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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E01
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E15
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I Love You 사랑해요 (Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang)
A music video compilation from the Korean drama "Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang." Comment, like and subscribe! Thank you so much! ♥️ Follow me! 😄 Instagram @j4lindberg Video created by Jesse Lindberg
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sassy girl chun hyang - MI AHN HAE YA HA NEUN GUH NI
sassy girl chun hyang ost by as one
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ost sassy girl chun hyang
track list 01. As One - Am I Supposed To Be Sorry 02. Izi - Already Same 03. Izi - Emergency Room 04. Jiny - Free II (Sassy Girl Choon Hyang Ver.) 05. Kim Hyung Sup - I Love You 06. Lim Hyung Joo -I Want You To Be Happy 07. Park Yong Suk - Queen 08. Shin Dong Woo - Caliber
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E10
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E16 sub indo
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E11
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E02
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E14 sub indo
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~ Haeng bok ha gil ba rae ~  Lim Hyung Joo (Sassy Girl Choon Hyang OST) [sub. español & romanji]
Hola!! Esta vez les traigo una canción muy hermosa que no había escuchado hasta ayer que me la pidieron. Es una canción muy hermosa, y la voz oh *3* waaaa simplemente bellísima!!! La canción pertenece al OST del dorama "Sassy girl Choon Hyang" (que próximamente veré *3*). Esta canción va dedicada a Zorayde30, quién fue la persona que me pidió que la traduciera :D! Este hermoso y de gran gran calidad MV fue hecho por xnotelg. (Gomen por tomarlo prestado). Pues espero que les guste tanto como a mí :D! Y ya sabes, si les gustaría que tradujera alguna canción o video solo diganmelo y lo haré ;D Mmm debo terminar mi tarea u.uU así que aiios!!! *****************INFO DE LA CANCIÓN************** TITULO ORIGINAL: Haeng bok ha gil ba rae TITULO EN INGLÉS: Wishing For Your Happiness TITULO EN ESPAÑOL: Deseando por tu felicidad CANTANTE: Lim Hyung Joo (*3* hermosura de voz!!!) OST DRAMA: Sassy girl Choon Hyang / La encantadora Choon Hyang PROYECTO: BMLJKSUBS TRADUCCIÓN & SUBTITULOS: Bella Torres (yo merengues xD) VIDEO: xnotelg ******************************************************** ---Levanten esos pulgares si les gusto x3!!! ---
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E07 sub indo
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E08 sub indo
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E03
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E09 sub indo
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touching scene
mong-ryong discovers that choon-hyang is still loving him...
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kiss scene
choon-hyang and mong-ryong kiss ^^ very sweet~
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E12 sub indo
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E04 sub indo
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ask for marriage
mong-ryong asked for marriage at the ending successful~
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E06 sub indo
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Special guests of My Girl
Han Chae Young and Jae Hee's special appearance at My Girl..sorry I don't have the subs, but I will post the transcript here MY GIRL GUEST APPEARANCE TRANSCRIPT 2/ 05 / 06 courtesy of lualm @ jaehee.myfreeforum.org Grandpa : Please introduce your husband. Chunhyang : We grew up togethere in Namwon, and got married when we were in highschool... Mong Ryong : How are you? I am the Public District Attorney, Lee Mong Ryong. Grandpa : Ah...Mong Ryong... Chunhyang's Uncle ( previously Mongryong's dad in DGCH ) : Strange but true... Chunhyang's Aunt ( previously Mongryong's mom in DGCH ) : Right, he's not only good-looking, but also a public district attorney, i bet he did very well in his studies.... Chun Hyang : Actually he had a hard time in school, always flunking his subjects... Mong Ryong : Really funny, Chun Hyang in our highschool years , didnt have any class at all... Chun Hyang : What do you care if I had class or not ? Mind your own business... Mong Ryong : Huh, you really are something, you're definitely gonna get it, country lass, it was I who made you improved your appearance, see? you looked much better now, only I could have helped you out during those days. Chun Hyang : What country lass? Mong Ryong : You really are...how could you treat your husband like this? Chunhyang's Aunt : The things you talked about have been heard so many times before...
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E05
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Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang MV
my own-made video of my favorite drama- Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang.. The background song is Sarang Hae Yo by Kim Hyung Sup.. Hope you like it!!!
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Sassy Girl ChunHyang E05 sub indo
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Sassy Girl Chung hyan Ep 3 sub indo
Drama Korea Sassy gir Chun hyang sub indonesia
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Sassy girl chun hyang eps 17
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Funny Choon-Hyang Scene Episode 11
I do not own this video.
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Sassy Girl Chun Hyang Cut Scene MV Part 1 Indo Sub
The Most Favorite Korean Drama Ever After Starring By Han Chae Young And Jae Hee Part 2 Coming Soon
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12 Tahun Berlalu, Intip Perubahan Para Pemeran Drama Sassy Girl Chun Hyang
THANK YOU for your watching "SUBSCRIBE" my channel for more videos: https://goo.gl/1yJBRC ** Nonton juga Video Menarik Artis India Lainnya : Kisah Cinta Divyanka Tripathi : https://youtu.be/sHadkUjWJR4 Divyanka Tripathi Pemeran Dr. Ishita MOhabbatein ANTV : https://youtu.be/UmnCX-AWq6k Ankit Bathla sebagai Dhruv Balivnder Pandey dalam Serial India TERBARU ANTV Thapki : https://youtu.be/zjXxXdIxqYM GANTENGNYA Suami NYATA Pemeran Dr. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) di MOhabbatein ANTV - Abhishek (Vivek Dahiya) : https://youtu.be/9tq0DqcVTyk WOW CANTIKNYA Pragya (Sriti Jha) dalam serial India Lonceng Cinta ANTV : https://youtu.be/xkfqnpoosgw ** Nonton juga Video Menarik Artis Korea Lainnya : Bukan Bali, Rain dan Kim Tae Hee Ternyata Bulan Madu Ke Resort Mewah di Sumbawa : https://youtu.be/XaHwOq7dUys RAIN & KIM TAE HEE Bulan Madu DI BALI : https://youtu.be/lmcno-tZeRk Adegan Romantis Captain Yoo Si jin Big Boss dan Dr Kang : https://youtu.be/c1excqhRfUA
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Sassy/Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang NGs 5
yep! another compilation of NGs.. there are some repeated ones though..
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Sassy/Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang Press Conference
press conference for their popular drama~ yay! its a pity i dont understand what they're saying..
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Sassy/Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang Behind-The-Scenes 1
its an interview and some behind-the-scene footages during chun hyang's and mong ryong's schooling days. jae hee is ultra cute here. haha. =D
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Sassy/Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang Behind-The-Scenes 4
its the end of filming this drama! ooh.. and jaehee looks really good with the sunglasses. *drools*
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Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang: I Found You
As One - Mi Ahn Hae Ya Ha Neun Guh Ni (piano/instrumental) - love this version! Lee Mong-Ryong and Sung Chun-Hyang finally meet for the first time in years :)
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Sassy/Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang Behind-The-Scenes 3
about the kissing scene! and interviewing jaehee only. wonder why they didnt interview han chae young. shy? haha.
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Sassy/Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang Behind-The-Scenes 2
its an interview at different parts of the show, with behind-the-scene footages, featuring the wedding in school, but mostly the teacher's wedding. hehe. jaehee is cute. towards the end, i think [coz i dun understand korean] that they're saeing why the show is good, ie. comedy, and matrix effects etc. yep. enjoy! =D
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Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang: Bus Ride
Lee Mong-Ryong protects Sung Chun-Hyang from hitting her head on the bus window while she's falling asleep
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Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang: Piggyback Ride
Lee Mong-Ryong gives a drunken Sung Chun-Hyang a cute piggyback ride
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Sassy/Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang NGs 1
yep! its the NGs for you.. enjoy! =D
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