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Scientific Studies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses how and why media outlets so often report untrue or incomplete information as science. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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VEGETADTX (3 hours ago)
While I was never a fan of contemporary american humor (leaning on vulgarity to get the laughs), I must say that this is one EXTREMELY IMPORTANT video that all people need to watch. Very educational and truthful! Healthy critical thinking is what all people need to have in my opinion!...or SHOULD all of us have it???...hmmmm let me think about it... :)
AGGROBERLIN615 (4 days ago)
H. John Benjamin is amazing
Attikissmybutt CEnA (5 days ago)
Archer is the ultimate scientist
zhang shengde (5 days ago)
she's speechless
SraPollofrito (7 days ago)
It's been scientifically proven that John Oliver is a genius (p-value<0.001)
dumbcreaknuller (7 days ago)
but chemcials do regulate emotions but the technical description of it can make people think that all behavior is caused by a mechanical mechanism of the brain and see the behvior in the light of the mechanism of the chemistry.
Aaron Sanders (7 days ago)
Sounds like Tulsa, OK. 16:37
R1D9M8B4 (8 days ago)
Why... am I learning things from comedy? Am I that stupid.. that I can not watch the news and discern.... be? So I need someone to spoon feed it to me? And... my preferred spoon feeder is... late night comedy shows? What does this say about the show... what does this say about me... and my culture... wtf its 4AM.. did I just wake up.. to wake up?
Dakota McDaniel (8 days ago)
why is bob belcher in this
Hau Tak Leighton Tam (9 days ago)
1:32 Holy crap, that's MY uni in the article! The real story is that the research team took advantage of a cellular mechanism producing hydrogen sulphide to protect mitochondria by creating a compound that slowly released that chemical, which could help keep cells alive when they're stressed by disease. The study makes no hypotheses regarding benefits from inhaling H2S gas or effects on cancer whatsoever.
Dalena Nguyen (10 days ago)
That does not seem like behavior befitting a family man, Bob
natkatmac (10 days ago)
17:00 I got a science boner just by listening to this hypothetical mouse trial be summed up.
natkatmac (10 days ago)
You have no idea how many times people try and teach me something about my own fucking field because they saw it on the evening news and brush off my doubt when I don't buy it.
Banality Of Life (10 days ago)
There is no scientific evidence for man made climate change. There's only correlation, there is no actual evidence of causation. No one acknowledges that fact because society has outcast people who go so far as to question it.
Geoffrey Transom (12 days ago)
A new study says... I have had 5 glasses of wine, which is exactly the same a 5 hours in the gym. I might do another 4 or5 hours before I drift into unconsciousness. I will be so fucking *hench* - imagine the chicks I won't get. In other news, a new study shows that eating a weed edible is exactly the same as 5 sets of power cleans with 1.3xbodyweight, supersetted with deadlifts. They see me swole - they hatin'...
Almost Human (14 days ago)
A new study finds that antifreeze tastes like rainbows and makes you look ten years younger! ssshhhhh🤫 Don't mess with natural selection.
Zeb H. (14 days ago)
The idea of putting these statues into a museum is actually AWESOME 👏 it give historical context while removing any and all glorification.
starsapphire2013 (15 days ago)
Todd!!! He made it!!
Nikhil Bhat (15 days ago)
According to a research, you will believe whatever I say , as long as I start it with according to a research
TubersAndPotatoes (15 days ago)
Anyone remember Hwang Woo-Suk? He was once called "The Pride of Korea" by South Koreans. He was a Veterinarian, Researcher, and Professor at Seoul University. Became world famous for supposedly becoming the first to successfully clone a human embryo using stem cells. He was widely published in academic journals and news articles globally, even though no one else was able to successfully replicate and verify his methods. In the end he was revealed to be a FRAUD. He faked his data and research results, in addition to commiting multitudes of ethical violations. He "served" a suspended two years of prison time, what a joke. Despite being barred from doing any stem cell research, he is quietly still currently active in doing stem cell research through his Sooam Biotech company, providing animal cloning research for countries overseas.
Vital Snauwaert (16 days ago)
17:48 He's doing his Archer voice...
Karim Khalil (16 days ago)
If anyone from the show staff ever sees this, thank you. In the process of looking for a new doctor to help me with a specific issue, I was able to weed out a handful of bullshit pseudo science scams in part by looking through these studies and assessing if they were published via a reputable source, something I would not have been able to do before this episode. The work you're doing is absolutely top notch. Thanks.
Jake Matthews (17 days ago)
Hey now, just because Dr. Dipshit isn't legit doesn't mean TED talks aren't either. They're just ideas, theories, and discussions about interesting topics by people that are passionate about it. Usually scientists, sometimes Reggie Watts, lol. But I guess John wasn't talking about TED talks in general, just that one in particular. Another great episode! Don't know how I missed it originally.
Claudette s (17 days ago)
Al is a meteorologist.
DaveyTheDJ (17 days ago)
oddfoxx (17 days ago)
is science bullshit? short answer yes with an if long answer no with a but...
Klara Stern (18 days ago)
I would be happier with 8 hugs a day... eight more than now... sounds REALLY nice..
Adrian Janssens (18 days ago)
"If and when Henry Kissinger dies...." Best line ever.
Baard Ove Kopperud (19 days ago)
I sooo would subscribe to TODD-talks...
Diggen Cash (19 days ago)
Studies show that the priest from HBO's "Oz" and the voice of Bob from "Bob's burgers was in that last segment.
Josh Gellis (19 days ago)
Even normal married couples DON'T hug eight times a day!
Robert Foley (22 days ago)
Isn't the actor with the beard the voice actor for bob's burgers and Archer?
JessieApril12 (22 days ago)
8 hugs are 4 lifetime worth of hugs
Eric Rodriguez (22 days ago)
A new study shows, news reporters blow.
Ajiah Ci (22 days ago)
It amazes me how Whites listen to other stupid Whites and never question these studies???
Ajiah Ci (22 days ago)
Studies show breathing air is the leading cause of breathing.
Manuel Villarreal (23 days ago)
14:39 was the best part lol , i love olivers response it was soo perfect hahaha
Queen Torres (23 days ago)
Dat Archer voice actor
Sarah O'Shea (23 days ago)
Ppl who can afford to drink champagne 3x a WK can afford to prevent cancer.
energyeternal (23 days ago)
i need more TODD talks.
Andrea (23 days ago)
I read a study once saying that nightlights can cause nearsightedness. I thought bunk. I am nearsighted and I do like nightlights. A few weeks later another study debunked that claim and said it was more likely that nearsighted people NEED lights more. Opposite cause and effect. I'll guess the latter correct. (Emphasize the word GUESS! Like they did.)
lovelittlecuteme (23 days ago)
I miss the pre Trump life.
Graham Pinkston (24 days ago)
John... this is Graham from 2018 ... PLEASE stop making every single fucking show about Trump... and get back to doing truly important eye-opening shows like this one!!!
Cherryfan001 (24 days ago)
Who else was excited to see H. Jon Benjamin??
Joe Weis (24 days ago)
Luan Calegari (26 days ago)
This video is amazing!!! I love John Oliver and how he can explain some difficult subjects with delicacy and a good sense of humor. I'm a scientist from Brazil and I would like to know how can I translate this video to portuguese, so people in Brazil could watch it too. Thanks!
Bruno Carranza Aragón (26 days ago)
Archer says coffee cures cancer. I'm convinced now
Rubberbandfan1 (28 days ago)
I've been saying this since I was ten-years-old in 1991.
Jamie (28 days ago)
The coffee guy is 100% from bobs burgers
Zachary Mayer (28 days ago)
I believe the biggest lesson to learn here is that scientific studies rarely offer "mind-blowing" results. If a study does be very skeptical, also consider the journal it was published in, if it is reputable and requires peer review, then your good. If the article was not peer-reviewed, major red flag. Also be careful of drawing causation from correlational studies! I see this done all the time when explaining my team's research. For example, a study may find a high correlation between eating chocolate and developing BE; However, this is merely a correlation that could be unrelated or caused by confounding variables. In conclusion, be very skeptical of studies making broad conclusions and find out who conducted the study, the participant pool, the abstract, and the journal it is published in. (Hint, when we publish a study we provide an approx. 150-word abstract that tells you what the study is about and even provides an explanation of the results and our interpretation. Check out https://scholar.google.com !
Charles Taylor (28 days ago)
I love that they got archer to voice that guy
STK (29 days ago)
bobs burgers
Ethan Hess (1 month ago)
The guy doing actual science on the Todd talk looks just like my IO psychology professor
MarrowEternal (1 month ago)
B.D. Wong + H. Jon Benjamin = Gold
Jane Doe (1 month ago)
Both of my parents are scientists and I love hearing them talk about BS studies as well as Studies by German scientists.
Zamanoid (1 month ago)
H. Jon Benjamin is a treasure
Boomhauer (1 month ago)
tldr; correlation is not causation
Ganesh Setty (1 month ago)
A recent study says pulling your heart out can reduce the risk of heart attacks by almost 100%.
8 hugs a day? Does that include hugging yourself 8 times a day?
ppoo oopp (1 month ago)
Todd talks are the best
T. T. (1 month ago)
TIME shouldn't be blowing farts out of proportion.
AnxiousTV (1 month ago)
People reading this please check up on your facts before you use them as argument :) there must be more than one scientific study about what you’re trying to present as argument
agustin7151987 (1 month ago)
Was that the voice actor for archer
SmokeStack (1 month ago)
Oliver can be so lame with his jokes sometimes but sometimes as in this case can be so amazingly thorough and eloquent that it wows me every time i hear it. If this is the way so called scientific studies are conducted and published we really need to lay some ground rules as to what can be referred to as a "study." Like really surveys should not be considered studies. For example: a study of ass pimples should never be a study by asking 54 people who drank beer if they got ass pimples. There is nothing to support a relation between the two. A study researching cancer should be conducted in a lab where they expose cancer cells in a test tube to different substances, compounds, chemicals, ect. If it kills the cancer cells hey we found something that cures cancer or stops growth it prevents cancer. Not a survey. Surveys are meaningless.
Shervin Ziaei (1 month ago)
Who else is watching this video for a class?
Don Roshi (1 month ago)
I think I hear a Bob Belcher :D
Jonathan Ishii (1 month ago)
going to cite this video on my stats report LMAO!
GoonerBear (1 month ago)
2018 update: studies find any regular drinking generally makes you more likely to contract liver diseases and said increased risk outweighs health benefits
Nikolai Nyegaard (1 month ago)
I'd watch Bob Belcher talk about eggs for hours
Tate Winter (1 month ago)
Sup Archer
Alitas Jiromato (1 month ago)
Somewhat a mirror image, of this video but a topic worth talking about: the disbelief in inconvenient studies. This falls under another misunderstanding of science, namely in what it means to "debunk" a study. Too many people decide that if they can find one flaw, skewed sample, wrong variable, supposed bias of the source that it means that the study has been "debunked" and can summarily be ignored. There's no such thing as a perfect study, what detecting these flaws mean is creating ideas for how follow up studies should instead be run. The problem with the "debunk" misinterpretation is that it effectively becomes an opt-out for inconvenient facts (or at the very least the closest to which we may assume to be facts). It's how you get things like climate change denial.
Miguel Urbiztondo (1 month ago)
I am a scientist and those idiots are full of shit
MrCordycep (1 month ago)
Funny thing is when I caught the train wearing a lab coat, people gave up their seat for me. 😊
eliack95 (1 month ago)
Oh hey look, it's the genetic engineering, cross-dressing cyber terrorist! I love B.D. Wong!
Marc McFarland (1 month ago)
I never knew the guy that voices Sterling Archer in the animated series Archer was a short fat bald guy I always envisioned looking like his character in the show. Who would've guessed ya know
Ayesha Rizwan (1 month ago)
love you oliver, im getting married, so much is changing in my life, but oliver will stay the same :) hilarious and informative!!!
Brad Davis (1 month ago)
My Dr's name is ......Dr Love, lol
Teedie McMauphin-Dop (1 month ago)
If H. Jon Benjamin could please make a show called Todd talks after this so we can see him continue talking nonsense...
Jae Lynn (1 month ago)
Hey, my grandpa was a United Airline pilot for decades, and he had a martini every night of his life before bed. He's STILL alive and is 92, still has a martini.
DimIsHigh (1 month ago)
17:18 omg Sterling are you a scientist now?
Ryan Subang (1 month ago)
BD Wong and Archer for the fucking win! I want Todd Talks to be a real series...
Zokizzy Foshizzy (1 month ago)
Sterling Archer proved eggs are good or bad for you.
Videonium's Channel (1 month ago)
This is magnificent! You nailed it!
Paul H. (1 month ago)
I wonder if it's worth doing a scientific study on the reporting of scientific studies by mainstream media
14Godiva (1 month ago)
Hilarious.love it!
ASmrtOtakuV2 (1 month ago)
18:17, The fact that they got the man who plays Dr. Henry Wu (the Mad Scientist from Jurassic Park) to come out and criticize Todd Talks is perfect.
Noobionic (1 month ago)
Studies show that 99% of studies are false.
volleyballguy79 (1 month ago)
Stirling Archer talking to me about science is so odd
Dr. Richard M Fleming (1 month ago)
The truth is there are lots of studies being done which either (1) aren't looking at the end result but rather a surrogate marker or (2) are looking at the end point [Heart Disease, Breast Cancer, etc] but are using "qualitative" studies, which we know is not only unreliable but don't actually "measure" anything. Hence, my reply. FMTVDM and FMTVDM-B.E.S.T. Imaging is the first truly quantitative AI study now possibly providing for calibration, quantification and theranostification of Cancers (including Breast) and Heart Disease. Every time I publish a study on the impacts of various diets, I know, and history has proven this out, that I will hear about how terrible the study was from the people whose diets had the worst outcomes. The same is true for other studies looking at different drugs, procedures, etc; but, diets and their pundits are like cultists. So I have decided enough is enough. It's time these rocket scientists (trust me they're not) step up to the plate (no pun intended but delightfully present) and be part of a tete-a-tete comparison. With the two most recent papers published from my research on the impact of diet, I should have realized that the pundits would begin their attacks. I SAY GOOD! Time to do a real tete-a-tete comparison using FMTVDM and let the chips (was that another food pun?) fall where they may. The question is: "Will they have the courage to participate or will they just continue to shoot at our studies from the confines of their safe shelters?
Matt Mosley (1 month ago)
John, you wre on a roll until you mentioned Climate Change and Autism. Should have sttopped while you were ahead.
Kevin Nguyen (1 month ago)
These scientists need to know the difference between causation and correlation because it's like the ABC of science. And do not get your science lesson from a journalist. LOL.
Justus hermann (1 month ago)
Is the coffee guy in the end H. John Benjamin ?
AmyFarrah Fossette (1 month ago)
A new study shows that life causes death :-D
Julie W. (1 month ago)
14:39 - That was the DUMBEST thing I ever heard. I CANNOT believe the rest of those idiots agreed with him. SMH. I agree John, "That's religion; you're thinking of religion." That's right. That's the same way Trump followers think - blindly believe the Trump lies they WANT to believe.
Jared Rodgers (1 month ago)
Todd Talks... omg I’m dying here
HammerTime (1 month ago)
Holy shit is that the voice actor for Archer?? 16:08 and 17:16
cioda (1 month ago)
That "Al Pacino" joke was beautifully done.
Nima Hanna (1 month ago)
Mike Morrison (1 month ago)
So....THATS why people keep talking about their so-called "opinions" when it comes to scientific truths such as climate change! I never once out two and two together, but the morning talk shows have delegitimized science in many of the public's eyes! "Just go with the study you like best," indeed!
Stephen Whalen (1 month ago)
I love hearing Bob give Todd talks 🤣

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