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15+ Times Trolls Had The Funniest Christmas Gift Ideas Ever

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15+ Times Trolls Had The Funniest Christmas Gift Ideas Ever Entertaining and educational from The Funny Life ✅✅Subscribe for new videos every day! https://goo.gl/Bqrm1w ❤15+ Of The Funniest LEGO Jokes Ever https://youtu.be/9j6kfnm7txw ❤15+ People Are Posting Annoying Things That Annoy Them More Than They Should https://youtu.be/cXYG2UHj_yk ❤15+ Epic Design Fails That You Will Find Hard To Believe Actually Happened https://youtu.be/Hg0fvSKQjg0 ❤15+ Reasons Why You Should Always Wear A Helmet https://youtu.be/hlU3e-EWcAA ❤15+ Epic Clothing Disasters | Funny Lifes https://youtu.be/USvgOKDXiw4 💼Music : Breaktime - Silent Film Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100302 Artist: http://incompetech.com/ Rags 2 Riches Rag by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Text Comments (637)
Generic African (24 days ago)
Literally an exact copy of another video, same thumbnail same images
Lucas Ponton (1 month ago)
boo he copied from another channel
dragon master (1 month ago)
One of my friends hates the word moist. So i bought a card that says. You're not going to like this. on the inside it says MOIST i told you. lmao she's gonna hate me
Pin a Pun (5 months ago)
OK here’s just a little suggestion can you please put the actual number instead of saying 15+
racoon crafter (5 months ago)
0:08 brother or sister?
_CrazyCrafter672 (6 months ago)
#34 uhh you know winrar is free right
Corinne Silentsky (7 months ago)
4:38 I have a pet squirrel.
Sr Jm (8 months ago)
How did you get here
KKFox 980 (8 months ago)
#22 just puts my offensive level on 1000
LilyCanadian (8 months ago)
Honestly i would hate half of this.
FortniteFan (8 months ago)
My birthday is 1st of April and I hate my life I get presents wat are April fools bruh
の 粒りん銀 (8 months ago)
#19 was kinda cute
laevateinn Piano (8 months ago)
2:56 name it octo teddy
Cutiepiekitty1’s World (8 months ago)
0:55 what my brother would give me -_-
Annu Collins (8 months ago)
Mr.Duck with a top hat (8 months ago)
Entertaining and educational from The Funny Life thats their desc, I watched it, ITS NOT EDUCATIONAL
Zorex (8 months ago)
5:31 far too many things wrong with this gift
JD Bond (8 months ago)
17 makes no sense
Sakinu Arikato (8 months ago)
Can I plz have a ton of #13's plz? I'm a crafty artist
max tcg (8 months ago)
31 ha ha ha
7:37 my sister got those pens for Christmas 🤣 they are so funny
Marilyn 01 (8 months ago)
Fuck your generic music.
NetherMinor (9 months ago)
Really you said 15+ but it was acctualy 66. You need to work on some numbers.
Nathaniel Foreman (9 months ago)
The last dude should give his gf the gloves cause she’s the real keeper
avada_kedavra02 (9 months ago)
guys..... literally all of these were taken from the website boredpanda.com!!! almost every video this channel makes is boredpanda's content
3:44 my cousin gave me that same one 😂
casual crisis (9 months ago)
the face mask was mildly terrifying
Max Faulds (9 months ago)
For number 1 it friends sister but then it says his wrapping wtf
Svetlana Morris (9 months ago)
“My friend’s *sister* had some fun with *his* gift wrapping.” What?
Vanellope'sCorner (9 months ago)
Hard to pick a favorite, I think it was either the apple watch or the "bitcoins."
Vanellope'sCorner (9 months ago)
Most of these are funny, but some are then are too far, like the shirt for the person who was in a wheelchair. I would be pissed off and or/sad if I received that. There's a line you just don't cross.
Diamond Duo (9 months ago)
this banner add was so big i couldn't see the subtitels
Kyle Huo (9 months ago)
My gifts are so bad that I don't even get gifts Oh well, to be honest I'd rather not get a gift than get trolled
XxthanksxX ` (9 months ago)
all and everything (9 months ago)
9/10 of these vids are reuse and have a made up senecio
Arctiquaza (9 months ago)
*As you wish, sir*
yougotmail (9 months ago)
You may think that someone is stupid for wraping your prest in a lot of stuff but think of it in another way. They spend a lot of time for you so They care about you
RedstoneRelic (9 months ago)
5:32 Who even buys winrar anyway???
XxAngleWolfxX (9 months ago)
666k views DEVIL
J Viernes (9 months ago)
For #20, the "sun" wanted Beats... BY DRE!
J Viernes (9 months ago)
For #17, i think it happened BEFORE the Nintendo Switch came out.
Violet McGill (9 months ago)
At 19 was that a south park refrecnce
J Viernes (9 months ago)
Am I dead?
J Viernes (9 months ago)
Some peeps just don't get it right, DoN't THeY?
Higloo (9 months ago)
man, this youtube video makes 5 minutes seem like half an hour
The Sushi Gamer // Azure (9 months ago)
go onto bored panda, you can literally find every single one of these in order.
Andrew Moore (9 months ago)
this should be 50+
Andrew Fawcett (9 months ago)
Honestly, I would prefer the usb over the car, universal serial busses are frickin’ awesome
Shlomo Sheikchilli (9 months ago)
#43 is from reddit or imgur secret santa
2:12 *i wanna eat it*
KingKile117 (9 months ago)
#50 woudlve been better if she was vegan......
OlivineGrapeTest92 (9 months ago)
wait i stopped getting 'real' Christmas gifts at 11
Dan Kiser (9 months ago)
The # 10 one got me thinking what the guy would say after getting the package. Guy: " She catches you doing her best friend while she handcuffs you to the bed, with a bull-whip one time and you never hear the end of it".
Lynn Giesbrecht (10 months ago)
Just me or were some of these impossible to read even at full screen and pausing?!?
Chicachu (10 months ago)
I Love NicsterV (10 months ago)
My Evil Fish (true story) : My family and I like to win free goldfish from our local fairs. Oneday we got this beautiful Goldfish that was orange, black and white. We named him Arnold. So as Arnold grew older, he began to act weird. He wasn't eating the fish pelots we have to him and our other goldfish and sucker fish (Selena, Marco, Bartholomue and the sucker was Puck). Suddenly we noticed Arnold's fin had a bone poking out. His white started turning blue. Then we noticed that Selena was gone. We found out that Arnold was a goldfish cannibal. So we put him in our dead fish pond to feed his hunger, and he even ate part of our dead frog. I decided to put Arnold in a jar of salt water and vinegar, and keep him in our backyard 'till winter time. I burried him in the snow and about 2 weeks before Christmas, I got a big box, put the crispy dry Arnold in the bottom, put lots of tussue paper, wraped the box horribly and hid it in my room with some Lysol for a week. The second week i hid it under our tree. I gave it to my dad and he couldnt stop laughing. Then i gave him the real present of a limeted edition Matthews bobble head because he likes the maple leafs.
Soccerlove 652 (10 months ago)
At 1:07 I saw that Christmas card at stop and shop lol
Zack Kenney (10 months ago)
What Does #58 Say?
Nyan The Dev (10 months ago)
People who use xmas are deleting The CRIST as in Jesus
George Soukup (10 months ago)
Meog Kids (10 months ago)
Œ Finn gg gg ipœ
Lovin Alin (10 months ago)
Aaron Daniel (10 months ago)
22 and 23 aren't what I would call funny.
Deana Chausse (10 months ago)
1:21 "uhh.... is this a sign?"
Daniel Swanson (10 months ago)
My phone is too blurry. What does #16 say in the bottom of the pan?
Winter 101 (10 months ago)
#32 is just mean
Tr33E00 (10 months ago)
3:09 hiedy ho im mister hanky
Hi Bye (10 months ago)
1 Million Gamimg (10 months ago)
Where is my sandvich
GeekachuIChooseYou (10 months ago)
4:24 Honestly, the fact that the kid spent the $12 necessary and took the time to wrap something that tiny just for an obsession is sad. If he's gonna go that far, at least make it 64gb.
Robert Garcia (10 months ago)
2:08 pretty sure that's illegal
N.Z Eterradon (10 months ago)
19 towelie from South park
Zt18605 2 (10 months ago)
So you have a wife and a husband?
electric_hiccup 707 (10 months ago)
15+ Ten minute video.
Jacob Stephens (10 months ago)
My sister did #40 to me
Cringe Fest (10 months ago)
👾👾👾👾👾👾👾 👾👾👾👾👾👾👾 👾👾👾💢👾👾👾 . . . 🚀
Kalia Chiarezza (10 months ago)
ugh this video is awful
ThatMinecraftYoutuber (10 months ago)
5:31 buys winrar reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
JClearis (10 months ago)
2:18 Tesco sells the best frozen but what part of the film was that?????????????????//
OrdinaryTV (10 months ago)
3:06 Well howdy ho folks, merry Christmas! Kyle: I'm Jewish. Wait what?
Robloxian _Playz (10 months ago)
way to much cussing
334Gaming YT (10 months ago)
Blonde Kid (10 months ago)
3:46 had me cringing in pain
Julianna H5782 (10 months ago)
My dad and cousin have a Christmas present wrapping war. My dad wrapped his present in 2 inches in pieces of duct tape. The next year, my cousin hammered a wooden box closed with about 60 nails, my dads present inside. Its been going on for years now.
CRAETORS (11 months ago)
6:28 what does that say
AngieTheHoloGoat 410 (11 months ago)
8:20 if that was real u guys would be the first person in history to get the touch money sooo I'm not believing it
Catailix (11 months ago)
0:14 my friends *sister* had some fun with *his* gift wrapping ok sure
The Platinum Gamer (11 months ago)
Happy hannauka.
:3 lumine (11 months ago)
#51 Yesssssssss 8:12
Waffles Gamering (11 months ago)
1 it says friends *sister* and you said *his*
PizzaJeremy33 (11 months ago)
0:42 that’s not your sister unless she is transgender because that, that is a man
Mircea Sidea (9 months ago)
No, it says my sister GOT ME a mask
Pulze PlayZ (11 months ago)
2:18 How the grinch stole Christmas 30 years before the film
NeverWithoutNalani (11 months ago)
My brother is allergic to dairy so we wrap his presents in cheese wrapping paper 😂
night is emo apparently (11 months ago)
3:50 Connor Murphy isn't dead. This is proof. EDIT: SOMEONE NOTICED ME?!
Zyzylove28 (11 months ago)
"My friends SISTER had dun with HIS raping" 😂😂😂
TheDamiaan9 (11 months ago)
4:18 Ahh a real 9gager
Stop It (11 months ago)
2:53 *6ft*
Smash Heads (11 months ago)
Wait what's white elephant day?
BlackBerry 15 (11 months ago)
9:59 “girlfriend” but has a wedding ring on

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