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Dmitry Koldun - Work Your Magic (Belarus) Live 2007 Eurovision Song Contest
Dmitry Koldun represented Belarus at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki with the song Work Your Magic
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Клип "Work You Magic" (2007)
Клип "Work You Magic" - промо к "Eurovision-2007"
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Dima Koldun - Work Your Magic with Lyrics
I found this song on a video for Hetalia, and fell in love with it! I haven't done a lyrics video in some time, so I figured this was a good one. :3 (c) Dima Koldun, 2006 (I own nothing!)
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Nightcore - Work your magic
Musique : Dima Koldun - Work your magic Fait par : VCrazy
Koldun - Work Your Magic
The Belarussian participant at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.
Dmitry Koldun - Work your magic (russian)
Muscic- Eurovision 2007 Bulgaria number 4 contestant
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ОНТ: "Я пою". Work Your Magic (2011)
В тематическом выпуске детского музыкального конкурса "Я пою!", посвященном песням «Евровидения», Дмитрий Колдун исполнил песню «Work your magic» в дуэте с юной участницей Надей Мисяковой.
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Here is Dima Koldun's great Eurovision song, with Russian text lyrics on the screen. Try to sing it! It will help you with vocabulary, reading, spelling and pronunciation. Have fun! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- WORDS: Дима Колдун - Дай Мне Силу В глубине души она горит, Словно кинжал без ножен, На металл, забывший боль и стыд, Так похожа. Знаю, ей легко в твоей груди Стать безумства бездной - Но у нас всё это впереди... Дай мне силу - Я отворю любые двери, Я убью любого зверя. Ты мне веришь? Дай мне силу - с ней Я достану страсть из пекла И восстану вновь из пепла, Вновь из пепла! Дай мне силу - Я отворю любые двери, Я убью любого зверя. Ты мне веришь? Дай мне силу - с ней Я достану страсть из пекла, Я восстану вновь из пепла Для тебя! Знаю, можешь сердце мне пронзить Ласковым, нежным взглядом, Вижу, эту тайну не раскрыть - И не надо. Заструится звёздный Млечный Путь Под твоею кожей. В эту ночь вдвоём нам не уснуть... Дай мне силу - Я отворю любые двери, Я убью любого зверя. Ты мне веришь? Дай мне силу - с ней Я достану страсть из пекла И восстану вновь из пепла Для тебя! Я достану страсть из пекла Для тебя! Только дай мне силу, Слышишь - дай мне силу, Дай огню любви сиять! Дай мне силу - Я отворю любые двери, Я убью любого зверя. Ты мне веришь? Дай мне силу - с ней Я достану страсть из пекла И восстану вновь из пепла Для тебя! --------------------------------------- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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Eurovision 2007 - Belarus - Dimitry Koldun - Work your Magic (Original Clip).avi
Eurovision 2007 - Belarus - Dimitry Koldun - Work your Magic (Original Clip)
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BROOKLYNN - Work Your Magic (Official Video) 🔮
Available on all streaming platforms🙌🏽 Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/7yfI5n1FjIpSv4i2WeNjcS?si=3CQhfT99TEiPUSQIo4P6Yw iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/work-your-magic-single/1423875206 • www.brooklynnmusic.com • Instagram: @brooklynnmusic • Twitter: @brooklynnmusic
Views: 13648 BROOKLYNN
Дмитрий Колдун - WORK YOUR MAGIC (Славянский базар 2008)
"ЕвроФест" представляет "Звёзды "Евровидения" (Эфир 25.12.2011)
Дима Колдун - Work your Magic (Песня Года 2007)
Dima Koldun: work your magic [Pesnya Goda 2007]. Dima Koldun won the title of "best singer male of 2007" and "song of the year" for work your magic.
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Work Your Magic, Harry/Draco
Slash Ahoy!!! It's recommendable to READ this first! After watching Eurovision contest (and being blown away by Belarus and Slovenia song) I decided it's time to make a fan video again! Work Your Magic -- the Belarus song is oh-so-very-perfect for Harry Potter slashers. I may even try to make a fan video for Molitva, because it's the winner and I'm from Serbia. But the lyrics suck a bit, so I'm not sure. Anyway, here's the deal. This is told from Draco's PoV (Point of View) and (as you can guess already) Harry's doing some pretty good magic on him (you know, making him fall in love and all that). It was a royal pain in the butt to find all possible clips of Harry doing magic (throwing spells actually), cause I really didn't want to repeat some. The parts when it's only music are (in my opinion) the best. Especially the first one, when it's Harry and Draco through out the four years (got the idea from the official HP trailers, though tried to use different material). So, as we all know by now, the clips belong to J.K.Rowling, WB and many others. The song belongs to that Belarus singer -- Dmitry Koldun. The Queer as Folk clips belong to the makers of the show. Unfortunately I own nothing. Hope you enjoy the show! Comments very much appreciated. Cheers, Kates.
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Melovin - Work Your Magic
Views: 1123 Sabina M.
Дмитрий Колдун - Work your Magic - Белоруссия - ПРЕ ПАТИ Евровидения   VEGAS 7 апреля 2018
Дмитрий Колдун - Work your Magic - Белоруссия - ПРЕ ПАТИ Евровидения VEGAS 7 апреля 2018
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'Work Your Magic' - Dmitry Koldun | Yvar de Groot | COVER
Yvar's Social-media Stuff: https://twitter.com/Yvar & http://instagram.com/yvardegroot https://www.facebook.com/yvar.degroot Ask me any question on Ask FM: http://ask.fm/YvarMusic Thank you for all the support and I hope you don't forget to subscribe for more vlogs and covers. - Yvar
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Dmitry Koldun - Work your Magic
Dmitry Koldun with "Work your Magic". Contains video material from Harry Potter, Snow White, Sabrina, Lord of the Rings, Charmed, Narnia, Cinderella and Catweazle.
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Virgo 2019: Work your magic with Anastasia!
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WorK Your Magic Live at ESC 2007 Semi-Final
Dima sings WYM live at ESC 2007 :) I'm so glad he came to the final :)) woho!!! i just get irritared by the man who speaks so lon in the beginning :(( Anyway, enjoy!!
Views: 795 koldunicious
Work My Magic - A Runescape "Work Your Magic" Parody
Yay for 99 magic! :D ...The amount of editing I put into this one makes Dat New Cape look like crap. ;) The song I parodied this time is "Work Your Magic" by Dmitry Koldun... please listen to it before watching this video :P At 1:19 youtube screws up and doesn't render "3 2 1 FIGHT!" properly. Not my fault... sigh. Lyrics: Welcome to my house and you will see It's a floating tower Yes, I made it all myself with my magic power I can serve you something really cold Call it hax or barrage, But you'll only call it owned when I... Work my magic You'll never even see it coming Your survival's unbecoming, End forthcoming! Work my magic I can bind K'ril to do my bidding And if you think I'm kidding, Just try me! Oh now so you dare to challenge me To a duel of magic? Well, I'll warn you the outcome will be Very tragic Now we're at DA and we begin Playing a nigh pointless game; Everybody knows that I will win! Work my magic You'll never even see it coming Your survival's unbecoming, Death forthcoming! Work my magic I'll elude this brazen commotion Watch the way I part this ocean Part this ocean Work my magic My results really are quite numbing And then when you see it coming, It's too late! So I work my magic... Oh, I work my magic... And now I'll destroy the world! Credits: Da berg man Drew Barron Ema Shade ERINHAND ftw_detroyer hanyo Hey Im Tiff I Am Eclair InkRaven IWANT GUTHAN King Crisis lanochetrste Luce OccultDogfur Preminicious SecrecySworn Sfenn sjz SS Conrail94 Sweet Angel Valvar Exart Yamean14
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Work your magic - Claire and West (Heroes)
Love story of West and Claire (Heroes). Music: "Work your magic" by Dima Koldun (Eurovision-2007, Belarus). By the way, I've used 2.01-2.04 episods of Heroes. Comments are very very welcome)) No copyright is infringement intended, all raw material belongs to its copyright holders.
Views: 22622 Dzhelina
Belarus - Koldun - Work Your Magic (ESC 2007 Semi-Finals)
Live performance of Belarus' entry at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals
Views: 9061 EurovisionHag
Lynx   Find Your Magic
Views: 16590 Stephan Matthews
Dmitry Koldun winning Belarus Eurofest 2007 with Work Your Magic (дмитрий колдун - еврофест)
Dmitry Koldun winning Belarus Eurofest 2007 with Work Your Magic (дмитрий колдун - еврофест)
Views: 663 nadia646
Dmitry Koldun - Work your Magic live @ Eurofast
Work your Magic live @ Eurofast Yes I know the quality sucks, but I like this compilation a lot:)
Views: 1001 Heleen Lassche
Merlin - Work Your Magic
A video about the wonderful Merlin (and Arthur) set to the song Work Your Magic by Dmitri Koldun. I OWN NOTHING!!!
Views: 9392 tbs4eva
Live from the Paul Gough Physio Rooms, UK... This week's episode is all about recognizing when an absolute PERFECT PATIENT, with a high life time value, walks into your clinic… …and doing everything you can to ensure that they feel loved. === Get more *Physical Therapy Marketing* and Business Education material from Paul Gough at: Business Education Website: http://www.ptprofitacademy.com/about Paul Gough Physio Rooms: http://www.paulgoughphysio.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepaulgough Twitter: https://twitter.com/thepaulgough Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thepaulgough/ His latest blog post: http://www.ptprofitacademy.com/blog/why-incentivizing-staff-with-more-money-is-bad-for-business/ === About: "Paul Gough helps great Physical Therapists become Successful Business Owners. He provides the Business and Marketing Education that Physical Therapy School failed to deliver to 1000’s of small clinic owners from around the US - and now across the globe. Aged just “35”, he is a former professional soccer Physical Therapist, a published Author, founder and owner of www.paulgoughphysio.com - a chain of “4” private cash practices in the UK (where his main competition is a completely free socialist health care system) with 14 staff and 2000+ patient visits per month, and he is the recent winner of the Infusionsoft award “Small Business Icon: Best In Class for Lead Nurture Systems”. ===
Views: 798 The Paul Gough
Dmitry koldun, work your magic,Day mne silu, RUSSIAN.
Dmitry koldun singing work your magic in RUSSIAN. Belarus 2007.
Views: 12368 tranbylamber
Work Your Magic - Dmitriy Koldun Pesnya Goda 2007 (HQ)
Dima koldun singing WYM at Pesnya Goda 2007
Views: 2396 koldunicious
Worldbuilding #3- How Does Your Magic System Work?
Here's the link to the goddess artwork I used. I don't own that, it's just something I found on Google. The rest of the images are mine =) https://static.lolwallpapers.net/2016/03/56f80f775621c.png Sign up to get the Scrivener documents used in the videos: https://chrisfoxwrites.leadpages.co/chrisfoxyoutubelist/ Website: https://chrisfoxwrites.com/ Amazon Store: http://amzn.to/1WWGfZi Audible: http://adbl.co/1YibuO1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ScholarlyFox Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chrisfoxwrites/
Views: 72811 Chris Fox
IPL Special: Can Virat Kohli Work His Magic in Mohali | Cricket Talk with Vikrant Gupta
While Mumbai will be favorites against Rajasthan, In Mohali Bangalore face Kings Punjab. Virat will be looking to win their first game this season but Punjab look strongest at PCA Stadium
Views: 31999 Cricket Talk
AXENTO - Work Your Magic [Official Video]
Join us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/axento For the latest releases/info visit: www.axento.se Axento - Work Your Magic After the huge success releasing there first singles "Lego & We Live For", Axento returns with a smashing new track "Work Your Magic" that ventures at equal turns into ambient and electro territory, creating a progressive yet popdrenched and accessible sound perfectly fit for either deep summer nights or fresh summer mornings. Directed by: Lukasz Falkowski (Movie Factory)
Views: 18046 axentomusic
Братья Сафроновы-work your magic!
мое видео о братьях!!!
Views: 8715 Lenysya7
work your magic vandemon!.wmv
This isn't supposed to be a masterpiece. This is just an inside joke. I DO NOT OWN DIGIMON OR VANDEMON, BANDAI DOES!
Views: 6307 enderviola
Janice Harrington-work your magic-Hamburg 28.10.2017
recorded in HD by Mr.T. all rights reserved 2017
Views: 609 1954Belushi
Work Your Magic
Yuna works her summoner magic and charm on Tidus Final Fantasy © Square Enix Dima Koldun © Work Your Magic End Music © Respective Owners
Views: 1467 DustyCrystalRose
Dmitriy Koldun - Work your magic (live @ Eurofest 2007).
Koldun leads the belarussian eurofest 2007 :))
Views: 808 ybet0ula

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