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refx.com Nexus² - Hollywood 3 - Epic Collection XP played live
Expand your library with larger-than-life sounds from Tutti Orchestral recordings, huge brass and string sections, cutting-edge trailer sounds, dramatic drum ensembles, atmospheric magic, and inspiring sequences and arpeggios. This blockbuster expansion pack will become the new epicenter of all your productions. Hollywood Epic Collection: - new Tutti Orchestra Recordings - new Brass: - Flugelhorn - Festival Horns - Marching Trumpet - Mellophon - Natural Horns - Wagner Tuba B and F Groups - 5 different suspended concert cymbals (hits / crescedos in 3 lengths) - 2 temple gongs (18" & 22") - 5 concert toms - Drones & Athmos menues: -Tonal1 -Tonal2 -Church -Atonal -CrowdFX -Voices - Tuttis Rips & Riser and Endings - new Pianos - Epic Action Sequences - New Spiccatos: "Ender Spiccato" and "Living String Spicc" - 5 New String Groups - Tons of synthesized sounds - 2 new Woodwinds
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Nexus² - Hollywood2 Expansion some random presets played live
Since so many of you wanted to know more details about the forthcoming Hollywood 2 release, I created a quick video, playing some random presets from the Nexus² Hollywood 2 Expansion Bundle. some details. The Hollywood 2 Expansion actually are 4 independend expansions The whole Bundle consists of a total of 363 presets and over 8GB uncompressed material. The contained expansions are: Hollywood 2 - Core Library Hollywood 2 - Drums & FX Hollywood 2 - Strings Hollywood 2 - Winds & Brass Everything I do in the video is unscripted, live & improvised, just to show the sounds at different keys and different velocity zones.So please bear with me when hitting a wrong note :) Only real instrument presets are shown, no SQs Remember: I only showed maybe 5% of the Hollywood 2 Expansion Bundle in this video. Showing everything would take days :) to be released very soon @ refx.com
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refx.com Nexus² - Hollywood 3 - Ethno XP played live
The third wave of real Hollywood instruments is here! After two years of recording and editing these lush, cinematic sounds, this expansion pack is ready for stardom. With the new 2.7 update, Nexus can handle 64 oscillators and infinite round robins simultaneously. Get ready to have your mind blown! available @refx.com List of Instruments: Hollywood Ethno: - Indian -Baya Drum -Tabla Drum -Sarod -Sitar -Santur -Harmonium -Dilruba - Latin -E-Upright -Mariachi Trumpets -Brazilian Caixa -Brazilian Surdo -Carnival Group -Castagnets -3 Steel Drums -Pipeflute - European/Western -Bavarian Trombone -3 accordions -2 Harmonicas -Davul Drums -Gadulka -Bavarian Bariton -Kaval Flute -Vienna Baroqueflute - Oriental -Oriental Drums -Darbuka -Djembe -Doumbek -Pungi -Orient Strings - African -Udu Drum C -Udu Drum D -2 Kalimbas -Bamboo Flute - Asian -Zhong Ruan -Chromatic Thailand Gongs -Er Hu -DiZi Flute -Shakuhachi - Irish -Celtic Harp -Bagpipe -Fiddle -Tin Wistle -2 Pennywhistles - 2 Musicboxes (15 tone, 20tone) - Metal Shakers and Kessing - Didgeridoo - Hand Pans and Metal Drums - Glass Harmonium - Log Drums - ritual bowls - rare 70s Wersi Organ - Cembalo - Melodica - Ocarina
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refx Nexus² - Hollywood Synth Edition Demo - Part 1
A demo of 5 different sounds from the Hollywood Synth Edition 1 expansion pack for reFX Nexus2 VST. I'm using Ableton Live 9, Alesis Q61 keyboard and a Korg Nanokontrol which I set up to work with Nexus2 (work in progress). In the video I'm using the Nanokontrol mainly to control the cutoff and resonance in the filter modifier section of Nexus2. I also briefly try out the arpeggiator feature in Nexus2. I used quite a few of these sounds extensively in my previous music album which can be heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kX7wTQI8Qzs&list=PL0wqNVOqLenZfU9W6-czd_zAwnfLxq2Mt Click here for part 2 of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xl7S_Smq56w Link to the expansion pack: https://refx.com/nexus/expansion/hollywood-synth-edition/ Sounds: SY Soft Soul SY The Abyss SY Pearl Synth BA Muffled and Distorted LD Passive Saw I recorded the video with a Canon 50D using magic lantern (h.264) - a bit cumbersome but had no other camera!
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refx.com Nexus² - Hollywood Expansion Video
All the orchestral sounds needed to create complex arrangements that will rival those heard in big-budget, blockbuster movies. Sensuous strings, bold brasses and wonderous woodwinds come together to create an amazing arsenal of sound at your fingertips. available @ www.refx.com
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I bought the new NEXUS 2.7.2 Software, check the Sound preview of the Hollywood Expansion..Nice Stuff! - SUBSCRBE THE CHANNEL-
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reFX Nexus 2.7.2 | Hollywood Expansion 3 / Gate Chase track
VST Used : reFX Nexus 2 + Hollywood Expansion 3 Expansion Spire vst for the suspense sequence
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refx.com Nexus² - Hollywood 3 - Drumkits & Percussions XP played live
This one gives "Drum roll, please" a whole new meaning. With up to 16 round robins and 10 velocity zones, playing a single preset can involve more than 1,000 samples - and that's just the beginning! This kit also includes percussive sounds of all shapes and sizes, from metal hits recorded in a junkyard to gigantic Taiko drums, as well as loops and fills played by virtuoso percussionists. Hollywood Drumkits & Percussion: - Big Live Drumkit (Tama Imperialstar) - Big Studio Drumkit (Various Drums) - Actions Sticks - Agogo - Cymbals Menu - Bassdrums (20", 26") - Beggar Drum - Bongo (Lo Hi) - Conga (Lo Hi) - Concert Toms - Anvil - Cowbell - Finger Cymbals - Marching Snares - Metal Percussions and FX - Mini Shaker Menu - Concert Triangle - Roto Toms (Lo Mid Hi) - Shaman Drum - Snare Piccolo 10" - Snare Piccolo 14" - Big Taiko Drum - Small Taiko Drum - Tam Tam Big and Small - 2 Tambourin - 2 Deep Boom Menus - Crotales - 2 Glockenspiel - Wind Chimes - Live Loops: -Big Kit Drumloops -Big Kit Fill -Studio Kit Drumloops -Studio Kit Fills -Misc Perc Loops / Conga Live Loops -Trailer Action Loops 1&2 -Trailer Triplet Loops
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Make film music with Nexus Hollywood and Steinberg Dark Planet
Make film music with Nexus Hollywood and Steinberg Dark Planet
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Refx Nexus 2 - Favourite Pad Sounds by Vanderson
some examples of my favourite pad sounds from Nexus 2. Ambient/cosmic soundscapes ideal for electronic music. Sounds taken from Bigtone Signature 1 - 3 expansions.
Refx Nexus 2.3.2 Hollywood Expansion Electronica (fruityloops crashed)
this track is lost , fruityloops crashed
Views: 4354 monkeh88
ReFX Nexus 2 - Hollywood Expansion
Short song i made by using the Hollywood expansion for the refx nexus 2 c: Hope you'll like it ;)
Views: 26023 SIGMusic
ReFX NEXUS 2 Expansions MC Platinum Hitz Vol.2 ! (Free Download Link in the description!)
● Donate to the channel, It really helps! https://paypal.me/mccabemusic The Brandnew Nexus 2 "Platinum Hitz Vol.2 Expansions!" Created by Music Producer MCCABE - 24 Hot Presents for your Hit Productions! CLICK HERE & LIKE THE PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/MC-CABE/106914192714083?ref=bookmarks SUBSCRIBE THE CHANNEL FOR MORE! DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9e6nfyC7UFraUljdDB6cnFHSmM/view?usp=sharing THANK YOU & ENJOY THE MUSIC! REFX NEXUS FL STUDIO CUBASE VST SOUNDS BEATS BEATMAKER MUSIC
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refx.com Nexus² - Hollywood 3 - Guitar XP played live
Experience cinematic guitars at their finest with this vast selection of acoustic steel, nylon, electric, distorted, and bass guitars - all sampled with precision and passion. Whether you need muted or open power chords, Spanish guitars with note slides, Western guitars, concert-worthy steel guitars, funky slap basses, warm jazz guitars, or epic leads, this expansion pack delivers! Hollywood Guitars: - Yam. Bass Guitar Amp / Direct - Slap E-Bass - 2 Fretless Bass - Iban E-Bass - Muted Bass - Picked Bass - Fingered Bass - Upright - Soft Finger Amp - Big Nylon Bass - Slides and FX Menu - 12 String Steel - Jazz Guitar - AC3 Strat Guitar - Bang Bang Guitar - Bari Strat - Concert AC Steel - Nylon Finger - Amped Strat - Powerchord Metal (muted/open) - Powerchord US Strat (muted/open) - Powerchord Short (muted/open) - Powerchords Clean (un amped) (muted/open) - Spider 60s - Clean Steel - Western Guitar - Gypsy Guitar - 5 Lead Guitars (Dist) - Y Acoustic Neck/Bridge - Spanish Nylon + Vel Slide
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reFX NEXUS2 EXPANSION HOLLYWOOD 2 CORE LIBRARY SQ Category DEMO https://refx.com/nexus/expansion/hollywood-2-core-library/ https://twitter.com/ELPTinySymphony
Views: 622 TinySymphony
Refx Nexus 2.3.2 - Hollywood Expansion
Refx Nexus 2.3.2 - Hollywood Expansion
Views: 56881 monkeh88
I bought the new NEXUS 2.7.2 Software, check the Sound preview of the Hollywood 2 Strings Expansion..Nice Stuff! - SUBSCRBE THE CHANNEL-
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refx.com Nexus² - Hollywood Synth Edition Expansion Demo
Hollywood is back with another gem. Adrenalin-driven action arps, thrilling drum sequences, mysterious spheres, and beautiful epic sounds are featured among the 132 synthetic generated blockbuster sounds. Inspired by movies such as Tron, Blade Runner, and Oblivion; indispensable for modern Hollywood productions. available at refx.com
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Cubase 9.5 LE - Avenger VST + Nexus Hollywood 3 Epic Collection (A Complete Track)
Follow me: https://www.facebook.com/sprvd https://soundcloud.com/6enerat1on https://twitter.com/mister120 https://www.youtube.com/user/zzfo
Views: 341 Sky Whales
refx.com Nexus² - Hollywood Synth  3 XP Demo
New NEXUS2 Expansion: Hollywood Synth Edition 3 Roll out the red carpet for Hollywood Synth 3! This expansion offers glitz and glamor dressed up in the sexiest synths imaginable. Author Alex Butcher opened his secret synthesizer archives for this one, providing 140 presets that will set the stage for any style of modern music, from trance and electro house to EDM. With stunning pads, wonderful atmospheres, vintage synths, adrenaline-driven basslines, and earthshaking trailer drums, you can add a touch of cinematic magic to any track in one dramatic heartbeat. link: https://refx.com/nexus/expansion/hollywood-synth-edition-3/
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refx.com Nexus² - Hollywood 2 Expansion Bundle Demo
The wait is over! With over 2 years of development, Hollywood² is the biggest thing we ever created and you will hear the quality, love and passion which went into this expansion in every note you play! This bundle contains a complete orchestra and far more: All four Hollywood2 libraries (Core Library, Drums / Orch FX, Strings, Woodwinds / Brass) spread over 369 presets and more than 8 GB of data await you for an unbeateable price. Get the whole world of orchestral instruments, now! more details: http://refx.com/products/nexus/hollywood2/ please watch the video in REAL HD here: https://player.vimeo.com/video/78107790?autoplay=true Core: Multisamples Instruments: E-Bass Guitar Tutti Orchestra 70 Player (Sustained, Staccato, Tutti Orchestra 70 Player (Orch Hits, Crescendo) Huge Church Pipe Organ (Sustained, 8 different register colors!) Concert Harp (Plucked, Arpeggios & Glissandi) Old Yamaha Piano Kawai Upright K6 Piano Steinway D Grand Piano Choir Small 50 Singer (Ah) Choir Big 80 Singer (Ah, Oh) Sopranist solo Tons of vintage synthesizers, like Moog, Prophet V, Oberheim etc... Preset list core library: http://refx.com/exp_PDF.php?ID=135494 Drums/Percussion: Multisampled Instruments: 3 Big Bassdrums (+Rolls) Epic Concert Toms (+Rolls) Roto Toms (+Rolls) Concert Snare Drum & Military Snare Drum (+Rolls) 5 Tom-Timapani (+Rolls) Tubular Bells Small and Hand Percussions / set Concert Crash Cymbals & various Gongs (+Crescendo & Stopped) Wind Chimes Live played Drumloops (Bassdrums, Toms, Timpani, Snares) Effects: Choir Effects Instrument Abuse FX Foley SFX Rips & Risers FX (Brass, Strings, Tutti Orch) Waterphone FX Mallets: Celeste Glockespiel Marimba Xylophon Vibraphon Preset list Drums & FX: http://refx.com/exp_PDF.php?ID=135497 Strings: Multisampled Instruments: Double Bass 4 Player (Sustained, Spiccato, Pizzicato, Tremolo) Double Bass Soloist (Sustained, Spiccato) Cello 6 Player (Sustained, Spiccator, Pizzicato, Tremolo, ConSordino) Cello Soloist (Sustained, conVibrato) Viola 8 Player (Sustained, Spiccato, Pizzicato, ConSordino) Viola Soloist (Sustained, conVibrato) Violin 12Player (Sustain, Spiccato, Pizzicato, ConSordino) Violin Soloist (Sustained, conVibrato) Tutti String Ensemble (Sustained, Spiccato) Tutti Spiccato Loops Preset lis Strings: http://refx.com/exp_PDF.php?ID=135496 Brass: Multisampled Instruments: Brass: Tuba Solist (Sustained, Staccato) Bass Trombone Solist (Sustained, Staccato) Trombones 3 Player (Sustained, Staccato) Trombone Solist (Sustained) French Horns 4 Player (Sustained, Staccato) French Horn Solist (Sustained) Hunting Horn (Sustained) Trumpets 4 Player (Sustained, Staccato) Trumpet Solist (Sustained) Low Brass Ensemble (Sustained) Tutti Brass Ensemble (Sustained, Staccato) Wood: Contra Bassoon (Sustained, Staccato) Bassoon (Sustained, Staccato) Bass Clarinet (Sustained, Staccato) Clarinet Bb (Sustained, Staccato) Clarinet Sopran (Sustained) Alto Flute (Sustained, Staccato) Concert Flute (Sustained, Staccato) Piccolo Flute (Sustained, Staccato) English Horn (Sustained, Staccato) Oboe (Sustained, Staccato) Saxophon Alt (Sustained) Saxophon Bariton (Sustained) Saxophon Sopran (Sustained) Saxophon Tenor (Sustained) Tutti Woodwind Ensemble 9 Player (Sustained, Staccato) Preset list Brass & Woodwinds: http://refx.com/exp_PDF.php?ID=135495 Audio demo made by: Michael Haufs Manuel Schleis Kevin Schröder Video demo made by: Mirko Ruta & Manuel Schleis many thanks to: the Bulgarian Sound Orchestra, the YCS Orchestra, the Choir and Church in my town, the solo instrumentalists and the dozens of other people who made this happen!
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Nexus 2 Expansion Hollywood Synth Edition overview
Overview of all 132 presets for Nexus 2 (Hollywood Synth Edition) ARAlysia Theme ARBass Foundation ARBeginning Of Change ARBullseye ARCold Drone ARCrunch Bass ARCycle Bass ARDecepticons ARHard Bassline ARHighSpeed Arp ARIce Harmonica ARLoss of control ARPlay Me Softly ARRainbow Elves ARRoll Bass ARScanners ARShine ARShort Moving ARThe Batnight ARWatching you ARWhite Angel ARWild Harp ATBass Area ATBullfrog LFO ATChoralis Red ATNight of evil ATWorld of Athmos Menu BAClip Master BAExtrem Dister BAHard Stuff BAKill Bass BAMuffled & Distorted BASlightly Distorted BATight Bass DLAmok Drums DLCrush Beat DLDangerous Mission DLEastern Rhythm DLEscape the Room DLHummer Drums DLMachine Drummer DLMachine Drummer2 DLMachine Drummer3 DLNoise Drummer DLPure Nexus Drums DLRun away DLSlow Motion 100BPM DLTrouble Drums DRCar Drums DRCrash & Perc DRDark Drums DRUltra Tron FXDark Creature FXDeep Hotchpotch FXDense fog FXEarth Contact FXElevator FXEvil Destroyer FXFailure FXMothership FXRamp Sweep FXSwitch Off FXUp & Out LDDerezzed LDHigh Sirius LDPassive Saw LDVisage Lead PDAnalogy PDArdent Flight PDBehind the Horizon PDChanging World PDCyclone PDDark Matter PDGhost Phenomenon PDHolodeck Memorial PDIce Age PDLight Flute PDNexus Oscillatoria x8 PDOld Apparatus PDOrion Talk PDSelf Hypnosis PDShare your pain PDSilent city PDUndertaker PDWrong Angel PNPiano Softly PNPiano Surface PNPure Emotions SQCybernetics 100BPM SQDark Shadows 100BPM SQDeadline 100BPM SQDevil shooters110BPM SQEternal Patience 100BPM SQFuture of Flight 110BPM SQGround London 100BPM SQIn Timelapse 100BPM SQIndependent 100BPM SQInside Outside 100BPM SQLord of Battle 100BPM SQNature of Security 110BPM SQNeon Color 110BPM SQOutlast 110BPM SQPredominance 100BPM SQPulse Shadow 100BPM SQRemote Distance 100BPM SQSatanik 100BPM SQSecret Meeting 90BPM SQSterile Form 100BPM SQTelepointer 120BPM SQThe Dark Witness 100BPM SQTransmission 120BPM SQWater Emblem 100BPM STCello & Strings STFull Spiccato STGentle Strings STHorns & Strings STMonster Bass Spiccato STMovie Strings STSpiccato Dominante SYAngry Tranzied SYFirestarter SYPearl Synth SYPhylophon SYRelax Sun SYShifting Level SYSoft Soul SYThe Abyss SYWarm Morph TGMachine moves TGTronic VOMystic Choir VOOctopod Robot
Refx Nexus 2 - Piano Demo
Vsti: Refx Nexus V.2.2 Daw: Presonus Studio One 3 Controller: Samson Graphite 49 IG: maswidi7 FB: Mas Widi Email: [email protected]
Views: 6704 Mas Widi
Epic Trailer avec Nexus 2
Petite compo avec les expansions Hollywood’S.
Views: 455 pitnatclem
Automata - reFX Nexus 2 - Hollywood Synth Edition 2
"Automata" by Alpicat Song written on Refx Nexus2 VST with Hollywood Synth Edition 2 expansion pack, using Ableton Live 9 and the Alesis Q61 keyboard.
Views: 541 Alpicat
Prophet Nexus - My first ReFx Nexus 2 demo (Hollywood 1+2 Expansion)
I bought Nexus 2 this week with both the Hollywood expansions. I'm amazed by its sound. The only sound not coming out of the nexus in this demo is the synth lead, which is by the Prophet 08 (DSI). I found an old recording by myself on a Roland D-50 and a Korg wavestaion, using a good old atari as a sequencer. I used this song as a guide and gave it a rework with Nexus. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Be sure to check out the video of the Lachy Doley group and myself." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVF3T9Zccbo -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
Views: 3933 Frank Montis
Nexus 2 VST PLUGIN free preset expansion pack download and Install in fl studio 12
Hey guys! today I bring ya'all some cool Nexus 2 vst plugin free preset expansion pack download and install for your fl studio 12. This Nexus XP Has…57 Arpeggios,21 Basses15 Bells,17 Brass8 Choir,7 Flutes45 Effects,23 Gates13 Hits,35 Leads85 Pads,34 Pianos 6 Pizzicato,38Plucks25 Strings,58 Synths,15 Voices. Conductor we have a problem FL Studio Mix https://youtu.be/a7VcWL74lD4 please comment rate and subscribe! it really motivate me to do more videos! :-) Download link https://producergrind.com/2017/07/13/huge-pack-of-500-free-nexus-presets-trap-expansion-packpreset-bank/ THANKS! MISIC RetroVision - Puzzle [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TN_8D-79BZg NOTE: FL STUDIO IS THE REGISTERED TRADEMARK OF IMAGE LINE COMPANY. AND I AM NOT CONNECTED WITH THE IMAGE-LINE SOFTWARE. I INDIVIDUALLY MAKE EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS ON HOW TO MAKE BEATS
Views: 26989 Beatsbaker
Nexus 2 | Try or Buy?
Nexus 2 is a synth which is super popular in music production. But is it right for you? In this video, I'll make a track with Nexus only and see how it turns out. Join me. I say, demo it before you go all in.
Views: 58225 Busy Works Beats
J-rum - Nexus 2 XP "Hollywood" Review/Demo
Hey guys, im trying to get a new series going on expansion reviews and other software plugins etc... I do need help with getting audio coming from inside my cpu and not through my webcam, any ideas or tips would help. Ive tried everything and i cant seem to get the audio to work how i want it to. P.S. my editing sucks and I will working on my making it more professional. Thanks so much! Please support reFX and actually purchase a license, stop pirating, or sooner or later there will be no good products out. #SupportYourVSTs Check out my beats at www.JrumMusic.com Shout out to RapBeatBrokerz.com I would rate this expansion a 8 outta 10. Very useful and wonderful sounds.
Views: 62121 JrumBeats
Jamming with Nexus VST Arpeggios
Me just fooling around with Nexus VST arpeggios, this preset is AR York Minutes
Views: 10044 Valmantas Palikša
refx Nexus² - Hollywood Synth Edition Demo - Part 2
Second part of my demo of 5 further sounds from the Hollywood Synth Edition 1 expansion pack for reFX Nexus2 VST. Part 1 of this video available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8o0BKIghmJM I'm using Ableton Live 9, Alesis Q61 keyboard and a Korg Nanokontrol which I set up to work with Nexus2. In the video I'm using the Nanokontrol to control various filters on the Nexus 2 I used a few of these sounds in my previous music album which can be heard here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kX7wTQI8Qzs&list=PL0wqNVOqLenZfU9W6-czd_zAwnfLxq2Mt Link to the expansion pack: https://refx.com/nexus/expansion/hollywood-synth-edition/ Sounds: AR Scanners PD Wrong Angel LD High Sirius PD Behind the Horizon SY Phylophon I recorded the video with a Canon 50D using magic lantern (h.264).
Views: 359 Synth & Sundry
NEXUS loves... Hollywood!
Views: 747 nexusshowroom1
Nexus 2 Review: by VstPluginReview.com
More reviews at www.VstPluginReview.com
Views: 10296 Vst Plugin
reFX Nexus 2 ( VST Preview )
reFX Nexus 2 ( VST Preview ) REVIEW: http://www.zo2record.com/nexus2/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SITE: http://www.zo2record.com FANPAGE: https://www.facebook.com/ZO2Record ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Views: 7077 ZO2RECORD
Cubase 9.5 LE  - Avenger VST + Nexus Hollywood 3 Epic Collection, Ethno and
Follow me: https://www.facebook.com/sprvd https://soundcloud.com/6enerat1on
Views: 87 Sky Whales
13 Nexus Plugin Hacks and Secret Tricks Revealed Here
http://busyworksbeats.com/ Learn How to Make Beats Like the Pros. Join Now for FREE at BusyWorksBeats.com and Learn the Secrets of the Pros. http://refx.com Get Nexus Here
Views: 171663 Busy Works Beats
Cubase 6 & Nexus 2 Hollywood Expansion : Colors by soLid Xciter [Orchestral RnB]
Get inspired! A look inside the composition of "Colors" by soLid Xciter using Cubase 6 and 17 instances of Nexus 2.
Views: 15149 soLid Xciter
refx.com Nexus² - Hollywood Synth Edition 2 XP Demo
Roll out the red carpet: The long-awaited successor to our Hollywood Synth Edition! Volume 2 is loaded with 130 brand new Hollywood-worthy synths, action film and trailer sounds, beautiful piano atmospheres, complex drumloops, moving basslines, epic pads and leads, and energy-packed arpeggios and sequences. This expansion will add a touch of blockbuster movie magic to all of your productions!
Views: 4275 Vengeance-Sound
Making Epic Battle Music via Hollywood 2 in Nexus and Ableton Live
This footage shows you how do I make simple orchestral battle music. Actually not that epic.... Ableton Live, Nexus - Hollywood 2 expansion, Orchestral Essentials, Damage, Requiem https://soundcloud.com/spinear
Views: 15392 SPINEAR
Hollywood Native Instruments Maschine refx Nexus
i played with the Nexus Hoolywood Soundlibrary and have fun :)
Views: 931 daywalker141
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Views: 33944 musicbyLUKAS
Nexus2 64-Bit reFx 2.5.3 Hollywood Expansion 2
nexus 2 FAQ here : http://www.audio-vector.com questions about cracked nexus 2
Views: 68430 monkeh88
reFX Nexus VST Plugin # 1 - Programmieren, Edit Events, Automation Clip & Wo KAUFEN DOWNLOADEN TEST
Kostenlose Nexus Alternative: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWpSrnileZU Zur Facebook Frage: https://www.facebook.com/?sk=question&id=3743296418362&post_id=3743306698619&qa_ref=qd Ihr habt es euch gewünscht und hier nun das erste "Nexus Video Tutorial in Fl Studio" - Wo kann ich es kaufen / bestellen / runterladen? - Was ist Nexus und was kann es? - Wo ist was (Einführung) - Background / Hintergrund Farbe ändern & wechseln - XP Expansion / Erweiterungen installieren (Intsall) Viel Vergnügen, Mike / Aries (Fl Studio Team) -- http://www.facebook.com/aries4rce (Hauptpage) http://www.facebook.com/aries4rceBeatZ (Fanpage) Haupt-YouTube-Channel: http://www.youtube.com/aries4rce Zweiter-YouTube-Channel: http://www.youtube.com/aries4rce2 http://www.gplus.to/aries4rce (google plus +) http://www.myspace.com/aries4rce http://aries-4rce-beatz.com/ http://www.rappers.in/Aries_4Rce http://aries-4rce-beatz.blogspot.com/ http://www.twitter.com/Aries_4Rce * Ich verwende Affiliate Links. Das bedeutet, dass ich unter Umständen eine Provision für einen Kaufabschluss erhalte - hierbei wird lokal ein Cookie gesetzt.
Game of Thrones, avec Nexus 2
Strings et Brass et les FX avec les expansions Nexus Hollywood 1,2,3,FX. Les drums avec EXS24 de Logic.
Views: 134 pitnatclem

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