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Moscow metro 2
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10 Places You're Not Allowed to Visit   Moscow #2 Metro
10 Places You're Not Allowed to Visit Moscow #2 Metro - Joe Stalin Please check out our website @darkskyradio.com - Secret Bases
Under Moscow: "Diggers" explore old bomb shelters and go rafting in subterranean tunnels
Mysterious Moscow, a dark subterranean world waiting to be explored, unknown to most surface dwellers, where old meets new in surprising ways. Volunteers navigate a labyrinth of underground rivers, tunnels and passages to discover hidden historic treasures and new subways under construction. They are the Moscow diggers. Each has his or her own motives and tasks when they descend into that urban underworld but they all share a true passion for exploration and the ambition to be the best in their unusual occupation. SUBSCRIBE TO RTD Channel to get documentaries firsthand! http://bit.ly/1MgFbVy FOLLOW US RTD WEBSITE: https://RTD.rt.com/ RTD ON TWITTER: http://twitter.com/RT_DOC RTD ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/RTDocumentary RTD ON DAILYMOTION http://www.dailymotion.com/rt_doc RTD ON INSTAGRAM http://instagram.com/rt_documentary/ RTD LIVE https://rtd.rt.com/on-air/
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5 Creepy Off-Limits Subways Hidden Under Major Cities
5 secret ruined, abandoned, and off-limits subways hiding right beneath your feet… Subscribe to Dark5: http://bit.ly/dark5 Dark5 presents a photo journey of 5 of the worlds most secret abandoned and ruined subway systems… including the top secret Metro-2 subway hiding under Moscow and used to reach the underground city of Ramenki-43, the “Lake St. James” flooded tunnels of Sydney’s long abandoned subway, the Berlin Wall U-Bahn “Ghost Stations” of Berlin’s forgotten past, New York City’s City Hall subway station, and the built but never used underground trains of Cincinnati, Ohio.
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Moscow Secret Underground ☆ Metro-2 nuclear bunker tunnel system built by Stalin and Putin in 1935 ☢
☢ In 1935, after the discovery of Uranium-235, Jozef Stalin and Spiridon Putin commenced the construction of a secret nuclear bunker tunnel system under Moscow [concept implemented in Oslo by Maria Qvisling, Rudolf Abel, Hauge & Co] -- Metro-2 is the informal name for a purported secret underground metro system which parallels the public Moscow Metro (known as Metro-1 when in comparison with Metro-2). The system was supposedly built, or at least started, during the time of Joseph Stalin and was codenamed D-6 (Д-6) by the KGB. It is supposedly still operated by the Main Directorate of Special Programmes (ru) and Ministry of Defence. The length of Metro-2 is rumored to exceed that of the public Metro. It is said to have four lines, and to lie 50–200 m deep. It is said to connect the Kremlin with the Federal Security Service (FSB) headquarters, the government airport at Vnukovo-2, and an underground town at Ramenki, in addition to other locations of national importance. In 1994, the leader of an urban exploration group, the Diggers of the Underground Planet, claimed to have found an entrance to this underground system.[4] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metro-2 Метро-2 — неофициальное название засекреченных московских подземных транспортных сооружений мобилизационного предназначения, находящихся в ведении Службы специальных объектов Главного управления специальных программ президента РФ (ГУСП, бывш. 15 Главное управление КГБ СССР)[1] и Министерства обороны (9 Центральное управление). https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9C%D0%B5%D1%82%D1%80%D0%BE-2 Тайны московского метро Московский метрополитен, ранее носивший имя Лазаря Моисеевича Кагановича, а затем получивший имя Владимира Ильича Ленина, кроме военных, оборонных и связанных с государственной безопасностью тайн и секретов, о которых нужно говорить отдельно, с момента проектирования связан с рядом тайн мистических... Одной из главных тайн московского метрополитена является, так называемое «Метро 2» или как оно обозначено в официальных государственных документах Объект «Д-6». Правительственная система подземного сообщения, которая соединяет все стратегические объекты не только в городе, но и далеко за его пределами. Туннели тянуться в подземный город в Раменках, Пушкино, Фрязино, Одинцово, Краснознаменск, Внуково, к Барвихе. Все сейчас находится в режиме ожидания, Метро-2 в любой момент готово принять всех наших главных людей страны и обеспечить им достойную помощь в решении глобальных вопросов. http://www.libo.ru/libo7341.html 14 мая 2009 Черный машинист и эскалатор-убийца Глава московского метро опроверг существование подземных привидений https://lenta.ru/articles/2009/05/14/ghosts/ Тайны московского метро - Секретное метро для ПУТИНА Черный машинист - метро Сталина https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scp9X7x2uOI Тайны Метро.Черный Машинист https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIK7nmuHT3o 1958 Hauge & Stiansen bygger ambassade over den hemmelige tunnelen i Drammensveien https://youtu.be/tyJmbM7SVM8
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Secret Russian government subway - Metro 2; English Translation
English subtitled translation of a secret underground subway built during the Soviet times for running the country in case of nuclear strike. Translated from a Russian television program.
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Secret russian subway (Тоннель метрополитена)
Блуждание по темным, сырым тоннелям метрополитена
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Moscow KGB Bunker
200' below a residential Moscow neighborhood are three top-secret KGB bunkers. Now in the process of being turned into a nightclub. Crazy Cold War history!
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Feel the Nuclear Thrill: Moscow metro world's biggest atomic bunker
Just a few decades ago many feared total annihilation, with the Soviet and American atomic superpowers hovering over the red button. The threat is now past, but some of the nuclear bunkers still exist today, giving tourists a living history tour. Victor Baranov is a tour guide at "Bunker 42" museum in Moscow. Some 30 years ago the bunker used to be operational 24/7, ready to protect people from a possible nuclear attack. In order to do so effectively, the facility has specially-designed walls and door. RT on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RTnews RT on Twitter: http://twitter.com/RT_com
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"Mayakovskaya" Metro Station, Moscow. "Real Russia" ep.122 (4K)
The deepest insight into “Mayakovskaya” metro station of Moscow, Russia. “Mayakovskaya” is one of the most beautiful stations in Moscow Metro, located on the Zamoskvoretskaya Line. It is built in 1938 by the project of an architect Alexey Dushkin. Renovated in 2010. The station named for a famous Soviet poet, Vladimir Mayakovskiy. The station was built as part of the second stage of the Moscow Metro expansion, opening on 11 September 1938. If the first stage was more focused on the building of the system itself, both architecturally and when it comes to the engineering, the stations appear modest in comparison to those that the second stage brought to the system. For the first time in the world, instead of having the traditional three-neath pylon station layout, the engineers were able to overlap the vault space and support it with two sets of colonnades on each side. This gave birth to a new Deep column station type design, and Mayakovskaya was the first station to show this. Located 33 meters beneath the surface, the station became famous during World War II when an air raid shelter was located in the station. On the anniversary of the October Revolution, on 7 November 1941,Joseph Stalin addressed a mass assembly of party leaders and ordinary Muscovites in the central hall of the station. During World War II, Stalin took residence in this place. Alexey Dushkin's Art Deco architecture was based on a Soviet future as envisioned by the poet Mayakovsky. The station features streamlined columns faced with stainless steel and pink rhodonite, white Ufaley and grey Diorite marble walls, a flooring pattern of white and pink marble, and 35 niches, one for each vault. Surrounded by filament lights there are a total of 34 ceiling mosaics by Alexander Deyneka with the theme "24-Hour Soviet Sky." In 2005 a new second north exit was built, along with a new vestibule. Passengers leaving the station first descend on a short escalator ride into an underground vestibule, and then ascend the long way to the surface. The new exit also allows access to the 35th mosaic, which was previously hidden behind the service section. Other mosaic works were designed from scratch, accompanied by ample use of marble and stainless steel sculpturing. The bust of the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky was moved to the new surface vestibule, whose ceiling was also decorated with a mosaic composition from Mayakovsky's poem "Moscow Sky". http://youtube.com/user/realrussiablog http://facebook.com/realrussiablog http://facebook.com/sgbaklykov [email protected]
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Secrets of the Moscow Subway (English Subtitles)
Description of how the Moscow subways are used as nuclear bomb shelters. Very reminiscent of Fallout vaults. Translated to english in subtitles.
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What Russian Food Tastes Like ? + Moscow Metro Tour
What Russian Food Tastes Like is a video about my hunt for restaurants around Moscow with fellow YouTuber David and we tried the Russian Plov. It has Similar tastes to Nigerian Party Jollof. We did a comparison between the two food dishes and this is our review. Russian Plov Vs Nigerian Party Jollof Rice? Who Wins? We also visited the Moscow Underground Metro and he taught me how to use it. Its one of the cheapest means of transportation around Moscow city. Do enjoy. Davids Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfKSvKHgy1bAL5YinDVH0hQ Gear i used in this video: Main Camera : https://amzn.to/2Iff4bp Backup Camera: https://amzn.to/2IDxL8U My Drone: https://amzn.to/2HXW9ye Main Lens: https://amzn.to/2KQyyS5 Backup Lens: https://amzn.to/2rCqNHh Stabilizer I use: https://amzn.to/2KJmtOj Booked the Beach House on http://bit.ly/2G9cEWv follow me on Instagram at http://instagram.com/tayoainafilms follow me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/tayoainafilms follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/tayoainafilms ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT - tayoainafilms
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Russia's secret underground town: 200 migrant workers found under Moscow in secret underground town
A secret underground town has been found beneath a market in Moscow, Russia. An Interior Ministry video showed a factory with work tables and sewing machines, living quarters, a cafe, a cinema, a casino, and a chicken coop. Police reported arresting over 200 people at the site. In 2011 another similar underground settlement of illegal migrants were discovered by police in an abandoned Soviet-era bomb shelter in the western part of the city. Report by Katie Lamborn. Subscribe to ITN News! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=itnnews Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/itn Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/itn Visit our homepage: http://itn.co.uk More stories from ITN: France's first gay wedding held in Montpellier: http://bit.ly/13l11mc Pizza delivery man caught eating customer's toppings: http://bit.ly/12QMLkC Train crash triggers highway overpass collapse in Missouri: http://bit.ly/157v95O Huge tornado tears through Russian town: http://bit.ly/18wl04S Rescued baby turtle returned to sea off Florida: http://bit.ly/ZbRpL3 US President Barack Obama heckled by Guantanamo Bay protester: http://bit.ly/17lVORf Heathrow plane 'fire': Passenger video shows landing and evacuation: http://bit.ly/10XNM9a Woolwich attack: Lee Rigby's family pay tearful tribute to murder soldier: http://bit.ly/12f4NlD World's largest lego model: Life-sized Star Wars X-wing Starfighter: http://bit.ly/12Lv2eo Safari park animals join in with a charity fun run: http://bit.ly/1aulwiX Suspected terrorist with bloody hands speaks to the camera after Woolwich murder: http://bit.ly/13KDoCl Oklahoma tornado survivors speak out: http://bit.ly/17Z7hFL Fast and Furious 6 car stunts: Blonde driver struggles behind the wheel: http://bit.ly/10p9NjO Check out Truthloader, the new home of citizen journalism on YouTube. Subscribe now at http://bit.ly/tldrsub See 2013's Most Watched Videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQGafvQUGoG29uYjMBgp_ZeECq6rf4wJJ See our Top 20 Most Watched Videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL95EA69A84358C8BE See 2012's Most Watched Videos: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7C0832D5DA586751
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See my Moscow subway!
Have a nice tour through the Moscow subway! Learn some interesting facts about the Moscow metro:-)
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Russia: Take a behind-the-scenes tour of Moscow's metro system
Video ID: 20140711-024 M/S Last train of the day leaves the station C/U Clock M/S Workers checking the rail tracks W/S Workers checking the rail tracks W/S Train in the tunnel W/S Workers drilling on the rail trucks C/U Worker drilling M/S Man repairing the rail W/S Repair train C/U Repair train W/S Red light in the tunnel M/S Worker repairs escalator C/U Escalator underside M/S Escalator operator W/S Escalator C/U Metro sign W/S Moscow subway station (Maryina Roshcha) SCRIPT Metro maintenance staff repaired rail tracks in Moscow, early Friday morning, to ensure the underground system is able to transport millions of passengers the next day. Just after all metro stations close at 01:00 local time, maintenance crews begin their work. Dozens of workers have only four and a half hours to check hundreds of kilometres of rails in tunnels, as well as repair escalators and clean up the platforms. Each trackman is responsible for checking around three kilometres (1.86 miles) of track during a single shift. Moreover special repair trains check the tracks and replace worn out sections of railway. Modern hardware and equipment is used to make sure that no incident occurs the next day, otherwise the transport system of one of the world's largest cities could become paralysed. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Ruptly Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ruptly LiveLeak: http://www.liveleak.com/c/Ruptly Google Plus: http://google.com/+RuptlyTV Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Ruptly YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RuptlyTV DailyMotion: http://www.dailymotion.com/ruptly Video on Demand: http://www.ruptly.tv
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MOSCOW RUSSIA 2018: Best TOP 10 things to see in Moscow
Number ten Sparrow Hills: We are now in the Sparrow Hills, where you may find the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Sparrow Hills or Vorobyovy Gory offers one of the best views of the city from the banks of the Moscow River. Number nine Arbat street: The pedestrian Arbat street is one of the oldest in Moscow, from the fifteenth century. Number eight Cathedral of Christ the Saviour: The Cathedral of Christ the Savior was built in the XIX century as homage to Napoleon's defeat. It was demolished in the Age of Stalin and rebuilt and after the fall of USSR. Number seven VDNKh or The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy: VDNKh is one of the largest exhibition centers in the world. Built in the Soviet era, it has numerous monuments and sculptures of that time. Number six Tretyakov Gallery: Founded in the mid-nineteenth century by Tretiakov the merchant who named it. The State Tretyakov Gallery brings one of the largest important collections of Russian painting. Number five Moscow metro: The Moscow metro has some of the world's most beautiful underground stations. Number four Bolshoi Theatre: The Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow is one of the most famous theaters in the world. Number three St. Basil's Cathedral: The design of St. Basil's Cathedral holds many secrets. Number two Red Square: Red Square in Moscow is one of the most famous squares in the world and also one of the largest. Number one Kremlin: Kremlin is situated in the center of Moscow, it was built in XV-XVII centuries. The Kremlin is a set of historic buildings, palaces and churches is essential in every tourist's visit to Moscow.
Moscow Kremlin Goes Underground and Reveals Its Secrets
Moscow Kremlin reveals its secrets. On Thursday, a new guided tour called "The ancient Kremlin and the Holy Abode" was opened. The uniqueness of this tour is that a part of the exhibition is under the ground, and the ancient artifacts can only be seen through the so-called museum windows, mounted directly into the paving of the Ivanovskaya Square in the Kremlin. Support us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/TeamRussiaInsider Visit us! http://russia-insider.com/en Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RussiaInsider?ref=aymt_homepage_panel Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RussiaInsider
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The Moscow Metro-2 in Russia 4K
The Moscow Metro-2 in Russia 4K, Le métro de Moscou, Russie Moscow Metro Map http://news.metro.ru/sc_lat.html Moscow Metro Map App https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=moscow.metro.map The Moscow Metro is a rapid transit system serving Moscow, Russia and the neighbouring Moscow Oblast cities of Krasnogorsk, Reutov, Lyubertsy and Kotelniki. Opened in 1935 with one 11-kilometre (6.8 mi) line and 13 stations, it was the first underground railway system in the Soviet Union. As of 2016, the Moscow Metro excluding the Moscow Central Circle has 203 stations and its route length is 339.1 km (210.7 mi), not in making it the fifth longest in the world.The system is mostly underground, with the deepest section 84 metres (276 ft) underground at the Park Pobedy station, one of the world's deepest. The Moscow Metro, a state-owned enterprise, is 339.1 km (210.7 mi) long and consists of twelve lines and 203 stations organized in a spoke-hub distribution paradigm, with the majority of rail lines running radially from the centre of Moscow to the outlying areas. The Koltsevaya Line (route 5) forms a 20-kilometre (12 mi) long ring which enables passenger travel between these spokes, and the Moscow Railway-operated Moscow Central Circle (route 14) forms a 54-kilometre (34 mi) long ring that serves a similar purpose. Most stations and lines are underground, but some lines have at-grade and elevated sections; the Filyovskaya Line, Butovskaya Line and the Central Circle Line are the three lines that are at grade or mostly at grade. Of the metro's 229, 78 are deep underground, 109 are shallow, and 42 (25 of them on the Central Circle) are at or above ground level. The deep stations comprise 55 triple-vaulted pylon stations, 19 triple-vaulted column stations, and one single-vault station. The shallow stations comprise 72 spanned column stations (a large portion of them following the "centipede" design), 33 single-vaulted stations (Kharkov technology), and three single-spanned stations. In addition, there are 12 ground-level stations, four elevated stations, and one station (Vorobyovy Gory) on a bridge. Two stations have three tracks, and one has double halls. Seven of the stations have side platforms (only one of which is subterranean). In addition, there were two temporary stations within rail yards. One station is reserved for future service (Delovoy Tsentr for the Third Interchange Contour). The Moscow Metro uses the Russian gauge of 1,520 millimetres (60 in), like other Russian railways, and an underrunning third rail with a supply of 825 V DC. The average distance between stations is 1.7 kilometres (1.1 mi); the shortest (502 metres (1,647 ft) long) section is between Vystavochnaya and Mezhdunarodnaya and the longest (6.627 kilometres (4.118 mi) long) is between Krylatskoye and Strogino. Long distances between stations have the positive effect of a high cruising speed of 41.7 kilometres per hour (25.9 mph). Moscow Metro starts opening at 05: 25 and closes at 01:00. The precise opening time varies at different stations according to the arrival of the first train, but all stations simultaneously close their entrances at 01: 00 am for maintenance, and so do transfer corridors. The minimum interval between trains is 90 seconds during the morning and evening rush hours. As of 2013 the system has an average daily ridership of 6.73 million passengers with the peak of 9.28 million. Since 1 December 2014 free Wi-Fi was available on all lines of the Moscow Metro. The network was launched by MaximaTelecom.
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Russia: Tips, Tricks and Travel in the Moscow Metro
Our new series “Russia: Tips, Tricks and Travel” continues to unravel all the country's mysteries for the interested foreigners. In this episode Tim will show you how to use Moscow’s world-famous subway system. Watch more - http://rbth.com
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Ten Beautiful metro stations (Subways ) of Moscow, Russia
Moscow Metro is busiest metro outside Asia. Metro stations were used as air-raid shelters during second World war. It was also meant to serve as shelter in case of nuclear war. Many stations are decorated with painting, bronze sculpture ,mosaics and chandelier. Metros show in the video are 1. komsomolskaya 2. mayakovskaya 3. park pobedy 4. prospekt mira 5. kievskaya 6. novoslobodskaya 7. belorusskaya 8. arbatskaya 9. teatralnaya 10. ploshchad revolyutsii
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Underground Life: 'Diggers' hunt for Moscow's hidden subterranean secrets
Beneath the metropolis that is Moscow, lies a second, underground city - a labyrinthine network of mysterious tunnels and hidden passageways. While few of those above ground are aware of its existence, a group of explorers who call themselves the diggers have made it their mission to unearth the capital's many subterranean secrets. RT's Maria Finoshina joined the expedition. RT LIVE http://rt.com/on-air Subscribe to RT! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=RussiaToday Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews Follow us on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com Follow us on Instagram http://instagram.com/rt Follow us on Google+ http://plus.google.com/+RT RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.
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Подземелья Москвы | Диггеры в заброшенных штольнях метро
Диггеры UnderWorld проникли в заброшенные штольни метро Москвы. Что видят диггеры в подземных ходах под Москвой, какие загадки скрывают таинственные подземелья метро - об этом пойдёт речь в новой серии о подземельях столицы. - - - Узнавайте о наших новостях в ВК (наша группа ВКонтакте) https://vk.com/under_world_ru UnderWorld at Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/underworld.urban/ Страничка UnderWorld в ЖЖ - http://under-world-ru.livejournal.com - - - МУЗЫКА: Jason Shaw - Fight Scene http://audionautix.com
Современная тайна московского метрополитена
Строительство метро. Почему так быстро? Дешёвая рабочая сила, дешёвая технология. Вместо тюбингов, дешёвые материалы. Тюбинги на 500 лет. А эти через сколько лет посыплются. Пример метромоста: не простоял и 25 лет. Самое главное поезда теперь идут в одном туннеле. Вот в чём дело, а не в использовании Метро-2! Это видео было опубликовано на другом нашем канале (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7yMBOeBTcPhlTdI-PS-_Xg) там не так много подписчиков, как здесь, поэтому мы решили иногда знакомить подписчиков этого канала с наиболее удачными записями. Теперь о главном! Я делаю канал на те деньги, что мне присылают зрители и на свои заработки от преподавательской деятельности. Не забывайте, пожалуйста, помогать нам и переводите нам деньги. Это нужно, что бы мы могли продолжить делать блоги для Вас. 4276 4000 3816 3243 Это номер кредитной карточки, на которую Вы можете присылать нам деньги. Это сбербанковская карточка VISA оформленная на Бориса Сергеевича Бояршинова. [Для переводов из-за границы: Получатель BOYARSHINOV BORIS SERGEEVICH. Счёт получателя: 40817810240020062563. Наименование банка получателя и адрес: SBERBANK (SREDNERUSSKY HEAD OFFICE) MOSCOW RUSSIAN FEDERATION. SWIFT-код: SABRRUM3. Код подразделения банка по месту ведения счета карты (для внутренних переводов по системе Сбербанк): 40904000022.] Есть Яндекс-кошелёк: https://money.yandex.ru/to/410014316570169. Есть Кошелёк QIWI +79653161677 Можно перевести деньги через Pay Pal, имя получателя, то есть моё: "[email protected]" с уважением, Борис Бояршинов Подписывайтесь на меня в социальных сетях, лайкайте и репостьте: - Вконтакте: https://vk.com/id295031805 - Самиздат, «Сказки Бояршинова»: http://samlib.ru/b/bojarshinow_boris_sergeewich/ - Google+: https://plus.google.com/101283489641598899992/posts - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009261414242
Moscow Metro opening scene
Archive video
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2 Bombs Explode in Moscow Metro Footage 03/29/2010
2 Bombs Explode in Moscow Metro: At least 38 people were killed and 102 wounded on Monday when suicide bombers detonated explosives filled with bolts and iron rods on two packed Moscow metro trains during the morning rush hour, the worst attack in the Russian capital in six years, officials said. Related links http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/mar/29/moscow-metro-bombs-explosions-terror http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/europe/03/29/russia.subway.explosion/index.html http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/2-bombs-explode-in-moscow-metro/402714.html Tags: Moscow metro bombs explosion 2 bombs Moscow metro station footage blast russian bombing Moscow metro explosion terror attack Moscow subway blast Park Kultury Lubyanka female suicide bombers Парк культуры Лубянка взрывы метро Москва террористки смертницы видео пострадавшие caught on tape footage pictures survivors video RT Russia Today blood
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Moscow Illegal Underground City Raided
A secret underground city where hundreds of migrant workers were kept illegally to work has been raided by police in Moscow. Footage from the Russian government showed a web of rooms that formed a clothing sewing factory town, complete with living quarters, cafe, cinema, casino and even a chicken coop. More than 200 people were arrested when police raided the dwelling hidden beneath the capital's Cherkizovsky Market. It is the second such find beneath Moscow in as many years. Illegal migrants were found by police in an abandoned Soviet-era bomb shelter in 2011.
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Moscow Metro 2
Moscow Metro 2
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Abandoned/Secret New York Subway Station - City Hall Station
City Hall, also known as City Hall Loop, was the original southern terminal station of the first line of the New York City Subway, built by the Interborough Rapid Transit Company (IRT), named the "Manhattan Main Line", and now part of the IRT Lexington Avenue Line. Opened on October 27, 1904, this station underneath the public area in front of City Hall was designed to be the showpiece of the new subway. The station was designed by Rafael Guastavino. The main consulting architects on the IRT stations were George Lewis Heins and Christopher Grant LaFarge for the company Heins & LaFarge.This station is unusually elegant in architectural style, and is unique among the original IRT stations, employing Romanesque Revival architecture.The platform and mezzanine feature Guastavino tile, skylights, colored glass tilework and brass chandeliers. Passenger service was discontinued on December 31, 1945, making it a ghost station, although the station is still used as a turning loop for 6 trains.
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Moscow metro  a piece of art hidden underground.
http://rt.com/prime-time/2010-02-18/moscow-metro-legends.html http://russianwomenshome.com/simplemachinesforum/index.php?topic=485.0
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What is hidden in Stalin's secret Bunker-42 in Moscow
The "Bunker 42" is a Cold War Museum, located in the center of Moscow. Today you can tour the facilities and learn about the historical nuclear confrontation between the two superpowers: the Soviet Union and the United States.
What Goes On Inside the Moscow Metro Tunnels at Night? An Interactive Report
Every day, the Moscow Metro carries between seven and nine million passengers. But few people are aware of what goes on in the metro at night. Click on the interactive buttons to learn more about the hidden life of the Moscow Metro. http://en.rian.ru/video/20121222/178311058.html
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The five most secret places in the world | moscow metro 2 | Vatican secret documents | room 49
secret places, top 5, secret, hidden, visit, places, area 51, top, locations, world, list, hidden secrets, mysterious, allowed, room 39, vatican secret archives, metro 2, secret locations, most secret, pine gap, top secret places, most secret places, ufo, alien, aliens, strange places, facts, earth, 5most, mystery, snake island, hidden in plain sight, hidden places on earth, hidden rooms, secrets of the world, in the world, secre place, secret location, locations in the world, government location Email:[email protected] PLEASE SUBSCRIBE,LIKE & SHEAR THANKS FOR WATCHING Top 5 mysteries bangla | Nasca lines|atlantis city|stonehenge|roanoke|wow signaAll changes saved. -https://youtu.be/pPrcgX5pw10 amazon rainforest mysteries bangla -https://youtu.be/VadPdRJI5Ck pyramid making story bangla -https://youtu.be/ECMkDyXXJtE 5 wonderful mysteries in the history of India | alien mysteries |Mir Osman Ali | Jaiwar Kella -https://youtu.be/-Cp5jnVltic Disclaimer- Some contents are used for educational purpose under fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Underground life  in Moscow
Underground life in Moscow
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2 Explosions at Central Moscow Subway Stations
2 Explosions in Central Moscow on the same line on the second busiest subway system in the world. The attack occurred in the middle of the rush hour.
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Weird Russian Commuters in Moscow's metro
Moscow Metro - escalator
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Inside Kremlin: What's hidden from public eye? (RT Documentary)
Take a trip to the heart of Russia! With the help of RT's correspondent Sophie Shevardnadze, you'll see parts of the Moscow Kremlin hidden from public view; learn what the favourite dish of the Russian president is; meet the best young man of Russia; and hear the oldest chimes! RT on Twitter http://twitter.com/RT_com RT on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/RTnews
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World's Most Secretive Locations
World’s most secretive locations! These top secret places are hidden destinations forbidden for tourists. Subscribe for new videos: http://goo.gl/SaufF4 Follow us on Instagram: @theywillkillyou Voiceover by Carl Mason: [email protected] 6: Vatican City The archives under the Vatican is so off-limits, it even includes the word "secret" in its official name. Known as Archivum Secretum Vaticanum in Latin, it is a repository for the most important documents related to history. It was constructed in 1611 in order to separate certain documents from the more public Vatican Library. The documents are now preserved in a climate-controlled environment that prevents them from deterioration, and are surrounded by fire-resistant concrete walls fitted with high tech security features. Among the Archive's known documents are those related to Europe, Galileo Galilee, as well as King Henry VIII - the rejection of which caused England to separate itself. 5: Moscow Metro 2, Russia Few stories can top the one which tells us about "Metro 2", a secret underground transit system in Moscow. Moscow already has a reputation for its elaborate train stations, but the existence of a completely separate and clandestine second network running alongside the public one remains a question to this day. The first line was said to connect with some country homes outside of Moscow. The length of the train system then increased over time, reaching a total of four lines, and lying 50 to 200 meters below the ground. But in 1991, the US Department of Defense published a report which devoted several pages to a secret transport system built underneath Moscow. One of the most exclusive and oldest of its kind. Founded in 1693, its member have included royals, aristocrats, politicians and businessmen, many who's fathers and grandfathers were members before them. Notable members include Prince Charles, Prince William, and former British Prime Minister David Cameron who resigned his membership in 2008. White's establishment is exclusively for gentlemen, but has made an exception for Queen Elizabeth II to visit. Still, even she could not be accepted as a member. It was once referred to as the "bane of half the English nobility". The clubhouse never closes, and a betting book kept inside contains wagers going back hundreds of years, including ridiculous ones like when two lords betted on which raindrop on a window pane would slide down to the bottom first. 3: Club 33 – Disneyland, California Disneyland is full of amazing secrets, and one of the best kept secrets is right under the noses of all its visitors. Club 33 is the name of a private club and exclusive 5 star restaurant located in the heart of Disneyland California. If you've been to that theme park, you've definitely walked past Club 33's front doors, although you might not have realized it. There are several theories about the origin of the club's name. The official explanation states that Club 33 gets its name from its address of 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square at Disneyland. 2: RAF Menwith Hill, UK The RAF Menwith Hill is a base in North Yorkshire, England. It was built by the British in 1960, but has been run jointly with the US since the beginning. The United State ook on responsibility for the US operation of the site in 1966. The site has always housed cutting edge technology, and today it is home to more than 30 large golf-ball like radar domes, and acts as a ground station for the US. Menwith Hill is also widely believed to be an element of the ECHELON system, a surveillance network that is capable of monitoring and eavesdropping on any modern communication including phone calls, emails, text messages and internet browsing history. 1: Bohemian Grove, California Bohemian Grove is a campground located in Monte Rio, California, belonging to a private all-men's club known as the Bohemian Club. It was established in 1872 to serve as a hub for members of San Francisco's cultural fraternity, but the club soon opened its membership to include rich and powerful people outside of the city's borders. Getting into the club is not easy. There are extremely expensive membership and annual fees that has to be paid, and there would still be a 15 year plus waiting list. Most importantly, membership needs to be approved, which usually requires elite-connections and an Ivy League education background. Bohemian Grove hosts a two week summer event each year, with about 2000 members attending, all divided between smaller encampments according to their ranks.
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Metro 2 Moscow
Views: 322 Gennadiy K.
Russian/Nat An explosion rocked a Moscow metro station early on New Year's morning, wounding three subway employees. The device was hidden in a handbag found by a subway driver. Train travel was not disrupted at the station, located in central Moscow, about a half-mile from the Kremlin. It was here at this Moscow metro station that the first bomb of 1998 exploded in Russia. An abandoned handbag blew-up New Year's morning after an engine driver discovered it in a passageway at the Tretyakovskaya station. The driver picked up the bag, handed it over to the station duty officer and went to alert the police. The bag exploded a few minutes later shattering a glass booth and wounding three subway workers. Passengers were shocked by news of the blast. SOUNDBITE: (Russian) "It's awful of course. Every day it seems that something terrible is happening, you can read it in the newspapers. Of course it spoils the New Year's mood." SUPER-CAPTION: Vera Vasilieva, Metro passenger So far no one has claimed responsibility for the blast. Federal Security officials and police from the Interior Ministry are conducting an investigation. But with the authorities severely under funded, few believe the culprits will be found. SOUNDBITE: (Russian) "There is hope of course for better security. Things will get organized eventually but in order for that to happen society needs law enforcement organs. In order for them to work well they need to be paid well." SUPER-CAPTION: Livan Soletarov, Muscovite Due to the New Year holiday, there were few passengers in the station at the time of the blast. The station was later opened to the public but police are maintaining a presence. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/29c17dcf52b413987f7bd59103aeb0c3 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Underground Moscow’s Hidden Tunnels: A Trip Into the Subterranean Sewers of Russia’s Capital
Subscribe to Vesti News https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa8MaD6gQscto_Nq1i49iew?sub_confirmation=1 Mosvodostok experts are checking the city's underground tunnels. Assessing the structures' condition is only possible in the winter when the sewage level is minimal. It's also an opportunity to see the most closed off sights of the capital, more than century-old underground galleries. From Sivtsev Vrazhek and Neglinka to Yauza.
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Urban Exploration, Diggers, MOSCOW METRO bombing Russian underground, Footage
Documentary about urban exploration group, the Diggers Moscow, Russia. Documentary on Russian underground. BN19 TCR 12:13 Various views of magnificent Moscow metro, Moscow subway, The Moscow Metro rush hours TCR 15:05 Moscow Metro fashion performance . TCR 19:30 Bombing in Moscow metro, terrorism in Moscow metro, bodies of killed people www.tvdata.tv
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Unturned: SECRET LOCATIONS OF RUSSIA! (All Unmarked Locations)
✔ Rate ✎ Comment ❤ Subscribe ↓EXPAND↓ ★ OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE AVAILABLE NOW: http://melikebigboom.fanfiber.com/ ★ ➜ I've been working on this one video since last Sunday, sheesh! Here we're taking a look at every single unmarked secret location on the Russia map, how to get there, what you may find, and whether or not it's worth it to venture there in the first place. Check it out! ➜ KrodeonGaming: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX69rIl3SOw31q9MWhIE43w ➜ All music provided by Epidemic Sound. • Outro Track: "Hotshot 2" ====GENERAL INFO==== ✉ Want to trade with me? - https://goo.gl/ljMfJl ★ JOIN MY OFFICIAL UNTURNED SERVER: • IP: • PORT: 27042 • No Password ★ SERVER HOSTED BY: http://axelhosting.com/ ==== ★ SUBSCRIBE! ➜ http://bit.ly/1EQYSzu ★ ➜ Twitter: http://bit.ly/1M60DPj ➜ Twitch: http://bit.ly/14E0IJY ➜ Steam Group: http://bit.ly/1GhV5SW ➜ Like my choice of music for outros? Follow my Spotify playlist here: http://bit.ly/1M60ueP ► "BOOM HOW DO YOU RECORD VIDEOS???" http://gamerzone.avermedia.com/game_capture/live_gamer_hd ► PC Specs - • Intel Core i7-4790k - OC to 4.8 GHz • Corsair Hydro Series H110 Liquid CPU Cooler • 2x SLI EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Superclocked ACX 2.0's • 16GB DDR3 1600MHz G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series RAM • ASRock Z97 Extreme6 Intel Z97 ATX Motherboard • 3TB Seagate Barracuda Hard Drive • Samsung 530 Series 256GB SATA III SSD • LEPA B1000-MB 1000W Power Supply • Fractal Design Define R5 Titanium Window Case ★ BUSINESS Inquiries? ➜ melikebigboombusiness(at)gmail(dot)com ►PLEASE: Respect each other in the comments, repeat offenders will be banned.◄
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Getting around town on the amazing Moscow Metro
Moscows world-class metro could be called the McDonalds of subway systems with 177 unique stations serving over 2.5 billion people daily.
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Moscow metro tunnels
Moscow metro at night. Park Kultury - Okhotnyj Ryad
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Moscow Metro!
metropolitana a mosca!
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Secret Moscow underground - dungeon of the Kremlin. Something that will not show on TV. #2
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Moscow Subway Ticket Machine Accepts 30 Squats as payment
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RADWIN on the Right Track with Moscow Metro Deployment
Moscow Metro chose RADWIN’s Train-to-Ground solution to deliver High-Speed Wi-Fi to millions of users. 70 Terabytes of data and 1.2 million unique users daily!
Views: 2756 RADWIN VLOG Channel

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