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First Time Home Buyer MISTAKES | 9 Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make | First Time Home Buyer Tips
First Time Home Buyer MISTAKES | 9 Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make | First Time Home Buyer Tips. Real estate agent and Realtor Matt Leighton goes through 9 mistakes that first time home buyers are making when it comes to purchasing a house. Subscribe for more real estate videos - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=themattleighton Real Estate Continuing Education Online Classes: https://goo.gl/Cr4Tpf Looking for a real estate agent in your city? I have a network of top producing agents around the country. Email me and I can put you in contact with an agent in your area [email protected] -- Find Matt here: https://instagram.com/TheMattLeighton https://www.snapchat.com/add/mpleighton https://www.facebook.com/TheMattLeighton https://twitter.com/TheMattLeighton https://www.linkedin.com/in/TheMattLeighton 9 First Time Home Buyer Mistakes | Tips for First Time Home Buyers 0:57 - 1. Seeing houses before getting financial qualification 2:44 - 2. Looking for a unicorn 3:45 - 3. Using the listing agent to represent you 5:15 - 4. Looking too much into the home's online value estimation 7:05 - 5. Expecting your house to increase in value 9:15 - 6. Underestimating your expenses 10:07 - 7. Feeling rushed 11:25 - 8. Falling in love with houses on the open market 12:52 - 9. Fallacy that renting is throwing money away MY EQUIPMENT LINKS TO AMAZON The camera I use - https://goo.gl/3n13gS The lens I use - https://goo.gl/hS8a1s The mic I use - https://goo.gl/kSeu8J The memory card I use - https://goo.gl/t4wdXj The camera flash I use - https://goo.gl/pi2gmj The gimbal I use - https://goo.gl/xKMj8t The gorilla pod I use - https://goo.gl/jLLL5q The intervalometer I use - https://goo.gl/EV2KWo The iPad I use - https://goo.gl/G9onPp Business inquires [email protected] Matt Leighton - Arlington VA Real Estate Agent Matt [at] Orange Line Condo dot com Century 21 Redwood Realty 1934 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA 22201 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2R9phdX5W4
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How to Use the RRSP First Time Home Buyer's Plan
The RRSP First-Time Homebuyer's Plan lets you withdraw up to $25,000 from your RRSP to be used as a down-payment on your first home. But how exactly to you get this money out and pay it back without any tax implications? It's easier than you think! $$$$$ DOWNLOAD your FREE RRSP vs TFSA guide https://moneyaftergraduation.leadpages.co/tfsa-vs-rrsp/ Website: http://www.moneyaftergraduation.com Facebook: facebook.com/MoneyAfterGraduation Twitter: @moneyaftergrad Instagram: @moneyaftergrad Money After Graduation Inc. #600 630-8 Ave SW Calgary, Alberta T2P 1G6
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First Time Home Buyer BEST MORTGAGE DEALS When Buying a House | First Time Home Buyer Loan Programs
Thanks to Sean Glennon of The Glennon Group at Home Savings & Trust Mortgage for hosting this video. Connect with Sean below: Sean Glennon The Glennon Group Sr. Vice President/Partner Office: 703-766-4630 www.hstmortgage.com www.seanglennonloans.com sglennon at hstmortgage.com Real Estate Continuing Education Online Classes: https://goo.gl/Cr4Tpf Looking for a real estate agent in your city? I have a network of top producing agents around the country. Email me and I can put you in contact with an agent in your area [email protected] Real estate agent and Realtor Matt Leighton sits down with VP and Partner of Home Savings & Trust Mortgage Sean Glennon to talk about the best mortgage deals for first time home buyers. Subscribe for more real estate videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=themattleighton First Time Home Buyer - Best Mortgage Deals Timestamps 0:16 - What is the best home loan program for a first time home buyer? 1:10 - If you are a Veteran, what is the best loan program for you? 3:00 - Are buyers purchasing homes with low-downpayment programs only to re-financing out of the loan once they purchase the home? 4:35 - What does it take to be eligible for a grant program? 5:51 - Out of the last 100 first time home buyers that you've worked with, what has been the most popular mortgage program? Fannie Mae Home Ready Loan Program https://www.fanniemae.com/singlefamily/homeready Find Matt here: https://instagram.com/TheMattLeighton https://www.snapchat.com/add/mpleighton https://www.facebook.com/TheMattLeighton https://twitter.com/TheMattLeighton https://www.linkedin.com/in/TheMattLeighton MY EQUIPMENT LINKS TO AMAZON The camera I use - https://goo.gl/3n13gS The lens I use - https://goo.gl/hS8a1s The mic I use - https://goo.gl/kSeu8J The memory card I use - https://goo.gl/t4wdXj The camera flash I use - https://goo.gl/pi2gmj The gimbal I use - https://goo.gl/xKMj8t The gorilla pod I use - https://goo.gl/jLLL5q The intervalometer I use - https://goo.gl/EV2KWo The iPad I use - https://goo.gl/G9onPp Business inquires [email protected] Matt Leighton - Arlington VA Real Estate Agent Matt [at] Orange Line Condo dot com Century 21 Redwood Realty 1934 Wilson Blvd Arlington, VA 22201
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First Time Home Buyer Advice | What I've learned so far
Buying a home comes with a lot of paper work and information. These are the things I know and have learned , hopefully it helps a little as first time home buyer. Things you'll need for your FHA Loan or Bond money : -Income documentation: Last two years W-2s or 1099s, retirement or Social Security award letter -Most recent pay-stub -Assets; 401k, savings and bank statements, etc. for last three months or two quarters -Liabilities; car payments, student loans, credit card bills, child support and installment loans. -'Satisfaction of lien' documentation for past judgments or liens. Divorce papers, if applicable -Verification of child support, in-coming or out-going -Application fee, which varies from $50 to $500-plus -Valid Social Security number
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If your parents are like me, you have been told, ‘Beta, get a job after graduation and be loyal to one company until you retire.’ And the only financial advice you got from them is how to write a check. With this golden knowledge, at the age of 21, I became a Software Engineer, at an I.T company that was paying me peanuts. Money was bad, salary hike was almost zero, work was pathetic and my growth was stagnant. Every month my salary would barely survive the end of the month. But a girl needs money. To study further, to travel, to buy a house, to save for emergency, to save for retirement. But most importantly, I needed money because I wanted to make my own life decisions. All of us worry about gender equality, but that will come only after we first become financially independent. And a 9 to 7 job is not going to get you that independence. And yet, I am the only one in the family who got a house before I turned 25. And for that you don’t have to work for 10 hours every day. You have to make smart financial decisions. And trust me, this is something that every girl should know. It not only helps your career, but it also changes the dynamics of any relationship that you are in. Be it mother, wife, daughter. Because you will not be considered a ‘dependent’ anymore. So girls, no matter if you are 20, 30 or 40, by the end of this video, I will tell you how even if you have low income, more responsibilities, debt, taxes, you can still start investing now. Because it’s not about how much money you earn. It’s about what you do with it. To know more about Mutual Funds: https://www.mutualfundssahihai.com/en KEEP IN TOUCH: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheUrbanFight/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theurbanfight/ #TheUrbanFight #FinanceForLadies #HowToGetYourDreamHouse #HowToBuyYourOwnHouse #HowToMakeMoreMoney #HowToGetRich #HowToBuyHouse
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Plan for a successful home purchase
Plan, understanding credit score, down payment, income, closing costs and other tips.
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My Favorite KB Home | For first-time Home Buyer | 5 bedrooms, 3000+ sq ft :)
SUBSCRIBE to MyHeaven ► https://bit.ly/2EnL9uy MyHeaven Real Estate Home tour of My Personal Favorite KB Home, for first-time home buyers, PLAN 3059 - two-story, 4-6 bedrooms, 2.5-3.5 baths, 2-3 car garage. KB Home is a homebuilding company based in the United States, founded in 1957 as Kaufman & Broad in Detroit, Michigan. It was the first company to be traded on the NYSE as a home builder and was a Fortune 500 company from 2000 through 2008. The company has built 550,000 homes since its founding. It builds homes primarily for first-time home buyers. MyHeaven KB Home, House Tours with Dennis Sky PLAYLIST: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwvI2DNd4RuXjeeujVj4q-9NJOl-rk77d http://www.MyHeaven.com Please Like & Comment & Subscribe to MyHeaven channel: https://goo.gl/MaZ06u FLOOR PLAN HIGHLIGHTS Priced from $339,990 Monthly Payment - 30 years* Disclosure $2,169 Stories 2 Square Footage 3059 sq ft Bedrooms 4 - 6 Baths 2.5 - 3.5 Garage 2 - 3 Car Open floor plan with great room 9-ft. first-floor ceilings Raised-panel interior doors Tankless water heater Rocker switches throughout 16 SEER A/C ENERGY STAR® qualified homes certified by third-party inspector Dennis Sky MyHeaven
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How to Get Renovation Money for Your New Home (Purchase Plus Improvements)
http://mortgagesinvancouver.com There is a huge misunderstanding out there about how to get renovation money when you purchase a new home. It would makes sense to most that you get the house, get the reno money and do the renos. However, this is exactly wrong. Place yourself in the banks position. Say this was your money that you were loaning out to a friend. The friend says that they need the money to buy an old car that they are going to fix up. Once the repairs are done the car will be worth more and if they dont pay you back, you can have the car instead which will be worth the same amount. Fantastic right? Now what if you give your friend this money to fix the car with but then find out they just went on vacation to Hawaii instead. Worse yet, your friend decides not to pay you back. So now what are you going to do? Take the car that doesn't work properly and is worth less than the money you loaned out? The options are slim and this is exactly how the banks view it too. Bad apples are out there destroying the trust for everyone else. I'm not saying that you are going to spend your renovation money on a vacation but the banks don't know this so they guard their money very closely. So then, what does happen? What is the REAL sequence of events for getting purchase plus improvements money? Here it is: 1. Find a home that you want and place an offer on it WITH Subject to Financing. 2. Figure out what renovations you want to get done. 3. Get a quote IN WRITING from a contractor on those repairs. 4. Submit your request for financing and renovation with the contractor quote to your lender. 5. Hope that the lender approves your file, remove the subjects from your offer, buy the home. Now here is where people get a little mad at me. 6. On the date of closing you ONLY get your financing to PURCHASE the home. NO Renovation funds. 7. Pay for the renovations yourself up front using lines of credit, credit cards, family or find a nice contractor who will work on credit. 8. Prove the renovations are complete (photos, inspection, etc), submit receipts to lender for full amount of renovation funds 9. Lender approves your receipts and releases the funds to you. Whew, quite the process. Basically, what you need to understand is this. You don't get the renovation money until AFTER the renovations are complete. Now, a few additional rules to be aware of. You must use ALL of the renovation money that you originally requested. If you get a quote for $10,000 for renos and the bank approves that amount but then you end up doing most of the renovations yourself and it only costs $5,000, tuff. You must do other improvements that will equal $10,000 before the bank will release ANY of the funds. You can't just do a couple thousand dollars at a time. Another point is that you cannot request MORE than what you were originally approved for either. If using that same example, you were approved for $10,000 but your renovations ended up costing $15,000, you will still only get the $10,000 from your bank. At the end of the day it is the banks money and they really like getting paid back so these are the loops they make you jump through. Hopefully this gives you a brief overview of what to expect with your future hopes of buying an old "fixer-upper" and then renovating. The process sounds long but it all goes fairly quickly. The only thing to remember is that you need to make sure your quote is accurate for the renovations and that you can manage to pay for the construction yourself first before funds will be released to you. If you have any questions or want to see how many renovation dollars you can get for your next purchase, give me a call, 604.313.9996 or email, [email protected] and I can give you an idea right over the phone. http://mortgagesinvancouver.com
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Reasons You Should NOT Purchase A Home while Planning A Wedding
Call today for a Free Consultation to Purchase your Lovely Home: 518-669-5491. In this video, I will share tips for buying a home if you're planning a wedding. Go to http://www.GuidetoBuyingYourLovelyHome.com for a FREE guide and instructions to receive a FREE Home Warranty Insurance plan. Are you planning a wedding and thinking about buying home? This video will let you know tips for planning your wedding while trying to buy your first home. I’m Denise Sherman, your Helpful Real Estate Salesperson in Latham New York and I am your Home Buyer Specialist. Download my free guide to help you and first time home buyers learn strategies to help you reduce stress and educate you about the process of buying your home. Understand the process to empower you and your family during the home buying journey.
Federal Budget 2019 / Mortgages / First-Time Home Buyer Incentive & Home Buyers’ Plan- HBP EXPLAINED
The Federal Budget released their Budget 2019. They are proposing a couple of changes to help First-Time Home Buyers get in the Real Estate Market. These changes can also have a positive impact when it comes to qualifying for a mortgages and can help them to qualify against the Mortgage Stress Test that is currently in place. They are calling it the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive. They also propose modernizing the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP). In this video I explain what those proposals are. There was no stress test announcements made in this Federal Budget 2019. The Federal Liberals released their Federal Budget 2019 for all of Canada to see. So far, this has not been well received by the mortgage industry but if the Federal Liberals, under Justin Trudeau get re-elected as the Government of Canada we'll most likely see this budget get adopted. If the Federal Liberals under Justin Trudeau do not get re-elected then this First-Time Home Buyers Incentive and Modified Home Buyers' Plan (HBP) won't probably get adopted. If the Federal Liberals don't win the Federal Elections in October 2019 these First-Time Home Buyer Incentive and the HBP might be overturned. Keep in mind that the Federal Conservatives Party and the Federal NDP Party will most likely have an alternative view on how to improve any First-Time Home Buyer strategy or maybe even modify the Mortgage Stress Test to enhance everyone's ability to qualify for a mortgage. Time will tell. To view the actual Federal Budget 2019, please click on this link (464 Pages Long): https://budget.gc.ca/2019/docs/plan/budget-2019-en.pdf Written Submission for the Pre-Budget Consultations in Advance of the 2019 Budget By: Mortgage Professionals Canada http://www.ourcommons.ca/Content/Committee/421/FINA/Brief/BR10006243/br-external/MortgageProfessionalsCanada-e.pdf Mortgage Industry Reacts to Liberal Budget https://www.canadianmortgagetrends.com/2019/03/mortgage-industry-reacts-to-liberal-budget/ Follow me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markalbertmortgages.ca/ My 1st Book was published in August 2018 (READY, RESET, REFOCUS: PREPARING FOR RETIREMENT) and can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Essence Publishing. My Website has the links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Essence Publishing for you: https://www.markalbertfinancialadvisor.ca/author If you are looking for a Financial Advisor or for Mortgage assistance in Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Milton, Toronto, Vaughan, Etobicoke, Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown, or anywhere within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) please contact Mark Albert through either http://markalbertmortgages.ca/ or https://www.markalbertfinancialadvisor.ca/ Why work with a mortgage broker… When a mortgage broker receives a mortgage application from you the mortgage broker will shop around to their various lenders to see which lender will give you the best interest rates, conditions, and terms. In essence, working for you to get the best mortgage. Financial Workshops and Seminars are available in the following cities: Brampton, Ontario, Canada Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Orangeville, Ontario, Canada Caledon, Ontario, Canada Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada Vaughan, Ontario, Canada Toronto, Ontario, Canada Milton, Ontario, Canada Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada Oakville, Ontario, Canada Burlington, Ontario, Canada Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada Thank you, Mark Albert The Mortgage Centre Mortgage Agent # M15002458 #personalfinance #MarkAlbertFinancialAdvisor #MarkAlbertMortgagesBramptonMississaugaGTA #mortgagesinbrampton #mortgagesinmississauga #mortgagesintoronto Disclaimer: The Information in this video is provided for education and informational purposes only, without any express or implied warranty of any kind, including warranties of accuracy or completeness. Any advice or statements do not represent any firm or financial institute that the speaker provides services for, or any carriers the speaker sells products for. You watch with the understanding that the speaker in this video is not engaged in rendering legal, financial, accounting, or other professional services or advice by speaking in this video. Each individual situation is unique. Thus, if legal, accounting, or financial advice or other expert assistance is required in a specific situation, the services of a competent professional should be sought to ensure that the situation has been evaluated carefully and appropriately. The speaker or author of any comments disclaims any liability, loss, or risk resulting directly or indirectly, from the use or application of the contents of this video.
How to be a FIRST TIME HOMEBUYER TWICE! - Home buyer plan
www.emmittcombs.com | 786-277-1190 instagram: @emmittcombs Real Estate Tips to live by... Emmitt giving insight on the difference between prequalify and pre-approval. Credit repair " Understanding Credit" - Emmitt Real estate Minute https://youtu.be/gxY30VHXEk8 Emmitt Real Estate Minute " Debt to Income Ratio" https://youtu.be/IHFmsk1EMmY Emmitt Real Estate Minute "Tax Refund" https://youtu.be/AhTQI3FdHyU Emmitt Real Estate Minute "First Time Homebuyer Advice" https://youtu.be/_M1RHOf3ydI
What are closing costs in a home purchase?  Who pays what closing costs and fees when buying a home?
http://www.charter-home.com/ So what should you expect for closing costs? Well, closing costs are typically different for buyers and sellers. There are different fees that each are going to incur and should plan for. To The Seller Sellers are usually responsible for sales commissions. That would be the commission that is paid to the listing agent (agent representing the seller) as well as the buyer’s agent. The buyer doesn’t see that cost. That is typically arranged when a property owner lists their property for sale. That cost is negotiated at that point in time. As well, it’s transparent to a buyer when they are purchasing a property and the transaction is going through escrow. To The Buyer Buyers are responsible for their own loan fees. The amount of money that is involved when you finance a property is going to include quite a few different fees that’s associated with getting a loan. That can include getting an appraisal, fees to the lender, or mortgage insurance – there’s quite a few costs associated with the loan. Neither of those fees – the commissions nor the loan related fees – actually appear on a purchase contract. Negotiate the Middle Ground For instance, if you’re a buyer and you’re writing an offer, you’re going to identify the fees that are typically negotiated between buyer and seller and not include the others that are not included in the contract. That is going to include fees like an escrow fee because there is going to be a neutral third party escrow company that’s going to manage the transaction. Another fee is title insurance. Title insurance is going to protect the owner from challenges to who is the owner of the property. That is protecting the title of the property – meaning the buyer is protected from claims of ownership against the property that could surface in the future – as does the lender. So the most common expenses – once you take out loan related expenses that don’t appear in the contract that are pre-negotiated and also don’t appear in the contract – there will be the following: ~Escrow fee ~Title insurance ~Home warranty ~Transfer tax (similar to sales tax) These fees get to be arranged as to who will pay what when a buyer is presenting an offer. So the offer will ultimately become a contract if the offer is accepted or there will be counter offers. But when a buyer is writing an offer – they are going to identify who pays what. But when you are dealing with closing costs there is what is considered “ordinary and customary”. That is usually a county by county tradition. In fact, in one county or another, it would be something like the following: ~Escrow fees would be split ~Title insurance for the buyer would be paid by the seller ~Title insurance for the lender would be paid by the buyer/borrower ~County transfer tax is commonly paid by the seller ~Home warranty is always negotiable. The buyer may simply ask to have it included.
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Home purchase plan upgraded (12.10.2011)
To address the public's greatest concern, housing, Chief Executive Donald Tsang has proposed in his 2011-12 Policy Address to enhance the My Home Purchase Plan by introducing a buy-or-rent option. ( http://j.mp/on2X9s)
How to Get SBI Home Loan for House Purchase |  SBI Home Loan for Ready House
Buy Low-cost DSLR camera for Youtube : http://amzn.to/2BctGFt Buy Best Low-cost Mic for Youtube : http://amzn.to/2kkdp77 Buy the best webcam for video recording :: http://amzn.to/2Bf5ti4 Buy MIC for high-quality recording: http://amzn.to/2D2dV1a How to Get SBI Home Loan for House Purchase | मकान खरीदने के लिए एसबीआई लोन Click here to Download SBI HBL application Form https://www.sbi.co.in/portal/documents/25328/29531/1383374667552_HOME_LOANS_APPLICATION_FORM_NEW/6b2214b2-d176-4f39-9553-4b1fc691321f Click here to apply SBI Home loan online https://onlineapply.sbi.co.in/personal-banking/home-loan Click Here to Get SBI Approved Project List https://www.sbi.co.in/user.htm?action=sbihomeloanprojects Click Here to Know most important Terms & Condition of SBI Home Loan https://www.sbi.co.in/portal/documents/25328/6783974/MITC+Version+9/f87c3756-c4c8-4ae2-bc59-c2b7a06a38a9 DOCUMENTS List of papers/ documents applicable to all applicants: Completed loan application 3 Passport size photographs Proof of identify (photo copies of Voters ID card/ Passport/ Driving licence/ IT PAN card) Proof of residence (photo copies of recent Telephone Bills/ Electricity Bill/ Property tax receipt/ Passport/ Voters ID card) Proof of business address for non-salaried individuals Statement of Bank Account/ Pass Book for last six months Signature identification from present bankers Personal Assets and Liabilities statement For guarantor (wherever applicable): Personal Assets and Liabilities Statement 2 passport size photographs Proof of identification as above Proof of residence as above Proof of business address as above Signature identification from his/her present bankers Additional documents required for salaried persons : Original Salary Certificate from employer TDS certificate on Form 16 or copy of IT Returns for last two financial years, duly acknowledged by IT Deptt. Additional documents required for Professionals/self- employed/ other IT assesses: Acknowledged copies of three years I.T. returns/ Assessment Orders. Photocopies of challans evidencing payment of Advance Income Tax.
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First time home buyer tips and advice: 4 MUST KNOW tips before buying
In this episode of Homebuyer's School, we discuss first time home buyer tips and advice to help you make your first home purchase. 💬 Remember to get your FREE guide from the experts before buying your next home: http://stories.brookfieldresidential.com/54-proven-expert-tips-you-need-to-know-today-before-buying-a-home About this video: Are you a first time home buyer and need some advice before buying? What are some key things to look for? In this episode, I talk with Bridgette Beaulieu, Area Manager with Brookfield Residential, and we discuss four key things you must consider before buying your first home. We also have a bonus tip if you are looking to buy a new home.  #firsttimehomebuyer #buyingahouse #realestate ✍️ Prefer to read or need to take notes? See the transcripts: http://stories.brookfieldresidential.com/homebuyersschool/proven-tips-for-first-time-home-buyers-in-canada 👉SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL to get the latest tips, strategies, and tactics for home buying: https://goo.gl/aX7gkz 📔 If you want to learn more advice and tips for first time home buyers, watch other videos in the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTRYbItmaqW93h3CigBfSidCDiNjw0ElR 🎓 Get educated on the home buying process: http://stories.brookfieldresidential.com/homebuyersschool
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First Time Home Buyer's Strategy
Attention First-Time Home Buyers!!!!! Planning ahead, and perhaps delaying making the down payment on your house can generate a BIG reward for first-time home buyers. By depositing the money that you're saving for your down payment into your RRSP first (for as little as 90 days), you can take advantage of the government's First-Time Home Buyer's Plan and create a substantial tax refund in doing so.
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First Time Home Buyer Tips | 3 First Time Buyer ADVANTAGES | Buying Your First Home in Ontario!
As a First Time Home Buyer in Ontario you have LOTS of advantages in the real estate market! While buying your first house can be a daunting process, there are lots of resources you can use to help the process become more affordable! In my eyes, there is no reason why millennials should not be buying homes TODAY! Long term, real estate is a safe investment and a great way to build up equity. Leave comments below and ask me how you can afford a home in the next year!! You worked hard, saved up for a down-payment and are ready to buy your first house! With rising Real Estate prices, owning a home seems impossible! Here are some advantages first-time home buyers have when purchasing a home! (00:50) Pre-Qualification (01:50) Mortgage Loan Insurance (05:01) Home Buyers Plan (06:48) Rebates Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation: https://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/ Genworth: https://www.genworth.ca ----------------------------------------------- FOLLOW ME: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebretterway Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brettwiederhold/ Youtube: https://goo.gl/uHM6xt Business Email: [email protected] BOOKS ON YOUR ROAD TO SUCCESS: The ONE Thing: https://goo.gl/77nXjJ Rich Dad Poor Dad: https://goo.gl/GXRZZf The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck: https://goo.gl/yhnasB The 4-Hour Workweek: https://goo.gl/CXo5Ay Driven: https://goo.gl/oMeAWx
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Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs): Core Concepts & Benefits
Learn about the fundamentals and benefits of an employee stock purchase plan (ESPP) from the experts at http://www.myStockOptions.com. This video covers the key ESPP terms, including the offering period, purchase date, lookback, and discount. Using animation, it presents examples that highlight the benefits of an ESPP.
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The New CMHC First-Time Home Buyer Incentive
#cindylourealtor #tipsforbuyers #buyingyourhome Hello and welcome back Real Estate Champions! Affordability for first-time home buyers has become even more of a hot topic since the major mortgage rule change was applied January 1, 2018. Since then, many first time home buyers have been priced out of the market. Recently the Federal Government introduced the new CMHC First-Time Home Buyers Incentive Program which aims to help first time buyers get their foot in the door with a helpful 5% or 10% loan, up to a maximum insured mortgage value of $505,000. This interest-free loan is not without rules so watch for more info! (*****UPDATE: Max raised from $480,000 to $505,000 updated as of April 4 - https://www.cmhc-schl.gc.ca/en/media-newsroom/making-housing-more-affordable-first-time-home-buyer-initiative) Stay tuned and subscribe to my channel for updates! In this video I discuss the rules for eligibility and what you can expect when this program when formally put in place. -------------------------------- I hope you enjoyed this episode and found it useful. As always I appreciate when you give me a thumbs up on YouTube, share you feedback by commenting, Subscribe and of course when you "ring" or click the Bell on YouTube when you're signed in so you get an automatic notification whenever I post a new video -------------------------------- SIGN UP for my monthly Market Update to get real estate stats, and videos straight to your inbox: http://signup.schmidtrealty.ca -------------------------------- SELLERS: Would you like a practical valuation of your home to help you make an informed decision about selling in Waterloo Region? The condition of your home, location, and timeline matter. Contact me so you we can create a custom strategic plan so you can net the most money on the sale of your home. After all, when it comes to one of your biggest assets, it's vital to apply what counts— it's what makes a stellar sale. BUYERS: Are you thinking about buying and want guidance so you can get the best value when your purchase your new home Waterloo Region? Let's sit down and discuss your plans and we can decide if it makes sense for us to work together to get you to where you want to be. -------------------------------- CONNECT with me. Simply the most effective partnership you can make. LIKE my FB Business Page: http://facebook.com/cindylourealtor FOLLOW me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/cindylourealtor READ my blog our Website: http://blog.schmidtrealty.ca VISIT my website: http://schmidtrealty.ca -------------------------------- Thanks for watching! See you next time! Cindy-lou Schmidt, Salesperson, REALTOR® serving Kitchener, Waterloo, and area WORK. PLAY. LIVE NOW. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music source: bensound
First Time Home Buyer Update #1 | How to Choose a Realtor
We have made some pretty significant changes to our plans on buying a first house. A new realtor, a new budget, and a new loan option. Our middle class, one income family is trying to buy our first home in one of the most expensive cities in the United States. We are sharing all our first time home buyer tips! Get all the details of our journey in becoming first time home buyers! Our Plan to Buy a House: https://youtu.be/iyNwZWT3Zug One Income Family Budget Updates: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_YwLT9dKmMn50trwr0Dpnlicjp0jx-rC INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/penniesintopearls/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/PenniesIntoPearls/ Let’s be pen pals! Brittany - Pennies Into Pearls PO Box 710111 Santee, CA 92072 -This is not a sponsored video. This is how I really live my life frugal and fabulous! Links might be affiliates. Thank you SO much for supporting Pennies Into Pearls! xoxo-
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My Home Buyer's plan to find your next home!
I can find your next home...all you need to do is call me! RICARDO BOLANOS REALTOR, CDPE, CIAS Realty Executives Direct (661) 412-CARE (2273) Cell: (661) 212-1742 E-mail: [email protected] Website: www.iSellSocalRealEstate.com "I am dedicated to the principals of integrity and service." "Estoy dedicado a los principios de integridad y servicio." -Ricardo Bolaños
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Know about Agriculture Land Purchase Loan | SBI Land purchase scheme
Buy Webcam I used for this video : https://goo.gl/3nrzy9 Buy Microphone I used for this video : https://goo.gl/jhgJeD Know about Agriculture Land Purchase Loan | SBI Land purchase scheme ose: To assist Small & Marginal farmers and landless agricultural labourers for purchase of Land, who are our existing borrowers to consolidate land holdings & development of Wasteland & fallow lands. Who are eligible? Small & Marginal Farmers owning less than 5 acres of unirrigated / 2.5 acres of irrigated land in their own names, landless agricultural labourers. The borrowers should have a record of prompt repayment of the loan for at least two years. Good borrowers of other Banks are also eligible provided they liquidate their Outstanding to other banks. Loan amount: Loan may be considered for: Cost of land Provision of irrigation facilities & land development (shall not exceed 50% of the cost of the land). Purchase of farm equipments. Registration charges & stamp duty. Loan amount will be 85 % of the cost of the land, as assessed by the bank, subject to the maximum of Rs 5 lakhs Security Mortgage of land to be purchased How to repay the loan Max. 9-10 years beginning after the expiry of gestation period, with half-yearly installments. Gestation period will be maximum of 1 year for the developed land and 2 years for the land to be developed.
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Home Buyer's Plan
Views: 37 Basit Sami
First Time Home Buyer Ontario: Follow These 7 Steps 🏠
First time home buyer Ontario. How to buy your first house or even if you're just wanting your next buying experience to go smoothly. Learn the steps to buying your first home. In this video I break it down into 7 easy steps and try to make it as simple as possible! The guide below goes into further detail and offers a bunch of tips, and tricks to help save YOU money! As well as questions and checklists to help along the way! GET MY FREE FIRST TIME HOME BUYERS GUIDE CANADA HERE 👇 First Time Home Buyers Guide 👉 https://bit.ly/2QmVjmM Email Me 👉[email protected] or [email protected] Call Me 👉226-808-1305 🔵 About Me 🔵 My goal on this channel is to help everyone looking to get into real estate. Whether you're a buyer, seller, investor, or real estate agent, I want to help and be a part of your Journey! Connect with me FACEBOOK 👉https://www.facebook.com/RealMattRooney/ INSTAGRAM 👉https://www.instagram.com/realmattrooney/ If you haven't already, Subscribe to my YouTube Channel ⬇ YOUTUBE 👉https://bit.ly/2HcugXh I am so grateful for all subscribers. Whether you're clients, Realtors, or just a friend or fan, thanks for watching my videos! I serve buyers and sellers in the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and surrounding areas 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 If you want to talk to me about anything and everything real estate feel free to email me at [email protected]
RRSP Home Buyer's Plan, should they do it?
Darcy and Heather want to purchase a home, adopt two children and, buy a cottage. In this case it looks like the HBP is a good option. Here is the Globe and Mail article the video is based on http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/personal-finance/household-finances/debt-free-couple-should-focus-on-short-term-goals/article4892317/comments/
First Time Home Buyer Mistakes and Common Mortgage Advice Mistakes
Matt McKeever sits down with Jacob Perez and discusses what you need to know about getting a mortgage, what lenders request from would be buyers. Jacob Perez has been investing aggressively in the Hamilton, Ontario real estate market since he was 23 years old. Leveraging his early success, he began partnering with families and professionals in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) to complete joint venture real estate transactions. https://www.instagram.com/jacobperez10/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/jacobperez10/ What You Need to Know About Mortgages - Mortgage Basics - Talking With a Mortgage Agent If you enjoyed: First Time Home Buyer Mistakes and Common Home Buying Mistakes - SMASH that LIKE BUTTON! ------------------------------------------------------------- Windsor Ontario (Student Rental Properties) FREE Mini Course on Windsor Student Rentals and Opportunities to JV or get Mentorship from Jon Seguin: https://real-estate-rat-pack.teachable.com/p/windsor-student-rental-business/?preview=logged_out Windsor Wybo Limo Tour Footage: https://real-estate-rat-pack.teachable.com/p/windsor-student-rental-limo-tour-1-footage/?preview=logged_out Jon Seguin Mentorship: https://real-estate-rat-pack.teachable.com/p/mentorship-coaching-q1-2019-windsor-ontario-student-rentals-with-jon-seguin/?preview=logged_out ------------------------------------------------------------- Special OREC2019 Ticket Offer (limited to 50 total tickets) - get free access to all video content from OREC 2018 - https://real-estate-rat-pack.teachable.com/p/orec-2019-ontario-real-estate-conference-2019/?product_id=820700&coupon_code=PRESALE&preview=logged_out Special Wholesale & Private Deal Offer: https://real-estate-rat-pack.teachable.com/p/how-to-wholesale-real-estate-and-find-private-real-estate-deals/?product_id=743633&coupon_code=300HUNDY&preview=logged_out (Special Sale Price only $300CDN ($200 off!) Limited to 5 spaces! OREC 2018 Video Course for Only $50 https://real-estate-rat-pack.teachable.com/p/ontario-real-estate-conference-orec-2018/?product_id=743668&coupon_code=ONLY50&preview=logged_out DM Matt or Jeff Wybo on instagram or facebook for Vegas! ———————————— You’re going to use Amazon anyways – why not use one of my referral links? (It helps support me and what I do here) Matt’s Bible: Early Retirement Extreme: http://amzn.to/2qgFBNK Other Book Recommendations: Rich Dad Poor Dad: https://amzn.to/2uujwL2 The Millionaire Fastlane: https://amzn.to/2Nmns7H Walden Pond: https://amzn.to/2Jsk3le 12 Rules to Life: https://amzn.to/2NTbyDm ———————————— Matt McKeever Have a question? Best to comment on YouTube or DM on Insta Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/mattmckeever85 Twitter: https://twitter.com/mattmckeever85 ►SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdRtqnqBSq4GY7DGiYICu5g?sub_confirmation=1 Business Inquires: [email protected] Coaching: [email protected] https://real-estate-rat-pack.teachable.com/p/matt-mckeever-coaching-call/?preview=logged_out ———————————— Financial Independence ►My Podcast http://onfirepodcast.ca/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LDNonFIRE/ ———————————— Real Estate Rat Pack Jeff Wybo: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4vKsAI2myIczze7pn7bREQ Graham Stephan: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCV6KDgJskWaEckne5aPA0aQ Mat Piche: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsUM_ZcpCv7WAL-hmhrkPqw Hungarian Experiment: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYL8hJdhUkfPFopgagkb_DQ ———————————— FIREpreneur: A person who has reached (lean) FIRE and uses this freedom as a springboard to operate a business or organization, taking on no significant risk (due to lean FIRE). ———————————— Matt McKeever is a CPA, CA and Real Estate Entrepreneur in London, Ontario. On this YouTube Channel Matt discusses a variety or real estate and personal finance strategies and tactics. Including: How to BRRRR Real Estate, The Importance of Investing for Cash Flow, How to Reach Financial Independence Retire Early, Safe Withdrawal Rates, Frugality and Reducing Personal Consumption & Embracing Minimalism. Matt began investing in real estate at age 25 by purchasing a student rental near Fanshawe College.
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First Time Home Buyer House Hunt Update #2 | FHA 203k Loan
In today’s first time home buyer house hunt update, I explain how a FHA 203k loan can help pay the costs of remodeling. It’s a great option to remodel a house for someone who doesn’t have the cash. PLUS we put an offer in on our first house ever!!!! Our Plan to Buy a House: https://youtu.be/iyNwZWT3Zug House Hunt Update #1 - USDA Loan: https://youtu.be/RdcTfe3WJWM One Income Family Budget Updates: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_YwLT9dKmMn50trwr0Dpnlicjp0jx-rC Connect on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/penniesintopearls
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Can I Roll My 401(k) Into a Home Purchase?
For the full podcast episode, transcript and show notes, visit http://bit.ly/YMYW-191 On the Your Money, Your Wealth® podcast, Joe Anderson, CFP® and Big Al Clopine, CPA, answer this question from Lee: "Thinking of rolling my 401(k) into the purchase of a home. I am 59 and a half so my question is, will there be any taxes on that money? Could that money be transferred right from the 401(k) office right into the loan? This will be a purchase of a new home if that is helpful." Listen to the podcast: http://bit.ly/YMYW-191 If you would like to schedule a free assessment with one of our CFP® professionals, click here: https://purefinancial.com/lp/free-assessment/ Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more helpful tips and stay tuned for the next episode of “Your Money, Your Wealth.” http://bit.ly/2FDSfK2 Channels & show times: http://yourmoneyyourwealth.com https://purefinancial.com IMPORTANT DISCLOSURES: • Investment Advisory and Financial Planning Services are offered through Pure Financial Advisors, Inc. A Registered Investment Advisor. • Pure Financial Advisors Inc. does not offer tax or legal advice. Consult with their tax advisor or attorney regarding specific situations. • Opinions expressed are subject to change without notice and are not intended as investment advice or to predict future performance. • Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values. • All information is believed to be from reliable sources; however, we make no representation as to its completeness or accuracy. • Intended for educational purposes only and are not intended as individualized advice or a guarantee that you will achieve a desired result. Before implementing any strategies discussed you should consult your tax and financial advisors.
First Time Home Buyer Seminar: Full Seminar
The Treasure My Home Team, in association with VanDyk Mortgage, Amerispec Home Inspection Services, and Bonita Title, Inc. have put together this video to help those who may be interested in purchasing their first home, but not quite sure where to begin. In this video, they will take you from beginning to end, let you know what to expect, and how you can have a successful closing. For any additional questions, contact the Treasure My Home team at 239-908-2159. We are happy to help. http://www.TreasureMyHome.com
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First Time Home Buyer Grant Programs | First Time Home Buyer Programs
First Time Home Buyer Grant Programs | First Time Home Buyer Programs http://lenderfunnel.com/ First-time home buyer grants have income and purchase limits that vary from state to state and county to county. For example, the California Housing and Finance Agency income limits for the California Homebuyer's Downpayment Assistance Program in San Francisco ranges from $83,000 to $157,000, depending on the number of people in the household. While HUD does not offer direct grants or loans to individuals, we do work through local governments and non-profit organizations to make financial assistance and counseling available. There are some things you should know about government funding of a new home: The federal government does not give housing grants directly to individuals. The funds are given to states and certain municipalities, who in turn, distribute the funds to residents. No grant will cover 100% of the cost of a house. The government will not give a grant to anyone who cannot use it toward a mortgage; therefore, qualification for a mortgage is necessary. Any program the federal government has to assist first-time buyers in a home purchase will require that you attend a HUD approved Housing Counseling class. They help people get their finances organized so they will qualify for a mortgage.
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Stock Options & Taxes 1C - Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP)
One of a series of 4 videos about employee stock options. Learn about Employee Stock Purchase Plans and what you need to know for tax purposes.
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First Time Home Buyer - Money Is Available To You - 3 Main Things You Need To Know
FIRST TIME HOME BUYER: (Really just low out of pocket options) 4 Sections: What is a First Time Home Buyer – 3 Years- Possible change in family arrangement? 2. Products: 3% CONV (programs within Conventional, FHA 3.5% - VA 3. Down Payment and CC- GIFT, Seller, 401K borrow, DPA 4. Thing to Know 1. Financial Plan – Lender- Not 800 number- Local Company 2. Know your Market- Agent 3. Stay within your means- Lender and Agent 4. I didn’t say, internet, family and friends. There are amazing programs available for "first time home buyers'" Are you one? That can mean something different than you think. Talk with Alexa and her team. You can reach her at Alexa Price Loan Consultant NMLS# 365905 2963 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Suite 120 Clearwater, FL& 33759 Phone: 727.409.3869 If you are looking a solid team of Realtors to help you find the right home. Call me Robert Barber at 727-772-3128 or email [email protected] More About Alexa Price With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage industry, I know what it takes to close your loan with efficiency and expertise. I specialize in creative lending and I am willing to look "outside the box" to find a mortgage solution for my clients. My top priority is to ensure the loan process is a smooth transaction for all my customers and good communication is vital. I promise to exhibit the highest degree of ethical professionalism, commitment and integrity with the buyer, real estate professionals, title companies and builders involved. I have a solid understanding of the local real estate market. I am a native Floridian born and raised in Tarpon Springs FL and I reside with my husband and two children in Palm Harbor FL. I am a little different than most loan officers as I have been raised with a Mother, Grand Mother and Aunts as Real Estate Professionals along with my Father and Husband in the construction Industry. I was aware at a young age what was needed from the Financing. I surround myself with true professionals. I carved out a Niche in assisting foreign clients obtain financing here in beautiful Florida. I love working with all buyers from the Jumbo market to the First Time Home Buyer. This helps with understanding income on the self-employed borrower. Let me put knowledge and experience to work for you. Contact me today to find the mortgage that best fits your needs. Alexa Price Loan Consultant NMLS# 365905 2963 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Suite 120 Clearwater, FL& 33759Phone: 727.409.3869 Fax: 855.461.8021 Email: [email protected] -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Selling My Home For More Introduction" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8lhYLGys7U -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Home Insurance Tips for the First Time Home Buyer
For first time buyers, purchasing a new home can be both exciting and overwhelming. Due to the costs and procedures involved in closing your first home, the homeowner’s insurance process gets overshadowed and the buyer usually gives minimal thought to it. Although your homeowners’ insurance policy should not be a reason to reject a certain house, it does play a crucial role in determining whether or not to purchase the house. Below are some tips to guide you when purchasing a new home. Compare Coverage with at Least Three Companies When buying a new home, your mortgage lender will need homeowners insurance. In some areas, you might be required to purchase additional insurance. Before coming to an agreement with any insurance company, ensure that it offers great customer service. Compare at least three insurance companies and select the one which suits your needs best, or you can let us do the work for you. Coastal Insurance Solutions will get you 10 free quotes from top rated insurance companies. Read more about it here: https://coastalinsurancesolution.com/home-insurance-tips-for-the-new-home-buyer/ Coastal Homeowners Insurance Solution 333 Route 25A Suite 150 Rocky Point, NY 11778 631-782-3175 Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewYorkHomeownersInsurance/?fref=ts Follow us onTwitter https://twitter.com/homeinsuranceny Follow us on Google + https://plus.google.com/+CoastalInsuranceSolutionsRockyPoint/posts Follow us on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/coastal-home-insurance-solutions?trk=biz-companies-cym Follow us on Tumblr http://coastalhomeinsurancesolutions.tumblr.com/
MHFA Start Up Program - Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance in MN
Want to buy a home? A little short on cash for down payment? Up to $5000 down payment assistance available with the MHFA (Minnesota Housing Finance Agency) down payment assistance loans. Called the Start Up Program. Apply at www.MNHomesandLoans.com Mortgages Unlimited, MInneapolis, St Paul, Duluth, Rochester, Marshall, St Cloud, MN
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Planning to sell your property
Before you start the process of selling a property, take the time to think and talk about what you want to achieve and your next steps. It’s helpful to have an idea of the current market value of your home before you start planning to sell. You can get an idea by researching online, paying a property valuer for a valuation or asking a number of real estate agents for a current market appraisal (CMA). You can visit settled.govt.nz and find out more about planning to sell here: https://settled.govt.nz/planning About settled.govt.nz: Guiding Kiwis through home buying and selling Settled.govt.nz is brought to you by the Real Estate Authority (REA), the independent government agency that regulates the New Zealand real estate industry. Our aim is to promote and protect the interests of consumers involved in real estate transactions, and to promote a high standard of professionalism and service in the real estate industry. Settled.govt.nz provides comprehensive independent information and guidance for home buyers and sellers. It'll help you feel more in control and help to get you settled. You can visit settled.govt.nz and find out more about the home buying and selling process: https://settled.govt.nz/ If you would like to get in contact with us please follow this link: https://www.settled.govt.nz/contact-us/ Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/settled.govt.nz To subscribe to our channel click here: http://bit.ly/2I9qZVe
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I Bought Every Billboard In My City For This
YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT I PUT ON EACH BILLBOARD LOL subscribe or i'll take your cat obviously i didn't buy every billboard, I just need this to get views so pewdiepie can win. New Merch - https://shopmrbeast.com/ SUBSCRIBE OR I TAKE YOUR DOG ---------------------------------------------------------------- ► FOLLOW BOTH THESE AND I WILL HAVE YOUR KIDS! • Twitter - https://twitter.com/MrBeastYT • Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/mrbeast --------------------------------------------------------------------
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First Time Home Buyer Class! (Start Here!)
In today's real estate advice episode you'll learn everything you need to know form this first time home buyer class! Start here and get ready for your success! **To get the most of this first time home buyer tips episode, please watch the full video. Thank you!** Buying a house is a major life event and one that can be a nightmare or a lot of fun. The more you prepare now with homebuyer education the better you'll know how to buy a house and crush it as a first time home buyer! During this video I share several links for first time home buyers. Here's a list with first time home support: 1. HUD.Gov https://www.hud.gov/topics/buying_a_home 2. HUD Approved Counseling Agencies https://apps.hud.gov/offices/hsg/sfh/hcc/hcs.cfm 3. National Foundation for Credit Counseling https://www.nfcc.org/ 4. Financial Counseling Association of America http://fcaa.org/ 5. Neighbor Works America http://www.neighborworks.org/ 6. Mortgage Calculator https://www.andrewfinneyteam.com/buyers/mortgage-pre-approval/ Equipped with the knowledge in this video and the above links you'll enjoy a great time buying a home and know where to find a first time home buyer seminar near you. For even more great information, check out the other first time home buyers guide videos in my playlist: Home Buying Tips- https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRT4sgnCVqNda8SvQBDAwhciA4cwuY3nz Share your favorite part of this video and your first time home buyers tips and advice with us in the comments section below. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you next Monday with another Real Estate Advice episode. Subscribe & like today! Thanks. If you want help finding one of the best real estate agents in the nation, a CRS, please let me know. I'm here to help! Want to know more about Las Vegas real estate or about buying a house in Las Vegas? Send me a message, I'm here to help! Enjoy an amazing day! -Your Real Estate Geek, Andrew Finney Contact info: Andrew Finney USMC Combat Veteran/ Real Estate Consultant License #S.0173260 Call/ Text: 702-710-0287 Email: [email protected] https://www.andrewfinneyteam.com/ BHHS, Nevada Properties 7475 W. Sahara Ave. Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89117 Designations- Certified Residential Specialist (CRS) Accredited Buyer's Representative (ABR) Sellers Representative Specialist (SRS) Certifications- Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Awesome Music Courtesy of: Song: Syn Cole - Feel Good [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyRightSounds. Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1ULJ92aldE Download this track for FREE: http://bit.ly/SynColeFeelGoodDL
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5 Reasons I Regret Purchasing Our Class A Motorhome
For more info watch this video https://youtu.be/aDHmEaooC8c When creating this video I had those who were creating a vlog/blog in mind. When I refer to investing, I am referring to the influx of people who plan on making an income from creating online content of their rv travels. At the time, my subscriber base was only 7k people and had anticipated 5-10k views at most. I will be making a video of how I DID make this Rv and investment and how I came out nearly even from my business ventures, not including YouTube earnings. Subscribe For More Travel Videos! http://goo.gl/emhm4a Like Our Facebook Page! https://goo.gl/zHpTGI Check Out Our Facebook Group! https://goo.gl/NrkA1R Add Us On Twitter! https://goo.gl/TGQaKS Add Us On Instragram! https://goo.gl/r23rzc
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Standard Distribution Limited -  MY TERMS Hire Purchase Plan
Get 2 Instalments ABSOLUTELY FREE when you apply for any My Terms Hire Purchase plan over 24 months! NOW OPEN SUNDAYS!
Top 10 Home Buyer Tips - Selling made easy: Real Estate 101 - Susan Wood & Kevin Hunter
SUBSCRIBE HERE!! https://www.youtube.com/kevinhunter7 Do you Rent? Are you thinking about Buying or Selling a Home? First time buyer? Need help or advice? If you've seen "First Time Home Buyer MISTAKES | 9 Mistakes First-Time Home Buyers Make | First Time Home Buyer Tips" you're going to love this video! Here's where you find the best real estate news and home shopping assistance on the web! From the host of NorthWest Digital News, Kevin Hunter is joined by long time real estate expert Susan Wood to answer your top ten concerns and questions about buying or selling real estate! Watch for other real estate related topics, including: 1. Realtor 2. Realtors 3. finding a realtor 4. how to find a realtor 5. find real estate agents 6. how to find a real estate agent 7. best realtor near castle rock 8. top realtor for buying a new home 9. top real estate agents in woodland 10. selling a home 11. sell a home fast 12. fastest way to sell a home 13. home selling tips 14. cost of selling your home 15. marketing your home 16. ways to sell your home 17. house staging tips 18. how to stage your home 19. foreclosure 20. forecloures 21. short sales 22. short selling 23. short sale process 24. foreclosure or short sale 25. cons of a short sale 26. short selling your home 27. for sale by owner 28. fsbo 29. why to use a realtor 30. property for sale by owner 31. for sale by owner listings 32. listing property for sale by owner 33. selling your home by owner 34. selling real estate without a realtor 35. tips for selling your home 36. short selling your home 37. top tips to get the best offer 38. best improvements for home valuation 39. process for selling a home 40. tips to sell your older home 41. tips to sell in under a month 42. do open houses sell houses 43. best realtor in kelso 44. top rated realtor in cowlitz county 45. house for sale on the columbia river 46. buy real estate 47. buy home 48. process of buying a home 49. best real estate listings 50. find real estate 51. foreclosures for sale 52. buy a home 53. houses for sale 54. house 4 sale 55. real estate agent listings 56. condos for sale 57. townhomes for sale 58. town houses for sale 59. mls listings 60. real estate listing mls 61. mls real estate listings 62. multiple listing service 63. first time home buyer guide 64. best homes for first time home buyer 65. first time home buyer programs 66. first time home buyer help 67. list of real estate agents 68. reviews of realtor 69. best schools near my home 70. horse farms outside of longview 71. best homes for businesses with employees 72. relocation realtor in longview
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Podcast 47: Staying the course, stock purchase plans, & TSP loans
Should you ever raid retirement accounts for a down payment on a home or med school? Is it a good idea to keep cash on the sidelines for a great opportunity? Show notes: https://www.whitecoatinvestor.com/staying-the-course-stock-purchase-plans-and-tsp-loans-podcast-47/ Also, questions about Employee Stock Purchase Plans and setting the record straight on buying real estate.
Orlando New Homes - Sand Lake Sound by Meritage Homes - Hayden Model
Orlando New Homes - Sand Lake Sound by Meritage Homes - Hayden Model For more information please call me directly at 407-832 7332 or email: [email protected] Visit me on my website at http://www.clocktowerrealty.net and visit me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/mark.hide.12 Orlando New Homes - Sand Lake Sound by Meritage Homes - Hayden Model Why Use Mark Hide To Help You Purchase A New Home? • It’s FREE to use my services! The builder pays my commission – builders budget for it in their marketing plan (The price of the home is the same with or without a REALTOR) • I am a Full Time REALTOR/Broker/Owner of Clock Tower Realty LLC with over 16 years of real estate experience and over 600 home sales. • The Builder Representative works for the builder – shouldn’t you have someone to represent your interests? I will be representing YOU! • Very often I can help negotiate additional builder incentives and closing costs. • I will be with you for ALL your builder meetings – Pre-construction, Pre-drywall and Final Walk Through (I have sold well over 100 NEW homes so to have another set of experienced eyes is essential throughout this process) • I will update you periodically with photographs, drone photography and video throughout the building process. • I will be the liaison between you & the builder if any issues or disputes do arise. • I will rebate you 1% of my commission towards your closings! For example: If you purchase a $400,000 home – I will be rebating you $4000 at closing! This is a ‘Win/Win’ for any new home buyer – please take a look at my 40 plus 5-Star Reviews on Zillow (most of them new home buyers!) https://www.zillow.com/profile/Mark-Hide/ Thank you & hope that I get the opportunity to work with you in the future. Mark Hide Cell: 407-832 7332 Email: [email protected]
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How to Use TSP to Purchase Your First Home : Real Estate FAQs
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehow Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehow The acronym TSP stands for "thrift savings plan." Use TSP to purchase your first home with help from a property manager and real estate agent in this free video clip. Expert: Michele Hayward Contact: www.georgiamls.com/agentsite/index.cfm?SiteID=HAYWARDMICHE Bio: Michele Hayward has 12 years of experience as a property manager and real estate agent. Filmmaker: Nicole Alexis Series Description: Real estate laws tend to vary from state to state and even from community to community. Learn how to accomplish a wide variety of different things in the world of real estate with help from a property manager and real estate agent in this free video series.
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For those who haven’t yet navigated the process of purchasing a home or enjoyed the perks of home ownership, getting started can be arduous. One upcoming event aims to quell anxiety and explain the process and advantages of home ownership for first time home buyers in and around the North York, Ontario, region. The First Time Home Buyer Seminar is scheduled for March 24, 2018, from 10am-12pm at the Toronto Plaza Hotel at 1677 Wilson Ave., North York, Ontario M3L 1AS. During the event, guests will learn about: The first time home buyer’s credit The RRSP Home Buyers’ Plan The Five Percent Down Payment Program Attendees will discover other benefits of buying a home for the first time, such as the land transfer tax rebate and HST new housing rebate. Other topics, such as self-employment and new/no credit history, will be explored and discussed. Andrew Enofe is committed to helping you buy the right home at the right price through excellent representation. During the First Time Home Buyer Seminar, Enofe will help guests identify how purchasing is financially preferable versus renting a home. When guests leave, they will have a more clear picture of the home buying process, the benefits available to them, and the advantages of owning versus renting. While the event is free to the public, seats are limited. Interested parties are encouraged to RSVP and reserve their spot by contacting Enofe at 416-833-8909 or visiting www.enofehomes.com. About Andrew Enofe
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How do I Get a Mortgage Loan to Purchase a House?
Colton and Alex discuss purchasing a new home! For more information on mortgages, please visit us online at: http://www.calgarymortgageguys.com/ Purchasing a new home can seem like a complex and daunting task, but qualifying and paperwork aside, it's actually a fairly straightforward process. So when purchasing a new home, besides from your annual income - which is going to directly affect how large of a mortgage you can qualify for - down poayment is the first thing we want to look at when determining house affordability. The minimum down payment for a house in Canada is 5% of the purchase price. So if a house is $500,000, you would need at least $25,000 to qualify for a mortgage to purchase that home. The Canadian government introduced the Home Buyer's Plan (HBP), which allows people shopping for their first home to withdraw up to $25,000 from their RRSPs tax-free to put towards a down payment. This limit is per-person, so if a couple are shopping for a house they would have the ability to pull a total of $50,000 from their RRSPs to put towards a down payment. The ideal down payment is 20% or more, because with a down payment that large you are not required to have mortgage default insurance, which is a cost premium added on top of your mortgage. Also a larger down payment greatly reduces the amount of interest you'll pay throughout the mortgage, since you'll require a smaller mortgage amount. There is a common misconception that you require 20% down on any additional houses you buy after your first house. This is only true if the house you are buying will not be owner occupied. If you own a house and are purchasing another house in which you will be living, the minimum down payment is only 5%. Calgary Mortgage Guys are powered by Canada Mortgage Direct
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RRSP Home Buyer Plan - Great Tip For First Time Buyers
RRSP Tips For First Time Home Buyers. Smart Tips for Home Buyers Office (905) 575-5478 Cell: (905) 320-6651 Visit us at www.brandow.ca
First Time Home Buyer Mortgage Benefits; What are They? Can You Use Them?
http://leahcoss.ca Many people get very hung up on retaining or using their first time home buyer status. When I ask them why, they are often unsure of what the savings exactly are and if they even qualify based on the home they are buying. Really, when it comes down to it, there are just 2 main benefits to being a first time home buyer and it really depends on you and where you are buying to see if this will effect you at all. 1. As a First time Home Buyer you are allowed to pull out up to $25,000 of RRSPs Tax Free. If you pull out any more than $25,000 then you will be taxed on that money but for the most part $25,000 will be a big help. Now, if you do not have any RRSPs then obviously this is not much of a benefit for you. If you plan to save up RRSPs in the future but will be buying a house in the meantime then unfortunately you will not be able to take advantage of this benefit. Once you buy a home that you are on title to you lose your first time home buyer status. 2. You are able to save on your property transfer tax when you buy your first home up to a purchase price of $425,000. (with a sliding scale up to $450,000 but that is a long complicated story). So what does this mean? Well, if you buy a home for $400,000 you will save the $6,000 property transfer tax. If, however, you live in an expensive area like Vancouver and are looking to buy a 2 bedroom condo or any kind of a detached home then chances are you can't find ANYTHING for under $425,000 and this benefit does not help you. If you buy a place for $480,000 you save NOTHING. Not even a percentage that factors in the $425,000 to save you even a little. So how is this amount calculated? You are charged 1% on the first $200,000 of the purchase price and 2% on the remaining balance. So for a home that is $500,000 you will have to pay $8,000 and whether you are a first time home buyer or not you will have to pay this whole amount. So there you have it. The benefits of being a first time home buyer. These really are great benefits but only if you have a use for them. If you have any questions about this then please leave comments below or contact me at [email protected] Thanks so much and I hope to talk with you soon http://MortgagesInVancouver.com
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First Home Buyer MISTAKES 😰 11 Hidden Costs when buying your First Home in Australia (updated 2019)
First Home Buyer MISTAKES 😰11 Hidden Costs of buying a home (updated 2019) first home buyers miss! When I first got started with buying my first home… I didn’t have a huge deposit. In fact, I had less than 5%, so I could only just afford the property and definitely couldn’t afford any unexpected costs. So what’s the problem with this? I almost got caught out. In this video we cover the 11 Hidden Costs when Buying Your First Home 0:51 1. Lenders Mortgage Insurance 2:27 2. Costs of Borrowing (Home Loans) 3:45 3. Government Fees in Brisbane 5:04 4. Stamp Duty in Brisbane 6:29 5. Council & Water Rates 7:44 6. Strata (Body corporate) Fees 10:01 7. Home & Contents Insurance 11:35 8. Legal Costs (Solicitor/Conveyancer Fees) 13:22 9. Building & Pest Reports 16:17 10. Moving + Connection Costs 19:35 11. BONUS TIP: Changes to monthly repayments For more info https://www.huntergalloway.com.au/hidden-costs-buying-home-brisbane/ For home loan enquiries [email protected] Find Jayden here: https://www.huntergalloway.com.au/free-assessment/ https://www.facebook.com/MortgageBrokerBrisbane/ https://www.huntergalloway.com.au/author/jaydenvecchio/ https://au.linkedin.com/in/jaydenvecchio T: 1300 088 065 E: [email protected] Hunter Galloway: Mortgage Broker Brisbane Head Office: 3A/70 Prospect Terrace Kelvin Grove, QLD 4059 PO Box 2044, Kelvin Grove, QLD 4059 CBD Office: Level 20, 300 Queen Street Brisbane, QLD 4000 Hunter Galloway are an Award Winning Mortgage Broker based in Brisbane. We help clients from our local area, Australia, and all over the world. We believe buying a home should be stress-free and uncomplicated, and we will work for you to make your dreams become reality. Next steps and settling your first home Our team here at Hunter Galloway is here to help you buy a home in Brisbane. Nathan & Joshua Vecchio are Senior Mortgage brokers who specialise in making your home journey easy. Unlike other mortgage brokers who are just one person operators, we have an entire team of experts to help make your home loan journey as simple as possible. If you want to get started, please get in touch and we can book a time that suits you – either a phone call information session or a face to face meeting (which doesn’t cost anything for you). https://www.huntergalloway.com.au/contact/
First Home Buyer Incentive - Good and Bad Explained (Federal Budget 2019)
Learn about the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Program being rolled out in 2019 as part of the announced Federal Budget. We discuss the good and bad, and ask the tough questions of this program as it related to the Toronto Real Estate Market and the affordability challenges we face. Watch other videos at: https://www.youtube.com/user/mrbradle... FACEBOOK PAGE — I do condensed videos on this page: https://www.facebook.com/mywatsonestates Watson Estates on Social Media: http://watsonestates.ca https://instagram.com/watsonestates https://facebook.com/mywatsonestates This is not advise, just my analysis of the market. If you enjoyed the video please subscribe. Always to hear feedback and comments. Tell us what you think! Yours in Real Estate, Watson Estates
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