other area.
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Purchase Returns
The purchase returns functionality allows the organization to keep track of all returns of goods to suppliers. The process when used properly will allow the company to keep track of the inventory being sent back as well as if the company has received any credit memos. Picking tickets, packing slips and bills of lading can also be generated to help with the warehousing and shipping processes.
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Sage UBS - Goods Received Note & Purchase Return
This section will guide you how to record a good receiving transaction. Purchased goods are sometimes returned to the suppliers for various reasons. This topic shows where and how a purchase return is recorded in Sage UBS.
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MaxxERP Software Session 3 -  Sales - Purchase - Returns - Register & Reports - Stock Summary
MaxxERP | The World Class Business Management Software for more log on to http://maxxerp.com/ Cheers!
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Inventory Management - Batch Purchase Order & Supplier Return
Batch tracking in Unleashed allows you to assign your products batch numbers and quantities so that you can view your products' journey as part of your inventory management. Before Products can be brought into Unleashed you need to assign them a batch number and quantity from the Purchase Order screen. For more Academy videos, check out www.unleashedsoftware.com
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Orderhive 2.0 Webinar Session 3: ‘How to Manage Purchase, Vendor Inventory Feed & Returns’
Managing inventory and orders is a tedious and time-consuming task for any e-commerce seller or store owner. Orderhive - the smart and powerful order, shipping & inventory management software makes it easy, smooth and efficient. This is the recording of 3rd session of an instructive 3-part webinar series organized by Orderhive. In this webinar ‘How to Manage Purchase, Vendor Inventory Feed & Returns’, you’ll learn: 1. How to - Add and Manage Purchase Orders? 2. How to - Add and Manage Suppliers? 3. How to - Track Vendor's Inventory through Orderhive? 4. How to - Manage Returns in Orderhive? 5. How to - Use Printhive? Orderhive webinar session 3 was: Hosted by Bhumish Sheth, Marketing Manager at Orderhive Presented by Dipan Gajjar & Shikha Arora, Product Experts at Orderhive Date: 05/09/2018 More at: https://www.orderhive.com/ Sign up for free: https://my.orderhive.com/signup Support Center: https://intercom.help/orderhive Twitter: https://twitter.com/Orderhive Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orderhive/
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Purchase Discounts and Discount Terms - Ch. 5 Video 2
Discount Terms and journal entries for purchase discounts
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Purchase Return & Sales Return or Rejection Inward/ Outward Notes in Tally.ERP in Hindi
How to use Purchase Return Sales Return , Rejection in Rejfection Out Entry in Tally.ERP9 How to enter Debit Notes Voucher. How to enter credit notes voucher, How to use interest calculation in tally, how to use VAT entry in tally Accounts, Inventory, Taxation, Banking, Investment, Insurance, Manufacturing, Payroll, job order, Vat, CST, TDS, TCS, Service Tax, Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher, Journal Voucher, Contra Voucher, Sales Voucher, Purchase Voucher, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Delivery Note, Receipt Note, Rejection In, Rejection Out, Stock Journal, Physical Stock, Manufacturing Journal, Interest Calculation, Godown, Category, Currencies,Deprecation, Loss, Profit, Transfer of Godown, Queries, Report, Export of Data, Import of Data, Bank Reconciliation
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031. purchase return and sales return entry debit note  credit note part - 1
www.study2videos.com you can learn many type computer courses on our website like as Tally erp 9 HTML photoshop corel draw pagemaker java internet ms excel 2007 ms power point 2007 ms word 2007 internet basic computer busy etc.
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purchase return ledger create in tally
1. create purchase return ledger in tally erp.9 2. purchase return ledger kese banaye 3. purchase return ledger kis group ke under banega 4. purchase return ledger comes under which account Thanks for watching my video !!
AlignBooks Transaction Forms - Purchase Return
Purchase return documents are required to be created in case purchase goods or items are returned back to the vendor. Purchase return memo is just like a purchase debit note with the difference being that in a simple debit note, your inventory records do not get affected. Whereas, in purchase return notes, these is impact in the inventory record also along with the financial posting. Explore more on https://alignbooks.com/home Claim your FREE Trial by logging in http://blog.alignbooks.com/gst-enabled-accounting-software-free-trial/ Or call our Support Team for a FREE Demo on Toll Free No. 18001208581
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How to Enter the sale and Purchase returns in tally
This video clip desribes how to enter the sales returns and purchase returns in tally .Goods return inwards and goods return outwards, credit note and debit note. This is lesson 6 of tally self learning course Note :If any videos on youtube unable to here the voice follow these steps Open the youtube video copy the URl Open VLC Media Player Go to Media Select network team Paste the URL and click on play Increase the valume upto 400% thats it #gaddam subramanyam #gaddamsubramanyam #tallyprofessor #tallytutorials #tallyerp9onlineclasses
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FIFO METHOD ( When purchase & sales return given)
Full knowledge of purchase & sales return given with carriage https://youtu.be/m3sbnnTHQf8 Simple fifo method with average https://youtu.be/Z1FBi_Si3Lo Department accounting https://youtu.be/gsBNFninrLk Hire purchase https://youtu.be/QY-GrzZ8TOs Full sum solutions Q.23 page no 355 Hire purchase https://youtu.be/YO55vuw_9n8 Department accounting part 2 https://youtu.be/O9j1eZJrmiA LIFO METHOD
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PO Credit Return - Purchasing Group
How do you create a credit return for a purchase order in Fishbowl? This video walks you through the process. Go to the Purchase Order module in the Purchasing module group, and click on the purchase order you wish to do a return in. You can duplicate a PO with the push of a button, so you have the same vendor and line item as the original. Double-click on the line item to change it from Purchase to Credit Return. Then you issue the PO and performing the picking, packing, and shipping processes. Fishbowl is the #1 manufacturing and warehouse management solution for QuickBooks users. It also integrates with Xero.
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Summary of Purchase Returns & Allowances, Discounts, and Transportation Costs
Please like our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/rutgersweb To watch the entire video of this lecture, go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySVzjrPh-J4 To receive additional updates regarding our library please subscribe to our mailing list using the following link: http://rbx.business.rutgers.edu/subscribe.html
Purchasing inventory: periodic and perpetual journal entries
This video explains the differences between the periodic and perpetual methods for recording the purchase, return and payment of inventory. Purchase discounts and terms are also explained. For more help with accounting, please visit my website http://AccountingInFocus.com.
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Stock Purchase Stock Return Daily Summary
stock purchase stock return daily summary
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Dynamics NAV 2015: Sales Returns & Purchase Returns
Learn how to create sales returns & Purchase returns in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 with Johannes Gudmundsson in this coffee mug tutorial. Level: Intermediate Follow us Website: http://www.inecta.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iNECTA/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/inecta_llc?lang=es LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/company/inecta-llc. Contact us for ERP Software Email: [email protected] Contact us for more information and for a free demonstration of Microsoft Dynamics 365. We have several industry-specific solutions that we can show you.
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Accounting for Purchase of Inventory | Financial Accounting | CPA Exam FAR | Ch 5 P 2
Merchandising operation, purchase of inventory, FOB shipping, FOB destination, perpetual inventory, periodic, purchase discount, purchased invoice, discount terms, net purchased, freight in, purchase returns, purchase allowances, purchased returns and allowances,
Journal entries of purchase,sales,purchase return, sales return Chapter2 lecture1 11th class series
In this video we will discuss about the 2nd chapter of 11th accounts I.e. JOURNAL ENTRIES . In this video I will explain some basic entries like business commencement, purchase, sales etc. #entry_of_purchase #entries_of_sales #accounting Link for other videos Playlist of all classes chapterwise in hindi class 10th maths from ncert book/cbse in hindi chapterwise with solutions https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUsUBXYVOqdDs10r2RYPgYEfMYHZBCj-e Class 11th accounts lectures in hindi chapterwise https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUsUBXYVOqdCyPUEqE9TN3SzIkiO_gJDJ Class 11th Business studies lectures in hindi chapterwise https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUsUBXYVOqdDSZWPBpHY78okveJI4Bhrx All Basic terms of accounting https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUsUBXYVOqdAC3VKvwXWJr6X3oMZtbm-c Class 12th accounts lectures in hindi chapterwise https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUsUBXYVOqdATlcwk5xxuL9MTNAL9rYYx Learn all the general entries in 5 minutes: https://youtu.be/bRxRM6a12sA What is Asset? Expense? Capital? Liability? Income?????: https://youtu.be/S1iBPIR6umY you can join with me on: facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Digeshshala.digeshsoni/ facebook : https://m.facebook.com/Digesh.soni.31 instagram : https://www.instagram.com/digesh.soni/ twitter : https://twitter.com/soni_digesh
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Purchase Returns
Best viewed in Ultra HD. Welcome to The NAV People's Knowledge Hub! In this video, we'll show you how to create purchase returns in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
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How to Create Purchase Returns - AcTouch Cloud ERP Solutions
How to Create Purchase Returns AcTouch Cloud ERP Solutions AcTouch Technologies Pvt. Ltd - Cloud ERP Solutions. AcTouch is a leading Cloud-Based ERP Software Designed Specifically For Small Businesses, Providing Inventory Management, Billing & Invoicing, Payment Management, Manufacturing, Online Accounting,Sales and Purchases, Order Management,Budgeting, General Ledger etc. Accounting Software , Inventory Management Software , Billing & Invoicing Software , Payment Management Software , Manufacturing Software , Online #Accounting Software, #GST Software. Calibration on Cloud ,Calibration Management solution. Website: http://www.actouch.com GST Software - http://www.actouch.com/free-gst-softw... Retail and Distribution ERP Software - http://www.actouch.com/retail-and-dis... Manufacturing ERP Software - http://www.actouch.com/manufacturing-... Sales Force Automation - http://www.actouch.com/mobile-sales-f... Calibration On Cloud - http://www.actouch.com/calibration-on... AcTouch Technologies Pvt. Ltd. India. #19/1, 2nd Floor, S. Kariappa Road Model House Street, Basavanagudi. Bengaluru – 560004 Karnataka. India Email: [email protected] Tags: Creating Sales Order and Sales Invoice, delivery challan, What Are Sales Orders, How To Create & Invoice SO - AcTouch Technologies, Create a Sales Invoice or Sales Order, sales order vs invoice sales order vs purchase order, sales order vs invoice, purpose of sales order, sales order vs purchase order vs invoice, difference between sales order and proforma invoice, sales order example, GST Invoice, Sales Order V/S Sales Invoice Create sales invoices , Sales orders and invoices, Sales Quotes, Sales Orders, Sales Invoices, what is sales return purchase return, purchase return debit note purchase return debit or credit note purchase return format purchase return in trial balance is purchase return nominal account purchase allowance
Tally Tutorials in Telugu- 17 ||Purchase & Sales Returns || www.computersadda.com||
Click the below Link of Tally Problems --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.computersadda.com/2017/04/purchase-returns-sales-returns-in-tally/ ---------------------------------------------------------------- Tally Shortcut Keys ----------------------------------------------------------------- http://www.computersadda.com/2017/04/tally-shortcut-keys/ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Facebook fan page ------------------------------- https://www.facebook.com/Computersadda-1958850927674191/ Youtube Channel page ------------------------------------ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBVo5w4Cvm3_AEEBqsHjXow ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi Friends. Welcome to our Adda. Complete Telugu Video Tutorials. Ms-office,Tally ERP 9, Accounts,Photoshop, Pagemaker, CorelDRAW, AutoCAD (2D & 3D), C Lang, Basics of Computers, Html, Tips & Tricks, Weekly QUIZ. All Courses Shortcuts keys, Theories, Abbreviations,What & Who is This ?
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Return To Vendor - Oracle Purchasing
Return to Vendor (RTV) transaction is performed to return the goods to suppliers. Some time return transactions can be performed to 'receiving location' instead of supplier. For detailed tutorial visit us http://oracleappscommunity.com/oracle/blog/99/return-to-vendor/
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I Bought A Box Of Amazon Customer Returns
So it turns out that when you return something to Amazon, instead of restocking it, they auction it off in giant liquidation palettes - where you can get thousands of dollars of stuff for a few hundred dollars!! It feels kind of like an abandoned storage unit except all online - so I bought one and unboxed it all to see if it was really as good of a deal as it looks! The Internet Made Me Buy It - but after seeing this, would you? Other Amazon Return Box Videos! randomfrankp: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fDMcWYg2wU Resale Rabbit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hm1NEFl13aU I got my box here! https://www.liquidation.com/ This video is NOT sponsored! Safiya's IG: https://www.instagram.com/safiyany/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/safiyajn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/safnygaard/ MUSIC Via Audio Network Assistant Editors: Emily Linden & Claire Wiley
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Merchandising Operations: Operating Cycle, Inventory, Purchase Discounts - Accounting video
Discussion of the operating cycle, inventory, purchase discount terms Accompanying lecture notes: http://tiny.cc/nw1enw -- Thank you all for your wonderful support. Because of your support we have been able to reach and help numerous accounting students all over the world. Please continue to be a part of our mission to help other accounting students be successful by giving our videos thumbs up, adding our videos to your favorites and subscribing to our YouTube channel (click on more info on the videos). Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=routhwsuedu Friend me on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheAccountingDoctor -- Part 2 - Purchase Discounts and Purchase Returns and Allowances Example Part 3 - Selling Inventory Part 4 - Adjusting and Closing Part 5 - Income Statements and Business Evaluation For more accounting/how to eLectures (and accompanying lecture notes), blog and a discount textbook-store visit www.TheAccountingDr.com Please note that videos may require Flash media and may not play on devices without Flash capabilities (i.e. iPad).
Purchase Return in AX 2012 R3
It would explain how to make Purchase Return in AX 2012 R3.
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purchase returns and sales returns | tally telugu tutorials in telugu
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Purchase order and Sales Order Entry in Tally ERP9 in hindi
How to use Purchase order or Sales order in Tally.ERP9 Accounts, Inventory, Taxation, Banking, Investment, Insurance, Manufacturing, Payroll, job order, Vat, CST, TDS, TCS, Service Tax, Payment Voucher, Receipt Voucher, Journal Voucher, Contra Voucher, Sales Voucher, Purchase Voucher, Purchase Order, Sales Order, Delivery Note, Receipt Note, Rejection In, Rejection Out, Stock Journal, Physical Stock, Manufacturing Journal, Interest Calculation, Godown, Category, Currencies,Deprecation, Loss, Profit, Transfer of Godown, Queries, Report, Export of Data, Import of Data, Bank Reconciliation
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Sage 50 - Goods Received Note & Purchase Return
This section will guide you how to record a good receiving transaction. Purchased goods are sometimes returned to the suppliers for various reasons. This topic shows where and how a purchase return is recorded in Sage 50.
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GoFrugal RPOS7 - Purchase Return Adjustment
After making a retrun to your distributor, they may not directly give you the cash in hand, instead it will be adjusted in the next invoice that you transact with the distributor. In that case, The amount can be adjusted while making the purchase invoice itself. For further queries, please come over to chat with us @ www.gofrugal.com/chatbot.html or raise a ticket via myGoFrugal app, watch how to raise a ticket herehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cR33LAVkDxw GST Billing Software - http://www.gofrugal.com/gst/rpos7.html
Without Inventory Sales & Purchase Entries UNDER GST in Tally ERP.9
Explained About how to post without inventory sales & purchase transactions posting in Tally
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Sage 50-Purchase Return
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MYOB 10 purchase return
Returning items bought previously from suppliers on credit
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