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Scientific Studies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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John Oliver discusses how and why media outlets so often report untrue or incomplete information as science. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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Text Comments (12474)
BarrelsOfCelery (18 hours ago)
I would 100% pay to watch a Todd Talk, just for the entertainment value.
LordFluffFluff (2 days ago)
Hi hi Hi hi
Mikayla S (3 days ago)
Wait, isn't the dude at 17:04 the phycologist in law and order svu!?
Mitch Scalia (1 day ago)
Mikayla S Indeed it is BD Wong...he was also Shang in Mulan and was the scientist in the Jurassic Park movies.
Joel Fazio (4 days ago)
This episode was successfully replicated in an experiment performed by myself to an audience of hobos, exceeding a 5σ significance.
Klobi for President (2 days ago)
Doubt it. For that to work you'd need to combine a checkered dress shirt with that kind of tie. Not even John Oliver can pull that off.
Alex Libman (5 days ago)
Mandatory mention of AGW ruins what until then was a very good video...
Sir Maggotbone (5 days ago)
man.. i can not even get 1 hug a day... let alone 8 hugs...
Klobi for President (2 days ago)
Get a restraining jacket.
Joey Poil (5 days ago)
Science believers of today are the same religion believers of yesterday. Same dumb sheep incapable of independent thought.
chris sonofpear1 (2 days ago)
It pays to have a bit of discrimination, about sources.
Vrael (6 days ago)
"Anyone is more open to anything when they're not hungry" Not food, though.
Klobi for President (2 days ago)
Or murder suicide.
himode (7 days ago)
Going butt to butt with an asian chick? No wonder it didnt work
Micah Powell (7 days ago)
Is the coffee man Bob from Bobs Burgers
kylerm18 (7 days ago)
If you want to know the context, literature reviews and meta-analyses tend to tell the bigger picture.
Thomas Eshuis (8 days ago)
TED talks, unfortunately, also include a number of pseudoscientific talks.
Thomas Eshuis (2 days ago)
+Klobi for President Indeed.
Klobi for President (2 days ago)
And some where there's actual science but a failure to make it mainstream that caused a heavily distorted picture. They've had one about addiction being purely psychological. A position the speaker never held but that appeared to be what he was saying.
Abdulrhman Jawad (8 days ago)
Weirdly Archer is drinking coffee instead of alcohol
deitylink1 (8 days ago)
hurr durr religion quip hurr durr
People who release more oxytocin (among a couple more substances) are happier. And they are happier because... ... they release more oxytocin, you moron!!. Whoever tells you otherwise is trying to fool you... like that moron in min 10:43.
Paula Yoon (9 days ago)
I love that he called the NY Post a tabloid paper
Richard Deese (9 days ago)
So-called "journalists" LOVE reporting on this stuff - 100 times a day, if at all possible - even though many of them are not actually "journalists" at all, but merely talking heads, who just pounce on it without ever doing any actual journalism to, you know, like, put it into context or anything. The reason is subtle, yet straightforward. They know that if they gleefully report every single item of this nature that is available to them, almost literally the moment it comes out, then people will (quite naturally) be confused by it. And when we're confused by all this "science crap," we won't trust the scientists so much - & we just might (for a variety of psychologically complex reasons) start to trust - or at least increase our viewing of - the same said "journalists." Notice, for instance, how many times you hear key details of a study, like (but not limited to): 1) How many people were in the study (or was it even done on people - as opposed to mice, or computer models, or even merely some kind of lab assay, (or perhaps it was a 'meta-study;' 2) How long the study lasted (if it was on people); 3) if on people, was the study double-blind using a placebo as control, or using a non-participating control group (or various other methods); 4) Was the study peer reviewed & published in a journal or on a forum that is respected by others in their field; 5) What was the statistical significance of the finding deemed to be; 6) What conclusions did the scientists themselves think could be drawn from the study (if any) [that would actually apply to US!]; and 7) What 'population' was the subject of the study [i.e., in what culture or society or country was it done - what group of people were involved & why. [Just to name some of the major categories...] You may note that in many cases, 1 or 2 of these criterion will be mentioned - more rarely, 3 will. But much of the time, the things that ARE mentioned are more like: "A new study out this week shows that ..." [other talking head then says]: "The study - published by [such & such] aimed at finding out [why, or if, etc. / fill in the blank]." [first one then says]: "The findings MAY indicate that [BLANK] could actually be [bad OR good] for you!" Beyond that, you're lucky if you get anything more. After all, these journalists are busy, busy people - I mean, they can't waste their time reading a bunch of useless crap off the teleprompter saying things like, "But the study involved a fairly small group of people, all of whom were men over 50 with a history of peptic ulcers...' Well, you get the idea. I'm sure you'll agree that THEY can't be bothered to do stuff like THAT! Now CAN THEY?!? Besides, who are we kidding? We just want the thrill of vague information that MIGHT mean that the kale salad we just ate for lunch may, in fact, kill us in the next 5 minutes, don't we?!? So hey - don't worry to much about pesky things like context!. Just enjoy the angst! Oh, & about that yogurt you love... Bye now! 🤢 tavi.
Imoral juptorion (9 days ago)
I work at a place called Todds
Nicholas Ashton (9 days ago)
Where is Bill Nye the Science Guy when you need him?
Nicholas Ashton (9 days ago)
1:38...TIME mag. also named Adolf Hitler, "man of the year", in 1938.
Thomas Strowbridge (10 days ago)
Anyone else notice that one guy was the voice of archer
Asger Danielsen (10 days ago)
Very very important video and message
Marc Harris (10 days ago)
the skittles guy's voice would be great for audiobooks
ranga c (11 days ago)
wait, who was the scientist in the white coat, nigga sounds like Arthur
Klaas Vaak (11 days ago)
thats just bad science, you should compensate for multiple testing by for example adjusting alpha. anyone not doing that aspect is doing bad science. And would it not be awesome to give a noble price for scientific realism. also doing animal research is difficult on cute animals. also when media gives statements just obligate them to say researcher FROM [name of institution] funded by [funder] on [amount of participants] show [results]. that is easy to find and will at least make some future reglements possible. or just bann the whole "researcher say" because its not researchers but a news site that says it, and whatever they seem to citate isn't citated.
Tue Lindholt (11 days ago)
Time magazine also named Adolf Hitler "man of the year" ... twice
Arthur Trauer (11 days ago)
Seven out of ten hamsters watching YouTube did not commit suicide, therefore YouTube is safe.
Samir Husainy (11 days ago)
promote ben goldacre
Abhir Gonepavaram (11 days ago)
Please site the sources in the description as well
Zach Hageman (11 days ago)
I seriously would pay good money to hear H. Jon Benjamin's "Todd" talk...
Nemo Nai (12 days ago)
A brand new study shows that liking this comment may allow the YouTube viewers to maximize their biomechanics, as it will require them to move their thumb and utilize their thumb-eye-coordination. Well, duh! -_-.
Chris D (15 days ago)
Quick tip: every single nutritional study is not scientifically valid.
Joyful Sorrow (15 days ago)
And the Nobel prize goes to the guy that suggested woman need food to be happy (and not dead). Studies show that Ostriches can't fly - even with parachutes attached. Studies show that news outlets are less and less concerned with educating people. Unsurprisingly so. According to recent studies, not jumping off bridges increases your chances of living longer by 50%. According to science, breathing is important. Scientific studies suggest that being homosexual increases your chance of being gay. On the other hand, being a man that's feeling sexually attracted only to women above the age of eighteen increases your chances of being straight. Neither suggests either sexual orientation is wrong. But the Bible suggests otherwise. Scientists have suggested that learning increases your chance of knowing things. Scientists have found that fire burns.
ewonais (16 days ago)
7:50 whit the exeption of more food
Peter Mower (16 days ago)
Huh. Turns out Bob Belcher is, in fact, not a scientist.
I agree with Dr. Love. Hugs have a magical affect.
Alex Entwistle (16 days ago)
fedos (17 days ago)
With regard to sample sizes, if your variable is normally distributed in the population then any sample size of 30 or more is sufficient. There are statistical techniques that you use if you have a smaller sample size or a different distribution.
fedos (17 days ago)
I don't know what smizing is, but I'm better at it than conservatives.
Liam McGrath (17 days ago)
faster than light particles yeet yeet!
dodgermutt (18 days ago)
To be fair, reporters are real fucking bad at reporting on science.
Kika (18 days ago)
Is that reasonable scientist I trust and love the voice of archer
ChromaticJester (19 days ago)
Having Archer talk about science was everything I needed
M (19 days ago)
I assumed that the fellatio bears were gay bears taking turns frankly. Isn't that what bear sex is?
KingQwertzlbrmpf (20 days ago)
That's not all about P-Hacking. There is an almost perfect correlation between the price of uranium and people going to the hospital for alcohol poisoning. The correlation coefficient is 0,98 (for context, the correlation coefficient can be a maximum of 1 and even a correlation coefficient of 0,4 is considered significant.). If this were an actual correlation that would mean that depressing the price of uranium to 0 would lead to no one going to the hospital for alcohol poisoning anymore!
Martin Drkoš (21 days ago)
I can believe that pizza study.
InfoFreedomFighter (21 days ago)
John Oliver has become my HERO! Once again, us Colonists screwed the mother country. We are not giving him back.
l e e (21 days ago)
she was so happy when she said that . 0:43
Remco Van Ek (22 days ago)
consilience counts
Tyler B (22 days ago)
holy crap its the voice actor for archer
HYI~Studios (22 days ago)
Crazy thought: use reality tv shows as your test for these studies. Next time big brother airs give half the contestants chocolate and see if it affects their performance. do it for a few seasons. Science and tv working together
Marlo York Rodriguez (22 days ago)
BD Wong looks convincing as a scientist maybe its because of his role as Dr. Wu
Jason Bourne (23 days ago)
John. Consensus? Really? Consensus is NOT science! Fuck, John ... at least be consistent in your bullshit.
momo alex (23 days ago)
What’s Archer doing on TODD talk talking about coffee??? Lmao
Nick Retzlaff (23 days ago)
Sad that some or most of these scientific facts aren’t fact checked. Also sad that they have to embellish the truth a little to make their articles stand out.
KAFROSTHK (24 days ago)
In Greece, around 2003, 3 of the largest TV stations presented that - and this is true - swallowing is good for women and helps the fight against cancer
INEEDMONEY (24 days ago)
Archer voire spotted
Zx Tek (25 days ago)
A new study shows watching youtube videos especially non-scientific can increase a person IQ 😀😀.
Vidal Sanchez (25 days ago)
Somebody should show this to the gun grabbers😄😈😄😈😄😈
Wayne Grotski (10 days ago)
You also win Most Artistic Arrangement of Emojis of the Week Award.
Wayne Grotski (10 days ago)
You win Strange Random Comment of the Week Award.
Till-Ulrich Hepp (26 days ago)
"There is no Nobel Prize for fact checking" - many studies are being reproduced although I also often wonder whether this happens often enough...
Till-Ulrich Hepp (26 days ago)
Many publications just take certain results for granted and use them as basis for their arguments, then deriving certain research questions or even theories or concepts from them not checking whether the basis for it all is sound...
TARINunit9 (26 days ago)
"That's what religion is for" It's funny because it's true. And also depressing, because of the Crusades and Jihad, but for the moment it's funny
UncannyOutrageous (27 days ago)
The Todd speaker talking about eggs is the voice actor who plays Bob Belcher.
OS Guy (1 month ago)
Unless you dont have facebook
Kelly Stephenson (1 month ago)
A new study shows that being alive will eventually lead to death. Ain't faux science grand?
Janet Carpenter (1 month ago)
I did a study on myself and found out you make me laugh out loud...excellent medical therapy.
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Nina Clauselli (1 month ago)
Actually, (RANTING AT JOHN OLIVER'S RANTS...I'VE LOST MY MIND...OR THAT WAS REALLY GOOD WEED and WINE) O DEAR....The study I heard was about smelling other's flatulence helps with Alzheimer's. Oy Vey!! I thought ODD smelling gases were DANGEROUS TO OUR HEALTH. #GenerallySpeaking....These Studies ARE OUT OF HAND!!!!!! AND--BY THE WAY....WHY DO WE HAVE A POOP EMOJI?? TACKY AND CRASS. I HAVE NOT SEEN A URINATING ONE. #WHY?? #IMEANGROSSSS. #WHOUSESTHESE?? #What type of person sends a TURD EMOJI UNLESS YOU ARE CALLING SOMEONE A PIECE OF SHIT. RIGHT?? ((Or two older men I argued with thought they meant blackface or brown person. DO BLACK OR BROWN OR COLOURED WANT TO BE CONFUSED WITH A PIECE OF SHIT??)) #JUSTCURIOUS? #WOWDUDEMAR!! #BOYCOTTPOOPEMOJI# #TACKYASFUCK
Nina Clauselli (1 month ago)
(Typed Out punches the gut better than a smiling turd. Also; No Confusion with people getting it confused with a person of Colour just because BAD EYESIGHT.) #THINKPEOPLEDAMN
Nina Clauselli (1 month ago)
I've never met a Stupid Asian....I have to admit.....
Daniel Zsidek (1 month ago)
@14:45 Win!
EveryTimeV2 (1 month ago)
Luckily for me there's always someone out there, willing to put in the work, as long as they think they win on the internet. So you can actually make a ghetto litmus test. Here's how it works. Act like a conservative. Cite a study with a bullshit argument. Wait for a minute until they refute the evidence. gg you just got someone to do your work for you.
Rohan Shetty (1 month ago)
The red wine fact means if you just stand in a gym for some time
Angela Eagle (1 month ago)
Shoutout to Prof K
Mark Keen (1 month ago)
How journalism covers scientific studies - Ridiculous headlines.
crispy (1 month ago)
Thank you Jon Stewart for changing the way news is delivered.
Sean Wayne (1 month ago)
I disagree: 10/10 people are more open to cannibalism, when they are hungry.
Ak'hasshativeritsol (1 month ago)
I don't believe this segment used a large enough sample size of scientific studies to be statistically significant. The true science on the validity of morning show scientific studies is still out
Jeff Doe (1 month ago)
"Faith in Science"... That's ironic
Amanda Shelton (1 month ago)
Science is good but people are what makes it bad. Just like religion, guns, relationships, exc... It's people that make the problems.
Egg Puppy (1 month ago)
The problem is, good scientific studies and peer reviewed reports are difficult and more importantly boring to read. And news media never has any room for boring contents, because nobody is willing to go on to the internet to get board. So as a result, catchy sounding names thrives, and legitimate scientific studies are seldom wide spread.
Andrew Love (1 month ago)
So if a glass of wine is on average equal to a beer i get 6-12 hours of gym time a day. Thanks science!
Chris Butler (1 month ago)
No he's archer...
ogpnw (1 month ago)
An important segment
Pure Hatred (1 month ago)
just like every other segment this guy and his team do.
X_Ben (1 month ago)
Archer .... coffee .... Whooooo
AllYourBase (1 month ago)
Theory of evolution.
DeclanG (1 month ago)
Awesome video. For anyone who wants to learn more about junk science and how to spot it I’d highly recommend the book Bad Science by Ben Goldacre. In it he talks about what makes a good scientific study, how to spot a bad one, the way science is misrepresented in the media and the various ways people twist results to further their agenda. It’s a fantastic book.
jackofallgods (1 month ago)
i knew archer was a scientist
Jon Prophet (1 month ago)
Scientists find that 100% of people who eat red meat die
Arcanine-Espeon (1 month ago)
Liberals are better than conservatives at _smizing?_ The fuck is smizing?!
Aral Eker (1 month ago)
So we know that Last Week Tonight producers watch Mr.Robot
Kevin Downey (1 month ago)
I love the suggestion that sourcing and context should be required, or it shouldn’t be mentioned at all! Now how do we do that...?
Sam Womack (1 month ago)
He is right about the lab coat
Vincent Ciccone (1 month ago)
It's not the drugs that made them cool, it's their confidence. 😂😂😂😂😂
Colton Norfleet (1 month ago)
The religion bit lol
Phoenix Uprising (1 month ago)
18:18 I always knew BD Wong is a nerd. 😂🤣😂🤣. Just look at how passionate he was about the scientific process.
Mahdi Mahdavi (2 months ago)
Things get uglier when scammers and pseudo-scientists find their way to raise money in the name of science and tech. solar roadway project is one of them! just do search this: solar roadways debunked.
Space Dragon (2 months ago)
Courtney Poston (18 days ago)
What Ever (2 months ago)
"This is science, not the United States senate"
To be fair, the last guy at the end is right. You’re actually more likely to trust someone or think they’re more intelligent if they’re wearing a white lab coat.
Steven Parker (2 months ago)
"Dr. Love" is a song by KISS.
Pablo Ferreiro (2 months ago)

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