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Russell.Brand.Messiah.Complex New Show
Russell Brand Messiah Complex 2013. About 20 minutes before the end of the show (where he likens himself to Jesus) this happens. The video ends, but shortly after the heckler was escorted out, and . Russell Brand interview on his first ever stand-up world tour, Messiah Complex. Bringing his unique, outspoken views to his stand up show, Russell continues to .
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Russell Brand - In New York City FULL SHOW
Russell Brand - In New York City FULL SHOW
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MSNBC Gets Owned by Russell Brand! MUST WATCH 2013
A very funny interview with comedian Russell Brand who is setting out on a world comedy tour. Buy your tickets by visiting his website. Comedian Russell Brand terrified anchors on MSNBC's Morning Joe program by lecturing them about how the media distracts from real news by obsessing about superficial distractions.Brand almost immediately put host Mika Brzezinski on the back foot by describing his tour as an exploration of how Malcolm X, Gandhi, Che Guevara and Jesus Christ "are significant culturally and how icons are appropriated and used to designate consciousness and meaning....they're all people that died for a cause, they're all people whose icons are used to designate meaning, perhaps not in the manner in which they intended." Brand then poked fun at MSNBC's army of "actors" in the back of the shot who were supposedly tweeting, noting that they were merely a gimmick to create the impression that the program was a hotbed of news. The anchors began to get visibly uncomfortable when Brand made the point that mass media was an operation in changing information "so it suits a particular agenda" and that viewers were being manipulated. Instead of addressing Brand's point, the anchors instead obsessed about the comedian's accent and his clothing. "You're talking about me as if I'm not here and as if I'm an extraterrestrial," responded Brand, "thank you for your casual objectification." "I'm a little nervous," retorted Brzezinski, presumably not used to entertaining guests on her program who act like real people. When the conversation began to break down, Brand asked , "Is this what you all do for a living?" before hijacking the broadcast to talk about Edward Snowden, the NSA spying scandal and Bradley Manning. "Look beyond the superficial, that's the problem with current affairs, you forget about what's important, you allow the agenda to be decided by superficial information -- what am I saying -- what am I talking about -- don't think about what I'm wearing, these things are redundant, superficial -- don't be distracted," said Brand as Brzezinski physically cowered. Brand, who is a close friend of David Icke and was the only celebrity of note to draw attention to the Bilderberg Group with a recent tweet, is known for broaching topics of conversation which firmly go against the establishment grain. He also follows Alex Jones on Twitter. His Brand X show routinely features guests from the counter-culture as well as those with controversial political views.
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Russell Brand: Messiah Complex - Russell dealing with a heckler
Russell Brand dealing with a heckler during a show (Messiah Compled Tour 2013).
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Russell Brand Interview for THE MESSIAH COMPLEX
Emmy winner Jake Hamiltons sits down with Russell Brand backstage at the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas for an exclusive interview about life, love and his new stand up comedy show "The Messiah Complex" -- only on JAKE'S TAKES! Follow Jake around the world at twitter.com/jakestakes
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Heckler at Russell Brand Messiah complex show, Reading, 1 March 2014
About 20 minutes before the end of the show (where he likens himself to Jesus) this happens. The video ends, but shortly after the heckler was escorted out, and another lady starting babbling on so Russell couldn't finish the show and walked off stage.
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Russell Brand Messiah Complex Interview
Russell Brand interview on his first ever stand-up world tour, Messiah Complex. Bringing his unique, outspoken views to his stand up show, Russell continues to ask the questions that nobody else does. Messiah Complex http://amzn.to/1kydWhz
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Russell Brand MESSIAH COMPLEX World Tour 2013
Tickets on Sale at http://bit.ly/RussellBrandMessiah LIKE Russell on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RussellBrand FOLLOW Russell on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rustyrockets +1 Russell on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+RussellBrand/posts AUGUST, 2013 15 Abu Dhabi, UAE Du Forum 16 Abu Dhabi, UAE Du Forum 18 Beirut, LB Biel 21 Ottawa, ON National Arts Theatre 22 Toronto, ON Sony Centre for the Performing Arts 23 Calgary, AB Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium 24 Vancouver, BC Queen Elizabeth Theatre 29 San Francisco, CA Palace of Fine Arts 30 Seattle, WA Neptune 31 Portland, OR Newmark Theatre SEPTEMBER, 2013 6 San Diego, CA Balboa Theatre 7 Phoenix, AZ Orpheum Theatre 12 Washington, DC Warner Theatre 13 Atlantic City, NJ Borgata Hotel & Casino 14 Bethlehem, PA Sands Bethlehem Event Center 20 Tampa, FL Ferguson Hall 21 Orlando, FL Hard Rock Live 22 Coral Springs, FL Coral Springs Center for the Arts OCTOBER, 2013 7 Birmingham, UK Symphony Hall 9 Manchester, UK Apollo 11 Glasgow, UK Clyde Auditorium 14 Hammersmith, UK London Hammersmith Apollo 16 Portsmouth, UK Guildhall 17 Southend, UK Cliffs Pavilion 18 Brighton, UK Centre 19 Cardiff, UK Cardiff Wales Millennium Centre 21 Ipswich, UK Regent 23 Plymouth, UK Plymouth Pavilions 25 Bournemouth, UK BIC 28 Bristol, UK Colston Hall 31 Newcastle, UK City Hall NOVEMBER, 2013 1 Nottingham, UK Nottingham Royal Concert Hall 11 Dublin, IE Olympia Theatre 13 Belfast, UK Belfast Waterfront
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Russell Brand's Love Hate Relationship With The Olympics | Russell Brand Messiah Complex
Russell Brand's brilliant 'Messiah Complex' is coming to Comedy Central. Get ready for a scathing performance filmed live at London's Historic Hammersmith Apollo. Subscribe to Comedy Central UK: http://bit.ly/1gaKaZO Check out the Comedy Central UK website: http://bit.ly/1iBXF6j Get social with Comedy Central UK: Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComedyCentralUK Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/comedycentraluk
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Russell Brand Messiah Complex 2013
Russell Brand visits Portland, Oregon
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Russell Brand   Shame Live
Shame DVD.
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Which Comedian Has A Messiah Complex?
"This video of Russell Brand laying waste to the cast of "Morning Joe" on MSNBC has been making the rounds, and it's devastating. They start by oddly baiting him ("He's a really big deal... I'm told this. I'm not very pop cultured, I'm sorry") addressing him in the third person, and at some point calling him Willy? I think? It's unclear what they think they're doing. And about six minutes in, he commandeers the show and marches off with it, leaving no survivors. ("Is this what you all do for a living?" he asks, later adding, "These people, I'm sure, are typically very good at their jobs. You're conveying news to the people of America? People of America, we're going to be okay.") I would liken the hosts to a kitten pouncing on what it assumes is a dazed snake and discovering it has latched onto the tail end of a dragon. It's cringe-inducing. "You're talking about me as if I'm not here and as if I'm an extraterrestrial," he observes. Never mock someone with a British accent."* *Read more: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/compost/wp/2013/06/19/russell-brand-devastates-morning-joe-does-he-have-a-point/ Support The Young Turks by Subscribing http://www.youtube.com/user/theyoungturks Like Us on Facebook: Follow Us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/theyoungturks Support TYT for FREE by doing your Amazon shopping through this link (bookmark it!) http://www.amazon.com/?tag=theyoungturks-20 Buy TYT Merch: http://theyoungturks.spreadshirt.com/ Support The Young Turks by becoming a member of TYT Nation at http://www.tytnetwork.com/member-options/. Your membership supports the day to day operations and is vital for our continued success and growth. In exchange, we provided members only bonuses! We tape a special Post Game show Mon-Thurs and you get access to the entire live show at your convenience in video, audio and podcast formats.
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Are We Divine Beings? Russell Brand Wilderness Highlights
Here I am talking about Recovery in the Wilderness. Which is pretty much the realisation of my messiah complex. Pre-order my new book "Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions" by going to https://www.russellbrand.com/recovery/
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Russell Brand MESSIAH COMPLEX Tee Shirts now available
Russell shows off his skills in the kitchen by demonstrating his new tee shirts for sale at www.russellbrand.com/store/ - and also, how to Russell-fy your shirts at home. Choose your own price! 10% goes to charity.
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Russell Brand on Sex
During his Stand up comedy show done in 2006 (i think) he talks about the pleasures and shames of sex btw i own no copyrights to this only for prue entertianment for the public
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Russell Brand on Being Gay
The Black holes you should be concerned with
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Russell Brand: Messiah Complex - Bug Hunt
Enjoy this clip about bug hunts from the upcoming Russell Brand special Messiah Complex. Visit Geekenstein.com for all the best parts of geek culture...IN ONE BEAST!
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Russell Brand: Messiah Complex
In light of the recent witch hunt ... this made me giggle. #FPSF15 #FPSF #FreePress #FPTV #HTX #Houston #GirlsRockCampHouston #PegStar #CancelRKelly #DontCancelRKelly #EBONY #JosiePickens #DontSignRKellyPetition #Acquitted #BreakTheInternet
Russell Brand: Messiah Complex - Intruder
Enjoy this clip about intruders from the upcoming Russell Brand special Messiah Complex. Visit Geekenstein.com for all the best parts of geek culture...IN ONE BEAST!
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Russell Brand's Messiah Complex World Tour
Russell Brand's Messiah Complex World Tour December 5, 2013 show in London's Eventim Apollo.
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Russell Brand - mental ward with patients who suffer the Messiah complex
The Messiah Complex Brand got back up on stage, and hit his stride, rattling through his prepared set on the titular theme of the Messiah Complex and drawing on insights into Gandhi, Che Guevara, Malcolm X and Christ to furnish his thesis (good guys sometimes do bad), inclined towards the overly considered rather than the galvanisingly chaotic. When he was on Desert Island Discs recently he suggested his mission now was to raise consciousness through the power of jokes. That seems to be his earnest intent and there's plenty of pontification about cultural representation, references to Nietzsche, GK Chesterton, Einstein and Schopenhauer and so on, and the filling of the void of non-belief with celebrity-worship. He's getting a bit Noam Chomsky in his old age (he's now 38). There's much railing at "them", a controlling power that includes the Daily Mail, Fox News and David Cameron. Last time round, thanks to the furore surrounding "Sachsgate", Brand was in the eye of the storm, and looked like the people's champion. Here he risks sounding preachy. Heaven knows, it's good to have him back on home-territory, though, and I wasn't looking for vulgar tittle-tattle about his divorce from Katy Perry or recent ejection from the GQ Awards for making jokes about links between Hugo Boss and the Nazis, though he touches on both, and shows himself happy to be vulgar too. He's still a cut above the rest and yes, he pulls off the near-miraculous: we laugh, we think, we think as we laugh -- his deconstruction of the McDonald's phrase "I'm lovin' it" combines memorable sexual naughtiness with a spark of Bill Hicks-like invective. But somehow it remains one notch below fully scintillating, which from him is surprising. He still carries himself off in buccaneering style but when people got out their phones it was almost as if they were deciding to snap a tourist attraction. And as he slowly took his leave, and they headed back to their settled lives, he looked a little vulnerable, a little lost. Tour information: www.russellbrand.tv (taken from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/comedy/10362012/Russell-Brand-Birmingham-Symphony-Hall-review.html )
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Russell Brand Messiah Complex Intro
Video Intro from Russell Brand's latest show " Messiah Complex ".
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Raw Video: Russell Brand The Messiah Complex Tour in Toronto at the Sony Centre (Clip 1 of 3)
Raw Video: Russell Brand The Messiah Complex Tour in Toronto at the Sony Centre. Russell talks about Che Guevara and the commercialism of his image. On August 22, 2013 recorded on my iPhone 5 http://www.dbemediagroup.com
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Russell Brand Messiah Complex: woman falls over 'avin a cuddle
Russell Brand climbs the stage, a woman nearly 'dies' (falls over) as she aims to cuddle Brand. Filmed at Norwich Theatre Royal. Messiah Complex World Tour.
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Russell Brand on Jesus Christ
Russell Brand débarque à Bruxelles. Le célèbre comédien britannique sera au Cirque Royale dans le cadre de sa tournée mondiale Messiah Complex. Au programme? Beaucoup d'humour. Messiah Complex à Bruxelles Russell Brand s'invite pour la première fois en Belgique dans le cadre de la tournée mondiale de sa nouvelle pièce. Messiah Complex est une comédie intimiste pleine de surprises dans laquelle il traite de la réligion et des croyances, maniant avec élégance l'humour et la provocation via différentes personnages historiques: Jésus Christ, Che Guevara, Gandhii, Malcom X et bien d'autres. Russell Brand: un artiste extravagant, drôle & diversifié Cet anglais au tempérament enflammé est devenu l'un des comédiens/présentateurs/acteurs les plus prisés, aux Etats-Unis et dans le monde. Menant sa carrière aussi riche que variée, Russell Brand a déjà joué au cinéma dans des films tels que Get Him to the Greek et dans des spectacles de stand-up. Il anime un spectacle sur Comedy Central et a présenté plusieurs cérémonies, et non des moindres: MTV Movie Awards, la clôture des Jeux Olympiques de Londres en 2012, etc. Il s'est particulièrement imposé sur la petite lucarne dans ces émissions phares, telles que Russel Brand's Ponderland, Russel Brand Got Issues et Brand X, où la controverse le dispute aux épisodes hilarants. Bref, Russell Brand est partout. Son style de vie hors normes, son mariage éphémère avec Katy Perry, ses affrontements avec les paparazzi, etc. ne sont que les ingrédients humoristiques dont il se sert pour faire rire son public. Sa popularité a littéralement explosé aux Etats-Unis. (taken from http://www.brusselslife.be/fr/article/russell-brand-cirque-royal )
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Russell Brand: New tour is 'quite exciting'
The actor and author talks about returning to his stand-up comedy roots with his first-ever world tour, "The Messiah Complex." He reveals he'll be talking about "heroes" like Gandhi and Malcolm X, and says he would get married again after splitting with Katy Perry.
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Mika Brzezinski Responds To Russell Brand Interview: Never Gotten More Vitriol And Anger And Hatred
6/21/13 - During Morning Joe's "News You Can't Use" segment on Friday, Mika Brzezinski took a moment to address the spectacle that was the show's interview with actor and comedian Russell Brand. Brzezinski apologized for not exactly knowing who Brand was — and noted the particularly harsh feedback she's gotten since. The response stemmed from the news blurb that Brand's "Messiah Complex" tour — which was to take him to the Middle East and which he was on the show to promote — was canceled due to safety concerns. "I didn't know Russell," Brzezinski noted. "I don't think Russell liked that." She added, "I have never gotten more vitriol and anger and hatred than I have over this. So I apologize for not knowing." As Brzezinski talked about how it was a "very long day," Harold Ford, Jr. and Eugene Robinson simply seemed amused by it all. The roundtable appeared to have a consensus that it was good television.
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QT - Russell Brand Messiah Complex
Russell Brand has leaped forward in my estimations, his recent views on Bilderberg and all things humanitarian and political have been wonderful to hear.. Best of luck in your new tour :) ...btw, he's NOT the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy! ;)
Russell Brand: Messiah Complex - Fruit Smuggling
Here's a quick clip about fruit smuggling from the upcoming Russel Brand special: Messiah Complex. Visit Geekenstein.com for all the best parts of geek culture...IN ONE BEAST!
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Russell Brand Messiah Complex | Russell Brand Comedy Show
hi, Russell Brand Messiah Complex new comedy shows coming soon, please dont forget to subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNQ1ULcIrZa8GAUkIScM4Ng?sub_confirmation=1
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RUSSELL BRAND - Messiah Complex | 9 november 2013, HMH, Amsterdam, about hero's
Recorded 9.11.2013 at Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam . Part of RUSSELL BRAND - Messiah Complex | 9 november 2013, HMH, Amsterdam. Recorded 9-11-2013 at Heineken Music Hall. Russell, you truly are funny! **I do not own the rights to Russell Brand's routine**
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Russell Brand - Messiah Complex - Leicester, De Montfort Hall - 25/11/13
Russell Brand came to Leicester's De Montfort Hall on 25th November 2013 as part of his Messiah Complex tour. This video shows Russell walking among the audience and stood at the end of the row I was sat on! The dog he is talking about is his dog Brian, who also came on stage and in the audience. Fab night!!
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Brand - World hunger
Clip from Russell Brand's Messiah Complex special
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Russell.Brand.Messiah.Complex New Show
When Russell Brand cancels a tour of the Middle East citing terror threats, something doesnt add up. Journalist and filmmaker Philip Joa travels to Palestine, . Russell Brand Messiah Complex 2013. About 20 minutes before the end of the show (where he likens himself to Jesus) this happens. The video ends, but . Tickets on Sale at LIKE Russell on Facebook: FOLLOW Russell on Twitter: . Russell Brand has axed a number of dates in the Middle East after being told his safety could not be guaranteed. Splash is the leading independent .
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Russell Brand VS Heckler
Tickets to my ReBirth 2017/2018 tour available at russellbrand.com
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Raw Video: Russell Brand The Messiah Complex Tour in Toronto at the Sony Centre (Clip 3 of 3)
Raw Video: Russell Brand The Messiah Complex Tour in Toronto at the Sony Centre. Russell talks about Adolf Hitler On August 22, 2013 recorded on my iPhone 5 http://www.dbemediagroup.com
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Russell brand messiah complex 2014
Russell brand the messiah complex , the brighton centre 2014 15/3/14
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