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Zoetrope Replica Optical Toy Ancient Magic Toys

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Buy at http://AncientMagicToys.com The zoetrope was one of the earliest movie toys and was extremely popular in the latter half of the 19th century. It consisted of a slotted cylinder through with one views paper animated movie strips. As the cylinder spins the user looks through the slits at the pictures on the opposite side of the cylinder's interior. The scanning of the slits keeps the pictures from simply blurring together so that the user sees a rapid succession of images producing the illusion of motion, the equivalent of a motion picture.
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MEL BIRNKRANT (5 months ago)
Another major product that we made in the old loft was “The Great Zoetrope.” It was an accurate reproduction of an early optical toy that I found in France. This fascinating device foretold the advent of both animation and the moving pictures, years before they were invented. http://melbirnkrant.com/recotwo/page19.html
muhammad azim (1 year ago)
Kesian duh kau

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