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How to Style Divi’s Single Post to Match the New Elegant Themes Post Design
Today, I’m going to show you how to design your single blog post like the new Elegant Themes blog posts. This requires a few modifications to the default post template and some custom CSS. After you implement this new design, you will be able to use the default editor or the Divi Builder for you blog post and still keep the same new design. Read more: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/divi-resources/how-to-style-divis-single-post-to-match-the-new-elegant-themes-post-design
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How to Style Your Divi Blog Page to Look Like Elegant Themes’ New Design
Today I’m going to show you how to design your blog page like the new Elegant Themes blog using Divi’s Blog Module. The three major design modifications include: (1) changing the default three-column blog grid layout to only two columns, (2) placing the featured image below the headline and post meta, and (3) sizing the featured image for the new column width. These are accomplished by adding a few lines of code. Aside from that, the Divi Builder and some custom CSS will take care of the rest. Read more: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/divi-resources/how-to-style-your-divi-blog-page-to-look-like-elegant-themes-new-design
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Divi Feature Update! A Game Changing New Way To Be Creative With Divi
Learn more here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/theme-releases/divi-feature-update-a-game-changing-new-way-to-be-creative-with-divi Today we are introducing a game-changing new way to be creative in Divi. This new feature allows for fluidity in your design process and will save you hours upon hours of time when building new websites, plus it’s not something you can find in any other website builder. Today we are introducing Fluid Styles, a feature that lets you take any design style or collection of styles from one element, and quickly transfer those styles onto any other element on the page with the simple move of your mouse and the click of a button. It’s hard to explain just how awesome this new feature is, you really need to try it for yourself!
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How To Create A Wordpress Website 2018 | Divi Theme
In this tutorial I show you how to make an amazing website using the Divi theme! I will show you step by step how to create a website using the Divi Theme. An amazing theme that contains a front end editor that makes creating websites easier and faster than ever before! Divi came with a recent update that enables you to make websites even faster! I wil cover that in this tutorial! Example website: https://divi5.com Demo Files: https://ferdykorpershoek.com/create-a-wordpress-website-using-the-divi-theme/ Webhosting: http://webhosting126.com Like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FerdyKorpershoek/ The Divi builder is a front end editor that shows the result of your editing immediately. The Divi theme comes with 80+ other themes and a few amazing plugins! Making websites was never so easy as it is this day! If you have a question, please leave a comment! Overview with Timestamps: Intro 00:00:15 Overview of the tutorial 00:07:08 For who’s is this tutorial? 00:08:13 Get a domain and webhosting 00:12:53 Install Wordpress 00:15:49 Clean Up Wordpress 00:16:40 Configure the Permalinks 00:17:24 Remove blogposts 00:17:47 Change User Settings 00:19:23 Create Pages 00:20:53 Create and Assign the menu 00:24:00 Change the homepage to.a static page 00:24:41 Introduction on Themes 00:25:39 Get the Divi Theme 00:25:56 What do you get with the Divi theme? 00:28:25Install the Divi theme 00:29:44 Configure the API Key 00:30:34 Use images I use in the tutorial 00:31:02 Upload a logo and Configure the Theme Options 00:32:25 Social Icons 00:32:25 Other Options 00:33:27 Google Analytics 00:34:27 Change the logo size The Visual Builder 00:35:10 Explenation of the layout 00:37:05 Creating a blurb 00:39:09 Duplicate Modules 00:39:51 The Editor View 00:40:46 Overview of the options in the Visual Builder 00:42:27 Display options of the Visual Builder 00:42:48 Zoom Out To Drag and Drop 00:43:14 Change to tablet or smartphone view Create The Homepage 00:43:47 HeaderSlider 00:45:54 How to work with backgrounds 00:49:51 Create a Video Slide 00:54:52 Import Custom CSS to style your website extra 00:57:06 Import Section Options 00:58:18 The Blurb Module 01:03:46 The Video Module Explained 01:04:48 The Text Module Explained 01:07:17 The Gallery Module Explained 01:10:01 The Button Module Explained 01:13:04 Save a Module/Section to your library 01:14:11 Change the look and feel of sections and modules 01:18:11 Use Custom CSS to style your modules 01:23:40 Create a simple clients section 01:25:16 Zoom out to drag and drop areas in your website 01:26:35 Configure the responsive visibility of areas in your website 01:26:55 Work with animations 01:29:04 Load From Library | Pre Made Layouts 01:35:14:16 Divi Theme Settings 01:35:53 Boxed Layout 01:36:20 Website Width 01:36:30 Gutter Width, Section Height and Row Height 01:38:26 Typography 01:40:15 Configure the background of the website 01:41:19 Configure the Menu 01:42:01 The Primary Menu 01:44:27 The Fixed Menu 01:46:25 The Secundary Header 01:48:14 Button Styles 01:48:49 Responsive Settings 01:50:24 Additional CSS 01:50:31 Create beautiful dividers 01:53:12 Verify Your Domain 01:53:50 Add SSL to your website About Page 01:55:24 Import Pre Made Layouts 01:56:50 Import a Video Background 02:03:24 Create A Custom Footer 02:08:12 Adjust the Socket in the Footer 02:09:08 Add links to your Socket 02:10:54 Change the look and feel of an area in a few clicks The Services Page 02:13:10 Import a Pre Made Template 02:14:08 Change images using the Divi Filter 02:15:43 Use Fluid Styles to save a lot of time The Portfolio Page 02:18:36 Create a Portfolio Item 02:20:15 Create a Gallery 02:20:42 Optimise Images | SEO 02:23:16 Create a related projects section 02:26:25 Save your project as a template 02:26:49 Create a second portfolio item 02:29:03 Create a third portfolio item 02:31:18 Configure the portfolio page The Blog Page 02:36:34 Configure the blog page 02:37:00 Create a fblogpost 02:38:40 The excerpt text 02:39:10 The Text Editor | headers | paragraphs 02:43:22 Style your blogpost 02:46:45 Add a link 02:48:15 Add Images 02:52:17 Use custom CSS to get rid of the sidebar border 02:54:02 Use the live editor to make a blogpost 02:56:32 The Countdown module 02:58:27 Change the postdate or schedule blogposts 03:00:05 Configure the blog page The Sidebar 03:07:44 Sidebar Widgets 03:08:49 The Facebook Likebox Widget 03:10:33 Blogpost Comments The Contact Page 03:12:44 Add a free image and optimise it in Wordpress 03:15:26. The Call To Action Module 03:16:36 Add 3 blurbs 03:19:30 The Google Maps Module 03:19:43 Get the Google API Key 03:21:11 Configure the Google Maps Module 03:23:19 The Contact Form Module The Homepage 03:25:19 Add Most Recent Posts on the homepage 03:26:34 Add Most Recent Projects on the homepage Responsiveness 03:28:05 Make your website even more responsive 03:37:05 What is next? 03:37:22 Thank you so much
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How To Create A Wordpress Website 2018 | Divi Theme
NEW TUTORIAL AVAIALBLE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1l5OnKj_-5Q Create an amazing website using the Divi theme! In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to create a website using the Divi Theme. An amazing theme that contains a front end editor that makes creating websites easier and faster than ever before! Demo Website: http://divi2018.com Demo Files: http://ferdykorpershoek.com/how-to-make-a-wordpress-website-divi-theme-3-0/ Webhosting: http://webhosting125.com First I will show you how to get a domain name and webhosting. After getting that I will show you how to install and configure Wordpress and get the Divi theme. After installing the Divi theme we will create the homepage using the Divi Builder. The Divi builder is a front end editor that shows the result of your editing immediately. The Divi Builder works with Sections. In those sections you can place rows. Rows can have different amount of columns, and in those columns you can place modules. Modules like images, gallery, text, counter, contact form and more. Using Sections, Rows and Modules you can create your website with ease and save a lot of time im comparison with other themes and builders and editors. Divi also has the possibility to import premade pages with a few clicks. That is a real timesaver! So just look at what kind of page you want to create, import a page like that and adjust it. Besides the Divi theme you will get access to 80 other themes and a few amazing plugins! You can use the themes and plugins on unlimited websites and even can pay a one time fee so you can use all the themes and plugins inlimited times for the rest of your life! A great choice for webbuilders! Overview with Timestamps: 00:00:00 Intro 00:00:17 What we will make 00:07:12 Get A Domain and Webhosting 00:10:37 Install Wordpress 00:11:54 Optimize the urls for Search Engines 00:13:07 Change your username display 00:13:49 Clean up your Wordpress website 00:14:42 Get the Divi Theme 00:16:24 Download and install Divi 00:17:37 Use your API key for automatic updates 00:18:24 Download the images I use in the video 00:19:16 Create Pages 00:21:17 Create A Menu 00:25:00 Change the Homepage settings Create The Homepage Using Divi 00:25:48 Enable the Visual Builder of Divi 00:26:17 How Does The Visual Builder Work? 00:28:14 Create A Fullwidth Slider 00:37:37 Create a Services Section 00:42:25 Add an animation to a module 00:43:05 Create A Why Choose Us Section 00:45:11 Add Custom CSS to your module 00:47:40 Create A Who We Work For Section Import Pages and Sections 00:49:52 Import a pre build page 00:51:37 Export a section as a template Divi Theme Settings and Customizations 00:55:24 The Divi Theme Options / Upload a logo 00:56:12 The Divi Custom Colors 00:56:51 Add Social Media Links The Them Customizer 00:57:53 The Them Customizer 00:58:59 Add a Site Icon 00:59:22 Change The size of the website and the boxed layout option 01:00:16 Adjust the website gutter width 01:01:26 Change the theme accent color 01:01:42 Typography 01:05:01 Change the menu appearance 01:10:59 Add and configure the top bar 01:12:52 The Footer Settings The About Page 01:16:00:22 Create the about page 01:16:37:16 Import a premade page 01:18:16:19 Create a video background 01:19:50:17 Adjust the premade page 01:21:44:13 The Bar Counters Module The Blogpage 01:27:13 Create a blogpost 01:28:00 Headers and Paragraphs explained 01:31:28 Style the text 01:32:11 Add an image 01:33:52 Add more modules to your blogpost 01:36:46 Add categories to your blogpost 01:37:25 Select a featured image 01:38:02 Create a blogpost using the Wordpress editor 01:41:44 Change the publishing date 01:42:52 Change the blogpost view 01:47:01 Add a custom excerpt 01:49:33 Add a comment to a blogpost The Sidebar 01:50:16 Add sidebar widgets 01:51:16 Add the Facebook Likebox widget Latest Project/Portfolio Page 01:53:48 Add a portfolio item 01:59:56 Save the portfolio item page as a template 02:03:49 Import the Portfolio page 02:12:21 Add custom CSS to the portfolio page 02:15:33 Finish the homepage 02:20:38 Add the footer (and footer widgets) 02:24:08 Create the services page 02:29:36 Create a contact form 02:32:10 Create the contact page 02:36:41 Create a Google Api key for Google Maps
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How To Make A Wordpress Blog 2017 - Create A Blog With Wordpress - EXTRA THEME
GET HOSTING 65% OFFhttp://www.darrelwilson.com/hostgator / Learn to make a blog with wordpress! In 90 minutes, you will be able to create a blog with no experience required! Its easy to make a blog, Ill show you how! GET EXTRA THEME ( 25% OFF BLACK FRIDAY DEAL): http://darrelwilson.com/blackfriday Learn how to start a blog step by step with wordpress! You can make your own blog in under 90 minutes with this tutorial! You dont need to have any experience to create your own blog or website today. I will be using wordpress to create this blog and you'll be really surprised how easy it is to make this blog. Blogging with the extra theme is really simple and very modern. Get Images: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/e53gf682sc4y5fg/AAClvMgE_yg0DtmegaIcnTKJa?dl=0 Get Your LOGO: http://www.darrelwilson.com GET PREMADE LAYOUTS HERE: http://darrelwilson.com/divi-layouts-sale/ For more tutorials like this, or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at http://www.darrelwilson.com Wordpress (blogger)
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StyleShop WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes
A sleek and beautiful template for your online store More details at: http://bestwordpressbusinessthemes.com/styleshop-wordpress-theme/
How to Recreate Elegant Theme's Section Divider Examples with Divi
Section dividers are part of a long-awaited Divi update that changes the entire look and feel of any website. Within the Divi update announcement blog post, a ton of design examples we’re included and they simply blew us away. To help you get started with these new section dividers, we’re going to show you how to recreate each one of these examples. Not only can you use them for your own website or next project, but they will also help you understand how section dividers within Divi work. Go to the blog post: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/divi-resources/how-to-recreate-elegant-themes-section-divider-examples-with-divi
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Elegant Theme For Windows PC With Live Rain Effect - 2018
Elegant Theme For Windows PC 2018 Hi everyone !! Here's another rainmeter theme setup for you. Hope u all like it. Download Links: Rainmeter: https://www.rainmeter.net/ Simple Epoca by HipHopium: https://hiphopium.deviantart.com/art/Simple-Epoca-724563168 Rainy Days, desktop music visualizer by alatsombath: https://alatsombath.deviantart.com/art/Rainy-Days-desktop-music-visualizer-519515704 Waveline by Eldog-02: https://eldog-02.deviantart.com/art/Waveline-696397839 Taskbar Spotify_rmskin: http://www88.zippyshare.com/v/yTIoCdBz/file.html Vices Rainmeter Skin by SierraDesign: https://sierradesign.deviantart.com/art/Vices-Rainmeter-Skin-550510110 Rainy Days_Necessary Files_Tanjim: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZW--Hko19T52dNXHSgL_fSowYkus-lEc/view Weather Code:https://weather.codes/ Spotify Plugin_install it if Taskbar Spotify_rmskin doesn't work properly: https://forum.rainmeter.net/viewtopic.php?t=17077 Songs: Track: Beatcore & Ashley Apollodor - Just Stay [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/kz1ADo_p1SY Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/JustStayYO Track: Inukshuk - Too Far Gone [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: https://youtu.be/60XUgHQo71Q Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/TooFarGoneYO Image Source: https://i.imgur.com/ltb1MkC.jpg Intro: https://www.youtube.com/user/velosofy
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Top 10 Best Divi Plugins for Divi Wordpress Theme by Elegant Themes
For links to my Top 10 Best Divi Plugins, see the overview below. For full transcription, descriptions and more visit: https://joshhall.co/top-10-best-divi-plugins/ Video overview: 1) Divi Overlays - 1:21 Create overlay pop ups on any Divi element. https://divilife.com/downloads/divi-overlays/ref/133/?campaign=DiviOverlays 2) Divi Bars - 2:49 Create custom promo bars on your site. https://divilife.com/downloads/divi-bars/ref/133/?campaign=DiviBars 3) Image Intense - 4:14 Create slick image hover over effects. https://besuperfly.com/product/image-intense-plugin/aff/274/?campaign=ImageIntense 4) Divi Icon Party - 5:30 Add more social media icons to Divi header, footer, etc. https://divi.space/product/divi-icon-party/ref/8878/?campaign=DiviIconParty 5) Divi Icons Pro - 6:38 Add tons of custom icons to blurbs and other Divi modules. https://divilover.com/product/divi-icons/ref/52/?campaign=DiviIcons 6) Divi Dashboard Welcome - 8:25 Create custom dashboard for Wordpress site with the Divi builder. https://divilife.com/downloads/divi-dashboard-welcome/ref/133/?campaign=DiviDashboardWelcome 7) Divi Logo Swap - 9:58 Swap logo on scroll with Divi. https://divilife.com/downloads/divi-logo-swap/ref/133/?campaign=DiviLogoSwap 8) Content Intense - 11:16 Customize your Divi blog posts with zero code. https://besuperfly.com/product/content-intense-plugin/aff/274/?campaign=ContentIntense 9) Divi Extras - 12:46 Customize and expand Divi blog and post layout styling. https://divi.space/product/divi-extras/ref/8878/?campaign=DiviExtras 10) Divi Sticky Video - 14:05 Video sticks to screen when scrolling down. https://besuperfly.com/product/divi-sticky-video/aff/274/?campaign=DiviStickyVideo Additional plugins I highly recommend: 11) Divi Page Builder Everywhere - 15:57 Add Divi layouts and design in any section on Wordpress site. https://divi.space/product/page-builder-everywhere/ref/8878/?campaign=PageBuilderEverywhere 12) mhmm Mighty Header & Menu Maker - 16:19 Customize the Divi header and menu with zero coding. https://besuperfly.com/product/mhmm-mighty-header-and-menu-maker/aff/274/?campaign=mhmm 13) J.E.D.I. Jerry's Easy Demo Import - 16:56 Import and export entire Divi site, settings, content, etc. https://www.montereypremier.com/product/jedi/ Marketplaces I recommend for additional Divi plugins: https://www.montereypremier.com/divi-marketplace/divi-plugins/ https://divicake.com/products/category/divi-plugins/ https://elegantmarketplace.com/downloads/category/plugins/ Purchase Divi here: http://www.elegantthemes.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=42681_5_1_21
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How to Style Gravity Forms to Look Like Divi
When it comes to WordPress form plugins there are quite a few options to choose from. In a previous Elegant Themes tutorial, I shared some CSS snippets for styling the Caldera Forms plugin. Caldera is a great free form builder plugin option, but today we’re going to be sharing some styling tips for Gravity Forms. Gravity Forms is one of the (if not the) most popular premium form builder plugins for WordPress websites. Read more: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/divi-resources/how-to-style-gravity-forms-to-look-like-divi-bonus-looks
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How to Create an Expanding CTA like Elegant Themes
Today, I’m going to show you how to duplicate not only the style of this CTA but also the animation functionality. This is accomplished using Divi’s Code Module with some custom CSS and a few lines of JavaScript. However, you can easily extend the same animated functionality on any of Divi’s modules. Read article: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/divi-resources/how-to-create-an-expanding-cta-like-elegant-themes
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Elegant WordPress Theme Step by Step Guide
A step by step guide for setting up and using the Elegant Free WordPress theme by WPExplorer. Will teach you how to create the homepage, portfolio page, staff page and blog. Download for free: http://www.wpexplorer.com/elegant-free-wordpress-theme/ Our Blog: http://www.wpexplorer.com/blog/ Total WordPress Theme https://themeforest.net/item/total-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6339019?ref=WPExplorer
Elegant Themes Tutorial - Divi feature update
Elegant themes tutorial In this Elegant themes tutorial, I talk about the Divi feature update, Divi filters button. This Divi feature update was released a few days ago and it is great because it increases your productivity in Divi. --------------------------------------------------- FREE WordPress Course http://wpusertv.com/wordpress BUY DIVI 3.0 HERE http://wpusertv.com/divi Visit Divi Cake https://divicake.com
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Divi Feature Sneak Peek: Extend Styles
Today, we are excited to introduce "Extend Styles", a brand new design feature coming to Divi. Extend Styles is a unique feature that combines the usefulness of Divi's "copy and paste" feature with the power of the "find and replace" feature in way that is intuitive and efficient. See the whole announcement blog post here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/theme-sneak-peeks/divi-feature-sneak-peek-extend-styles Get a Divi Membership today: https://www.elegantthemes.com/join/
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Elegant themes Divi tutorial | Divi Woocommerce
Divi woocommerce tutorial In this Elegant themes Divi tutorial, I take a look at the Divi Woocommerce product page and add content to it using the Divi builder. The Divi builder can also be used on other pages like the my account page and cart page. Divi woocommerce product page customisation is now possible with the Divi builder (only in the products description) -------------------------------------------------- FREE WordPress Course http://wpusertv.com/wordpress Sign up today with InMotion Hosting and get 57% OFF on hosting and full access to my Divi and WordPress courses for free. http://wpusertv.com/hosting BUY DIVI 3.0 HERE http://wpusertv.com/divi 50% DISCOUNT ON DIVI 3.0 BEGINNER COURSE COUPON CODE DV50 http://wpusertv.com/db3
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Divi Feature Update! Huge Design Efficiency Improvements Now Available
Learn more here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/theme-releases/divi-feature-update-huge-design-efficiency-improvements-now-available We love releasing new features that make the lives of Divi designers easier. When it comes to speed, efficiency and intuition, we want to go above and beyond, because that's what a great design tool is really all about. Today we are introducing yet another design efficiency improvement in the form of Filtered Option Search, allowing you to more easily locate active and relevant options so that you can make quick adjustments without wasting your precious time.
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Free Divi Blog Post Layout Pack
In this video, as part of our Divi 100 Marathon leading up to the release of Divi 3.0, we show you how to install and use our this free new layout pack for Divi Builder powered blog posts. Get the layout pack here: http://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/divi-resources/free-divi-blog-post-layout-pack-will-take-your-builder-powered-articles-to-the-next-level
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How to Duplicate Elegant Theme’s Primary Menu with Divi
The new Elegant Themes menu has been a popular request for developers to duplicate on their own sites. The main feature of the menu is the call to action (CTA) button that grabs the attention of visitors by changing colors and animating when scrolling down the page. Having this kind of CTA button on your site will likely increase click rate and conversions. Today I’m going to show you how to duplicate Elegant Theme’s primary menu using Divi. To implement the custom style and functionality of the button, I will be using a combination of CSS and jQuery. Read article here https://goo.gl/6ghj1p
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How To Create An eCommerce Website With Wordpress 2017 | ONLINE STORE | NEW 3.0 Divi Theme -AMAZING!
Get SSD Hosting: http://www.darrelwilson.com/tmdhosting 20% OFF DIVI THEME (http://darrelwilson.com/divi GET LOGO: http://darrelwilson.com/fiverr Intro 00:00:00 Hosting 00:12:34 Install WordPress 00:16:00 Buy ElegantTheme 00:19:00 Add Divi Theme 00:21:35 Create First Page 00:24:35 Create Menu 00:25:40 Enable Visual Builder 00:28:09 Section Header 00:29:19 Section New Arrival 00:51:40 Section We Love Our Jeans 00:58:00 Install WooCommerce 01:06:22 Create PayPal Account 01:08:55 First Product 01:11:05 Create a Simple Product 01:20:20 Section Category for Front Page 01:21:59 Variable Products 01:25:20 Add Products to Front Page 01:41:00 Create Group Product 01:46:02 Affiliate Product 01:51:31 Add Simple Product to Front Page 01:55:28 Section Our Weekly Specials 01:58:27 Section Connect With Us 02:02:23 Section Blog 02:02:25 Section Email Optim 02:07:13 Create MailChimp Account 02:08:24 Section Social Icons 02:14:15 Premade Layout 02:16:15 Section Get in Touch 02:20:20 Add Google Map 02:27:10 Overlay Effect 02:33:00 The Flat Card Effect 02:36:50 Shop Menu 02:40:16 Widgets 02:43:20 Custom Shop Page 02:46:10 The Logo 02:56:30 The F.A.Q. Page 03:00:12 The Contact Us Page 03:04:29 Marketing 03:07:20 WooCommerce 03:11:26 General Options 03:12:06 Products 03:14:11 Taxes 03:16:39 Shipping 03:22:50 Checkout 03:26:10 Accounts 03:28:10 Emails 03:28:52 Orders 03:30:56 Cupons 03:34:00 PayPal Advanced 03:40:25 In this tutorial, i will show you how to create an ecommerce website with wordpress (also known as an online shop) for complete beginners! I will go step by step and show you all of the divi theme modules to help you learn how to use the divi theme properly. You can be a complete beginner and make your own ecommerce website. Its really simple. Below, I have included links to help you get started on building and creating your website. To receive a discount on my layouts, use code darrel99 on my website to save 50% off ALL Layouts! Purchase Layouts Here: http://darrelwilson.com/divi-layouts-sale/ **Here are the LINKS for the ecommerce wordpress tutorial** DROPBOX IMAGES: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iqjyu37grk918hj/AACoco9iev9reNyX5iledkvva?dl=0 These images will help you get started to follow along with me in the tutorial. Go ahead and download them! They are free! Custom SHOP Modules: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/divi-resources/5-beautiful-ways-to-style-divis-shop-module There are several ways to decorate your ecommerce website. Here, is an article on how you can design your online shop. FREE F.A.Q. Page Layout: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/divi-resources/free-divi-faq-layout-pack Free Divi layouts. Always amazing FREE Contact Us Layouts: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/divi-resources/download-the-free-divi-contact-pages-layout-pack FREE FOOTER Layouts: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/divi-resources/free-divi-footer-layout-pack-10-unique-footer-designs-to-give-your-site-a-leg-up This is for the front page on the bottom section. Make sure you download it correctly and follow the steps For more tutorials like this and to learn how to create a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at http://www.darrelwilson.com **Credit To Regency For The Pictures And Style**
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Elegant Themes Monarch
Elegant Themes Monarch. In this Elegant Themes Monarch tutorial, I show you how to add social sharing icons to your website. Monarch works with any WordPress themes. - Buy Divi here http://wpusertv.com/divi and get Divi course for FREE. - FREE WordPress Course http://wpusertv.com/wordpress - Visit Divi Cake http://divicake.com
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The Divi Shop Module
Divi has been designed to be WooCommerce compatible. To integrate WooCommerce you will need to install the latest version of WooCommerce. View The Full Documentation Page: https://www.elegantthemes.com/documentation/divi/ecommerce-divi/
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Divi WordPress Theme
Divi WordPress Theme In this live Divi WordPress Theme broadcast, I am going to show you step by step how to style your Divi website to make it look professional. This Elegant Themes Divi tutorial is done using Divi 3.0. Divi WordPress theme tutorial every Saturday LIVE. ---------------------------------- Sign up today with InMotion Hosting and get 57% OFF on hosting and full access to my Divi and WordPress courses for free. http://wpusertv.com/hosting BUY DIVI 3.0 HERE http://wpusertv.com/divi 50% DISCOUNT ON DIVI 3.0 BEGINNER COURSE COUPON CODE DV50 http://wpusertv.com/db3
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Best Elegant Themes And Why
http://www.unziptheweb.com/ethemes Depending on your tastes, audience and needs answering the question "what is the best elegant theme" is difficult. With 83 themes to offer there is no correct answer. It all depends on your needs, Elegant themes all have different functionality. There are blogging style themes, storefront style themes, magazine style themes...etc. So the best Elegant Theme depends on you and the main purpose of your website.
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Elegant Themes Black Friday Deal Overview LIVE
Welcome to Elegant Themes’ biggest, craziest Black Friday Sale of all time. Not only are we offering the largest discount we’ve ever offered on our membership--which includes our flagship product Divi, our blogging/magazine theme Extra, our social media plugin Monarch, and our email opt-in plugin Bloom--but we’ve got hundreds of prizes exclusively for new members, members who upgrade their accounts, and of course lifetime members. Get our Black Friday Deal Here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blackfriday Here are the WordPress Companies we’ve partnered with: Comet Cache Caldera Forms CSS Hero Updraft Plus HotJar Push Monkey SeedProd Here are the Divi specific companies we’ve partnered with: Divi Lover Divi Life Design Co. Divi Soup SuperFly Divi Space B3 Media Divi Cake Candy Themes Creative Child Themes Elegant Marketplace Divi Kingdom Each of these companies has provided us with a limited amount of prizes to give away to our first new purchases and account upgrades. See the full details here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blackfriday We’ve also got some exclusive goodness for Lifetime Members too! Every Elegant Themes Lifetime Member as well as all new purchases or account upgrades today will get the following six exclusive Divi Layout Packs: The Product Marketing Layout Pack The Consultant Layout Pack The Freelancer Layout Pack The Artist Layout Pack The Bakery Layout Pack And The Online Store Layout Pack To see what each of these packs looks like, go to our Black Friday Sale page here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blackfriday If you're a lifetime member you can login and claim our exclusive Black Friday Layout Packs here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/members-area/upgrade/black-friday-2017/download/index.php
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Elegant Themes Support Is Getting Better. Introducing Live Chat Support For All Customers.
Learn more here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/theme-releases/the-new-improved-divi-support-experience Today we are excited to usher in a new era of support for the Elegant Themes community, one focused on personal connections, higher quality conversations and faster response times using a brand new medium. Today we are announcing new and improved Live Chat support for all of our customers.
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Divi Theme Review | Divi by Elegant Themes | Divi WordPress Theme Review [2018]
For this Divi theme review we analyze the Divi WordPress theme by Elegant Themes for 2018. Get an exclusive discount: https://ohklyn.com/go/divi-discount Follow along with the post at: https://ohklyn.com/divi-wordpress-theme-review/ For this Divi theme review, we focus on Divi's core features, design options, unique characteristics, and performance metrics to give you an in-depth look at this theme. We provide a comprehensive review of the Divi WordPress theme so you can decide if it’s the right theme for your project. To access a discount on the Divi WordPress theme, or to access discount hosting follow the links below. DISCOUNTS: Get exclusive discount on the Divi theme: https://ohklyn.com/go/divi-discount Access discount hosting by Bluehost: https://ohklyn.com/go/bluehost-discount/ FREE DIVI TUTORIAL: How to make your own website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLXCKYjklvc FREE DIVI LAYOUT PACKS: Free Divi layouts: https://ohklyn.com/free-divi-layouts Subscribe to our newsletter here: https://ohklyn.com/#footer-subscribe Disclosure: Some of the links on this website are to affiliate partners. Which means if you purchase the product, OHKLYN may receive a commission for the referral. We only refer products and services that we use or have reviewed.
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Remove "Designed by Elegant Themes" in Divi By Elegant Themes
This video shows you how to remove and edit the footer that is labelled "Designed By Elegant Themes" in Divi by Elegant Themes For the full transcript of this video and how to do this by editing the code which applies to older versions of Divi then go to the following link: http://getgeek.net/remove-designed-by-elegant-themes-in-divi/ If you would like to get a copy of Divi then please go to Elegant Themes and purchase a copy using my Affiliate link which means if you use the link and purchase an item i will receive commission. http://www.elegantthemes.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=36149 Also if you are looking for a new hosting company then i would highly recommend SiteGround which i now use for all my clients i design websites for (affiliate link again): https://www.siteground.com/index.htm?afcode=8729ff0f0bd27e5670bb7b11f6400344 Sign up to the GetGeek.Net mailing list and get our Ultimate Web Design Resource List free! http://eepurl.com/bNfN15 Thanks
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How To Use The Bloom Plugin By Elegant Themes | Add An Email opt-in Form To Your Wordpress Website
Learn how to create an amazing email optin form for your wordpress website using the bloom plugin by elegant themes. Its the #1 rated email optin form for wordpress and the plugin is very simple to use. The plugin is free if you have purchased the divi theme. You can purchase the bloom plugin here along with the divi theme:https://www.elegantthemes.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=33383&url=https://www.elegantthemes.com/discount/special/ The bloom plugin is among the best email opt-in form plugin you can use for wordpress and is the most widely known and used. It allows you to create simple email forms to add to your subscriber list. In this tutorial, i show you how to use it For more tutorials like this, or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at http://www.darrelwilson.com
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Elegant themes tutorial: Building your audience with Bloom
Elegant themes tutorial: Building your audience with Bloom. In this video, I show you how to integrate Elegant Themes Bloom with Convertkit. This is a Divi theme elegant themes tutorial. BUY DIVI 3.0 HERE: https://goo.gl/Hnuj3K Signup today with InMotion Hosting and get 57% OFF on hosting and full access to my Divi and WordPress courses for free. https://goo.gl/Hjgr8U 50% DISCOUNT ON DIVI 3.0 BEGINNER COURSE COUPON CODE DV50 https://goo.gl/cSdRtv
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Style Shop theme of Elegant Themes
http://wordpressexamples.com Here some examples of what you can do with the Style Shop theme of Elegant Themes that recently got released.
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Nimble Theme From Elegant Themes
Download Nimble theme at http://www.elegantthemes.com/affiliates/idevaffiliate.php?id=17161 Nimble comes with five unique colors schemes to help insure that there is a style that suits your needs Elegant Themes insures that all of their themes are compatible with the most popular internet browsers. It's important that your website performs well for everyone who visits it. Elegant Themes are always updated to insure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress. Elegeant Wordpress Themes. This is the best premium theme value. Every person who designs in Wordpress should be a member of this theme club. Access all 77 themes for $39/year club mebership. Thats about .50 per theme! Visit http://WPDazzler.com/ for information on all things Wordpress! Themes, design, tutorials, plugins, discussion, it's all here... the place where people that are into Wordpress get together and help each other out ;) Follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/WPDazzler Like me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/WPDazzler/435659166482257
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Elegant Themes Blog Page Temaplte
how to use excerpt function with the style theme from Elegant Themes
Views: 44 Eduard Ungureanu
How to use our FREE Divi Header UI Kit
Divi 100 Marathon: In this video I am going to show you how to use our FREE Divi Header UI Kit to customise the header area of your website. This UI Kit gives you flexibility to change it however you want to suit your website design. Here is the link to download the UI Kit: http://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/divi-resources/free-divi-download-the-divi-header-ui-kit
Views: 49953 Elegant Themes
How to Style Divi’s Post Slider Module like Facebook Newsroom’s Post Slider
Post sliders are an elegant solution for presenting a variety of content to your readers. The posts that are highlighted can be organized in a number of ways from categories to date. In today’s project, we’re looking at an example from the Facebook Newsroom blog page which presents a category of posts called “Top Stories”. It’s a very attractive slider that emphasizes the post title and the featured image. We’ll recreate the look of this slider using Divi’s Post Slider module. Read the article here: https://goo.gl/3Mh9SM
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how to design a webpage with divi | Elegant themes tutorial
In this video, I show you how to make a website using Divi. Elegant themes tutorial. --------------------------------------------------- FREE WordPress Course http://wpusertv.com/wordpress Sign up today with InMotion Hosting and get 57% OFF on hosting and full access to my Divi and WordPress courses for free. http://wpusertv.com/hosting BUY DIVI 3.0 HERE http://wpusertv.com/divi 50% DISCOUNT ON DIVI 3.0 BEGINNER COURSE COUPON CODE DV50 http://wpusertv.com/db3
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Testing 15 Caching plugins with the Divi theme by Elegant Themes
Buy WP Rocket Here: https://onlinestorehelp.com/wprocket http://onlinestorehelp.com/caching-plugins-with-divi-by-elegant-themes/ | If you want to skip to the results, click the "Show More: Results: https://youtu.be/wql8dXD4h4s?t=4m59s Which one do I recommend: https://youtu.be/wql8dXD4h4s?t=7m6s If you are looking to speed up your website to less than 2 seconds, watch this video or read the blog post where I test 15 different caching plugins with the Divi theme by elegant themes. The best performing caching plugin is: https://wp-rocket.me/ The best free plugin was: https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-fastest-cache/ The next best plugins were Wordfence and A2 Optimized Cache. Simple Cache was all over the place so I couldn't recommend it. Finally, WP Super Cache, Gator Cache and W3 Total Cache came in at 1.6 seconds. **Wordfence announced they are removing their falcon caching engine so I can't recommend anymore obviously. The rest allowed me to get better speed but I was disappointed by Hummingbird by WPMU. I have a feeling it works great on WPMU themes but maybe not as well on others. You can see all the results and how I configured them by going to my blog at: http://onlinestorehelp.com/caching-plugins-with-divi-by-elegant-themes/
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Elegant Theme Divi. Global Post Setting
save blog layout
Views: 664 Envision Online ltd
How to Increase Your Affiliate Income with Divi from Elegant Themes
How to Increase Your Affiliate Income Want to know how to make more affiliate income with your blog? Let me show you a fun little technique!! Get Divi : www.startamomblog.com/divi (affiliate link) Free Divi Layouts: https://www.startamomblog.com/divi-layouts-mom-bloggers/ So sorry for the echoing - both the webcam mic and big mic were on at the same time :(
How To Build An Authors Page In Extra By Elegant Themes
This tutorial will show you, step by step, how to create an Authors Page using the Extra Theme by Elegant Themes for WordPress
Views: 2490 Aspen Grove Studios
Wordpress Shortcodes Elegant Themes boxes
http://Authorpress.Net wordpress elegant theme boxes shortcodes.
Views: 1223 authorpressnet
How to Add PayPal Buttons to Divi Theme by ElegantThemes
This is a demonstration of our PayPal for Divi plugin that adds a PayPal Button module to the Divi Builder provided by the ElegantThemes Divi theme. Product Page: https://www.angelleye.com/product/divi-paypal-module-plugin/
Views: 4972 Angell EYE
Bring Elegant Themes' Extra to Divi!
Finally available in Divi, Elegant Themes Extra functionality! Elegant themes’ long standing Extra theme has been a WordPress favorite because of their blog modules and functionality. Now with Divi Extras by Divi Space, you get all of that in the Divi builder! Get it now here: https://divi.space/product/divi-extras-demo/ See Demos Here: https://divibusinesspro.aspengrovestudios.space/divi-extras-demo/ https://diviecommerce.aspengrovestudios.space/divi-extras-demo/
Views: 4065 Divi Space
elegant themes yoast - Semalt
Visit us - https://semalt.com/?ref=y #elegant #themes #yoast elegant themes yoast yoast elegant themes elegant themes yoast seo yoast themes yoast recommended themes yoast wp themes yoast seo themes yoast themes review yoast wordpress themes yoast genesis themes themes elegant elegant themes elegant themes elegant estate yoast approved wordpress themes yoast breadcrumbs bootstrap themes elegant themes wordpress themes wordpress themes elegant themes child themes elegant themes elegant themes child themes elegant themes elegant shortcodes plugin elegant themes elegant estate download extra elegant themes elegant themes flexslider elegant themes genesis elegant themes language elegant themes updater mesch elegant themes naniey elegant themes pradlo elegant themes elegant themes customization elegant themes discount deviant elegant themes aggregate elegant themes agresorul elegant themes elegant themes businesscards elegant themes coldstone elegant themes divi elegant themes fable elegant themes founder elegant themes logo elegant themes professional elegant themes redirected elegant themes responsive elegant themes timthumb elegant themes turkish elegant themes vs 13floor elegant themes nata elegant themes et_ptemplate_settings elegant themes elegant themes lightsource elegant themes nexus elegant themes personalpress icons elegant themes xf40 elegant themes eclectically elegant themes elegant dance themes elegant masquerade themes elegant themes countdown elegant themes nulled elegant themes seo gothlolipop elegant themes damenblusen elegant themes daria elegant themes tsaghkadzor elegant themes wickelkleid elegant themes elegant themes alternative elegant themes bittorrent elegant themes demo elegant themes ebusiness elegant themes egallery elegant themes ie8 elegant themes sitemap elegant themes training divi elegant themes monarch elegant themes moon themes elegant samsung elegant themes wiki elegant themes envisioned elegant themes elegant themes builder elegant themes documentation elegant themes explorables elegant themes handheld elegant themes wiki deepfocus elegant themes dissolvant elegant themes download elegant themes party themes elegant elegant themes california elegant themes questions elegant themes trim elegant themes videos herrenwesten elegant themes moodle elegant themes boutique elegant themes themes elegant free elegant themes discounts elegant themes map elegant themes slider hochzeitstorten elegant themes borga elegant themes gala themes elegant mirtuszlonc elegant themes robojet elegant themes hosenrock elegant themes foxhound elegant themes joomla themes elegant eshop elegant themes elegant myspace themes elegant themes affiliate elegant themes architecture elegant themes extra elegant themes problems elegant themes shopify elegant themes showcase elegant themes tutorial loyally elegant themes mezon elegant themes trendline elegant themes trachtenkleider elegant themes elegant themes blog elegant themes inc elegant themes newspaper elegant themes refund elegant wordpress themes egallery elegant themes contact elegant themes styleshop elegant themes umstandskleider elegant themes elegant themes calendar elegant themes contatti elegant themes envisioned elegant themes manual elegant themes redirector interview elegant themes betont elegant themes review elegant themes style elegant themes xe elegant themes dhriti elegant themes elegant blogspot themes elegant nursery themes elegant shower themes elegant themes buttons elegant themes coupon elegant themes tidalforce elist elegant themes background elegant themes nova elegant themes wordpress themes elegant elegant eighteen themes elegant themes buddypress elegant themes epanel elegant themes free elegant themes fusion elegant themes mailchimp elegant themes myresume elegant themes search cherrytruffle elegant themes myresume elegant themes polised elegant themes skladova elegant themes sublimely elegant themes themes elegant tumblr tumblr themes elegant festliche elegant themes elegant bedroom themes elegant photography themes elegant themes freebies elegant themes lucid elegant themes styleshop bloom elegant themes woocommerce elegant themes vertex elegant themes wedding themes elegant elegant themes photoblog elegant themes projects elegant themes redirecting elegant themes review elegant themes samples elegant themes tabs elegant themes youtube heckenmyrthe elegant themes babisil elegant themes baymak elegant themes
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Monarch Elegant Themes Plugin Tutorial
http://wordpressexamples.com/monarch-elegant-themes-tutorial-and-download/ Special Offer for Monarch and WordPress Themes: http://wordpressexamples.com/special-offer/ This is a tutorial video for the Social Media Plugin Monarch from Elegant Themes. It is a follow up of several earlier tutorials, which you can find here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vx9lGZo-b5g https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn6OuStZIm0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jjT0v9LBLQ Those three parts are giving you all the basics of this great social media plugin. The above tutorials from Nick Roach are edited by me to make them even more clear and also I have provided a menu for the video, which you will find below. Personally I think this social media plugin from Elegant Themes is pretty much the best around and very well documented. Believe me, you don't know what is all possible with this social media plugin for WordPress. Hope you like the Monarch plugin as much as I do and enjoy the tutorial! What is the Fly in? http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=31s Monarch Settings http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=52s Adjusting Monarch Settings http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=2m14s Auto Width Button Setting http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=7m20s Intro Animation http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=8m33s Triggers for the Flyin http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=9m05s Combining Triggers http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=13m14s Hiding Fly in for Mobile Devices http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=21m54s How to use the Popup in Monarch http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=26m35s Choosing the Icon Style of the Popup http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=28m40s Display settings of the Popup http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=29m53s Tada! Animation http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=32m33s Triggers for the Popup http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=32m50s All you need to know about triggers http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=47m33s How to use the Flyin and Popup together http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=58m03s How Nick Roach combines Flyin and Popup on Elegant Themes website http://youtu.be/EcCeV5nq2Hc?t=61m26s If you want to see some other aweseme videos about the themes of Elegant Themes, you can subscribe to our channel. You can also check out this video which will give you an idea of the quality of the themes of Elegant Themes and even tell you how you can build a website on your own: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_Q63vIiQaA
Views: 721 WordpressExamples
How to Use Global Features - Divi Elegant Themes - Save Time!
http://wpsculptor.com Learn how to use the Divi Global Feature for the Divi theme to save time when developing and updating your WordPress website. If you have sections on your WordPress site that appear on several different pages, you can use the Global Feature to make it easier to edit that content. If you have the same section in dozens of places, by making that section Global, you only have to make changes once instead of making the same change over and over again in dozens of places. The Divi theme is a premium theme from Elegant Themes. Purchase the Divi Theme through my affiliate Link: http://wpsculptor.com/divi Watch my comprehensive Divi theme WordPress tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iVl_mAY9Gc
Views: 2057 wpSculptor
Elegant Themes’ Black Friday Exclusive Layout Packs
Welcome to Elegant Themes’ biggest, craziest Black Friday Sale of all time. Not only are we offering the largest discount we’ve ever offered on our membership--which includes our flagship product Divi, our blogging/magazine theme Extra, our social media plugin Monarch, and our email opt-in plugin Bloom--but we’ve got hundreds of prizes exclusively for new members, members who upgrade their accounts, and of course lifetime members. Get our Black Friday Deal Here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blackfriday Here are the WordPress Companies we’ve partnered with: Comet Cache Caldera Forms CSS Hero Updraft Plus HotJar Push Monkey SeedProd Here are the Divi specific companies we’ve partnered with: Divi Lover Divi Life Design Co. Divi Soup SuperFly Divi Space B3 Media Divi Cake Candy Themes Creative Child Themes Elegant Marketplace Divi Kingdom Each of these companies has provided us with a limited amount of prizes to give away to our first new purchases and account upgrades. See the full details here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/blackfriday We’ve also got some exclusive goodness for Lifetime Members too! Every Elegant Themes Lifetime Member as well as all new purchases or account upgrades today will get the following six exclusive Divi Layout Packs: The Product Marketing Layout Pack The Consultant Layout Pack The Freelancer Layout Pack The Artist Layout Pack The Bakery Layout Pack And The Online Store Layout Pack To see what each of these packs looks like, go to our Black Friday Sale page here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/discount/black-friday-2017/ Already a lifetime member? Download the layouts here: https://www.elegantthemes.com/members-area/upgrade/black-friday-2017/download/
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Elegant Themes | Elegant Themes Fusion
Elegant Themes Fusion | http://www.elegantthemes.com.es
Views: 773 David Saiz

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