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The Style Council ft. Tracey Thorn - Paris Match
The hit (with lyrics) from the album Café Bleu, renamed My Ever Changing Moods in the United States, (1984).
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TSC - My Ever Changing Moods (Cafe Bleu Original Acoustic Version)
The original acoustic version from Paul and the boys from the UK LP Cafe Bleu (1984). Later LP versions including the USA LP titled "My Ever Changing Moods" only included the full 12" single version. Enjoy, Soul It's The Real Thing!
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Style council-"Blue cafè"-The Paris Match
a song by style council
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The Style Council featuring Tracey Thorn "The Paris Match"
From the 1984 album Cafe Bleu, Ben Watt on guitar.
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The Style Council - My Ever Changing Moods
Music video by The Style Council performing My Ever Changing Moods. (C) 1984 Polydor Ltd. (UK)
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The Paris Match - by Style Council - Paul Weller vocals
one of the best Style Council songs - this is the version with Paul Weller's vocals lyrics: Empty hours Spent combing the street In daytime showers They've become my beat; As I walk from cafe to bar I wish I knew where you are; Because you've clouded my mind And now I'm all out of time Empty skies say try to forget Better advice is to have no regrets; As I tread the boulevard floor Will I see you once more; Because you've clouded my mind 'Till then I'm biding my time I'm only sad in a natural way And I enjoy sometimes feeling this way The gift you gave is desire The match that started my fire Empty nights with nothing to do I sit and think, every thought is for you; I get so restless and bored So I go out once more; I hate to feel so confined I feel like I'm wasting my time I'm only sad in a natural way And I enjoy sometimes feeling this way The gift you gave is desire The match that started my fire
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Style Council - The Whole Point Of No Return
From the album Café Bleu. Lyrics: The lords and ladies pass a ruling That sons and girls go hand in land From good stock and the best breeding Paid for by the servile class Who have been told all lie in state To bow down forth and face their fate Its so easy. So, so easy All righteousness did build thy arrow To shoot it straight into their lies Who would expect the mighty sparrow Could rid our world of all their kind? Rising up and taking back The property of every man Oh its easy. So, so easy Rising up to break this thing From family trees the dukes do swing Just one blow to scratch the itch The laws made for and by the rich It would be easy. So, so easy.
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The Style Council Live in Japan 1985
Style Council の日本でのライブです。FM音源、詳細不明ですが、1985年頃のものと思います。 先日アップしたものは、手違いでモノラルになってましたので、改めて、ステレオ音源を再アップしました。
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Dee C. Lee / The Style Council - The Paris Match
The original studio version of this song, sung by Paul Weller, was first available on the a' Paris EP by The Style Council. This version is actually the backing track of that version but with Dee doing the lead vocal. It was available on the 7" & 12" of her top 3 single "See The Day". Tracey Thorn of Everything But The Girl also did the lead vocal of this song on the Style Council's first LP "Cafe Bleu" which had newly recorded music. Release details: UK 7": http://www.discogs.com/Dee-C-Lee-See-The-Day/release/654586 UK 12": http://www.discogs.com/Dee-C-Lee-See-The-Day/release/416912
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The Style Council ‎– Live At Full House Rock Show (1987)
The Style Council at a live concert at "Capitol" in Hanover on 12 March 1987 (Live At Full House Rock Show) [ set list ] 00:19 Intro by Alan Bangs 00:41 With Everything To Lose 04:37 Walking The Night 09:08 Heavens Above 14:57 Internationalists 18:16 Everlasting Love 22:00 Homebreakers 26:50 Money Go Round 32:35 Shout To The Top
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The Style Council - Blue Cafe  (cover)
I only played the guitar along the CD with my Epiphone Casino 1966, #1.
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The Style Council - You're the Best Thing [original album version]
Taken from the original UK version of The Style Council's album "Café Bleu" (1984) No copyright infrigement is intended. I am in no way associated with The Style Council or any of their affiliates. Fair use etc. and such. -uploaded in HD at http://www.TunesToTube.com
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the style council - headstart for happiness (album version)
brilliant up tempo version. uploaded for fair use.
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The Style Council - The Whole Point Of No Return
Café Bleu was renamed My Ever Changing Moods in the United States to capitalise on the success of that single. Café Bleu included a large number of extra musicians, known as Honorary Councillors, including Tracey Thorn and Ben Watt from Everything But The Girl.
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Style Council My Ever Changing Moods Cafe Bleu Version LP Recording
The purpose of this video: 1-To let folks curious about how awesome LPs are see and hear them in action. 2-To let people who are interested in purchasing the LPs see and hear them in action. I don't post videos of LPs so that people can hear the song for free, but in the interest of promoting the sale of music, specifically LPs. The purpose of this video: 1-To let folks curious about how awesome LPs are see and hear them in action. 2-To let people who are interested in purchasing the LPs see and hear them in action. I don't post videos of LPs so that people can hear the song for free, but in the interest of promoting the sale of music, specifically LPs.
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The Style Council - My Ever Changing Moods
1984 - Café Bleu
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The Style Council - You're The Best Thing (Live Tokyo 1984)
Guitarist/vocalist Paul Weller broke up the Jam, the most popular British band of the early '80s, at the height of their success in 1982 because he was dissatisfied with their musical direction. Weller wanted to incorporate more elements of soul, R&B, and jazz into his songwriting, which is something he felt his punk-oriented bandmates were incapable of performing. In order to pursue this musical direction, he teamed up in 1983 with keyboardist Mick Talbot, a former member of the mod revival band the Merton Parkas. Together, Weller and Talbot became the Style Council -- other musicians were added according to what kind of music the duo were performing. With the Style Council, the underlying intellectual pretensions that ran throughout Weller's music came to the forefront. Although the music was rooted in American R&B, it was performed slickly -- complete with layers of synthesizers and drum machines -- and filtered through European styles and attitudes. Weller's lyrics were typically earnest, yet his leftist political leanings became more pronounced. His scathing criticisms of racism, unemployment, Margaret Thatcher, and sexism sat uneasily beside his burgeoning obsession with high culture. As his pretensions increased, the number of hits the Style Council had decreased; by the end of the decade, the group was barely able to crack the British Top 40 and Weller had turned from a hero into a has-been. Released in March of 1983, the Style Council's first single "Speak Like a Child" became an immediate hit, reaching number four on the British charts. Three months later, "The Money-Go-Round" peaked at number 11 on the charts as the group was recording an EP, Paris, which appeared in August; the EP reached number three. "Solid Bond in Your Heart" became another hit in November, peaking at number 11. The Style Council released their first full-length album, Cafe Bleu, in March of 1984; two months later, a resequenced version of the record, retitled My Ever Changing Moods, was released in America. Cafe Bleu was Weller's most stylistically ambitious album to date, drawing from jazz, soul, rap, and pop. While it was musically all over the map, it was their most successful album, peaking at number five in the U.K. and number 56 in the U.S. "My Ever Changing Moods" became their first U.S. hit, peaking at number 29. In the summer of 1985, the Style Council had another U.K. Top Ten hit with "The Walls Come Tumbling Down." The single was taken from Our Favourite Shop, which reached number one on the U.K. charts; the record was released as Internationalists in the U.S. The live album, Home and Abroad, was released in the spring of 1986; it peaked at number eight. The Style Council had its last Top Ten single with "It Didn't Matter" in January of 1987. The Cost of Loving, an album that featured a heavy emphasis on jazz-inspired soul, followed in February. Although it received unfavorable reviews, the record peaked at number two in the U.K. That spring, "Waiting" became the group's first single not to crack the British Top 40, signalling that their popularity was rapidly declining. In July of 1988, the Style Council released their last album, Confessions of a Pop Group, which featured Weller's most self-important and pompous music -- the second side featured a ten-minute orchestral suite called "The Gardener of Eden." The record charted fairly well, reaching number 15 in the U.K., but it received terrible reviews. In March of 1989, the Style Council released a compilation, The Singular Adventures of the Style Council, which reached number three on the charts. Later that year, Weller delivered a new Style Council album, which reflected his infatuation with house and club music, to the band's record label Polydor. Polydor rejected the album and dropped both the Style Council and Weller from the label. Paul Weller and Mick Talbot officially broke up the Style Council in 1990. In 1991, Weller launched a solo career which would return him to popular and critical favor in the mid-'90s, while Talbot continued to play, both with Weller and as a solo musician. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide
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The Style Council - My Ever Changing Moods (7inch)
From The Album " Café Bleu " It is a record sound source!! twitter   https://twitter.com/ilove_indiepop "
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The Style Council - My ever changing moods
from Café Bleu (1984)
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The Style Council - Speak Like A Child
Switch 1983.
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The Paris Match The Style Council (Top of the Pops 1983)
Original broadcast of a rare performance of The Paris Match from the A Paris EP on Top of the Pops. TSC at the Respond Possee Tour at the Palace Theatre London in 1983. Broadcast on Radio One's In Concert programme. From the 1984 album Cafe Bleu, Ben Watt on guitar. Paul, Mick and Dee with Richard Skinner on Radio One's Saturday Live, December 31st 1983. Songs performed were, My Ever Changing Moods, Mick's .
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The Style Council "Mick's Blessings"
Opening track from the 1984 debut album - Café Bleu
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Mick's Blessings (Style Council Cafe Bleu) - Piano Solo
From memory, from Merthyr Tydfil...
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The Style Council - My Ever Changing Moods (Live 4/5/84)
Recorded At Tokyo Nakano Sun Plaza Hall, 4/5/84 This is a live piano and vocal version of the song (similar to the one on "Cafe Bleu"). The band also played the full band version of the song at this concert. The piano vocal version is available on the "In Concert" CD/MC released in 1998. The full band version is available on the VHS release "Far East And Far Out" from 1984. The original Japanese Laser Disc and the 2008 DVD release actually feature both versions. Release details here: "In Concert" CD/MC: http://www.discogs.com/Style-Council-In-Concert/master/798387 "Far East And Far Out" DVD: http://www.discogs.com/Style-Council-Far-East-Far-Out-Council-Meeting-In-Japan/release/2058597
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My Ever Changing Moods (Style Council cafe Bleu) Piano Solo
Live from the box room Merthyr Tydfil 9th July 2011....
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The Style Council "Council Meetin'"
Closing number from the 1984 debut studio album Cafe Bleu
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THE STYLE COUNCIL - á Paris (12”)
Please subscribe to our channel and consider becoming a Patreon patron at: https://www.patreon.com/manuguinarte... or making a PayPal donation to: [email protected] Thank you very much. ------------------ TSC-à Paris (12”). UK press. August 1983. 1) LONG HOT SUMMER (extended version) (00:06) 2) PARTY CHAMBERS (07:24) 3) THE PARIS MATCH (10:18) 4) LE DÉPART (14:06) ------------ Resources/Medios técnicos. Turntable/Plato/Tornamesa: DUAL 510. Cartridge+Stylus/Cápsula/Aguja: SHURE M97 XE. Phono stage/Previo phono: KENWOOD KA5700. Camera/Cámara: SONY HANDYCAM HDR CX105. Soundcard/Tarjeta sonido: Sound Blaster Audigy. Pick-Up Software/Programa captura audio: SONY Sound Forge Audio Studio. Edit+Rendering/Programa edición: Sony Vegas. ------------ Tercer single de TSC, formato maxi (12”). Edición británica. ------------ CAFÉ BLEU -16 page original 1984 book (pdf): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxBJAS5OpZotS05wTlFvdzVkMTQ/view
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The Style Council - Here's One That Got Away
The Style Council - Here's One That Got Away Cafe Bleu - 1984
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Style Council – “My Ever Changing Moods” (Geffen) 1984
Written by Paul Weller. Produced by Paul Weller and Peter Wilson. Paul Weller and Mick Talbot formed the Style Council in 1983. Paul had previously been with the Jam and Mick with Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Their first full length album, “Café Bleu” appeared in 1984 and reached 32 in the UK and #56 in the US, where the album was titled, “My Ever Changing Moods”. “My Ever Changing Moods” was the first single from the album and it charted at #5 in the UK and #29 in the US. The Style Council enjoyed great success around this time. In the UK, they placed one album at #1 and two at #2. In the US, five of their albums reached the US album chart. Style Council broke up in 1989 and Paul Weller then went on to have a mega-successful solo career, releasing about 20 albums that reached the UK Top-20 album chart. Mick Talbot supported Paul Weller on a number of these recordings as well as returning to Dexy’s Midnight Runners.
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The Style Council ''Me Ship Came In!''
Café Bleu - 1984
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The Style Council "Dropping Bombs On The Whitehouse"
From the 1984 album Cafe Bleu
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The paris Match /  The Style Council with Tracey Thorn
From Album "CAFE BLEU" @1984.
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The Style Council - Council Meetin'
The closing track from 1984's Café Bleu.
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The Style Council   A Gospel
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The Style Council   Council Meeting
One of my favourite ever instrumentals - from the 1984 debut album Café Bleu
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The Style Council -Mick's Blessings- cover
from 'Cafe Bleu'
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The Style Council - My Ever Changing Moods
Café Bleu | ©1984 Polydor
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The Style Council - The Whole Point Of No Return
Track name: The Whole Point Of No Return | Artist name: The Style Council | Album name: Café Bleu | Year: 1984 Tags: Jazz, Funk / Soul, Pop, Soul-Jazz, Lounge, Soul http://beta2.rotation.world/track/923144/both http://uploader.rotation.world https://www.discogs.com/The-Style-Council-Caf%C3%A9-Bleu/master/36703
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The Style Council "Here's One That Got Away"
From the 1984 debut album - Café Bleu
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Cafe Bleu   Hummingbird
Cafe Bleu playing Hummingbird at Epic Studios. Follow us on Facebook (EpicStudioNch), twitter (EpicNorwich) and check out our packed programme at www.epic-tv.com
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My Ever Changing Moods (Extended Album Version) - The Style Council (1984)
Seven minute extended version originally from the album 'Café Bleu'
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"Shout to the Top!" by the The Style Council was composed by lead singer Paul Weller, and was released in 1984 on the "Vision Quest" soundtrack. I loved their 1984 album "Café Bleu". It had the songs "My Ever Changing Moods", "The Paris Match", "You're The Best Thing" and "Shout To The Top" (on the deluxe version). Paul Weller was so gorgeous when he was younger! Judge for yourself. Enjoy! Thanks For Your Comments.
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The Style Council - Me ship came in
Sansui SR-212
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